Indian Baby Boy Names, Meanings, Starting With S

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With S

Indian Names For Boys Beginning With S: Indian naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Indian name or traditional Indian name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Boy? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Indian Boy Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with S.

Indian Baby Boy Names, Meanings, Starting With S

Saakaar ― The manifestation of God

Saanjh ― An evening, a latter part of the day

Saarang ― The Moon and the Sun

Saaras ― A swan-like person

Saarthik ― The noble man

Saatatya ― Endless, never ending

Saatvik ― Name of Lord Krishna

Sabad ― Guru’s words

Sabal ― One with great strenght

Sabala ― One who is powerful

Sabhajit ― The celebrated one

Sabhya ― A refined and civilized one

Sabrang ― A rainbow

Sacchidananda ― The feeling of complete bliss

Sachan ― A person who is friendly

Sachchit ― A person who is consciouss, but joyful

Sachdeep ― Indian name meaning the Light of the Truth

Sachdev ― The Truth of the God

Sachdhian ― A person who is captivated in truth

Sachet ― The joy the consciousness brings

Sachetan ― A person who thinks rationaly, with both feet on the ground

Sachgian ― A person that posesses the true knowledge of things

Sachh ― The truth and honesty

Sachi ― One who is the descendant of the Sun God

Sachidanand ― A person whose mind is good and whose personality is joyful

Sachint ― The essence, the existance of things

Sachish ― The Lord Indra

Sachisth ― A person who is the most powerful in helping people

Sachit ― To be joyful and conscious

Sachiv ― A person who is friendly, generaly good friends to others

Sachkeerat ― One who sings praises of Gods

Sachleen ― One who is consumed in God’s truth

Sachman ― One who is true to the core, who is true at heart

Sachpreet ― The feeling of true love, or the love of God

Sachsev ― A person who is the servant of the truth

Sachsukh ― A person who found the true peace

Sachveer ― One who is bravely fighting and upholding the truth

Sada shiv ― The God is etarnal

Sada shiva ― The auspicious, pure person

Sada sivam ― An encouraging, favorable person

Sadabindu ― The name of Lord Vinshu

Sadaiappan ― Another name of the Lord Shiva

Sadajit ― The always victorious man

Sadanand ― The ever joyous and happy individual

Sadananda ― A name of the God

Sadanandam ― A man who is always in a happy mood

Sadar ― One who is always respectful

Sadashiv ― An individual who is pure

Sadashiva ― The ever-auspicious individual

Sadavir ― The person who is ever-couragious

Sadeepan ― One who is lighted up

Sadewa ― One of the twins

Sadgun ― A man of many virtues

Sadguna ― A virtuous man with good qualities

Sadha ― One who is eternal

Sadhan ― The feeling of fulfillment

Sadhana ― Indian name meaning practice or means

Sadhil ― A perfect person

Sadhin ― One who will accomplish things

Sadhna ― One who practices a lot, who finds the means

Sadhu ― The rightteous, holy person

Sadhuj ― The Good conduct

Sadiksha ― A person with good intentions

Sadiva ― Eternal, endless one

Sadra ― A chief, a leader

Sadri ― The one who is in charge

Sadru ― Name of Lord Vishnu

Safal ― To succeed

Saffar ― Occupational name, a coppersmith

Sagardutt ― he who is a gift of the ocean

Sagma ― A mighty and powerful individual

Sagni ― One who is like a sacred fire

Sagnik ― One who is fiery and passionate. One who coquers the fire

Sagun ― One who has divine qualities

Sagurik ― A capable, energetic, active person

Sahadev ― One of the princes of Paravas

Sahaj ― One who is easy and natural

Saham ― To bring peace

Sahaman ― One with many virtues

Sahanj ― He is a King

Saharsh ― One who is generaly joyful and happy

Sahas ― A person of great bravery

Sahasanu ― A patien man

Sahasin ― A person who is powerful and mighty

Sahaskrit ― One who bestoves the strenght and power

Sahasrad ― Another name of Lord Shiva

Sahastrabahu ― One who has a thousand arms

Sahastrajit ― One with a thousand victories

Sahasvat ― One who is full of velour

Sahasya ― A courageous and mighty person

Sahat ― A powerful and strong man

Sahaujas ― One who is given strength and power

Sahavan ― The 5th month of the Hindu year, also means the rain during a monsoon season

Sahaya ― A name of the Lord Shiva

Sahayu ― One who is victorius, a winner

Sahen ― A high flying falcon

Sahendra ― One who is nearly as powerful as God Indra

Sahishnu ― Name of Lord Vishnu

Sahisht ― The one who is the strongest

Sahith ― One who loves literature

Sahodar ― The name means brother

Sahoj ― One who is strong

Sahojit ― One who is known for his great strenght

Sahor ― One who is excellent, pious

Sahovan ― The mighty superior

Sahuri ― The Sun and the Earth

Sai satpurusha ― A virtuous, pious one

Saiamartya ― The immortal one

Saibal ― An aquatic plant

Saibya ― One who belongs to Lord Shiva

Saicharan ― A flower, Sai’s feet

Saideep ― Name of Lord Sai Baba

Saihaj ― Peaceful and equipoise person

Saijeevadhara ― One who supports all human beings

Saikalakala ― Name of Lord Sai Baba

Saikalateeta ― He who has no limitations

Saikiran ― Sai’s light

Sailadev ― Name of Lord Shiva

Sailan ― One who is a leader, a ruler

Sailendra ― A king of the mountains, Himalaya

Sainath ― Name of Sai baba

Saiprasad ― Blessing of Sai baba

Saipratap ― One who is blessed by Sai baba

Sajan ― A beloved person

Saji ― A scholar, someone who loves learning

Sajitvan ― A victorious superior person

Sajiv ― A person with a lively personality

Sajiva ― A man who is full of liveforce

Saju ― A wandered. Person who travels a lot

Sakaleshwar ― One who is lord of everything

Sakari ― A sweet baby Boy

Sakash ― An illuminated person, that the light shines on

Saket ― Lord Krishna

Saketharaman ― The name of Lord Rama

Sakhya ― A feeling of mutual friendship and a friend’s love

Saksham ― A capable, skilful person

Sakshat ― The one with a real appearance.

