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Hindi Boy Names That Starts With A

Aachalendra (अचलेंद्र) ― The word aachalendra means Himalayas, it signifies the person to be strong, Unchallengeable

Aachuthan (आचुथान) ― another name of Hindu Lord Krishna

Aadesh (आदेश) ― an order; a command; an instruction

Aadhev (आधेब) ― word aadhev means First, Most eminent or exalted

Aadhi (आदि ) ― aadhi means beginning, it sometimes also means friendly, imagination, creativity, expression, energetic

Aadhish (आधीश) ― King, Emperor, Ruler, Person with supreme power

Aadhunik (आधुनिक) ― Modern; New; Latest; a name variant of Adhunik

Aadi (आदि) ― First; Most Important,Beginning; Starting; Source form of life

Aadidev (आदिदेव) ― the hindu word aadidev means First of God, the one closest to the almighty

Aadijay (आदिजय) ― The First Victory ; Success;

Aadinatha (आदिनाथ) ― another name of Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna

Aaditya (आदित्या) ― The name aaditya means belonging to aditi or Sun

Aadityapal (आदित्यपाल) ― The one having superior social standing and the one exalted, of high esteem

Aadityesh (आदित्‍येश) ― aadityesh has meaning of the ultimate power of the sun, the God Sun

Aadurusta (आदुरुस्त) ― one who is fortunate or lucky

Aadved (आद्वेद) ― Unequaled or unmatched in the whole Universe

Aadyot (आद्योत) ― one who is surrounded by light

Aaghosh (आघोष) ― to embrace or lapped

Aagyakar (आज्ञाकार) ― one who is hearsome, obedient or willing to comply to elders

Aahlad (आह्लाद) ― one who is happy, cheerful, and full of joy

Aahvan (आह्वान) ― act of soicitaion, invitation or enticement

Aakhya (आख्या) ― one who has high reputation and fame; state of being famous

Aakrit (आकृत) ― aakrit has a meaning of appearance or shape, the person who is unmoldable

Aalavandan (आलावंदन ) ― the name means The writing or something Majestic

Aan (आन) ― the one having Self respect and self esteem

Aanal (अनल) ― Fire; God of fire

Aanandamayee (आनंदमयी) ― the one who is very happy and joyous in nature

Aarnik (आर्निक) ― being one of a kind or unique

Aarogya (आरोग्य) ― the one having great health or being healthy

Aashray (आश्रय) ― Originated from Sasnkrit means give temporrary protection in any situation

Aashresh (आशरेश) ― Intelligent and quick to understand & apply ideas

Aashu (आशु) ― the another name of Lord shiva

Aathreya ( आत्रेय) ― Progeny of athri or the disciple of sage vamadeva

Aatish (आतिश) ― Fireworks, Explosive, Dynamic Person, Name of Lord Ganesh

Aatmabandu (आत्मबंधु) ― One who is friend of his own

Aatmagupta (आत्मगुप्त) ― one who is self protected

Aatmavash (आत्मवश) ― one who is self controlled

Aatulaya (आतुलया) ― Unique, the one who can’t be compared or incomparable

Aazvaar (आजवार) ― practical and patient

Abahijeevan (अभईजीवन) ― Someone leading a fearless life

Abhaas (आभास) ― The sense, awareness, feeling or reflection

Abhinaash (अभिनाश) ― An immortal person, cannot be destroyed

Abhinamin (अभिनमीन) ― One who is renowned or a famous name

Abhinandh (अभिनंध) ― One who is celebrating or acknowledge

Abhinavan (अभिनवन) ― Young, fresh or modern

Abhinaya (अभिनय) ― The acting or the one who acts in a drama

Abhinayan (अभिनयन) ― One who is an actor, one who acts

Abhinita (अभिनीत ) ― highly finished, well performed, ornamented

Abhinivesh (अभिनिवेश) ― A desire that is long cherished; persistence

Abhinn (अभिन्न) ― One who is different or not common

Abhipada ― One who is fearless or take fearless steps

Abhipala ― The fresh moment or the new time

Abhiraja ― One who is a great king

Abhiraksa ― One who is a protector, who protects

Abhirama ― The lovely or a delightful person

Abhisaar ― A good companion, a beautiful friend

Abhisheha ― One who is full of desires

Abhranaga ― An elephant related to heaven or sky

Abhyudh ― A good and quick learner

Abichal ― un-paying, unyielding, no growth

Abimola ― One who is born to be rich

Abinaashjot ― A light that cannot be destroyed

Abir (अबीर) ― The word abir has the meaning of Fragrance, Scent, Aroma, in Hindu aspect aabir means Gulal or color

Achanda ― A cool-minded person, not angry

Acharjeet ― The victory of an inanimate object

Acharpreet ― An inanimate love or affection

Achet ― Unconscious, one who is not in his conscious sense, a carefree person

Achetbir ― A carefree brave person

Achetmeet ― The friend or companion of the carefree person

Achin ― One who is free from care and envy

Achint ― Who is carefree and free from envy

Achraj ― One who is wondrous, full of wonders

Adambha ― Free from any fraud or deceit

Adamie ― A human being, good human

Adharshana ― The base moment of time

Adharva ― the first of all Vedas or Lord Ganesha

Adhavaya ― Who is one or united

Adheep ― A king or a ruler

Adhesht ― Without envy or anger

Adikurma ― The first or original tortoise

Adol ― Stable or without any movement

Adolchit ― One who has a stable mind

Adrisht ― One who is shapeless, shapeless person

Aekadamt ― Who is having one tooth; lord Ganesha

Agnpurna ― A Hindi Boys name

Ahamyati ― A man who has no ego

Ahavaniym ― A hindi Boy name with no certain meaning

Ahernisha ― A male name fit for Hindu Boys

Ahganul ― Hindi name fit for Boys

Ahuta ― star worshipper

Aidil ― just”, not “justice

Ailesh ― King of all

Aiswara ― Lord or Lordly

Aiswaran ― Belongs to the Lord; Lordly

Ajivash ― A name fit for Boys of Hindu origin

Ajmani ― A male name given to Hindu people

Akalmasa ― Sinless or pure

Akalras ― Elixir of God’s Love

Akalush ― Eternal Purity, Pure

Akalvir ― One who conquers peace

Akanistha ― Not Young, Elder or Superior

Akaryanandana ― Born to Conquer

Akhil ― World, Whole Perfect Entire, Complete, All Encompassing; Ruler or king

Akhuga ― Riding on Rat

Akshat (अक्षत) ― Whole or complete; one who can\’t be harmed or destroyed

Alobhin ― Not Wanting or Desiring Anything; Free from Greed

Alok ― victorious cry

Aloka ― Vision; Sight; Aspect; Lustre; Splendour

Alokdeep ― Lamp Light

Alokpal ― Preserver of Light

Alokpreet ― Love for Light

Aloksukh ― Light of Peace

Alola ― Unagitated; Firm; Steady

Alolupa ― Free from Desire; Firm; Steady

Apalala ― Water dragon

Ativeer ― One who is extremely brave and courageous.

