Inuit Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Female Inuit Names And Their Meanings: Looking for Inuit names for your baby girl? Check out here to get the modern, unique and latest Inuit girl name with their meanings from our list of Inuit Names for Girls and Their Meanings.

Inuit Girl Names And Meanings

Adlartok ― Clear sky

Ahnah ― A wise woman.

Akna ― Inuit goddess of fertility and childbirth.

Alasie ― She who is honest and noble.

Alornerk ― Under-feet

Amaruq ― Grey wolf

Amka ― One with a friendly spirit.

Anjij ― Inuit form of Anne. It means grace.

Aput ― Inuit word for snow.

Aqakuktuq ― Inuit word for fish catcher.

Arnaaluk ― Big woman or spirit of the woman under the sea.

Arnakuagsak ― Old woman from the sea. Goddess of the hunters.

Arnapkapfaaluk ― Name of the goddess who inspires fear in the hearts of hunters.

Arnaq ― Woman, girl

Asiaq ― Goddess prayed for good weather.

Ataksak ― Goddess of the ruler of the sky.

Atiqtalaaq ― Atiqtalaaq means Polar bear cub in Inuit language.

Atiqtalik ― Polar bear mother

Cupun ― Inuit word for coal.

Elisapee ― Elisapee is a spelling variation of Elisapie. It means my God is an oath.

Elisapie ― Inuit form of the name Elizabeth. It means my God is an oath.

Hitty ― A form of Hiti. It means hyena.

Ikiaq ― Red spruce in Inuit language.

Isapoinhkyaki ― Singing crow woman.

Jissika ― Inuit form of Jessica. It means rich or God beholds.

Kallik ― This name means lightning.

Kanaaq ― Lower part of the leg.

Kireama ― A hill

Kirima ― Kirima means A Hill

Meriwa ― Thorn

Nanouk ― Nanouk is a variant of Nanuq, which means polar bear.

Nanurjuk ― The star

Nukilik ― One who is strong

Nuliajuk ― A woman with a fin.

Nuniq ― Nuniq is a form of Nanuq, a fictional name featured in the film “Nanook of the North”. It means polar bear.

Nuvua ― “This fictional name was featured in the movie “”The Journey Home””.”

Qimmiq ― Dog

Siqiniq ― The sun

Tanaraq ― Name of Tundra’s granddaughter.

Tapeesa ― Arctic flower.

Taqtu ― Kidney

Tehoronianhen ― Covered in clouds

Ticasuk ― Possessing the treasure of knowledge.

Tootega ― Old woman deity who could walk on water.

Tukkuttok ― He who is generous.

Tulimak ― Tulimak is a form of Tulimaq. It means rib.

Uki ― Survivor

Umiaktorvik ― River

Uukkarnit ― Calved ice

Yuka ― A bright Star

Yura ― One who is beautiful.

Inuit Baby Girl Names With Meanings