Sakshum ― A person of many skils

Sakthi ― To posess a great power

Sakthivel ― An instrument of power that the Goddess Parvati gave to her son

Sakyasinha ― The Lord Buddha

Salaj ― Water flowing from melted ice in mountains

Salal ― A salal berry plant

Salarjung ― A leader in a war

Salil ― Indian name meaning water

Salm ― Eldest son of Fairdoon

Salokh ― A name representing friendship

Samabashiv ― A name for the Lord Shiva

Samadhan ― The feeling of pure satisfaction

Samaj ― A name of Lord Indra

Samajas ― Another name of Lord Indra

Samaksh ― To be in front of something or someone

Samalya ― A strand of material, garland

Samant ― To feel whole, or universal

Samantbhadra ― Samantbhadra is the name of a famous Jain Acharya from ancient India. It means to feel complete or whole.

Samanyu ― A name of Lord Shiva

Samarajit ― The one who came from the war as victorious

Samarbir ― A man who is brave in the war

Samardh ― A personf who is poferful

Samarendra ― The Lord of the War, or the name of Lord Vishnu

Samarendu ― The War Lord

Samaresh ― The Lord Vishnu

Samarjeet ― The winner of the war, or a battle

Samarjit ― The victor of the war

Samarpan ― To dedicate something,or set is aside fot a special use

Samarpit ― One who is a tribute

Samarth ― One who has the power

Samarthi ― A powerful male

Samarthya ― One with the big strenght

Samarveeer ― He is a King of the war

Samarvir ― A person who is the hero of the war or battle

Samavart ― Another name of Lord Vishnu

Samay ― The begining or a start of somethin new

Samba ― Something shinign and rising

Sambaran ― Someone who is an acient king

Sambha ― A person or an object that shines

Sambhav ― A source of the blissfulness

Sambhavnath ― It’s the name of the 3rd Tirthankara. Sambhavnath means born or manifested.

Sambhddha ― A person of great wisdom

Sambhu ― Name of Lord SHiva

Sambit ― A man of great concsciousness

Sambodh ― To posess the complete knowledge

Sambuddha ― A person who is wise, smart

Samdani ― A male name that is of Indian origin

Samdarshi ― Name of Lord Krishna

Samedh ― A person of full strenght

Sameep ― To be close to something or someone

Sameeran ― A gentle breeze

Samen ― He who is happy

Samendra ― He who won the war

Samendu ― Name of Lord Vishnu

Samesh ― The Lord of equality

Samgram ― One who is at war

Samhit ― A secret text

Samhith ― A vedic composition

Samidh ― He who is perfectly full

Samik ― A peaceful person

Samiksh ― One who is near to the Sun

Samin ― One who is self disciplined

Samiran ― A gentle breeze

Samit ― One who is collected

Samividhan ― One with great constitution

Samkit ― Right Knowledge, satisfied, self realization.

Sammat ― An agreeable person

Sammath ― Indian name meaning to agree

Sammed ― Sammed is the place where the 20 Tirthankaras attained nirvana.

Sammud ― A person that brings joy

Sammyak ― Indian name meaning enough

Samodh ― One who smells of joy

Samoe ― One who resides

Sampat ― A wealthy person

Sampath ― Hindu name

Sampath kumar ― A blessed young Boy

Sampati ― A lucky one

Sampavan ― He who has a pure heart

Sampoorn ― A complete, happy person

Samprad ― He who is cultured

Samprati ― One who is on the right way in life

Samprit ― A pleased and happy person

Sampuran ― The perfect one

Samraj ― One that rules the universe

Samranpal ― An indian Boy’s name

Samrat ― A ruler or an emperor

Samrath ― A powerful and allmighty ruler

Samridh ― A perfect person

Samrudh ― A person who is enriched

Samsaptaka ― A person who took a vow to never retreat. To conquer or die

Samskar ― A person with high moral values and good ethics

Samskara ― One who values ethics

Samudragupta ― A famous King of Grupta

Samudrasen ― The Lord of the sea and an ocean

Samvar ― One who is content and satisfied.

Samvath ― Understanding; being able to comprehend every circumstances

Samvid ― Knowledge; awareness of certain things in life, learnings from life

Samyak ― Adequate for the want or need, sufficient for the purpose or satisfy

Samynathan ― Lord Shiva’s son, god murugans name

Sanaatan ― Lasting or intended to last or to be permanent

Sanabhi ― Came from an Indian word meaning content. Related; associated with a person or a thing

Sanag ― An alluring mountain

Sanal ― Place where offering of their sacrifice resides. Vigorous; healthy and full of energy

Sanas ― Literally means laughing or smiling

Sanat ― Lord Brahma the creator. Ancient; prehistoric, an old person

Sanatan ― Everlasting immortal lord

Sanatana ― Lord Shiva, one of the hindu trinity

Sanath ― Accompanied by or with a protector

Sanay ― One that will last forever, a prayer or a praise

Sanchay ― Muster of person or things in a certain place

Sanchit ― Collected

Sancho ― Truthful and sincere

Sandeep ― A lighted lamp

Sandeepan ― An aromatic plant

Sandeepen ― Lighting; brighten life

Sandeepon ― Profoundly wise man

Sandesh ― Holds the message

Sandhatha ― Lord vishnu, the giver and provider of things

Sandip ― One who is enlightened

Saneesh ― Brilliant Boy. Gives light to life

Sanehi ― Means a precious one, beloved

Sangat ― Affiliate with holy congregation

Sangir ― Expression of approval or agreement

Sangod ― With water pond lake

Sangram ― A kind of revolution

Sanhata ― Conciseness

Sanisth ― Gaining the most in life

Sanivesh ― Way someone or something looks or appears in someone’s eye

Sanja ― God universal creator; A dream while asleep

Sanjay ― Pursued victory

Sanjeet ― Invincible

Sanjeev ― Giving life, re-animating

Sanjit ― One who is always victorious

Sanjiv ― Vital

Sanjivan ― Making alive, giving life

Sanjog ― Conincidence

Sanjval ― Well lit blazing brightly

Sankalp ― Will, determination

Sankara ― Shiva

Sankarsana ― One who ploughs

Sankarshan ― A name of balaram

Sanket ― Signal

Sankha ― A konch shell

Sankhep ― A synopsys

Sankil ― A burning torch

Sankul ― Crowded together, dense

Sanmati ― Sanmati is the name of Bhagwan Mahavir. It means noble.