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With B

Balee ― It symbolizes being an extrovert, analytical and ethical

Bali ― It means a soldier or patriot.

Balwant ― The name means full of might or immense strength.

Banda ― The Person

Bandhu ― friend

Baneet ― Polite

Banister ― Root from the French word bath meaning keeper of the bath. Also (probably most often) a variant of Bannister, an English occupational surname meaning “basket weaver.”

Banke ― Lord Krishna

Banke Bihari ― Krishna

Bankebihari ― Hindu Lord Krishna

Bankei ― Ten Thousand Blessings

Bankim ― not straight

Bankimchandra ― crescent moon

Banko ― Everlasting

Bhamandal ― Bhamandal is the name of Seeta’s brother mentioned only in Jain Ramayan.

Bhanap ― To be born

Biini ― A man of modest nature

Brij Kishor ― A name of Lord Krishna

Brij Mohan ― Lord Krishna’s place

Brijender ― A name of Lord Brij

Brishketu ― A Hindi name for Boys

Brja ― He who is like a nature

Buddhadev ― A person who is very wise

Budhleen ― One who is submerged in wisdom

Budhpreet ― One who loves or infatuate wisdom

Budhroop ― One who is the form of Budh or wisdom

Bukka ― One of sincere nature

Bukkhazariah ― A name with immence power

Burjiz ― A hindi Boys name

Bursuq ― A man with a badger face

Buvdeep ― A Hindi name for Boys

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With C

Cadrasva ― A Hindi name for Boys

Caritra ― The charachter of a person

Caturnana ― A Hindi Boy name

Caunteya ― Hinidi Boy name

Citrasila ― A Hindi Boy name

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With E

Erbir ― lover of god.

Erheer ― a Punjabi word meaning diamond.

Eshwaransh ― a part of lord Shiva.

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With F

Faalgun ― A name of the month in Hindu calendar

Farook ― A man of high moral standards

Fateh ― A man of big success

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With G

Gaganbir ― A brave person from sky or heaven

Gaganinder ― The master of heavens.

Gaganjeet ― The one who overcomes the sky.

Gaganjeev ― The one who lives in the sky.

Gaganjit ― One who wins over the sky

Gaganmeet ― The one who is very closer to the sky.

Gaganpreet ― The one who like the sky a lot.

Gajan ― Huge sound or big noise.

Gajapati ― The lord of elephants or Master Ganesha.

Gajraaj ― Lord Ganesha, one of the Gods in Hindu religion.

Ganapathi ― The Lord of people, Hindu deity

Ganapathy ― Another name of Lord Ganesha.

Ganarupa ― One who has the form of multitude

Ganender ― Master of the war.

Ganeshchandra ― The moon of Lord Ganesh

Gangaadatt ― One of the Asian rivers.

Gangadhara ― One who posses Ganga

Gangadwara ― The gateway of river Ganges

Gangaiah ― Another name of ganga river.

Gangesa ― Lord or master of Ganga river.

Gangeswar ― The Lord of Ganga; Lord Shiva

Ganhardin ― One who mesmerize the multitudes with faith

Ganpati ― The Lord of masses; Lord ganesha

Geetprakash ― The light of a song or rhythm

Gokanya ― It is an Indian male name. The one who will lead the nation or community.

Gokarna ― Cow Eared, The one with good deeds and qualities. Who will always be ready to help and lead others

Gokarni ― Cow Eared, The one with good deeds and qualities. Who will always be ready to help and lead others

Golaki ― Globe, The one who is courageous and love to live a peaceful and prosperious life.

Golan ― People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.

Golap ― it is an Indian male name. The one who will lead the nation or community.

Gopala Krishnan ― Gopal means the one who protects cows. Krishnan means the cloud colored man. As a whole this name is based on the name of Lord Sri Karishna

Gopalpreet ― Gopal is the nam of Lord Krishna and Preet meand love or beloved. The name Gopalpreet means the love of Lord.

Gopati ― Owner or leader of cows or a person who take cares of cows.

Gopeeswaran ― Gopeeswaran, Name of Lord Shiva, Gopee means the man who protects cows and swaran mean gold hearted man. On the whole gopeeswaran means a gold hearted man who protects cows.

Gopikhan ― Gopi, Name of Lord Kannan.

Gopinathan ― Gopinathan is the name of Lord Karishna. Lord Karishna was the hero of Gopi’s (beautiful girls), so he was known as Gopinathan

Goplilal ― Gopilal means the male friend of laal krishna who protects cows.

Gora ― Gora means a mountain. Gora name is the sign of power and a strong person.

Gorakh Nath ― Name of a famous hindu yogi, Saint of Gorakh community.

Gorakhanatha ― Name of a famous hindu yogi, Saint of Gorakh community.

Gorakh-naath ― Name of a famous hindu yogi, Saint of Gorakh community.

Goraksh ― Goraksh is the name of Lord Shiva.

Gorakshanath ― Gorakshanath was the name of hindu Guru, founder of Nath Hindu Monastic movement.

Gorlan ― Gorlan sorted out the qualities. They are to a great degree true and legitimate.

Gotye ― Gotye, The one who love to live honest and truthful life.

Gotzon ― Angel, The one who will be polite and caring for the community, just like angels.

Gouti ― The one who loves to live the life on principles to get success, with imaginatory and creative ideas.

