Indonesian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Beautiful Indonesian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Abyasa ― Clever

Adhiarja ― Safety

Adika ― The first child of the second husband

Agung ― Grand or great

Ahmad ― Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad.

Ahmadzulkifli ― an Indonesian voice actor, who was used to be worked at PT

Ajij ― Variant of Aziz, powerful, respected, beloved


Arief ― One who is clever and intelligent

Arif ― Knowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;

Bagaskoro ― Sun rays

Bagus ― Handsome or excellent

Bakti ― An obedient boy

Banyu ― Water

Baskoro ― Midday sun

Basuki ― To flourish

Batara ― God

Berkah ― God’s gift

Buana ― A whole world

Budi ― To have reason, mind or a character

Cahya ― One who is the light in darkness

Cahyono ― Light

Chahaya ― Light

Cipta ― To create

Darma ― Good deed or duty

David ― A beloved friend

Dumadi ― Becoming

Eas ― Gold

Eka ― The first born child

Elang ― Falcon

Fadhlan ― A gift from God


Farrell ― One who wins

Galang ― To assemble

Gemi ― Refers to uncertain or unsure life time.

Gesang ― Life or alive

Gunadi ― Something that’s meaningful, meaningful.

Gus ― the most coolest kid ur ever met

Guss ― the most coolest kid ur ever met

Henry ― Estate ruler

Intan ― Diamond

Ismaya ― God like or wise

Joyo ― Victorious

Kabul ― Kabul means Fulfilled Wish or Prayer

Kadek ― Younger sibling. The name is generally given to second child.

Kaliappa ― Kaliappa means Bud.

Kersen ― Cherry in Indonesian language.

Kevin ― Kevin means He is Born as Gentle Child

Kristiono ― A Christian man or a follower of Christmas.

Kulon ― Kulon means the West

Mentari ― The Sun, who gives powerful light to whole world.

Panuta ― Good example or one who leads by example.

Perdana ― The First; An Indoneasian name meaning first

Pramana ― To be full of wisdom and knowledge

Pratam ― A person who belongs to the highest, first status

Putra ― To be someone’s son

Ramelan ― A prophecy

Rimbo ― One who is like a jungle

Santoso ― Peaceful

Setiawan ― Faithful

Soleh ― A person who is deeply religious

Stanley ― Stony meadow

Taman ― One who is like a garden

Vikal ― Twilight, evening or close of the day.

Indonesian Baby Boy Names With Meanings