Sannath ― Accompanied by a protector

Sannibh ― Rays of light

Sannidhi ― Nearness

Sannigdh ― Always ready

Sanobar ― A pine tree

Sansaar ― A cration of the world

Sanshray ― Aim

Sanshubh ― Radiantly beautiful one

Sanskar ― Good ethics and moral values

Santan ― A tree

Santanak ― A tree that is spreading

Santanu ― One who is whole

Santatey ― One who is extended

Santavir ― One who shows great courage

Santhosh ― Happy

Santino ― Sacred

Santokh ― One who is patient and peaceful

Santosh ― Happiness

Sanu ― A Sun

Sanurag ― Affectionate

Sanvar ― A brigde or a dam

Sanvaran ― One who is covering something

Sanvarth ― A rainy colud

Sanvrit ― One that has happened

Sanwariya ― Lord Krishna

Sanyam ― One who has self-control

Sanyasi ― Meditation in congragation

Sanyat ― One who follows the king

Sanyog ― Joining together, combination

Sapan ― Dream

Saparyu ― One who is devoted to faith

Saprathas ― Lord Vishnu

Saprem ― One who loves

Saptadeep ― The seven islands

Saptajit ― Conqueror of 7 elements

Saptak ― A musical note

Saptanshu ― Fire

Saptarishi ― Seven stars representing 7 great saints

Saptarshi ― Seven stars that represent seven giants

Saquib ― Bright

Sarabdeep ― A lamp that gives light to all

Sarabdev ― one who is omnipresent

Sarabjot ― The brightest light

Sarableen ― One who pervades all

Saral ― Simple, straightforward

Saramay ― One who is very firm

Sarana ― Injuring

Sarang ― Spotted deer

Saransh ― In brief

Saras ― Moon

Sarasi ― Lake

Sarasija ― Lotus

Sarasvan ― Indian name for Boys

Sarasvat ― Learned

Sarat ― Autumn

Sarath ― Name of Lord Krishna

Saravana ― Clump of reeds

Saravanan ― A clump of reeds

Sarayu ― Wind

Sarbajit ― Who has conquered everything

Sarbani ― Durga

Sarbesh ― Name of Lord Shiva

Sarbojit ― A winner

Sarendar ― To surrender

Saresh ― One who is simple

Sargam ― Musical notes

Saril ― One that brings essence

Sarin ― Helpful

Sarish ― Equal

Sarit ― River

Sarminder ― God of war

Sarna ― Indian name for Boys

Sarngin ― Name of God Vishnu

Saro ― The good one

Saroj ― Resembling a lotus

Sarojin ― Lord Brahma

Saroop ― The beautiful one

Sarras ― One who carries water

Sartaj ― Crown

Sarthak ― Having meaning, purpose

Sarva ― Lord Krishna, shiva

Sarvad ― Name of Lord Shiva

Sarvadaman ― Son of shakuntala-bharat

Sarvadev ― Lord shiva

Sarvadharin ― Lord shiva

Sarvag ― Lord shiva

Sarvagny ― All-knowing lord vishnu

Sarvahit ― One who is useful

Sarvajit ― One who conqueres all

Sarvak ― Whole

Sarvambh ― Lord Ganesh

Sarvang ― Lord shiva

Sarvapalaka ― Protector of all Lord Krishna

Sarvashay ― Lord shiva

Sarvavas ― Lord shiva

Sarvendra ― God

Sarvesh ― God

Sarveshvara ― Lord of all, a name for lord shiva

Sarvin ― One who is the best archer

Sarwan ― Indian name means God

Sarwar ― Promotion

Sashang ― Connected

Sashanth ― Lord of all

Sasheal ― Indian name for Boys

Sashreek ― Prosperous

Sashriti ― He who protects the wealth

Sashwat ― Eternal

Sasi ― Moon

Sasidhar ― Name of Lord Shiva

Sasidharan ― Name of Lord Shiva

Sasikaladhar ― Lord Shiva

Sasmit ― Ever smiling

Sasta ― One who rules

Saswata ― Name of Lord Ganesha

Sasyak ― He who is perfect

Satadev ― God

Satamanyu ― Lord Indra

Satanand ― Lord vishnu

Satanika ― Virata’s son whose bead was severed by Drona.

