Hindi Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Hindi Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Hindi Names for Girls: Hindi naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Hindi name or Hindi Christian baby girl names, Traditional Hindi Girl Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Hindi Girl Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With A

Aabharana (आभरणा) ― aabharna signifies valuables, jewels, ornaments, it also has a meaning as the person who brings prosperity, happiness and honour

Aadarsha (आदर्शा) ― one who is ideal, optimal, and perfect

Aadarshini (आदर्शिनी) ― one who adheres to idealism or is an idealistic

Aadhila (अदीला) ― The name aadhila means Honesty, the one who is Scrupulous with regards to telling the truth

Aadhya (आध्या) ― The first power; the beginning; another name of Goddess Durga

Aadishri (आदिश्री) ― The name aadishri means First or more important, eminent

Aadita (आदिता) ― the name means The act of commencement of action

Aaditri (आदित्री) ― another name of Goddess Laxmi; the person who brings wealth and prosperity

Aadrika (आद्रिका) ― cluster of mountains; feminine version of male name Aadrik

Aadvika (आद्विका ) ― one who is unique in all aspects

Aadya (आध्या) ― the word signifies the first; Mother Earth, it is also the name of Goddess Durga

Aagraha (आग्रह) ― to request or please with respect

Aagya (आज्ञा) ― consent or formal permission to do a job

Aahana (आहना) ― Inner light; Immortal; First rays of the sun; Angel

Aahlaadita (आह्लादिता) ― one who is cheerful, delightful and joyous

Aainah (आईना) ― Mirror

Aakanksha (आकांक्षा) ― eagerness or inordinate desire for someone or thing, an object of ardent desire

Aakarshaka (आकर्षाका) ― the quality of attracting by inherent force

Aakarshana (आकर्षाना) ― the word means the force of attraction

Aakarshika (आकर्षिका) ― the one having the force of attraction to influence others

Aakashi (आकाशी) ― this name means Heaven, the sky color or destiny

Aakruthi (आकृति) ― just like aakrit has a meaning of appearance or shape, the person who is unmoldable but is in female sence

Aaloka (आलोका) ― The name aaloka means lustrous or the one very beautiful

Aalta (अल्ता) ― the Lac dye, or it means the one very colorful or joyous

Aamaya (आमाया) ― the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hope

Aamrapali (आम्रपाली) ― A mango tree leaf

Aanandamayi (आनंदमयी) ― the one who is very happy and joyous in nature

Aanandi (आनन्दी) ― A very happy Woman

Aanandita (आनंदिता) ― A very happy Woman, the one bringing fortune

Aangi (आंगी) ― The act of decorating the God or a person close to god

Aanya (आनया) ― The one who is kind and warmly courteous

Aapti (आपती) ― the state of being fulfilled, act of consummating

Aarati (आरती) ― aarti means prayer, or kind of worship towards the God

Aarika (आरिका) ― the one who is admired for her looks

Aarna (आरना) ― this is an another name of Goddess Laxmi

Aarohi (आरोही) ― the musical note or being very sound

Aaryanna (आर्यन्ना) ― Powerful & complete who renowned by Lord

Aashalata (आशलता) ― the one who is creator of hope or is very optimistic

Aashita (आशिता) ― the one who is creator of hope or is very optimistic

Aashiyana (आशियाना) ― A beautiful house

Aashni (आश्नी) ― a lightning bolt

Abdhija (अब्धीजा) ― Born in sea, goddess lakshmi

Abeedha (अबीधा) ― Stands for constant, wonder girl and permanent

Abheesha (अभीषा) ― Goddess of ambitions or goals.

Abhigna (अभिगना) ― Valuable, clever mind or glowing.

Abhignya (अभिज्ञा) ― One who is sage and sensible.

Abhigya (अभिग्या) ― Skilful or expert or adroit.

Abhijaata (अभिजाता) ― Noble birth or high class born.

