Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings

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Hawaiian Baby Boy Names With Meanings: Learning about the meanings of the names that represent the island’s true nature can be interesting. Hawaiian culture is strongly influenced by the North American and East Asian cultures, as well as by the indigenous Hawaiian tribes.

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Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With A

Ahe ― softly blowing breeze

Aheahe ― Aheahe is a variant of Ahe.

Aiden ― Little fire.

Ailani ― “Chief, Leader

Akamu ― Of the Red Earth

Akela ― Happy, Joy, feeling pleasure, contented, pleased.

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With B

Bane ― Aramaic – Son of Consolation; Son of the Prophet; Long-Awaited Child

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With C

Caleb ― One faithful as a dog

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With E

Elijah ― Name of a very famous King and a Prophet

Elta ― this means that the lord is my god.

Etana ― a Hawaiian word meaning strong.

Ethan ― strong or gift of the island.

Eusebio ― one who worships well.

Ezekiel ― A person who is made stronger by God

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With H

Haleigha ― House of the Rising Sun

Halia ― Remembrance of a loved one; Memorial

Haulani ― Royal ruler in Hawaiian, Heavenly Ice

Hikialani ― Looking up at heaven

Hilo ― First night after the new moon

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With K

Kaeo ― Kaeo means Strong

Kahawai ― Kahawai means River

Kahiau ― Kahiau name means Selfless Generosity

Kahikilani ― Kahikilani means The Arrival of the Chief

Kahikina ― The name means The East, The Arrival

Kahili ― Kahili means Feather Standard or Rainbow part

Kahli ― Kahili menas Rainbow part, Ginger

Kahoku ― Kahoku means The Star

Kaholo ― The name means Nimble

Kahoni ― Kahoni means The Kiss

Kahua ― Kahua means Base, Foundation

Kahuna ― The name Kahuna means The Hidden Secret

Kaiholo ― Kaiholo means Moving Sea, Running Current

Kaikane ― Kaikane name means Strong Sea

Kaiko ― Kaiko name means Sea With Strong Current

Kaimana ― Kaimana means Power of the Ocean and Diamond

Kaimee ― Kaimee means Seeker

Kaimi ― Kaimi name means The Seeker

Kainalu ― The name means Sea Wave

Kainoa ― Kainoa means The Free Flowing Ocean

Kainona ― Kainona means Sea with No Restrictions

Kaipo ― Kaipo means The Sweetheart

Kaiulani ― Kaiulani means Royal Sacred One

Kalani ― Kalani name means The Heavens

Kaleho ― The name means The Cowry Shell

Kalei ― The name Kalei means The One who works for the Kinf

Kaleo ― Kaleo means The Voice

Kalino ― The name Kalino means The Brilliant One

Kalon ― Sky

Kanoa ― Kanoa means The Free One

Kanuha ― Kanuha means The Sulky One

Kapena ― Kapena means Captain

Kapono ― Kapono means Righteous

Kapueo ― Kapueo name means Owl in Hawaiian

Kapula ― The meaning of the name Kapula is Prayer

Kapuni ― Kapuni name means Favorite One

Kaua ― Sensitive, one who is sensitive by nature.

Kaui ― Kaui means The Youth is Beautiful

Kawena ― Kawena means The Rosy Glow in the Sky

Kawika ― Kawika means Favorite, Beloved Friend

Kawikani ― Kawikani The one Who is Strong

Kayl ― Kayl means The Man Who is Free

Keahi ― The meaning of the name is Fire

Keahilani ― The name means Heaven’s Fire

Keala ― Keala means The Path, The Road

Kealamauloa ― The eternal path or the path of enternity

Kealani ― The name means The Clear and White Heaven

Kealii ― Kealii means Chief

Kealoha ― Kealoha means The One Who is Loved

Kealohi ― Kealohi means The One Who Shines

Kealohilani ― The name means The Shine of the Heaven

Keani ― Keani means Breeze or Wave

Keanu ― Keanu name means Coolness, the Cool Breeze

Keiki ― Keiki means Child

Keikilani ― Keiklani means Heaven’s Child

Keimoni ― The ocean of uniqueness or knowledge

Keka ― Keka means Chosen, Selected, Appointed

Kekoa ― Kekoa means Brave Warrior

Kelani ― Kelani means Heaven

Kelii ― The name means The Chief

Kellii ― The name means Chief

Keona ― Keon means God is Gracious

Kepakiano ― Keoni means God’s Gift

Kepler ― The name means Men Of Sebastia

Kika ― Kika means Battle Place

Kilo ― Kilo means One Who Observes the Stars, Daydreamer

Kilohana ― Kilohana means Superior, Best

Kimo ― One who replace or supplants, a supplanter

Koa ― Koa means He is a Warrior

Kona ― Sanskrit – Angular; Italian – Lady;

Konala ― Konala means Worlf Ruler

Konane ― Konane means Light

Kualii ― Kualii means A Famous Chief

Kukane ― Means Like a Man

Kulani ― Kulani means Like heaven, to reveal Heaven

Kye ― Kye means Ocean

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With L

Lahahana ― The name means Warmth of the Sun

Leialoha ― A Child who is cherished and loved

Leiko ― A petitte flower

Leilani ― A child that is of royal blood

Liam ― A warrior of strong will

Liko ― Rare Hawaiian name meaning bud

Lilo ― Person who is generous and giving

Loe ― Hawaiian word for king

Logan ― Man from the hollow

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With M

Madison ― Son of a mighty warrior

Makai ― One who goes toward a sea

Makaio ― One who was a God’s gift

Makani ― One who is like the Wind

Malo ― Hawaiian – A Victorious Man; Winner; A variant spelling is Mallo

Mana ― One who is full of spirit

Mason ― A person who works as a stoneworker

Maui ― Hawaiian – God of Fire

Mele ― Hawaiian – One who is happy; Merry

Mililani ― A gentle touch from the heaven

Moke ― The person who is sweeten with honey, who is remarkably fine.

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With N

Nainoa ― The one who guards the kids or small children.

Nana ― In Hawaiian it is the name of a spring month. In Japanese it means fresh or green vegetables. In Africa it signifies the status of a monarch.

Nani ― In Hawaiian it meant beauty or splendour. In Japanese it too means beauty.

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With O

Onaona ― The person who is having a pleasing fragrance.

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With P

Pazhani ― A free and independent being

Pekelo ― Name for a stone or a rock

Peni ― A form of Ben; a loyal and adventurous one

Puna ― A water spring

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With T

Tangi ― To cry with great sadness

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings Starting With W

William ― Will or Desire to Protect

Hawaiian Boy Names And Meanings