Satatya ― Infinite one

Satayu ― Brother of Amavasu and Vivasu

Satbachan ― The one abiding by the holy word

Satbir ― A true warrior

Satchet ― The joyful one

Sateendra ― Lord of truth

Sateesh ― He who rules hundreds

Satejas ― He who is full or strenght

Satender ― Name of Lord Shiva

Satesh ― Ruler of hundreds

Satgun ― One of true merits

Satgur ― A true guide

Sathi ― Partner

Sathindar ― Indian name for Boys

Sathish ― He who is kind

Sathvik ― Name of Lord Shiva

Sathwik ― Silva

Sathya raj ― The truth

Satih ― A sunrise

Satinath ― Lord shiva

Satinder ― He who is protected by the true God

Satinderpal ― Protected by the true God of heaven

Satindra ― Lord shiva

Satish ― Ruler of hundreds

Satjeevan ― One who lives a truthful life

Satkar ― One who respects honour

Satkart ― Name of Lord Shiva

Satkartar ― Lord vishnu

Satkeerat ― Praise the one who is true

Satkiran ― Ray of truth

Satnam ― One who accepts God

Satpal ― Protector

Satpati ― Lord Indra

Satpaul ― The one who abides by the truth

Satpreet ― One who loves the truth

Satrajit ― Ever victorious

Satria ― A warrior

Satrughna ― Brother of Lord Rama

Satruijt ― Son of vatsa

Satrujit ― One who defeated his enemies

Satsukh ― Truly blissful one

Satvamohan ― Truthful

Satvant ― Truthfullness

Satvat ― Lord Krishna

Satveer ― Lorn Vishnu

Satvik ― Virtuous

Satvinder ― Lord of virtue

Satwant ― One who is true

Satwinder ― The true God of Heaven

Satya ― Pramod Ganesh

Satya narayana ― A true God

Satya prakash ― Light of the truth

Satya pramod ― True person ganesh

Satyaban ― He who is truthful

Satyabrata ― One who tells the truth

Satyadarshi ― One who can see the truth

Satyadev ― Lord of truth

Satyajit ― Victory of truth

Satyak ― Honest

Satyakaam ― Believer in truth

Satyakam ― Son of jabala in the mahabharata

Satyaki ― Charioteer of Krishna

Satyam ― Honesty

Satyamurty ― Statue of truth

Satyanarayan ― Lord Vishnu

Satyankar ― True, good

Satyapal ― Truthful ruler

Satyaprakash ― Light of truth

Satyapriya ― Devoted to truth

Satyarat ― One who has taken vow of truth,

Satyasheel ― Truthful

Satyashill ― The honest one

Satyashrawa ― One who hears the truth

Satyashrawaa ― Who hears truth

Satyavaan ― Devoted to truth

Satyavache ― Lord rama, speaker of truth

Satyaveer ― Someone who never spoke a lie

Satyavir ― One who wins with truth

Satyavrat ― One who has taken vow of truth

Satyavrata ― One who is dedicated to truth

Satyawan ― One who speaks the truth

Satyayu ― The truthful one

Satyen ― Lord of the truth

Satyender ― King of the truth

Satyendra ― Lord of truth

Satyesu ― One who seeks the truth

Sauanand ― One with a sweet nature

Saubal ― Mighty

Saubhadra ― Abhimanyu

Saubhag ― One who is very fortunate

Saudeep ― A hansome man

Saugat ― A person who is enlightened

Saugata ― Other name of Gautama Buddha

Saujas ― One who is energetic

Saujass ― He who is bursting with energy

Sauman ― A blossoming flower

Saumil ― One who is very friendly

Saumit ― Easy to get

Saumitr ― Good friend

Saumitra ― Lakshman

Saumya ― Handsome

Saunak ― Boy sage

Saurabh ― Fragrance

Saurav ― Divine, celestial

Sauri ― Son of the Sun

Saurin ― Sun’s power

Saurjyesh ― Lord of valour

Sauvan ― One who is heavenly

Sauveer ― He who is beautiful and brave

Sava ― Saint who was a trainer of young monks

Savan ― One who offers a sacrifice to God

Savar ― Lord shiva

Savinder ― The lucky one

Savir ― Leader

Savit ― Sun

Savitashri ― Lustre of the sun

Savitendra ― Lord of the sun

Savya ― Lord vishnu

Savyasachi ― Name of Lord Arjun

Sawan ― Hindu month

Sayan ― A kind hearted friend

Sayantan ― A brave one

Sayeshan ― A considerate, talented and helpful human

Sayooj ― One who is very easy to be around

Seduka ― The existent

Seemanta ― Parting of the hair

Seetal ― One who loves peace

Sekar ― One who has talent

Sekhar ― Name of Lord Shiva

Selatan ― South wind

Selvakumaran ― One who is prosperous

Selvam ― One who is joy to be around

Selvan ― One who is thriving

Selvaraju ― King of money

Selven ― A suitable one

Sena ― Army

Senajit ― Victory over army

Seshadri ― The king of serpents

Seshvar ― One who believes in God

Setu ― Sacred symbol

Seva ― Service, attendance, care

Sevak ― Servant

Sewin ― Hindi name for Boys

Shaandilya ― Name of a saint

Shaant ― Peace and calm

Shaarav ― Pure and innocent

Shaardul ― A tiger

Shaashwat ― Eternal

Shadab ― Fresh

Shafi ― Raham dil

Shagun ― Auspicious

Shahaka ― One who is a prince

Shahil ― One who is leader and ruler of men

Shahnawaz ― Prince

Shail ― Mountain

Shaildhar ― One who holds mountain

Shailendra ― King of mountains

Shailesh ― God of mountain, himalaya

Shakthi ― One who holds the power

Shakti ― Power

Shaktidhar ― Lord shiva

Shakuni ― Bird, uncle of kauravash

Shakunt ― Blue jay

Shakyasinha ― Lord buddha

Shalang ― Emperor

Shaligram ― Lord vishnu

Shalin ― Good manners

Shalmali ― Lord vishnu’s power

Shalok ― One who sings his prayers

Shamak ― Makes peace

Shamakarn ― Lord shiva

Shambhavi ― Son of parvati, lord ganesha

Shambhu ― Lord shiva

Shameek ― An ancient sage

Shami ― Fire, name of a tree

Shamindra ― Quiet, gentle

Shamit ― A person who has calmed down

Shamna ― A man who is divine, holy

Shams ― Fragrance

Shanay ― Power of lord shani

Shandar ― Proud

Shangara ― One who is lucky

Shankar ― Name of Lord Shiva

Shankara ― A name of Lord Shiva

Shankarshan ― Lord krishna’s brother

Shankdhar ― Lord krishna

Shankh ― A shell

Shankhapani ― Lord vishnu

Shankhi ― Ocean

Shankhin ― Lord vishnu

Shankir ― Lord shiva

Shanku ― An arrow dart that belongs to Lord SHiva

Shanmukha ― Kartikeya, first son of lord shiva

Shansa ― Praise

Shantam ― A shy and quiet man

Shantan ― One who is a King, also means Bhesm’s father

Shantanav ― Bhishma pitamaha

Shantanu ― Whole

Shantashil ― Gentle

Shantidev ― Lord of peace

Shantikumar ― Shantikumar is a variation of Shantinath and means lord of peace.