Abhilasin (अभिलसिन) ― One who is full of desires and wishes

Abhimanini (अभिमानिनी) ― One who has a self-respect or pride

Abhinetri ― The female actor of a film or drama

Abhipsha ― A strong desire of wish

Abhipuspa ― Covered with fresh flowers

Abhirami ― One who is delighted or loved by many; Goddess parvati

Abhiruca ― Delightful, desire, pleasure

Abhiruchi ― One who have or keep desires

Abhisala ― An act of moving towards unity

Abirami ― A pleasant and beautiful girl

Achuta ― Pure, not touched, firm

Adhaita ― A unique person, without duality

Aeny ― The husband of Radha from Hindu mythology

Ahuka ― Offerer, Sacrificer, a person who can offer sacrifice

Ahuti ― sacrifice’, give up, forgo, surrender

Aikyan ― Unity, one alone

Aimiah ― perfect

Aishaanya ― beautiful life

Aishani ― Hindu Goddess Durga

Aishi ― God,s gift

Aishini ― Goddess Lakshmi

Aisiri ― Wealth, Prosperity

Aklima ― The first step

Akshaya (अक्षया) ― The name came from akshay which means indestructible or forever Aakshaya also means The seventh day of lunar month which which happens to fall on a Sunday or Monday

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With B

Balee ― It symbolizes being an extrovert, analytical and ethical

Bali ― It means a soldier or patriot.

Balwant ― The name means full of might or immense strength.

Bandhura ― pretty

Banee ― Guru’S Word

Banhi ― Fire

BanhiSikha ― A tongue of fire

Bani ― Goddess Saraswati

Banita ― Woman

Banmala ― a garland of wild flowers

Banni ― Maiden

Bansari ― Flute

Bhadrusha ― A Hindu name meaning the ganges

Boond ― She who is like drop

Brija ― A Hindu name meaning seed

Brjamohana ― One who is an universally attractive and beautiful person

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With C

Cauvery ― A name of the river

Cavery ― Name of the Cauvery river

Chumki ― A decorative star; a shiny star

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With E

Enakshi ― a deer eyed person.

Erheer ― a Punjabi word meaning diamond.

Ersheen ― god’s beauty.

Eshni ― wife of lord Shiva.

Eshwari ― supreme goddess or most powerful.

Evanshi ― it means similarity.

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With F

Fadhiya ― A woman who looks gorgeous

Fahamitha ― A perceptive young woman

Fahari ― A girl who is very smart

Fenal ― She is an angel of beauty

Fullan ― Refers to budding or flowering.

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With G

Gaganasri ― Refers to the blue color sky.

Gaganpreet ― The one who like the sky a lot.

Gamini ― Activity of walking or running.

Ganakshi ― Refers to wish or aspiration.

Gandaki ― A river or an obstacle

Geetanand ― The Lord of Geeta

Gini ― The meaning of the name Gini is Gold.

Gireesha ― Gireesha means Goddess Parvati.

Giribala ― Giribala is a female name and means Goddess Parvathi

Gitanjali ― The meaning of Gitanjali is Presenting Songs in Devoted Manner

Gitisha ― Gitisha means Seven Sounds of a Song

Gopa ― Gopa is the name of a female which means wife of Lord Gautam Budha.

Gopila ― Gopila means the friend of Lord Krishna who protects cows.

Gopis ― Gopis were the selected beautiful ladies who protected the cows and were friend of Lord Krishna.

Gopu ― Gopu means a smart lady who belongs to Lord Krishna.

Goretti ― They are reflective, prophetic, philosophical, and soul seeking, additionally can be diagnostic, basic and stubborn.

Gorochana ― A godly person, who’s general god-like beauty and intelligence is more than the average individual.

Gorrois ― The one with sixth sense, high energy level, sensitiveness and possess a high sense of awareness.

Gotum ― Fragrance, Gotum will be the fragrance of the family.

Gowri ― Bright, Gowri possess the magnetism and large space in her life.

Gowtham ― Fragrance, Gotum will be the fragrance of the family.

Grahi ― Grahi means the accepting girl. A girl whose everything is accepted by the world.

Grahin ― Grahi means the accepting girl. A girl whose everything is accepted by the world.

Greeshmi ― Watchful, Alert, Fast and alert person or a person can watch everything very clearly and can act upon instantly.

Greeshmita ― Greeshmita is a feminine, Girl’s name of Hindi origin. The meaning of the name is Heat. Greeshmita is a name mostly used in Hindu religion.

Grhini ― Grihini means a house wife who do house hold tasks and take care of her house whole day.