Govasana ― Coveres with Ox Hides, Govasana tries to impress others and are almost successful most of the time in life and business.

Grihastha ― A post in barahmanic ashram in which a person asumes the responsibilities of house holds.

Guggul ― Guggle are harsh spoken persons but they are on the same way kind hearted also.

Gunakara ― Mine of virtues

Gunaratan ― One who is a gem of good characters

Gunavata ― The one with Virtues

Gunja ― Beauty and Well Woven

Gunvichaar ― To be intelligent on various things like Fun loging,Exciting,Free Thinking and progressive.

Gurdaat ― The Sikh religious leader’s gift,the gift of guru to his people

Gurdal ― Household members, place to place,name of a person.

Gurdarshan ― the vision of the religious leader,The guru.

Gurdeesh ― lamp of the leader of punjabi’s,Guru.

Gurdharam ― Gurdharam collaborated with two words guru and dharam. Guru means master or lord and dharam means religion. So gurdhram means the religion of Lord.

Gurdheeraj ― Gurdheeraj collaborated with two words guru and dheeraj. Guru means master or lord and dheeraj means patience. So gurdhram means the patience just like the Lord.

Gurdhiaan ― Gurdhian collaborated with two words guru and dhiaan. Guru means master or lord and dhiaan means absorbed So gurdhram means absorbed in guru.

Gurdial ― Gurdial collaborated with two words guru and dial. Guru means master or lord and dial means kind So gurdial means kind guru.

Gurdip ― Gurdip collaborated with two words guru and deep. Guru means master or lord and deep means lamp So gurdip means lamp of guru.

Gurdish ― They are entainer, creative minded and verstaile. They want everyone around them should be creative.

Gurdit ― A person who is pure, wise and holly as Reflections on Guru’s Words in the literature of Sikh

Gurgyan ― Gurgyan collaborated with two words guru and gyan. Guru means master or lord and gyan means in knowledge. So gurgyan means the person who have the knowledge of lord

Gurharpal ― Gurharpal collaborated with two words guru and harpal. Guru means master or lord and harpal means in protector. So gurharpal means the person who protector of guru.

Gurhet ― Gurhet collaborated with two words guru and het. Guru means master or lord and het means in love. So gurhet means the person who is in love with guru,

Gurhimmat ― Gurhimmat collaborated with two words guru and himmat. Guru means master or lord and himmat means courage. So gurhimat means courage of guru.

Gurinder ― Gurider name means lord or god. This word is used for the vperson with high rank.

Gurinderjeet ― Guriderpal means the victory of god on the person’s heart.

Gurinderpal ― Guriderpal means the person who is preserver of Guru.

Gurinderveer ― Gurinderveer means the person who is brave as his guru.

Guriqbal ― Guriqbal collaborated with two words guru and iqbal. Guru means master or lord and iqbal means glory So guriqbal means glory of guru.

Gurjanpal ― Gurjanpal collaborated with two words guru and janpal. Guru means master or lord and janpar means protector. So gurjant means protector of guru.

Gurjant ― Gurjant collaborated with two words guru and jant. Guru means master or lord and jant means grace So gurjant means grace of guru.

Gurjit ― Gurjit collaborated with two words guru and jit. Guru means master or lord and jit means victory. So gurjit means victory of guru.

Gurjodh ― Gurjit collaborated with two words guru and jodh. Guru means master or lord and jodh means varios. So gurjit means warior of guru.

Gurjog ― Gurjit collaborated with two words guru and jog. Guru means master or lord and jog means union. So gurjog means union with guru.

Gurjot ― Gurjot collaborated with two words guru and jog. Guru means master or lord and jog means union. So gurjot means light of the lord.

Gurkamal ― Gurkamal collaborated with two words guru and kamal. Guru means master or lord and kamal means lotus. So gurkamal means lotus of the lord.

Gurkaram ― Gurkaram collaborated with two words guru and karam. Guru means master or lord and karam means blessings. So gurkaram means blessings of the lord.

Gurkirat ― Gurkirat collaborated with two words guru and kirat. Guru means master or lord and kirat means songs of praises. So gurkirat means songs of the praises for Lord.

Gurkiratsingh ― Gurkirat collaborated with two words guru and kirat. Guru means master or lord and kirat means songs of praises. So gurkirat means songs of the praises for Lord. Singh is the symbol name of Sikh religion,

Gurkirpal ― Gurkirpal collaborated with two words guru and kirpal. Guru means master or lord and kirpal means blessings. So gurkirpal means blessings of the lord.

Gurkirt ― Gurkirat collaborated with two words guru and kirat. Guru means master or lord and kirat means songs of praises. So gurkirat means songs of the praises for Lord.

Gurkurbaan ― Gurkurban collaborated with two words guru and kurban. Guru means master or lord and kurban means sacrificed person. So gurkurban means person who is sacrifised on to god.

Gurlaal ― Gurlaal collaborated with two words guru and laal. Guru means master or lord and laal means beloved. So gurlaal means person who is beloved of lord.

Gurlal ― Gurlal collaborated with two words guru and lal. Guru means master or lord and lal means beloved. So gurlal means person who is beloved of lord.

Gurleen ― Gurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru

Gurliv ― Gurliv collaborated with two words guru and liv. Guru means master or lord and liv means absorbed. So gurliv means person who is absorbed in the guru

Gurloch ― Gurloch collaborated with two words guru and loch. Guru means master or lord and loch means longing. So gurloch means person who is longing for guru

Gurlochan ― Gurlochan collaborated with two words guru and lochan. Guru means master or lord and lochan means colored eyes. So gurlochan means eyes colored with Guru’s vision

Gurmaher ― Gurlmaher collaborated with two words guru and maher. Guru means master or lord and maher means blessings. So gurmaher means blessed from lord.

Gurmail ― Gurlmail collaborated with two words guru and mail. Guru means master or lord and mail means friend. So gurmail means friend of guru.

Gurmandeep ― Gurlmandeep collaborated with two words guru and mandeep. Guru means master or lord and mandeep means lamp. So gurmandeep means lamp of guru.

Gurmanshu ― Gurmanshu collaborated with two words guru and manshu. Guru means master or lord and manshu means all knowing. So gurmanshu means all knowing about guru.

