Indian Baby Boy Names, Meanings, Starting With N

Names And Meaning for New Born Beginning With N

Indian Names For Boys Beginning With N: Indian naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Indian name or traditional Indian name. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby Boy? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Indian Boy Names and Meanings For New Born Starting with N.

Indian Baby Boy Names, Meanings, Starting With N

Naag ― The huge snake, a serpent

Naagarjun ― The superior among the serpents.

Naagchand ― The serpent, the serpent possessor.

Naagdhar ― Refers to the Lord Shiva, who wears the cobra around his neck.

Naagendra ― The Lord of the peak of serpents.

Naagesh ― The god of the serpents. One of the name of Lord Shiva

Naagpal ― The person who is the redeemer of the serpents.

Naagpati ― The ruler of the serpents.

Naagraaj ― The serpent King

Naag-raaj ― The King of the serpents, one who possess serpents.

Naagraj ― The monarch of the serpents.

Naakesh ― The brightful moon in the sky.

Naambhagat ― follower of the Lord.

Naamliv ― Absorbed in Naam; One who meditates in name of Shiva

Naavalan ― The person who delivers a speech.

Naavarasan ― The person who is very well knowledge in drawings.

Nabarun ― Person who born under the shining sun.

Nabendu ― The one who was born under the first moon.

Nabh ― Blue space of sky.

Nabhanyu ― Continuing forever or indefinitely.

Nabhayan ― The person who is closer to the sky.

Nabhendu ― The beautiful and pretty moon in the blue sky.

Nabhi ― The supreme effort that one can make.

Nabhij ― Lord Brahma, the creator of the world.

Nabhik ― The leader of the accurate path way.

Nabhikumar ― Nabhikumar is derived from the name Nabhiraj and means father of Lord Rishabhdev.

Nabhinandan ― A name of Lord Rishabhdev

Nabhiraj ― The Lord Brahma the initiator of the universe.

Nabhiray ― A variation of the name Nabhiraj. It means father of Lord Rishabhdev.

Nabhith ― The person who is oblivious of dangers.

Nabhkanti ― The person who resembles the biggest star in the space, Sun.

Nabhoj ― The person who came to this world from the Sky.

Nabhomandal ― The person who resembles the blue sky.

Nabhomani ― The rays of the sun.

Nachiappa ― Father of a burning fire

Nachik ― A very short form of Nachiketa.

Nachiket ― The person who is the son of Vajashravas.

Nachiketa ― The event of burning fire.

Nachiketan ― Something meant to burn

Nachiketh ― Fire from the hell

Nachimi ― One who is friendly and hass a sensitive nature

Nacoma ― Having the character that attract love or affection.

Nadal ― Overall circumstances or condition in life.

Nadapratithishta ― The person who admiring and escalating towards music.

Nadinatha ― The Lord of the streams or rivers.

Nadipati ― The Master of the rivers.

Nagaiah ― The God Cobra, the king of the snakes.

Nagaiyan ― The King of all the snakes

Nagaja ― Daughter of the high hills.

Naganan ― The snake’s child, or born of snake

Naganand ― The son or the born of Naga.

Naganath ― The biggest cobra, the ruler of the serpents.

Nagander ― The big sun in the world.

Nagandra ― The ruler of the black cobra.

Nagannan ― The master of the snakes, the charmer

Nagapati ― The master of the entire hills.

Nagappa ― Father of the serpents, forefather of the cobra.

Nagappan ― The ancestors of the snake

Nagaraj ― One who possess snakes

Nagaraja ― The monarch of the serpents.

Nagarajan ― The Lord of all snakes.

Nagarathn ― The one who has the precious diamond with him.

Nagarathna ― The precious diamond of the serpents.

Nagari ― The antagonist of the snakes.

Nagarin ― The master of the city or town.

Nagarjun ― The greatest and finest among the serpents.

Nagarjuna ― The champion among the snakes.

Nagas ― Additional name for the snake or cobra.

Nagasami ― Master of the serpents

Nagasenan ― The army of serpents

Nagaswamy ― The royal emperor of the snakes.

Nagavanshi ― One who is from the species of serpents

Nagavenkatasai ― The powerful and supernatural creator of the World.

Nagdhar ― The one who beautifies the hills.

Nagendra ― The principal of the snakes or the master of the mountains.

Nagendran ― Interesting or colorful or multi colors.

Nageshan ― The main God Shiva who is wearing the cobra around his neck.