Shantilal ― One who is peaceful.

Shantimay ― Peaceful

Shantinath ― Lord of peace

Shantiprakash ― Light of peace

Shantiprasad ― Shantiprasad is derived from Shantinath and means lord of peace.

Shanyu ― Benevolent

Sharad ― Name of a season

Sharadchandra ― Autumn moon

Sharadendu ― Moon of Autumn

Sharan ― Shelter

Sharang ― Deer

Sharann ― A man who gives protection to people

Sharat ― A season

Sharatchandra ― One who is like the Autmn Moon

Shardul ― The best

Sharu ― Lord vishnu

Sharvarish ― Moon

Shashank ― Moon

Shashee ― Moon

Shashi ― Moon

Shashi varnam ― One who is the color of the Moon

Shashibhushan ― Lord shiva

Shashidhar ― The moon

Shashidhara ― A man who carries a Moon in his eyes

Shashikant ― Moon stone

Shashikar ― Moon ray

Shashikiran ― Moon’s rays

Shashimohan ― The moon

Shashin ― Moon

Shashipushpa ― Lotus

Shashish ― Lord shiva

Shashishekhar ― Moon-crested

Shashrvat ― He who is the Lord of SUn

Shashvata ― A name for lord rama eternal

Shashwat ― Ever lasting, continuous

Shasvat ― One who is eternal and everlasting

Shaswata ― A person that is perpetual

Shataaneek ― Another name of ganeshna

Shataayu ― Hundred years old

Shatadru ― Name of river

Shatarupa ― Lord shiva

Shatichandra ― Shatichandra is taken from the name Shantinath and means lord of peace.