Gurmant ― Gurmant collaborated with two words guru and mant. Guru means master or lord and mant means counsle So gurmant means one with guru’s counsle.

Gurmantar ― Gurmantar collaborated with two words guru and mantar. Guru means master or lord and mantar means incantation So gurmantar means incantation of guru.

Gurpartap ― Gurpartap is a collaboration of two words guu and partap. Guru means master or Lord and partap means blessings. So gurpratap means blessings of Lord,

Gurpinder ― Gurpinder collaborated with two words guru and pinder. Guru means master or lord and pinder means king. So gurupinder means king of all masters.

Gurprakash ― Gurpraskash collaborated with two words guru and prakash. Guru means master or lord and prakash means light. So gurupinder means light of master.

Gurpram ― Gurpram collaborated with two words guru and pram. Guru means master or lord and pram means superior. So gurupram means superiority on masters.

Gurprasad ― Gurprasad collaborated with two words guru and pram. Guru means master or lord and prasad means holy eatings that is given after prayer. So gurupram means the holy eatings given by the master

Gurpreetam ― Gurpreetam collaborated with two words guru and preetam. Guru means master or lord and preetam means beloved So gurupreet means beloved master or lord.

Gurprem ― Gurprem collaborated with two words guru and prem. Guru means master or lord and prem means love. So guruprem means the love of lord or master

Gurraj ― Gurraj collaborated with two words guru and raj. Guru means master or lord and raj means rule. So gurraj means the rule of Lord.

Gursadhna ― Gursadhana collaborated with two words guru and sadhna. Guru means master or lord and sadhna means meditation. So gursadhna means the meditation of Lord.

Gursagar ― Gursagar collaborated with two words guru and sagar. Guru means master or lord and sagar means sea. So gursagar means the the lord who is the sea of knowledge

Gursaheb ― Guru sahib means the master or lord who is called by respect.

Gursajjan ― Gursajjan collaborated with two words guru and sajjan. Guru means master or lord and sajjan means friend. So gursajjan means the friend of lord.

Gursangat ― Gursajjan collaborated with two words guru and sangat. Guru means master or lord and sangat means company So gursangat means the company of lord.

Gursaroop ― Gursajjan collaborated with two words guru and saroop. Guru means master or lord and saroop means picture. So gursaroop means the picture of lord.

Gurseetal ― Gurseetal means getting peace through the words of Lord

Gursevak ― Gursevak collaborated with two words guru and savek. Guru means master or lord and sevak means servant. So gursaroop means the servant of lord.

Gurshabad ― Gursevak collaborated with two words guru and shabad. Guru means master or lord and shabad means words. So gurshabad means the words of lord.

Gurshan ― One who finds peace in guru’s words

Gursimar ― Gursimar collaborated with two words guru and simar. Guru means master or lord and simar means remembrance. So gursimar means the remembrance of lord.

Gursimarn ― Gursimarn collaborated with two words guru and simarn. Guru means master or lord and simarn means remembrance. So gursimarn means the remembrance of lord.

Gururaja ― Master of teacher

Gyaan ― Knowledge, information, awareness

Gyaandeep ― A lamp of celestial information or knowledge

Gyandeva ― The knowledge of a king; lord

Gyanender ― A king of information or knowledge

Gyaneshwar ― Lord or king of information and knowledge.

Gyanjeet ― Victory of knowledge, success of knowledge

Gyanjot ― A flame of information or knowledge

Gyanpreet ― Lover of divine or celestial knowledge

Gyanprem ― Lover of information or knowledge

Gyanroop ― A divine light, a divine personification.

Gyanveer ― Brave in Knowledge, divine in knowledge.

Gynanand ― Man of knowledge, knowledgeable man

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With H

Haard ― Feelings of the heart

Haksh ― Eye

Hanish ― Hindu God of Weather

Harinaka ― A Hindi name given to baby Boys

Harstia ― A baby Boy name of Hindi origin with uncertain meaning

Haryadi ― One who increases joy

Hashan ― Laughter, Lord Chandra (Moon)

Hasit ― Delighted, derivative of the Indian Hasita

Havaruni ― Dual nature

Havish ― Lord shiva, sacrifice, one who gives offerings to god.

Havishh ― Hindu lord shiva

Hayaf ― quick-minded, versatile,

Heemakar ― A name with lost meaning of Hindi origin

Heemal ― Related to Ice

Heeraman ― Golden Moon

Heeran ― Lord of the Diamonds

Heetraj ― Best wishing

Helik ― God’s Light

Hemahav ― A name given to Hindi Boys

Hemanand ― A Hindi Boy name with no specific meaning

Hemangad ― A baby Boy name of no specific meaning

Hemanka ― A Boy name with lost meaning

Hemen ― The king of Gold

Hemendra ― Lord of Gold

Hemendu ― Golden Moon

Hemil ― Gold

Hemish ― Lord

Hemisha ― Happiness, Good

Hemkant ― Glow of Flowers

Hemkar ― Lord of Prosperity (Hinduism)

Hemkrish ― Golden Krishna

Hemnandan ― Full of life energy and creativity

Hemnath ― Lord Buddah, Gold

Hempushp ― Lord of Gold

Hemraaj ― King of gold

Hemradj ― Lord of the earth

Hemraj ― Joy, kind of wealth

Hems ― Gold

Hemshail ― Generous and responsible

Hemshil ― Creative Mind

Hemvat ― Logical mind, Clever

Henil ― Bubbly love with all

Henith ― Tiger

Herambwa ― Lord Ganesh

Herish ― Lord Krishna

Herit ― Beautiful Algonquin

Hesh ― Loving

Hetuhamy ― A Hindu Boy name with uncertain meaning

Hetveer ― A hindi Boy name

Hetvik ― A male name of Hindu origin

Hihikara ― A Hindi name that is fit for Boys and girls

Himaanshu ― Moon

Himachal ― The Himalayas

Himadari ― Ganga River

Himadhri ― Infinity Life

Himadri ― Himalaya

Himadyuti ― Of Cool Radiance; The Moon

Himaghana ― Sun

Himajesh ― Lord Shiva; Husband of Himaja; Goddess Parvati Devi

Himakara ― Snow Handed; Causing Cold; The Moon

Himaksh ― Him Aksh; Lord Shiva

Himalay ― Mountain Range

Himi ― A man who is renowned and famous

Himkiran ― A male, Boy’s name of Hindu origin

Himval ― The Hindi Boy’s name

Hinesh ― A ruler, a King of Henna

Hirarama ― A Hindi name for both sexes

Hiras ― One who is like a diamond

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With I

Ilesh ― Lord of the earth

Indeevar ― A blue lotus

Ishaan ― The Sun

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With J

Jaanakeedaas ― Janaki’s servant

Jaanakeeraman ― Janaki’s husband

Jahlee ― A god-like person

Jahnav ― A Hindu Rishi, the one who kept Ganga on lis legs

Jat ― A caln from northern India and Afghanistan

Jaydev ― The lord of victory or hail

Jaylesh ― The Lord of Victory

Jaynish ― Refers to an excellent, extraordinary or outstanding person.