Nageshvar ― The Lord of the serpents

Nageshwar ― The monarch of the cobras.

Nageshwara ― The monarch of the snakes

Nageshwaran ― Lord of the snakes

Nageswar ― The controller of the serpents

Nageswara ― One who has control over serpents

Nageven ― A smart and handsome Boy

Naggar ― Name of the Lord Krishna

Nagkumar ― The son of serpents.

Nagpal ― The person who is the protector of the serpents.

Nagulan ― A wise or a clever person

Nagur ― A state, a region

Nahul ― A Boy with lot of powers

Naimesh ― A saint who can see what inside the others

Naimish ― One who can read others mind

Naintaar ― The one who is possessing intelligent and clear eyes.

Naipaul ― One who protects the eyes

Naishal ― The mountain, as strong as mountain

Naivadya ― The holy curd or sugar

Naivaidya ― The Holy food or prasad

Naivedhya ― Prasad of Goddess Durga

Najur ― The master of the landside, the one who has a big mind.

Nakadhipa ― The King of the Paradise

Nakanatha ― The master or the ruler of the paradise.

Nakarasan ― A practical individual; materiaistic

Nakesh ― The characteristic parts of a human face.

Nakhraj ― Resembling the moon that is shining in the dark sky.

Nakkan ― Melody or poetess or exciting or matriarch.

Nakkina ― A unique, tidy and cool individual

Naksatraraja ― The ruler or monarch of the star planet.

Naksh ― A drawing or a sketch

Nal ― An ancient Indian King

Nalak ― One who is a worshipper of Lord Buddha

Nalan ― An honest king

Nalankilli ― A King or the praised emperor

Nalisha ― The Goddess of Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi

Nalliah ― A sensitive and confident individual; quick tempered

Namacharya ― another name for Haaridas Thakur.

Namasthetu ― Defeater or overcomer of all demon or evil powers and authorities.

Namasyu ― Bending down or the event of bowing down to worship.

Namikumar ― Namikumar is a variation of Naminath. It’s the name of the 21st Tirthankara.

Naminath ― Naminath is the name of the 21st Tirthankara.

Nandivardhan ― Nandivardhan is the name of Lord Mahavir’s brother.

Nangopan ― A person who is confident and desirable

Nanoq ― Greenly bushes or green pastures.

Nanthan ― Father of Lord Krishna

Naotau ― New born baby Boy.

Narad ― The person who reduces the intensity and calms pacifies. Consoler.

Naradar ― The bold combatant, valiant fighter, noble wrestler.

Narahari ― A person marked by the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters.

Naraindas ― The person who is having intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude.

Narashimareddy ― The defender of the mint plant, this plant is always under his protection.

Narayana swamy ― Devoted to defaces, from the God defaces, engaged in war, disposed to warfare

Nardev ― The business person engaged in retail trade. Dealer.

Narikera ― An individual who appreciates life and is lucky

Nasamad ― A dependable, beautiful and smart individual

Nashal ― bravery or courage

Nasheet ― A dynamic or a lively person

Nashier ― One who announce, an announcer

Nashir ― A helper or an assister

Nashira ― The exposer or the announcer

Nataraj ― Who has excellent talent in dancing.

Nataraja ― The dancing hero.

Natarajan ― Another name for Lord Shiva.

Natavara ― The ever best dancer.

Natawar ― Referring to Lord Krishna.

Natesan ― The king of dance or Lord Shiva.

Natesh ― The ruler or Shiva the Lord.

Nateshwar ― The king of drama.

Nateshwara ― The dancing super star.

Natko ― The upright and moral ruler or monarch.

Natraaj ― The dancing king.

Natraj ― The one who is expert in dancing.

Nattarasan ― Monarch, sovereign, ruler, master.

Natwar ― One of the main Gods, God Krishna.

Natwara ― One of the main Gods, God Shiva.

Naueshwara ― The best artist among actors.

Nauhar ― Who is the owner of nine crowns.

Navashen ― One who brings hope to humanity

Navjeet ― The stronghold which is on the top of the peak of the sea.

Navjeev ― The diurnal birds of prey having long pointed powerful wings adapted for swift flight. Falcon.

Navjeevan ― The Castle that is in the middle of the ocean.

Nayakan ― The twinkling ocean.

Nayan ― The one who is extremely happy and blissful.

Nayanish ― The boundary of the multitude.

Ndrajit ― The king who wins the world

Neam ― One of the trees name.