Shatjit ― Conqueror of hundreds

Shat-manyu ― Another name of Indra

Shat-padm ― Hundred petaled lotus

Shatrughan ― Lord nama’s brother

Shatrughna ― Victorious

Shatrujit ― Victorious over enemies

Shatrunjay ― One who overcomes enemies

Shattesh ― King of mountains

Shauchin ― Pure

Shaunak ― Wise

Shaurav ― Bear

Shauri ― Lord vishnu

Shaurya ― Brave

Shavas ― A person of power and valor

Shayaan ― Successful

Shayak ― One whose weapon is an arrow

Shayamali ― One with pretty feet

Sheil ― Mountain

Shekhar ― Ultimate, peak

Sher ― Persian name meaning lion

Sherbahadur ― As high as a mountain

Shesanand ― Lord vishnu

Shesh ― Cosmic serpent

Shesha ― King of serpents

Sheshdhar ― One who holds snake

Shevantilal ― A chrysanthemum

Shevar ― One who has treasure

Shibhi ― Indian name meaning King

Shibhya ― Lord shiva

Shibsankar ― Name of Lord Shiva

Shifwat ― A good friend

Shighra ― Lord shiva, lord vishnu

Shikhandi ― Name of a character in a Hindu epic

Shikhandin ― Lord shiva, lord vishnu

Shikhar ― Peak

Shilang ― Virtuous

Shilendra ― One who is the lord of the mountains

Shilish ― Lord of mountains

Shineyu ― Shining

Shinjan ― Music of payel

Shipirist ― Lord vishnu

Shipley ― Sheep meadow

Shiprak ― He is bright like the rays of light

Shirdi prasad ― A name for sai baba

Shirish ― A flower, Raintree

Shiromani ― A jewel worn on the head

Shishir ― Name of a season, cold

Shishirchandra ― Winter moon

Shishirkana ― Particles of dew

Shishirkumar ― The moon

Shishul ― Baby

Shishupal ― Son of subhadra

Shishupala ― Subhadra’s son

Shitikanth ― Lord shiva

Shitikshu ― A man who strivis for the eart

Shitiz ― Horizon

Shiv ― Lord shiva, auspicious, lucky

Shivadev ― Lord of prosperity

Shivam ― Auspicious lord shiva

Shivana ― The name that is derived from Lord Shiva

Shivanand ― One who is happy in lord shiva’s thoughts or shiva’s worship

Shivanath ― Lord shiva

Shivank ― Mark of Lord

Shivansh ― Lor Shiv’s portion

Shivas ― Lord shiva

Shivasunu ― Lord ganesh

Shiven ― Lord shiva

Shivendra ― Lord shiva, lord indra

Shivendu ― Moon

Shivesh ― Lord shiva

Shiveshvar ― God of welfare

Shivkumar ― Son of lord shiva

Shivlal ― Lord shiva

Shivraj ― Lord shiva

Shivram ― Lord shiva, lord ram

Shivshankar ― Lord shiva

Shivshekhar ― One at the top of shiva

Shiyam ― A happy little Boy

Shlesh ― Physical bonding

Shlok ― Shlok

Shobhan ― Splendid

Shonila ― A man of crimson colour

Shoor ― Valiant

Shoora ― Bold, a name for lord hanuman

Shoorsen ― Brave

Shoorveer ― Powerfull and great warrior

Shoubhit ― Lord krishna

Shraunak ― A month in a Hindu calendar

Shrava ― A name of the Hindu month

Shravan ― A hindu month

Shravana ― Name of a star

Shravankumar ― A character from the epic ramayana

Shray ― Credit

Shree ― Mister, god

Shreedhar ― Husband of lakshmi

Shreeharsh ― God of happiness

Shreekant ― An epithet of vishnu

Shreekrishna ― Lord krishna

Shreekumar ― Beautiful

Shreeman ― A respectable person

Shreenivas ― Indian name that means the residence of wealth

Shreepriya ― Lover of lakshmee

Shreepushp ― Cloves

Shreerang ― Another name of vishnu

Shreesh ― Lord of wealth

Shreevallabh ― Lord of lakshmi; supreme lover

Shrenik ― Organised

Shreshta ― Lord vishnu

Shresth ― Best of all

Shresthi ― Best of all

Shrey ― Marvellous

Shreyas ― Superior

Shreyash ― Who has everything, who is famous

Shrida ― Lord kuber

Shridhar ― Lord vishnu

Shrigopal ― Lord krishna

Shrihan ― Lord vishnu

Shrihari ― Lord vishnu

Shriharit ― A name of Lord Krishna

Shrikant ― Lord vishnu

Shrikar ― Lord vishnu

Shrikeshav ― Lord krishna

Shrikrishna ― Lord krishna

Shrikumar ― Beautiful

Shriman ― One who possesses the wealth of Yoga

Shrimat ― Lord vishnu

Shrimate ― Revered, lord hanuman

Shrimohan ― Lord krishna

Shrinand ― Lord vishnu

Shrinath ― Lord vishnu

Shringesh ― Lord of pearls

Shriniketan ― Lord vishnu

Shrinivas ― Indian name that means the residence of wealth

Shripad ― Lord vishnu

Shripadma ― Lord krishna

Shripal ― Lord vishnu

Shripati ― Lord vishnu

Shriram ― Lord rama

Shrirang ― Lord vishnu

Shriranga ― Lord vishnu

Shriranjan ― Lord vishnu

Shrisha ― Lord vishnu

Shritan ― A name of Lord Vinshu

Shrivarah ― Lord vishnu

Shrivardhan ― Lord vishnu, lord shiva

Shrivas ― Lord vishnu

Shrivatsa ― Lord vishnu

Shrivatsav ― A man who is a disciple of God

Shriyadita ― Sun

Shriyan ― Lord vishnu

Shriyans ― Wealth

Shrujan ― A man who is very creative

Shrutakeerti ― Renowned, reputed

Shrutkirti ― One who is famous all over the world

Shubendra ― Lord of virtue

Shubh ― Fortunate

Shubhaksh ― Lord shiva

Shubhan ― One who is auspicious

Shubhang ― Handsome

Shubhankar ― Auspicious

Shubhashis ― Blessing

Shubhay ― Blessing

Shubhendu ― Lucky moon

Shubhi ― Shubh

Shubhojit ― Handsome

Shubhranshu ― The moon

Shuddhashil ― Well-born

Shuk ― A parrot

Shukla ― Lord vishnu, lord shiva

Shukra ― Resplendent, venus, friday

Shulabh ― Easy

Shulandhar ― Lord shiva

Shulin ― Lord shiva

Shuna ― Lord shiva

Shunah ― Lord indra; high spirited one

Shushil ― Pleasant

Shushruth ― One who is a healer of Gods

Shvant ― Placid

Shveta ― A loveble white woman

Shvetambar ― Lord shiva

Shvetang ― Fair complexioned

Shvetank ― Having a white mark

Shvetanshu ― Moon

Shvetavah ― Lord indra

Shwetambar ― One who wears white clothes

Shwetanshu ― A man of the Moon

Shwetbhanu ― Moon

Shyam ― Dark blue, black

Shyamak ― Lord krishna

Shyamal ― Dark blue, black

Shyamantak ― Lord krishna

Shyamsundar ― Name of Lord Krishna

Shyamsunder ― Lord krishna

Siamak ― Silver flame

Sidak ― Wish

Siddak ― Wish

Siddanth ― He who establishes the truth

Siddarth ― One who accomplishes his goals

Siddha ― Lord shiva

Siddhadev ― Lord shiva

Siddhanath ― Lord shiva, mahadev

Siddhanta ― Principle

Siddharth ― White mustard, buddha

Siddhesh ― Lord of the blessed

Siddheshwar ― Lord krishna

Siddhi ― Knowledge and wealth

Siddhraj ― Lord of perfection

Siddid ― Lord krishna

Sidhesh ― Lord of the blessed

Sikandar ― Victorious

Simar ― God’s Favorite; One who is filled with God’s Spirit; One who is absorbed in God