GrihaLakshmi ― Griha means house and Lakshmi is the name of Goddess of fortune. So Griha Lakshmi means the Goddess of a house’s fortune.

Grihitha ― Girihitha is the name of Goddess Lakshami. The Goddess of fortune.

Grishma ― People who have deep leadership abilities and ready to focus on large and important issues.

Gritav ― Thankful, The one who dignified every one with good thoughts and cares.

Gulbagh ― Gulbagh means the garden of roses or a paradise.

Gulika ― A beautiful original pearl

Gunja ― Beauty and Well Woven

Gurjari ― Gurjari means the raag in Hindi and music in English

Gurjinder ― Gurjinder is the name of punjabi Sikh girl. Gurjinder means a victory or achievement.

Gurleen ― Gurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru

Gurparveen ― Gurparveen is the name of goddess who manages and creates the stars. In short goddess of stars.

Gurpreet ― Gurpreet collaborated with two words guru and preet. Guru means master or lord and preet means love. So gurupreet means the love of lord or master

Gursheel ― Gursheel collaborated with two words guru and sheel. Guru means master or lord and sheel means modesty. So gursheel means the modesty given by lord.

Gyana ― Oozing with knowledge, a goddess of knowledge

Gyanada ― Name of goddess Saraswati in Hindu religion

Gyanda ― Very informative, knowledgeable

Gyanleen ― Absorbed in, achieving divinity.

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With H

Hanisha ― Sweet as Honey, Beautiful night, Sweet

Hashini ― Pleasant, Wonderful, Happy or full of laughter,

Hasu ― laugh

Hatakiya ― A Hindi baby girl name

Hemabindu ― A snow flake, a snow drop

Hemavala ― A girly name with lost meaning

Hemkanti ― Shine of Flower

Hemkesh ― The Queen of Gold

Hemnalini ― Beautiful women

Hihikara ― A Hindi name that is fit for Boys and girls

Hirarama ― A Hindi name for both sexes

Hiras ― One who is like a diamond

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With J

Jahanvi ― Name of the Ganga river

Jaymini ― One of an olden philosopher.

Jayoti ― The light who enlighten the world

Jowaki ― They inspire others, control and relief the matters of others. They want to make a different and unique world to attract others.

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With K

Kanakpriya ― The name means Gold Lover

Keran ― A ray of light either from sun or moon, or a ray of hope

Kritika ― A cluster of stars in constellation, Sic sisters from Hindu mythology

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With M

Marajade ― A female name of Hindi origin

Marava ― The Raga of the traditional Hindustani music

Mathara ― From the name Matharaj that is the name of the Kama God

Mayasura ― The ancient great king of Asura race in Hindu Mythology

Mayekar ― A baby Boy name of Hindi origin

Mehuta ― The rain or the cloud that causes rain

Menali ― One who is like fish, beautiful fish

Methra ― The dew drops, or the droplets of dew

Minal ― In Hindi it means a precious stone. In native American it is the name of a fruit.

Miraan ― A princess or a royal girl from the princely estate

Mirabai ― An ocean of knowledge, A women of sea. A poetess and devotee of Lord Krishna

Mishry ― A bunch of Sugar, a sweet person

Mit ― A friend, a companion

Mita ― The most dearest friend

Mittoo ― A sweet person, one who is a sweet speaker

Modakara ― The light of the moon

Modha ― Something as beautiful as moon. Something that we can compare to the elegant beauty of moon.

Mohandeep ― The pretty messenger, sweet and dearest Angel.

Mohanjot ― The person always covers by shadows, impossible to be seen, dim light

Mohanpreet ― The monarch of the nation, the one who has greater authorities all over the land.

Mohati ― The person who is coming from the powerful mincing shop in the city

Mohi ― As fragrant as honey bunch, as sweet taste as sugar.

Monal ― A bird, a free spirit

Monali ― The one who must be admired, adorable

Monita ― Highly intellectual girl

Motee ― A pearl from the deep oceans

Motiwala ― The one who have of deals in Pearls

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With N

Naayantara ― The shining start of the eyes.

Nafrin ― Accessible, manageable, adaptable, reachable.