Nediyavan ― A proud and vigilant person

Nedumaan ― The son of the ruler or king or monarch.

Nedumaaran ― The one who is brave and appreciated.

Nedumaran ― The one who has a good height and handsome outfit.

Nedungo ― One of the kings name.

Neehar ― Covering with morning dew drops.

Neel ― Sky blue color, bluish image.

Neelabh ― Elements in the sky, cloud, moon or star.

Neeladri ― Its a mountain range particularly blue colored appearance

Neelaj ― Sapphire lotus color.

Neelakantha ― Lord Shiva, who has blue color throat.

Neelakshi ― The person has bluish eyes.

Neelamani ― The jewel or ornament or accessory which reflects blue color.

Neelambaran ― Reflects bright greenish color.

Neelamber ― The God of blue heavens.

Neelambuj ― Holy blue color lotus flower.

Neelamjeet ― The one who protects Sapphire.

Neelampaul ― The person who guards blue color.

Neelan ― Lord Krishna, who is in blue color image.

Neelanchal ― Resembles as blue color peak.

Neelanjan ― Shining in blue color.

Neelavan ― A collection of lot of colors.

Neelavannan ― One of the names of Lord Krishna

Neelaya ― The Blue colored Land or land of Blue sky

Neelesh ― Another name for Lord Krishna

Neeleshbabu ― One of Lord Shiva’s names.

Neelgreev ― Resembles Lord Shiva.

Neelinder ― The king of blue or the blue king

Neelkamal ― One of the rainbow colors, blue.

Neelkant ― The multicolor bird peacock, which is the most beautiful among the birds.

Neelkanta ― The great God Shiva.

Neelkanth ― The Lord Shiva of the world.

Neelmadhav ― Resembles Lord Jegannath

Neelmani ― Peaceful color of blue.

Neemit ― The one who is truthful always.

Neerad ― The collection of water droplets.

Neerada ― The group of dew drops.

Neeradh ― Resembles cloudy sky.

Neeraj ― Lotus which is blooming in the water.

Neeraja ― The one who was born in the water shore.

Neerajaksh ― Resembles Lord Vishnu.

Neerav ― The person who is very calm and peaceful.

Neerava ― A cool and calm person

Neeshal ― One who has no end

Neeshika ― Dark period, period after sunset and before sunrise.

Neeshlin ― One who is born lucky and ambitious

Neeteepa ― One who is responsible to spread light

Neethimaran ― Resembles the beautiful lotus.

Neetipal ― The guardian of rules and regulations.

Neev ― Groundwork, elementary, basis, rudimentary.

Nehal ― The person who is smart looking and fetching.

Nehchalbir ― Steady combatant, sturdy fighter.

Nehchalpreet ― The one who likes to be a truthful person to others.

Nehru ― The one who abides in seaway or water way.

Nek ― The one who is rich in knowledge and wisdom.

Nemdas ― Nemdas is a variation of Neminath. It’s the name of 22nd Tirthankara.

Nemendra ― Nemendra is a variation of Neminath. It’s the name of 22nd Tirthankara.

Nemidas ― Nemidas is derived from the name Neminath.

Nemikumar ― Nemikumar is a variation of Neminath. It’s the name of 22nd Tirthankara.

Nemil ― Fresh, new one, or newly born.

Nemish ― Nemish is a variation of the name Neminath.

Neor ― Droplets , dewdrops, condensation, precipitation.

Nerivaanan ― The one who is truthful and frank.

Nesamani ― Lively, exciting, interesting

Nesan ― The one who is remarkable.

Nesar ― The big sources of the earth sun and moon.

Nesayem ― Blossom, floret, bud, bloom.

Nesham ― Cheerfulness, glad, blissful, content.

Neshu ― Strong, well, hale and hearty, vigorous.

Netar ― Spearhead, front-runner, lead, groundbreaker.

Nethaji ― The respected leader of a country

Netik ― Old-fashioned, customary, outmoded, cultural.

Netrapal ― The one who has the blessing eyes.

Netrapala ― Who has a blessed eyes

Neyan ― Affection, dearest, darling, adoration, care.

Nibaal ― The mark to indicate the direction.

Nibhish ― Another name of Lord Ganesh.

Nibhiv ― Name of Lord Ganesha

Nibodh ― Awareness, understanding, intelligence, acquaintance.

Nichay ― The one who keeps the promises.

Nidaan ― Well-mannered and lenient, Gracious and easy , Gracious and forgiving.