Jaypal ― Resembles the champion or overcomer or conqueror.

Jayraj ― The master or Lord of triumph.

Jaysdht ― Refers nothing or no one.

Jayswaran ― A victor with a gold heart or a winner of gold.

Jeeta ― The one who wins the title winner.

Jeethesh ― The Lord or victory or wins

Jeevandip ― The light of life, the ray of hope

Jenil ― Possessing desirable or positive qualities.

Jiban ― Jiban means a soul of life. A person who knows how to live happily with the happiness of his soul

Jicku ― Jicku means the lion. In simple means the brave and aggressive person.

Jijesh ― Who will Win Whatever He Desires; Decides his Own Future

Jilesh ― Jilesh means world. The whole world which is in only one person.

Joran ― they are great givers and spread joy, laughter everywhere they go. They have many friends.

Jubail ― they are great givers and spread joy, laughter everywhere they go. They have many friends.

Juinita ― people with this name have strong spirit and easily impress others.

Jujhar ― it means a firefly. Such people are jolly and have radiant personality.

Jwalaprasad ― One who is the master of fire, or the master of flames

Jyan ― Jyan means Victory, Victorious

Jyotirindra ― The meaning of th ename is The Holder of the Light

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With K

Kamalendra ― The King of Lotus, or the King among lotus flowers

Kirtenya ― One who is worthy of praise

Krishnan ― A dark person, dusky, incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Kritin ― Kritin means One with great Skills

Kshatradharma ― The duty of a warrior, or a warrior’s religion

Kulavira ― The bravest of the generation, a brave person

Kumbha ― One who carry a deep vessel to hold liquid, a mass Hindu pilgrimage

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With M

Mahafuzur ― The one whose heart and love belong to the sea

Mannem ― A prayer of the whole nation

Maraimalai ― A male name of Hindi origin

Maraimani ― A Hindu Boy name

Marappan ― A Hindi Boy name

Mayasura ― The ancien great king of Asura race in Hindu Mythology

Meeshaque ― A Hindi name for Boys

Mekhali ― A valley full of clouds, clouds visible from the valley

Meraman ― The sea, anything apparently limitless in quantitiy or volume

Mesha ― Born under the emblem of Aries.

Mikesh ― a mate, a companion or an associate.

Mikhilesh ― An Indian name that refers to Lord Shiva.

Mikin ― A strong person in Hindi. Someone with incredible strength.

Milaan ― A Hindi word that name “to meet” or “to join”

Milan ― In Hindi it means the unison. In Slavic it means Gracious, kind person

Mit ― A friend, a companion

Mitesha ― A desireful person, full of desires

Mitodru ― A successor of God

Mitthu ― A parrot, a person having the quality of parrot

Mittur ― The close friend, a dear one

Mitwa ― A dearest person, the most adorable

Mivaan ― The rays of the sun

Mnadamarut ― A gentle and pleasant breeze, a light wind

Mnojavaya ― The arrival of love

Mohanbabu ― One who is fearless and daring, always having brashness and self confidence.

Mohanbir ― Darkness, the one who never can see anything, gloomy & shady

Mohandas ― Dusky and dim, can not be seen, dark and shadowy

Mohandeep ― The pretty messenger, sweet and dearest Angel.

Mohanjeet ― Helping person, who always provides aids to other needy people.

Mohanjot ― The person always covers by shadows, impossible to be seen, dim light

Mohanpal ― The ruler of the city, the sovereign of the kingdom.

Mohanpreet ― The monarch of the nation, the one who has greater authorities all over the land.

Mohantek ― A factory on a tall mountain, bearable person in high risky times.

Mohanveer ― Commencing from the influential crusher

Mohanwant ― Sturdy and durable grinding factory

Mohaven ― One who is charming, who has a magnetic charm

Monik ― A piece of advice, a useful advise

Monishkar ― A person with higher knowledge

Monit ― Very knowledgeable person

Motiwala ― The one who have of deals in Pearls

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With N

Naabhi ― the middle part of the body.

Nadhamuni ― The name of Naradha Maharishi.

Nagabhooshan ― The one who is wearing snakes as ornaments around his body.

Nagabhooshanam ― Who wears ornamental snake

Nagabhushan ― The Lord Shiva who is wearing cobra around his neck as a necklace.

Nagadhar ― Who keeps snake as pets

Nagaraju ― The master king of all kind of serpents.

Nagu ― A gentle person, a simple one

Naishadh ― A heroic king from Mahabharata

Naishadha ― King Nala, King of Nishadha

Naitarpal ― One who do care for the eyes

Nakshathran ― The sovereign or royal of the star planet.

Nalesh ― Lord Vishnu, the preserver

Namadev ― One of the ancient sacred people.

Namadeva ― The Lord of the name, a sacred person

Namagiri ― One who posses a name, a famous person

Namaha ― Pleading or praying to God in a acceptable way.

Naman ― Bow down before the creator or salaam or greeting.