Simran ― One who meditates

Simrit ― Remembered

Sindhu ― Lord vishnu

Sindhunath ― Lord of the ocean

Singh ― He is like a lion

Sinha ― Hero

Sinhag ― Lord shiva

Sinhvahan ― Lord shiva

Sirish ― One whose soul is within his body

Sishiranka ― A dewpoint; an easy going, happy and affectionate being

Sitakanta ― Lord rama

Sitanshu ― Moon

Sitaram ― Sita and lord rama

Sitikantha ― Lord shiva

Sivanesh ― A name of Lord Siva

Sivanta ― Lord shiva

Skand ― Name of kartikeya

Skanda ― A spilled seeds. Also means a name of a God of War

Smarajit ― One who has conquered lust

Smaran ― Remembrance

Smiren ― A person who is impossible to forget

Smritiman ― Unforgettable

Sneagen ― Friend

Snehakant ― Lord of love

Snehal ― Friendly

Snehil ― A loving and affectionate person

Snithik ― Master of justice

Sochisth ― One who is brilliant, one with a birlliant mind

Sohal ― A person who is delicate and soft

Sohan ― Good looking

Sohayl ― One with good looks

Sohni ― A woman who is a true beauty

Sohum ― The God’s presence in every soul. A divine within

Sokanathan ― Lord shiva

Som ― Moon, religious drink

Soma ― No

Somadev ― Lord of the moon

Somali ― Moon’s love

Somansh ― Half moon

Somanshu ― Moonbeam

Somashekhar ― Lord shiva

Somasindhu ― Lord vishnu

Somendra ― Another name of indra

Somesh ― Moon

Someshwar ― Lord krishna

Somia ― A beautiful garden of orses

Somil ― One of soft nature

Somkar ― Moon light

Somnath ― Lord shiva

Somprakash ― Moon light

Sonam ― Good

Sonary ― A place name, one who comes from the Sonari district in India

Sonit ― Person with good intentions

Sookraj ― A kingdom od the kappiness

Sooraj ― He who is a good King

Sopaan ― Stairs, steps

Sophocles ― A man who is clever

Soumava ― Moon’s light

Soumil ― Friend

Sourabh ― Fragrance

Souradip ― One who is an island of sunlight

Sourish ― Lord vishnu

Sourja ― Brave

Spandan ― A sound of the heart beat

Sparsh ― Touch

Sreeghan ― A person who is wealthy and ritch

Sreevalsan ― Loved by vishnu

Sreyas ― The most excellent man with many virtues

Sri rama ― A name of the Lord Rama

Sriansh ― He who is born with ansh or a part of Lakshimi

Sriashwin ― A good ending

Srichaitra ― A name of the first month in Indian callendar and means a Begining

Sricharan ― One with big feet. Also a name of Lord Vishnu

Sridatta ― Given by god

Sridhar ― Wealthy person

Srihith ― A name of Lord Vinshu

Srijan ― Creation

Srijesh ― A name given to Boys of Hindu religion

Srikant ― Lover of wealth

Srikar ― A man who causes prosperity

Srina ― One who is Supreme

Srinath ― He who is Lakshimi’s husband

Srinesh ― Lord Vishnu’s name

Srinikesh ― One of the Lord Vinshu’s names

Srinish ― He who is an Abode of wealth

Srinivas ― Abode of wealth

Srinjayas ― A person who is the supporter of Pandavas

Sriram ― Lord rama

Srishti ― He is the whole Universe

Sristi ― A whole Universe

Srivant ― A name of Lord Venkateshwara

Srivar ― Lord vishnu

Srivatsav ― One of the nemas of Lord Vinshu

Srutayu ― Aristanemi’s son

Ssukumar ― One who is handsome, soft and tender

Sthavir ― Lord brahma

Sthir ― Focussed

Sthua ― A Yaksha who is the follower of Kubera

Stotra ― A praiseworthy man who is famous

Stotri ― Lord vishnu

Sual ― Asked for

Subaahu ― Strong armed

Subahu ― A mighty-armed Boy

Subal ― Lord shiva

Subali ― Strong

Subandhu ― A good friend

Subash ― Fragrance

Subeer ― Courageous

Subeesh ― He who is radiant like the sunrise

Subh ― He who is a very fortunate person

Subhadr ― Gentleman

Subhag ― Fortunate

Subham ― One who is a good person

Subhan ― Aware

Subhang ― Lord shiva

Subhas ― Shining

Subhash ― Soft spoken

Subhendu ― Moon

Subhradip ― A humble man

Subinay ― Humble

Subodh ― Sound advice

Subrahmaniam ― A very worthy jewel

Subrahmanya ― The god of war

Subramani ― The god of war

Subramaniam ― One who is a worthy jewel

Suchendra ― Lord of plousness

Suchet ― Attentive, alert

Suchin ― Means a beautiful thought

Suchir ― Eternal

Suchit ― Person with a sound mind

Sudalai ― Village god

Sudama ― Meek

Sudarsan ― A name of the Lord Perumal

Sudarsana ― A person who is beutiful inside-out

Sudarshan ― Good looking

Suday ― Gift

Sudeep ― Illumined

Sudeepta ― Bright

Sudesha ― Good country

Sudev ― Good diety

Sudeva ― Good deva

Sudhakar ― Mine of nectar

Sudhamay ― Full of nectar

Sudhang ― Moon

Sudhanshu ― Moon

Sudhanssu ― Moon

Sudhanvan ― Lord vishnu

Sudharma ― Sudharma is the name of a Gandhar of Bhagwan Mahavir. It means good law.

Sudhendra ― Lord of nectar

Sudhi ― Scholar

Sudhindra ― Lord of knowledge

Sudhir ― Resolute, brave

Sudhish ― Lord of excellent intellect

Sudhit ― Kind

Sudin ― He is a bright young man

Sudip ― Bright

Sudir ― Bright

Sugandh ― Sweet smelling, fragrance

Sugata ― A name of the buddha

Sughosh ― One with melodious voice

Sugriva ― One with graceful neck

Suhas ― Laughter

Suhash ― One with a sweet smile, sweet smiled.

Suhrit ― Well-disposed

Suhruda ― Good hearted

Sujal ― Affectionate

Sujan ― Honest

Sujash ― Illustrious

Sujat ― Belonging to a good clan

Sujay ― Victory

Sujendran ― Universal being

Sujit ― Victory

Sujith ― One who brings victory

Suka ― Wind

Sukant ― Handsome

Sukanta ― Handsome

Sukarma ― One who does good deeds

Sukarman ― Reciter of 1000 samhitas

Sukesh ― With beautiful

Suketu ― Of good banner, flag

Sukhajat ― Lord shiva

Sukhakar ― Lord rama

Sukhamay ― Pleasurable

Sukhashakt ― Lord shiva

Sukhcharan ― He who is very peaceful

Sukhdev ― God of happiness

Sukhesh ― Lord of happiness

Sukhinder ― He who is a giver of happiness

Sukhjinder ― He who gives and spreads happiness

Sukhjodh ― One who is a Lord of happiness and a warrior of peace

Sukhmeet ― A friend who brings peace

Sukhnam ― The bliss that the naam brings

Sukhpal ― To achieve victory

Sukhroop ― He who is a true embodiment of peace

Sukhwant ― Full of happiness, pleasant

Sukrant ― Extremely beautiful

Sukrit ― Wise

Sukumar ― Tender

Sukumara ― Very tender, very delicate

Sukumaran ― A variation of the name sukumaran

Sulabh ― Easy to get

Sulalit ― Graceful

Sulek ― Sun

Suleman ― One who is secure, safe

Suloch ― Beautiful eyes

Sulochan ― One with beautiful eyes

Sulochna ― Beautiful eyes

Sumadhur ― Very sweet

Suman ― Flower

Sumangal ― Very auspicious

Sumanjit ― One who wins the God’s power

Sumant ― Friendly

Sumantu ― Atharva veda was assigned to him

Sumanyu ― Heaven

Sumat ― One who is wise and has a big intellect

Sumathi ― A person of good mind

Sumatikumar ― Sumatikumar is a variation of Sumatinath. Sumatinath is the name of 5th Tirthankara.

