Indian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With T

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With T

Indian Names For Boys Beginning With T: Indian naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Indian name or traditional Indian name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Boy? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Indian Boy Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with T.

Indian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With T

Taaj ― One who is crowned

Taarank ― Savious

Tadj ― He who is with the crown

Taha ― Pure

Tahoma ― One who is different with a cute personality

Tajaldin ― Crown of the faith

Tajdar ― Crowned

Takhvinder ― Lord of empire

Taksa ― A son of bharata

Taksha ― King bharata’s son

Takshak ― A cobra

Taksheel ― Someone with a strong character

Takshil ― Person with a strong character.

Talaketu ― Bhishma pitamaha

Talank ― Lord shiva

Talish ― Lord of earth

Talwar ― An Indian surname, means a type of a sword

Tamal ― A tree with a very dark bark

Tamish ― God of darkness, moon

Tamkinat ― Pomp

Tamoghna ― Lord vishnum, lord shiva

Tamonash ― Destroyer of ignorance

Tanak ― Prize

Tanav ― Flute

Tanay ― Son

Tandava ― One who dances the cosmic dance

Tandeep ― A body of light

Taneesh ― Man with ambitions

Tanish ― Ambition

Tanishq ― Jewel

Tanmai ― One who is captivating

Tanmay ― Absorbed

Tanmaya ― Person who is absorbed and consumed

Tanoj ― A son

Tansh ― A beautiful Boy

Tanshu ― Wholly natural

Tanuj ― Son

Tanul ― One who expands or makes progress

Tanush ― Lord shiva

Tanvir ― Strong

Tapan ― Hot season

Tapas ― Sun

Tapasendra ― Lord shiva

Tapasranjan ― Lord vishnu

Tapasya ― One who is warm

Tapendra ― Lord of heat (sun)

Tapesh ― The holy trinity

Tapeshwar ― Lord shiva

Tapinder ― God’s devotion

Tapish ― The warmth of the Sun

Tapomay ― Full of moral virtue

Taporaj ― Moon

Tapur ― A golden Boy

Tarachandra ― Star and moon

Taradhish ― Lord of the stars

Tarak ― Protector

Tarakesh ― Stary hair

Tarakeshwar ― Lord shiva

Taraknath ― Lord shiva

Taraksh ― Mountain

Taran ― Raft, heaven

Taranath ― King of the Moon

Tarang ― Wave

Taranga ― Of the waves

Taranjot ― He who is a star

Taraprashad ― Star

Taraswin ― A brave man

Tarendra ― Prince of stars

Taresh ― God of the stars (moon)