Namban ― A humble Indian greeting by bowing down in respect

Namgeet ― A song of names of his life

Nami ― A popular person

Namish ― The lord of names, Lord Vishnu

Namisha ― The Lord of all, Lord Vishnu

Namo ― The Hindu greeting when the meet

Nampal ― The defender of the name

Namprem ― The love of the name

Namrang ― The color of the title

Namuchi ― A permanent one, a demon slain by Krishna

Namvar ― One who is very famous, whose name is popular

Namya ― bowed down, a humble person

Nandanbir ― A cheerful brave person

Nandanjeet ― Joy of a victory

Nandanpreet ― The love of tranquillity

Nandapal ― The protector of the comfort or joy

Nandess ― The God of tranquillity

Nandu ― A very happy and sweet child

Nang ― A naked person, without fear

Nanga ― A fearless person, no fear at all

Nar ― A male or a masculine person

Naraka ― Innate of the concentration, born of the awareness

Narasimha ― The Sun, who gives powerful light to whole world.

Narika ― Lord of man

Narishyanta ― A lion in the form of man

Naritpal ― The protector of mankind

Narjeep ― A seeker of mankind

Narjes ― Grace of mankind

Narjess ― The gracious man

Narjodh ― A great male warrior

Narkip ― One who seeks mankind

Narleet ― Permeated with the king

Narmad ― Pleasurable, who gives comfort

Narpreet ― The one who loves the mankind

Narsev ― The service of mankind

Narsimulu ― The Lord in the form of Lion

Nartan ― The body of human or men

Narthanarajan ― The King of all the dancers

Narun ― One who leads the mankind

Narvar ― The groom among all the men

Narveer ― The brave man

Narveera ― The bravest among the mankind

Narvinder ― The king of all the humans

Narya ― A powerful person, manly

Nasik ― Perishable, pious person. Name of a holy Indian city

Nath ― Master, Ruler, chief, major.

Nathavi ― The Lord Shiva.

Nathuram ― The worshipper of God

Natrajan ― The God Shiva.

Naubahar ― The new or fresh spring

Navadeep ― The new or fresh lamp

Navadh ― The ninth element or count

Navadvip ― The new lamp or nine lamps

Navagopal ― The new or baby cow-herd

Navaj ― The newly born baby

Navakanth ― The newly wed groom

Navakishor ― The freshly born Kid

Naval ― A new modern person

Navalan ― A skilled public speaker

Navaljyot ― The fresh or new light

Navam ― The ninth person or the ninth element

Navamani ― The fresh or new pearl

Navaneedham ― The one who will be fresh forever

Navaneet ― Who will remain fresh

Navaneeth ― The eternally new

Navarag ― The fresh melody or tune

Navaraj ― The fresh or new empire

Navarang ― A color Who will new ever

Navarasan ― The freshly extracted juice

Navarathna ― The new or freshest Gem

Navaratna ― The new gemstone, that will remain fresh

Navarun ― The new Lord of Sun

Navay ― The fresh an d precious one

Navayugan ― The new era or newest time

Navbir ― An eternal brave person

Navdeep ― The lamp who will be fresh forever

Navdeepa ― A fresh lamp, new forever

Navdev ― The eternally fresh Lord

Navdip ― The never ending freshness of a lamp

Navdiv ― The pristine island

Naveen ― A pleasant or beautiful person

Naveenjeet ― The beautiful win or victory

Naveenjot ― The pleasant light of a lamp

Navendan ― A new or young person

Navendhan ― The new or fresh wealth

Navendhu ― The crescent moon

Navendu ― The new moon after amavasya

Navijeet ― The new invincible winner

Navil ― The beautiful peacock

Navin ― A new person who is eternal fresh

Navinchandra ― The fresh moon, first moon of lunar month

Navind ― The new king of mankind

Navinder ― The new monarch of humans

Navish ― The New Lord of mankind

Navisha ― An eternally fresh Lord

Navistha ― The youngest person

Navit ― The new, fresh or the newest

Navkar ― The body of stories associated with a culture.

Navkesh ― The glittering ocean.

Navlaal ― The freshly born baby Boy

Navnath ― The Nine saints or the master of saints

Navneet ― The fresh butter, one who is eternally new

Navneeth ― New and fresh to the eternity

Navnihal ― The teenager, or the newest youth

Navnit ― Always new for the whole life

Navodit ― One who is newly arisen

Navpreet ― The fresh affection or love

Navprem ― The love which is new till the end

Navraj ― The new King or the fresh Monarch

Navrang ― The new beautiful colors

Navratan ― The nine precious gem-stones

Navsarup ― An admirable new shape or roop

Navtej ― The fresh radiance of a person

Navtek ― The moral support or the new highland

Navukarasan ― A sitting position for a prayer

Navukkarasan ― The posture to offer a prayer

Navukkarasu ― The prayer’s position or posture

Navyug ― The New era or the new time

Nawalkishor ― The wondrous Kid, the new one

Nawin ― The newest of the freshest of all

Nayat ― A guide, one who guides

Neelambar ― Resembles blue in color.

Neeraf ― Water, which is necessary for human being to live in this world.

Nehra ― Fondness, liking, care, regard.

Nelakash ― A pearl, the one who is much precious as a Gem

Nelesha ― The blue colored Lord

Nellainambi ― The brilliant star of the ocean.

Neminath ― One of the names of God.

Nidhruv ― The one who is truthful and honest.

Nikit ― A good person, best qualities

Nimmana ― The Archangel of the almighty God.

Nimmit ― The upright path.

Niraamay ― Well known gentleman.

Nirabadha ― Minor and sugary.

Nirad ― The rainy clouds or bank of clouds.

Niramitra ― The born son of Sahadevan.

Niranat ― The one who resembles the white lotus flower in the pond.

Nirbhai ― A fearless person, have no fear at all

Nirbhik ― The person who gets rid of awe and dread.

Nischala ― The powerful man among other men.