Nidarr ― A fearless or one without fear

Nidarshan ― A representative form or pattern.

Nidat ― The name of the God.

Nideeshwaram ― Announcer of fortune things

Nidesh ― Another name of Lord Kuber.

Nidhaan ― Money, paragon, money, ideal.

Nidheesh ― Supporter of capital and assets.

Nidhi ― The possession that is highly valued.

Nidhin ― Obviously contrived to charm.

Nidhish ― The master of precious things.

Nidhisha ― The excellent knowledge and skills.

Nidish ― Lord Ganesha, the one who provides treasures.

Nidvith ― A unique person, one of its kind

Nieraj ― Large pink or white lotus floras.

Nigam ― The numerous collection of precious properties.

Nigarvi ― The person who is meek and gentle.

Nigna ― The master of all wealth.

Nigun ― Another name for God Eshwar.

Nihaal ― Satisfied, comfortable, cheerful

Nihaar ― Droplets of water suspended in the air.

Nihar ― Fog, haze, vapour, spray, smog.

Nihara ― Steep descent of water of a river, waterfall.

Nihchal ― The person who is steady and balanced.

Nihchalbir ― The one who is firm and bold.

Nihchaljot ― Steady brightness, strong nimble.

Nihchalmeet ― Strong mate, steady buddy.

Nihchalpreet ― Strong affection, firm relationship.

Nihchalprem ― True love, firm friendship.

Nihchaltek ― Solid provision, strong care.

Nihir ― Wind

Niilalohita ― Happy, cheer, glad, joy, bliss.

Niiradi ― One with a sharp personality and individuality

Niirran ― A relevant and trustworthy individual

Nij ― By his own, gratitude, grateful.

Nikash ― Distance, skyline, possibility, perspective.

Nikat ― Miasma, haze, condensation, precipitation, mist.

Nikesh ― Another name for Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.

Niket ― Family, tower, homemade, castle, household.

Niketan ― Dwelling, residence, domicile, house, home.

Niketana ― A mansion or a house

Nikethan ― Uniqueness, creativity, innovation, freshness.

Nikhael ― The sea of affection, the ocean of adoration.

Nikhilesh ― The master of the world.

Nikhlesh ― The Lord of the world

Nikil ― The winning person on behalf of people.

Nikilan ― Gorgeous, stunning, fine-looking, handsome.

Nikshan ― The person who is occurring by chance.

Nikshay ― The person who is greatly pleasing or entertaining.

Nikshep ― The person who is dearly to everyone.

Nikshit ― A tiny falcon, a baby falcon. A person with the qualities of a falcon

Nikshith ― One who has a sharp personality

Nikul ― The much dearest person.

Nikumbh ― The strength of the Moon.

Nikumbha ― Delightful, ingenious, brilliant, delicate.

Nikunj ― The sweet smelling cologne.

Nikunja ― Who can resemble as God

Nilabh ― Who is like unto the most high God.

Niladevan ― Who can be same to God.

Niladri ― Who will be in God’s image

Nilagagan ― Who can reach God’s place

Nilagala ― One of the four archangels of the God

Nilagriva ― The one who is nearer to God.

Nilagrivah ― A humble person, down to earth

Nilakantha ― The one who’s throat appears as blue color.

Nilamegh ― The cloud which resembles as sapphire, blue shaded color.

Nilaratan ― The jewel or diamond or gem stone which resembles blue color.

Nilav ― An attractive person

Nilavan ― Attractive and good looking as the glittering moon.

Nilax ― One of the good names of Lord Shiva.

Nilay ― Household or manor or residence or home-grown or grange.

Nilayan ― The one who has pretty bluish eyes.

Nilesh ― The Lord of blue or sapphire or Lord Krishna,

Nilidan ― A person who has diligent and punctual personality

Nilikey ― An independent, charming natured person

Nilotpal ― Look a lot like blue lotus flowers.

Nimai ― A person who is filled with joy

Nimal ― An independent, justified and adventerous being

Nimalan ― A name given to Lord Murugan

Nimansh ― Name given to the blue god; Krishna

Nimay ― The natural stream of water.

Nimayak ― The most loving angel of the God

Nimeesh ― One who can peek inside soul and split second

Nimesh ― The person who is connected to God.

Nimin ― A standard and traditional person

Nimish ― The sparkling ocean.

Nimit ― The closest angel to the God

Ninaad ― Flowing water; a sound or hum

Ninad ― The priceless gift from God.