Sumatinath ― Lord of wisdom

Sumay ― Wise

Sumed ― Wise

Sumedh ― Clever

Sumeer ― He is the Lord of all wisom

Sumer ― Gold mountain, born in the summer month.

Sumeru ― Lord shiva

Sumesh ― He is the flower Lord

Sumiati ― One who has positive thoughts

Sumiran ― He who does things in teh remembrance of God

Sumit ― Well measured

Sumitr ― Good friend

Sumitranandan ― Son of sumitra (lackshman and shatrughna)

Summan ― A man with a good mind

Sumukh ― Lord shiva

Sunam ― Good name, fame

Sunand ― Pleasant

Sunandan ― Happy

Sunar ― Happy

Sunashi ― Lord indra

Sunay ― Wise

Sunchit ― Beautiful

Sunda ― A man of very tender nature

Sundar ― Beautiful

Sundara ― He a breathtakingly beautiful man

Sundarjeet ― One who posesses great beauty

Sundeep ― Sundip

Sunder ― Handome

Suneet ― Lord shiva, righteous

Sunil ― Dark blue

Sunirmal ― Pure

Sunit ― He who is a prudent man with good principles

Sunjeev ― Making alive

Sunjit ― An invincible man

Supal ― Precious time, the importance of time.

Suparn ― Lord vishnu

Suparshwa ― A 7th teerthankar’s name

Supash ― Lord ganesh

Suprabhaat ― Good morning

Suprakash ― Manifested

Suprasanna ― Ever cheerful and beaming, goddess lakshmi

Supratik ― Lord shiva

Supratika ― A man who is very handsome

Supratim ― Excellent

Supreet ― One who is beloved and adored

Suprit ― Loving

Sur ― A musical note

Suradhish ― Lord indra

Suradip ― Lord indra

Suragan ― Lord shiva

Surahbil ― A creative, brave and courageous person

Suraj ― He who is a good King

Surajit ― God

Surajiv ― Lord vishnu

Suram ― Beautiful

Suran ― Pleasant sound

Suranjan ― Pleasing

Surarihan ― Lord shiva

Suras ― Juicy

Surbhup ― Lord vishnu

Surdaas ― Servant of musical tunes

Surdeep ― Lamp of music

Suren ― Lord indra

Surendra ― Lord indra

Suresh ― Sun

Sureshwar ― Lord of the gods

Surjeet ― Conqueror of the suras

Surnath ― Lord indra, lord of suras

Surshri ― Another Lord Shiva’s name

Surup ― Lord shiva

Surush ― Shining

Surya ― Sun

Suryaansh ― He who is a part of the Sun

Suryabhan ― The sun

Suryadev ― Sun god

Suryakant ― Loved by the sun

Suryansh ― A man who is a part of the Sun

Suryanshu ― Sunbeam

Suryaprakash ― Sunlight

Suryashankar ― Lord shiva

Suryesh ― Sun is god

Susadh ― Lord shiva

Susarma ― A supporter; name of a mighty ruler

Sushant ― Quiet

Sushen ― Sun of vasudeva

Susher ― Kind

Sushil ― Good characted man

Sushim ― Moon stone

Sushobhan ― Very beautiful

Sushri ― A person who behaves well and has s sober mind

Sushrut ― Of good reputation

Susmit ― A Boy with a nice, warm and pleasant smile

Sutantu ― Lord shiva, lord vishnu

Sutapa ― Seeker of God

Sutara ― Holy star

Sutej ― Lustre

Sutirth ― Lord shiva

Sutosh ― One whi becomes easily

Sutoya ― A river

Sutra ― Sanskrit word for a string or a thread

Suvan ― The sun

Suvankar ― A person who tends to do good to others

Suvarn ― Lord shiva

Suvas ― Lord shiva

Suvel ― Placid

Suvesh ― A who is extremely handsome and good looking.

Suvidh ― Kind

Suvimal ― Pure

Suvir ― Lord shiva

Suvrata ― Strict in religious vows

Suyamun ― Lord vishnu

Suyash ― Illustrious

Suyati ― Lord vishnu

Svamin ― Lord vishnu

Svaminath ― Lord ganesh

Svang ― Good looks

Svanik ― Handsome

Svar ― Lord vishnu

Svaraj ― Lord indra

Svarg ― Heaven

Svarna ― Lord ganesh

Svarpati ― Lord of sound

Svayambhu ― Lord brahma, vishnu, shiva

Svayambhut ― Lord shiva

Swadhin ― Independent and free

Swagat ― Welcome

Swajith ― Self-victory

Swaley ― Winding stream

Swami ― Lord

Swaminath ― The Lord almighty

Swapan ― Dream

Swapnesh ― King of dreams

Swapnil ― Seen in a dream, dreamy

Swaraj ― Liberty or freedom

Swaran ― One who has a golden heart

Swaranjeet ― One who is a golden winner

Swarga ― A heavenly person

Swarit ― Towards heaven

Swarnapurishwara ― Lord of the golden city

Swarnim ― The golden shine

Swarup ― Truth

Swastik ― Auspicious

Swatantar ― In means independent and free

Swayam ― Overall, somehting that covers everything

Swayambhu ― Self-existent

Swetaketu ― An ancient sage

Swetank ― A man of fair body

Swethan ― The one who has learnt all vedas

Syamantak ― A jewel of lord vishnu

Syamantaka ― A man who destroys all dangers

Syum ― A ray

Syun ― A ray

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