Nishakar ― One who lives in Night

Nishal ― No end or limitless

Nisham ― Fresh or cool air of night

Nishanath ― The lord of night

Nishandeep ― The lamp for a sign

Nishant ― The end of night or dark

Nishanta ― The dawn time, end of night

Nishanth ― One who ends the dark night

Nishav ― One of the best person

Nishchal ― Calm or without motion, not moving

Nishchay ― The decision confirmed

Nishchit ― The destiny or confirmed thing

Nishedu ― A prohibited thing

Nisheeth ― The peaceful time of early morning

Nishesh ― the Lord of dark or night

Nishik ― A garden of Lotus

Nishikaant ― The husband of stronger woman

Nishikant ― Lord of Night

Nishikanta ― Lord or Night, Lord Moon

Nishikar ― Moon, who came to existence in night

Nishiketh ― The King of moon

Nishil ― A night-time, dusk

Nishiman ― One who is grand to the infinity

Nishinath ― The Companion of night

Nishipal ― The protector of night

Nishipati ― The husband or possessor of night

Nishit ― Time of peaceful midnight

Nishith ― Midnight, peaceful time

Nishok ― A happy person without sorrow

Niskam ― A selfless person, without desires

Nistha ― Attainment or arrival of the highest point

Nisyaanthan ― The end of darkness

Nisyanthan ― The Limit or end of light

Nitalaksha ― The aim of morality

Nitalekshana ― The indication or symptoms of morality

Nith ― Continuous, that cannot be seized

Nitheesh ― The God of law, who is just

Nithik ― The masters of justice

Nithinlal ― A Boy who follows the right path

Nithish ― The lord of Morals

Niththis ― The moral Lord

Nitiman ― One who is a pride of Morality

Nitin ― Modest person, moral person

Nitish ― The Lord of ethics and morality

Nitnam ― One who remembers the Lord

Nitya ― One who is forever, eternal

Nivas ― A place to live, where humans live

Nivash ― The home, where people live

Nivat ― A safe and secure person

Nived ― An offering to God

Nivedan ― A request, a humble request

Nivedh ― Something that is offered to God

Nivedit ― Something offered to God

Nivesh ― A good investment

Nivik ― The meeting point of three rivers

Nivin ― The greetings to the God

Nivraj ― A good foundation

Nrigatam ― The powerful man among other men.

Nuvesh ― The one who is excellent in skills and knowledge.

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With O

Orun ― The spiritual combatant or the deity fighter.

Orup ― An extremely handsome person

Hindi Boy Names That Starts With P

Pingalan ― A Hindu baby Boy name

Pingesha ― A male name of Hindi origin

Pinki ― To be like a rose, or to be pink in color

Pintoo ― A full stop or a point

Pinynyakan ― A Hindi baby Boy name

Pipyana ― One who cries a lot

Pitchaimani ― Another name of Lord Vishnu

Poduri ― A male name of Hindi origin

Podury ― A Hindi male name

Polam ― A Boy gentle as the flower

Ponnaiyah ― A baby Boy name with Hindi origins

Ponnayiram ― A very rare Hindi baby Boy name

Poorvesh ― He who is like the Earth

Porkael ― Hindu name meaning Zulu

Porunan ― A male name of Hindi origin

Pourab ― Hindi name meaning East

Prabhal ― A strong, dominant, impressive person

Prabhan ― One who gives light, splendor and radiance

Prabhank ― To find glory in life

Prabhash ― One who is like the Sun

Prabhath ― He is like the morning light, like a dawn

Prabindh ― Hindi name meaning the whole world

Prabu ― One who is like a God

Prabudda ― A person who is enlightened

Prachal ― One who is peacock-like

Prachirn ― A Hindu Boy name

Prachura ― To have a lot, many

Pradhumna ― A very Mighty individual

Pradumal ― One who is the Lord

Pradynesh ― The name of Lord Ganesh

Pragdeesh ― A person who will progres and advance in life

Pragnan ― A brainy, very smart person

Pragyan ― One who posesses the greater knowledge

Prahallada ― The feeling of happiness and bliss

Prahar ― An attack, agression, charge

Prajai ― One who is a citizen, a civilian

Prajakt ― The God of all the creation

Prajav ― One who moves quickly

Prajay ― A person who is a civilian or a citizen

Prajith ― One who is kind, generous and good

Prajnay ― A baby Boy name of Hindi origins

Prajul ― A Hindi baby Boy name

Prajwat ― The first ray of sunlight in the dawn

Prajyana ― A Hindi unisex name, given to both Boys and girls

Prajyot ― One who is lightened, illuminated

Prakam ― One who is joyful and has many desires

Prakar ― A respected person who always does well

Prakashik ― A person who enlightens others

Prakher ― An intelligent and brainy person

Prakhil ― A Hindi name given to Boys

Prakunj ― A masculine name of Hindi origin

Pramatha ― One who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva’s faithful companion