Ninderbir ― God is supreme.

Ninderjeet ― God is one and there is none like him.

Ninderpaul ― God is Almighty and outstanding.

Nippun ― Thankful to the Almighty Allah.

Nipun ― One of the colors , Green.

Nirag ― The outstanding one, the astonishing one.

Niraga ― The one who is free from hunger, thirst or blameless.

Niraj ― The one who was born in water or lake.

Nirajit ― Brightened or lightened one.

Nirakul ― The one who is trouble less and full of happiness always.

Nirala ― The one who is highly unusual and single one of its kind.

Niramay ― The one who is faultless, innocent, guiltless and righteous.

Niranja ― Resembles the collection or set of lotus flowers.

Niranjana ― Full moon night or spiritual Lord Dhurga or one of the river’s name.

Nirankar ― The one who is without an image or invisible to human eyes.

Nirantara ― Without inside or internal matters.

Niranthar ― The one who is marked by firm determination or resolution.

Nirapaya ― The one who is not consumable or unceasing.

Nirat ― Delighted, gratified and the personalities, capability to see

Nirav ― Free of making sound or making little of any kind of noise.

Nirbhava ― The one who has no fright, worry, dread or terror.

Nirbheek ― The one who is free from any kind of fear or scariness.

Nirbheet ― The person who is delivered from any type of terribleness.

Nirdesh ― Route or appreciation or suggestion.

Nirdosh ― The person who is free from fault , mistake, iniquity and wrong.

Nirmla ― Honeyed, sweetened, sugary.

Nirmoh ― One with no illusions

Nirmoha ― A person who has no illusion

Nirnasha ― One who can never die; deathless

Nirosha ― One of nine lakhs.

Nischaijeet ― The super hero among male sex.

Nischal ― The Lord of all the mankind

Nischay ― Other name of Lord Vishnu.

Nischint ― The soul or heart of man

Nischinta ― Monarch or emperor.

Nischit ― Ruler of sovereign.

Nishaaj ― The great ruler who rules the other kings of the nations.

Nishaan ― The big emperor who commands the other rulers as well.

Nishaat ― The lord of the rulers.

Nishaath ― The king of kings and lord of lords.

Nishad ― The Lion among the males

Nishadh ― The lion in form of male appearance

Nishadha ― The feet of a monarch or ruler.

Nishar ― To sacrifice in the path of good

Nisharg ― The nature or presented by God

Nishokha ― A quite or reserved person

Nishpar ― Without any boundary

Nishwanth ― The great person

Nittien ― Always on moral path

Nityagopal ― An eternal cow-herd

Nityam ― One who is constant

Nityan ― That never ends, a constant

Nityanand ― The continuous happiness

Nityananda ― The constant joy, that never ends

Nityanta ― Never-ending, that never ends

Nityapriya ― The everlasting friendship

Nityasri ― An eternal woman

Nityayuj ― One who is constantly without equality

Niveransh ― The pleasant rays of moon

Nivranshu ― the part of grace of the moon

Nivrutt ― A retired person, Left world for moksha

Nixit ― Something certain to happen

Niyan ― The eyes of a person

Nizhalgal ― A shadow, similar to the person

Nomesh ― The supernatural being; God.

Nomit ― The one who guides others to the upright path.

Noodanan ― A joyous, restless and demanding person

Noorpreet ― Adoration of the celestial bright light.

Nor ― Sparkle or illumination.

Norrshant ― One who is a chief and is protected by God

Noshi ― Honeyed, sweetened, sugary.

Noulakh ― One of nine lakhs.

Nridev ― The super hero among male sex.

Nrideva ― The Lord of all the mankind

Nrikesari ― Other name of Lord Vishnu.

Nrimna ― The soul or heart of man

Nrip ― Monarch or emperor.

Nripa ― Ruler of sovereign.

Nripendra ― The great ruler who rules the other kings of the nations.

Nripesh ― The big emperor who commands the other rulers as well.

Nripinder ― The lord of the rulers.

Nripjot ― The king of kings and lord of lords.

Nrishingha ― The Lion among the males

Nrisingh ― The lion in form of male appearance

Nrupadh ― The feet of a monarch or ruler.

Nuguru ― The king of the rulers, the Lord of the Lords.

Nusrath ― The God is Love and compassionate.

Nuwan ― The person who is having the characteristic taste of sugar.

Nyaay ― The chocolate flavoured coffee.

Indian Baby Boy Names, Meanings, Starting With N