Tarit ― Lightning

Tarkesh ― Prince of the stars

Tarkeshwar ― Name of Lord Shiva

Tarlochan ― Third dimension; number three

Taroosh ― A small boat

Tarosh ― Heaven, small boat

Tarpan ― Refreshing

Tarsam ― One who arrives afet a long wait or is desirable

Tarsem ― One who was desired for a long time

Tarsh ― A star that brings luck

Tarun ― Young

Tarundeep ― A young friend

Tarunesh ― The youthfulness

Taruntapan ― Morning sun

Tarus ― The light

Tarusa ― Conqueror

Tarvinder ― God’s salvation in heaven

Tasmee ― One who loves deeply

Tathagat ― Title of the buddha

Tathagata ― The one who is gone

Tatharaj ― Buddha

Tathya ― A truthful fact

Tatsam ― One who co-coordinates

Tatva ― The element

Tatvagyanaprad ― He who grantes wisdom

Tatya ― Lord shiva

Tausiq ― Reinforcement; Tauseak, Tauseek and Tauseeq are variant transcriptions

Tautik ― Pearl

Teerth ― Holy place

Teerthankar ― A jain saint

Teg ― One who swings a sword

Tegbir ― Brave warrior with a sword

Tegh ― He who wields the sword

Tegvir ― A bright Boy

Teijinder ― God of grandeur

Teja surya ― Man who is radiant and bright

Tejai ― One who glows

Tejash ― He who is sharp and bright

Tejasvar ― The intelligent one

Tejbir ― The glory of the brave one

Tejendra ― Lord of the Sun

Tejesh ― God of brightness, sun

Tejeshwar ― Lord of brightness

Tejindar ― God’s splendor in heaven

Tejinderjit ― One who won God

Tejomay ― Glorious

Tejovikas ― One who shines brightly

Tejpal ― Protector of brilliance

Tekjot ― One who is supported by the divine light

Teknam ― One who takes support of the Lord’s name

Tekroop ― Personification of God’s support

Thakarshi ― Lord krishna

Thakur ― Leader, god

Thakurjeet ― He who has won God’s love

Thalbir ― A brave warrior

Thaman ― Name of god

Thamen ― Name of God

Thaqaf ― One with great skills

Thashan ― Name of Lord Shiva

Thavanesh ― Lord shiva

Thayalan ― Name of Lord Shiva

Theenash ― A rising star

Thirath ― A holy place

Thulasitharan ― The Moon

Tijil ― Moon

Tilak ― Ornament, ornamental mark on forehead

Timin ― Large fish

Tirranand ― Lord shiva

Tirthankar ― Lord vishnu

Tirthayaad ― Lord krishna

Tirthesh ― The name is derived from Tirth and means ford.

Tirumala ― Seven hills

Tirupathi ― Seven hills

Tisyaketu ― Lord shiva

Titir ― A bird

Toshan ― Satisfaction

Toyesh ― Lord of water

Trailokva ― The three worlds

Triambak ― Lord shiva

Tribhuvan ― With knowledge of 3 worlds

Tridev ― Hindu trinity, bramha, vishnu and mahesh

Tridhaman ― The holy trinity

Tridhatri ― Lord ganesh

Tridib ― Heaven

Trigun ― The three dimensions

Trijal ― Lord shiva

Trikay ― Lord buddha

Trilochan ― Three eyed

Trilok ― Three worlds

Trilokanath ― Lord shiva

Trilokchand ― Moon of the three worlds

Trilokesh ― Lord shiva

Trimaan ― Worshipped in three worlds

Trimurti ― The holy trinity

Trinabh ― Lord vishnu

Trinath ― Lord shivtripur three cities

Trinayan ― Lord shiva

Tripurajit ― Lord shiva

Tripurari ― Name of lord shiva

Trishanku ― An ancient king

Trishar ― Pearl necklace

Trishul ― Lord shiva’s trident

Trishulank ― Lord shiva

Trishulin ― Lord shiva

Trivikram ― An epithet of vishnu

Trushit ― Hunger

Tufan ― Storm

Tuhin ― Snow

Tuhinsurra ― White as snow

Tuka ― Young Boy

Tukaram ― A poet saint

Tulasidas ― Servant of tulasi, basil plant

Tuli ― Refers to a brush which uses to paint anything.

Tulsidaas ― Servant of tulsi

Tulsidas ― A famous Saint

Tulsikumar ― Son of tulsi

Tunava ― A flute

Tunda ― Lord shiva

Tunganath ― Lord of the mountains

Tungar ― High, lofty

Tungesh ― Moon

Tungeshwar ― Lord of the mountains

Tungish ― Lord shiva, lord vishnu

Turag ― A thought

Turvasu ― A son of yayaati

Turvi ― Extra ordinary or out standing.

Tushaar ― Frost

Tushar ― Winter

Tushara ― Refers to mist, haze or fog.

Tusharkanti ― Lord shiva

Tusharsuvra ― White as snow

Tusya ― Another name of Lord Shiva.

Tuvidyumna ― Lord indra

Tuvijat ― Lord indra

Tyaagaraaj ― A Deity

Tyagraja ― A famous Poet

Indian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With T