Literary Girl Names With Meanings

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Simple Literary Girl Names With Meanings

Cressa ― Diminutive of “Cressida”; Medieval form of “Chryseis” meaning “Golden”

Cressida ― Shakespeare used this word from the Ancient Greek name “Chryseis” meaning Golden

Djuna ― An intelligent, patient and a self-empowered women; invented name

Elanna ― The star sun; majestic being

Galadriel ― Damsel crowned with a precious crown.

Gessica ― Variation of Jessica (Rich and God beholds).

Jess ― God exists, a gift from God, God sees all

Jessa ― The Lord sees all

Lucasta ― Pure Light, a word invented by a poet Richard Lovelace

Thelma ― One who is ambitious and willful

Literary Girl Names With Meanings