Pramoda ― A name of God Skanda. Also means joy in Sanskrit

Pramodana ― A joyful and delightful person

Pranab ― The Om Sound. Can also mean the feeling of Love

Pranak ― A person who lives and gives life

Pranga ― A Hindi name given to both Boys and girls

Prangel ― One who knows many languages

Pranhita ― The name of the River

Pranjul ― A person who is truthful and dignified

Pranod ― A person who drives, directs and leads others

Prantik ― The end, the last limit of the things

Prapanch ― One who is like the earth, who loves earth

Prapulla ― One whose pleasant and happy smile is shining

Praram ― One who is very pleasing

Prarambh ― One who starts things

Praroop ― To duplicate or replicate somthing

Prasai ― An appearance, a cast

Prasharanbir ― One who isbrave and sheltered by the lord

Prashast ― The wise man who leads and shows the way

Prashasth ― A compatible, congenial person

Prasit ― One who is like the first ray of the winter Sun

Prassana ― An individual who is alwas cheerful

Pratamesh ― He who is the Lord of the best

Pratar ― One who is shinging like the dawn

Prateer ― A male name of Hindi origin

Pratheep ― One who is like a lightning

Prathipal ― A guardian of the Earth

Prathith ― A person who radiates confidence

Pratirup ― He who is just like an image

Prativah ― One who has a leading personality

Pratyus ― The time of the day that is just before the morning

Pravarg ― Lord Vinshu’s epithet

Praveera ― One who is the hero of heroes, the best and the bravest one

Pravil ― A Hindi Boy name

Prayaga ― Masculine Hindi name

Premjit ― The Love’s Victory

Premnath ― One who is a sweetheart

Prit ― A feeling of love

Prithu ― Something broad and spacious

Pritwish ― The best and the greatest love of all

Prity ― A beautiful, lovable and affectionate Boy

Priyanjan ― A near and dear, loved one

Priyansh ― One who is the lovable part of everything

Prunal ― A masculine, baby Boy name of Hindi origin

Pukraj ― One who is like a jewel

Pulavarti ― A name that is given to baby Boys of Hindi origin

Punav ― One brigt like a fool moon

Pundir ― A Hindi name for Boys

Pundrik ― One like the white lotus flower

Punyaloka ― A name meaning Sita and Druapadi

Punyashila ― One whose character is virtuous

Pupri ― One whi is like the flower petals

Purdansha ― A hindi masculine name

Purdvi ― To be like an earth, an earthly person

Purnachandar ― One who resembles the Full Moon

Purshottam ― The best of the men

Purvesh ― One who is an earth-lover

Pusa ― A flavor, taste, aroma

Pushpabhav ― A flower’s nectar

Pushpambhu ― A person sweet as a honey or a nectar

Pushpanan ― One whose face is like a flower

Pushparas ― One sweet as a nectar, the sweetest one

Pushparn ― The stream of flowers

Pushpender ― The Lord or the King of flowers

Pushpendra ― One just as delicate as the flower

Pushpya ― A blooming flower

Pushyaraag ― A person resembling the precious stone Topaz

Putta ― A baby that is small and petitte

Rathore ― A man known for his bravery

Ratik ― A person who is joyous and satisfied in love

Ravat ― The humming of the cuckoo

Ravindar ― A Sun-like person

Raxit ― A guardian and a protector of men

Redan ― One with a loving heart

Reedh ― A custom, a ritual, tradition

Rehyaaz ― A Hindi Boy’s name

Revant ― One who kills the speed

Ridan ― Searcher; One who is very keen; Clever; Shrewd

Riddhiman ― A wealthy, rich man

Rikin ― A Hindi Boy name of unknown name

Rinku ― A sweet natured person

Ripal ― A compassionate and merciful love

Ripan ― The first light of Sun that rises on the horizon

Rishav ― The sweetness of caring for someone

Rithish ― One who is the strongest of all men

Rohak ― One who rises

Rohan ― An ascending, rising person

Rohana ― A sandalwood

Rohin ― One who is on the rising path

Rohitashwa ― The first red lights of the sun when it rises in the morning

Romil ― One who is renowned in the lands

Ronsher ― One who is like a lion in the battle

Roopak ― One who brings the sign

Rudr ― A terrible one who brings fear

Ruhan ― A spiritual and kind-hearted one

Rupendra ― One who is a God of beauty

Rushang ― The saint’s song

Rusheel ― One blessed with a charming nature

Rushil ― He who has a charming personality

Rutesh ― The God of truth

Rutvij ― She who is wise as a guru

Rutwa ― A heavenlty hindi being

Sat ― The true or everlasting

Satparvan ― the one who is accepted by the God

Satyadeep ― The lamp of truth

Satyanarayana ― The righteous path of truth

Saura ― Of the sun or the sun worshipper

Shaiksha ― One who is a King

Shailen ― A mountain King

Shailender ― The King of all mountains

Sham ― He has a strong personality

Shamik ― An ancient and wise sage

Shankaran ― The name means Sinkam

Shankhdhar ― A man with the counch shell

Sharadindu ― One who is as beautiful as the Autumn Moon on the sky

Sharini ― A person who protects the Earth

Shasanka ― To be like a Moon in sky

Shayam charan ― Name of Lord Krishna

Sheyaam ― The dusk or the dusky complexed person

Shivcharanjit ― One who win a place at the feet of Lord Shiva

Shravya ― One whose vice is like a musical tone

Shreerag ― God’s musical Raga

Shreyank ― A Boy that found fame in life

Shreyansh ― A lucky one who gives fame to others

Shreyovardhana ― One who is the best of all

Shriman ― One who possesses the wealth of Yoga

Shrish ― One who is the Lord of wealth

Shrot ― One who is a good listener

Shrutik ― A name of the Goddess Parvati

Shubhasunad ― One who received blessing

Shubhratho ― One who is well-born

Shubool ― One who is like a lion cub

Siddhashrama ― Mystical hermitage

Sinhikha ― The grim who rose from the sea

Skandajit ― A name of the Lord Vishnu

Smaram ― A man who is a God’s gift

Smarta ― A name of the movement in Hinduism

Sodhi ― To be a firendly person

Sombir ― He who conquered the Moon

Sovit ― He is the Sun

Sreyas ― The most excellent man with many virtues

Suhash ― One with a sweet smile, sweet smiled.

Sumatikumar ― Sumatikumar is a variation of Sumatinath. Sumatinath is the name of 5th Tirthankara.

Sushena ― A name of one of the kauravas

Suvrat ― One who is strict in religious vows. It’s also the name of a Jain god.

Tanas ― He who is humble

Tarun vijay ― Hindu name meaning youth

Tirath ― A holy place for followers of Hindu religion

Trambakeshwar ― The God with three eyes or God of thee lokas; Lord Shiva

Trinesh ― Lord Shiva with three eyes

Tripur ― The combination of three town or cities

Tripura ― That comprises three cities or towns

Trisanu ― The ancient king from Hindu mythology

Tulaja ― God of grace or the one who fight with evil powers.

Tulsi kumar ― A holy Basil plant, The prince of basil plant

Urvish ― Lord of the earth

Vanraj ― King of the forest, lion

Varshil ― Good and well behaved boy.

Vasuki ― Hindi mythological serpent

Vasupujya ― Vasupujya is the name of the 12th Jain Tirthankara.

Veerendra ― Lord of the courageous men.

Vivaan ― Full of life

Vritra ― Enveloper or Dragon of draught but enemy of Indra

Vyan ― Air

Vyomaang ― Part of the sky.

Vyomakesh ― A man with sky like hair.

Vyomdev ― A name of Lord Shiva.

Vyomesh ― Lord of the sky, cloud and water.

Vyshnav ― The worshipper of Lord Vishnu.

Yashodhan ― One who is rich in fame, famous.

Yashpal ― Protector of fame.

Yashvasin ― The popular one. Also, a name of Lord Ganesha

Yasti ― Slim

Yatin ― Ascetic

Yatish ― Lord of the devotees.

Yatnesh ― God of efforts

Yoganidra ― Meditation

Yogine ― A name for Lord Hanuman. It means saint.

Hindi Baby Boy Names With Meanings