Nagikiran ― The rays of the serpents

Nagin ― A feminine form of snake

Nagini ― A female that turns into a large snake

Naman ― Bow down before the creator or salaam or greeting.

Namarta ― The softness or gentleness

Nandanjot ― The light of the Joy or happiness

Nandanpreet ― The love of tranquility

Nandra ― A cheerful or happy girl

Nandrani ― The queen of Happiness or Joy

Narmada ― She who gives pleasure. Name of an Indian river

Nartana ― One who make others dance

Narthan ― Who make dance to others

Narthanan ― The dancer, who dance

Naruna ― The female leader of the humanity

Nasila ― Honey flowing out of the comb

Navadeep ― The new or fresh lamp

Navadurga ― Nine forms of Goddess durga

Navadvip ― The new lamp or nine lamps

Navadweep ― The new lamp for light

Navaljyot ― The fresh or new light

Navaneeta ― Fresh girl till eternity

Navapriyan ― The new friend or companion

Navashree ― The new or fresh lady

Navdeep ― The lamp who will be fresh forever

Navdeepa ― A fresh lamp, new forever

Navdha ― Un-endingly new or fresh

Navdip ― The never ending freshness of a lamp

Navee ― The new, fresh or the freshest

Naveena ― The highly beautiful or attractive girl

Naveenjot ― The pleasant light of a lamp

Navi ― The new or the ninth count

Navijah ― The very new victory

Navika ― A fresh girl, will remain fresh till end

Navilla ― A beautiful and pleasant peahen

Navina ― An eternally fresh person

Navita ― A youngest and freshest girl

Navneeta ― One who is always fresh and new

Navroop ― One who has the fresh structure

Navsarup ― An admirable new shape or roop

Navy ― The new one, the Ninth position

Navya ― The fresh, the young, praiseworthy

Nayantara ― The Beautiful star of the eyes

Nayonika ― The one with the magnetic or attractive eyes

Neerja ― The lotus bud or lotus blossom.

Neesha ― Dark night or dusky period.

Neysha ― The night or a time of night

Niesha ― The one who is still alive and doing extremely well.

Nikhila ― Widespread, worldwide, general, complete.

Nishani ― A sign to remember something

Nishay ― The night, dark time

Nishi ― Growing stronger and stronger

Nishika ― The garden full of Lotus flowers

Nishita ― The peaceful time.

Nishithini ― The quite time of midnight

Nishka ― Out of night, honest

Nishma ― One who brings light, bright person

Nita ― In Hindi it means moral or faithful person. In Spanish it means God’s gift.

Nithi ― Truth, justice, good behaviour

Niti ― A well-behaved person

Nitika ― One who follows the moral values

Nitina ― An ethical girl, full of moral values

Nitya ― One who is forever, eternal

Nivedita ― One who is surrendered to God

Nivedya ― An offering make to God

Nividh ― An information about something

Niyati ― Destiny or the luck

Noorien ― A person who help others

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With O

Omisha ― Spirit of birth and death.

Orpita ― Dedication or Divination to God

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With P

Pinky ― To be of pinkish colour

Poojya ― To pray to someone, to worship

Prajyana ― A Hindi unisex name, given to both Boys and girls

Prakruthi ― A name meaning weather and nature

Pramatha ― One who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva’s faithful companion

