Kurdish Girl Names With Meanings

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Looking for Kurdish names for your baby Girl? Check out here to get the modern, unique and latest Kurdish Girl name with their meanings from our list of Kurdish Names for Girls and Their Meanings.

Kurdish Girl Names And Meanings

Aferin ― Aferin is a variant of Afrin and means lucky or trustworthy.

Aheng ― Harmony

Ahin ― Kurdish word for whole

Ajwan ― A small gulf

Alal ― Kurdish word for red rose

Amira ― A born princess who has a heart of gold

Ariman ― Kurdish word for wish

Ariya ― A Noble person who is exalted being; sensitive nature

Arjin ― Fire of life

Ase ― Ase is a variation of Asa and means doctor.

Ashti ― Peace

Asmin ― Sky

Avesta ― Received knowledge

Awira ― An interesting personality

Azade ― Free and independent

Berivan ― Kurdish term for milkmaid

Beza ― Despise or neglect

Bihin ― Better or best than others.

Birwa ― Kurdish word for belief

Delal ― Sweetheart, dear or beautiful

Dersima ― The name comes from Kurdish city Dersim.

Diblin ― The fragrance of soul.

Dila ― Right from the heart.

Dilnaz ― Kudish variant of Delnaz. It means beloved or sweetheart.

Dilva ― From the heart.

Elfesya ― A girl as beautiful as a fairy or princess, fairy or princess

Gizem ― One who is mysterious, mysterious

Glay ― Rosemoon

Gorkem ― Magnificent

Gulistan ― Gulistan is a female name of Kurdish origins and means a House of flowers. It is a variation of the Persian name Golshan and has many other variations. One of the most popular variations of the name Gulistan is a turkish female name Gülistan, which mean

Irem ― Gardens in heaven

Kejal ― Gazelle

Keje ― A girl of radiant beauty

Lilan ― Yodel

Liyan ― Snowshoe

Medya ― Land of Medes

Mizgin ― Evangel or good news.

Naza ― beloved or sweetheart.

Pelin ― Little leaf

Perseng ― Name of a star

Revin ― Escape or flight

Rewan ― Soul, adult or properly

Rezan ― A clear and birght woman

Rojan ― Kurdish word for daily

Rojin ― One who is like a sun, pretty

Rona ― Hebrew – Joy is mine; Old English – Fame; Friend; Spear; Pike; White; Fair; Blessed; Holy; Fair Haired; A variant spelling of Rhona

Rona ― Kurdish word for illumination

Rozerin ― Where the sun rises

Rozhin ― The beginning of the day

Rusen ― One who is jovial and cheerful.

Sarya ― Name for a pious woman

Sazan ― Carp or roach

Sercan ― Servant or slave

Seyda ― A woman who is crazy in love.

Shanar ― Kurdish word for pomegranate flower

Sidar ― Kurdish word, meaning shade or canopy

Solin ― A beautiful flower garden or parterre.

Sozan ― Glowing or burning

Tela ― Short for of Ottelia

Tujela ― Tujela is the name of a plateau.

Viyan ― Intention or wish

Yelda ― Winter solstice

Yezda ― A divine creature

Zerya ― Kurdish word for sea.

Kurdish Girl Names With Meanings