Pramud ― A feeling of extasy

Praneetha ― An action of ouring water into something

Pranetra ― One who is a guide, creator of things and a leader of the men

Pranga ― A Hindi name given to both Boys and girls

Pranhita ― The name of the River

Pranjul ― A person who is truthful and dignified

Prapulla ― One whose pleasant and happy smile is shining

Prashansa ― A praised, acclaimed and adored person

Prassana ― An individual who is alwas cheerful

Pravara ― An outstanding, important person

Preethi ― Woman who brings love and satisfaction

Prinaka ― A woman who will bring heaven to the earth

Priyanshi ― One who is dear

Pujitha ― A worshippers’s prayer

Punati ― One graceful and beautiful as a flower

Punyageha ― A baby girl name of Hindi origin

Punyaloka ― A name meaning Sita and Druapadi

Purva ― An old breeze from the East

Pushpaja ― A woman born from the flower

Pushpya ― A blooming flower

Pusti ― One of the forms of the Devil

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With R

Reeva ― One who guides people like a river or a star

Renmani ― A girl name of Hindi origin

Resha ― An endless straight line

Revathi ― The star that brings prosperity

Revati ― A woman who is like the star of prosperity

Ridhima ― A person full of prosperity and loving

Rikita ― A very clever and wise young woman

Rimjhim ― A woman who is like a rain

Rinku ― A sweet natured person

Ripal ― A compassionate and merciful love

Rishu ― One who rises above others with her honesty

Ritika ― A joy that the truth brings

Rizmi ― One with a big heart

Rohi ― An ascending man

Romil ― One who is renowned in the lands

Roopini ― A girl who is beautiful and pretty

Roshini ― A lightness and brightness

Roshni ― Shining and glowing of a girl

Rua ― One perfect as a Goddess Parvati

Rucha ― A woman who is full of light and brightness

Ruchira ― A bright woman who has great taste

Ruchita ― A woman who is pleasing

Ruhan ― A spiritual and kind-hearted one

Ruhani ― A spiritual, divine person

Ruhi ― One with a beautiful soul

Rukm ― One who is decorated with gold

Rukmi ― A name of Lord Krishna

Rukmini ― A woman adorned, decorated with gold

Rupali ― A woman who is the most beautiful of all

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With S

Saniyah ― Pearl or Radiant or Brilliant

Shabu ― Woman calm like the dewdrop

Shaili ― A woman with great style

Shaira ― A princess of poetry

Shalakha ― A name of the Goddess Parvati

Shamayla ― She is a dark beauty

Shankha ― A woman who is like a white conch

Shantiv ― To be in a peaceful state

Shanu ― A fiery woman

Sharda ― Name of the Goddess Saraswati

Shardambha ― A name of the Goddess Saraswati

Shiksha ― One who educates herself

Shirina ― A woman dark as a night

Shravya ― One whose vice is like a musical tone

Shreyaj ― A woman who is very auspicious and lucky

Shrilaxmi ― A godess of money, a wealth

Shulini ― A name of the Goddess Durga

Shutradevi ― The name of Goddess Saraswati

Siddhashrama ― Mystical hermitage

Siddhika ― A person who atains

Silpa ― A woman with good proportions

Smarta ― A name of the movement in Hinduism

Sona ― Gold, moonlight

Sonakshi ― Golden-eyed

Soni ― A golden ad pretty, but wise woman

Suchi ― Radiant

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With T

Taruna ― A youthful girl

Tilika ― An auspicious mark or symbol

Tinkal ― A butterfly, beautiful butterfly

Tira ― In Hebrew it means encampment. In Hindi it means an arrow

Tisya ― An auspicious star from the sky

Tisyha ― A star from the sky

Tithi ― A lunar date or day or moment

Titli ― A butterfly, colourful butterfly

Toral ― A Heroine (folk)

Toula ― In Greek it means Light. In Hindi its is a Astrological sign

Trariti ― An agile or a swift person; Goddess Durga

Trayathi ― The divine protection from the Lord

Triaksha ― One who has the third eye, Goddess Durga

Triambika ― The Goddess of three moon; Goddess Parvati

Trijagati ― One who has the three powers; Goddess Parvati

Tripurasundari ― The beautification of three cities

Triputa ― The Goddess of satisfaction

Trishalana ― A river or water stream from heaven

Trishanna ― the three moments

Trishara ― The desire or thirst

Trishika ― One who is with pitchfork; Goddess Laxmi

Trishima ― The owner of three boundaries

Trishona ― One who is with thrice sweetness

Trishulini ― One ho carries a pitchfork; Goddess Laxmi

Trishva ― One who can line in all the three worlds

Triti ― A moment of time

Trivani ― The conglomeration of three rivers

Triya ― The third or the walking on three paths

Tula ― Mountain peak, a Libra, or To be tranquil

Tulshi ― Refers to a divine herb or spiritual parsley.

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With Y

Yashashvi ― One who has the blessing of the lord on herself.

Yashila ― Famous and popular

Yashita ― Fame and popularity.

Yema ― Our joy

Yousha ― A young girl

Hindi Baby Girl Names That Starts With Z

Zeel ― Waterfall

Hindi Baby Girl Names With Meanings