Gujarati Boy Names And Meanings

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Gujarati Baby Boy Names With Meanings: Looking for Gujarati names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get the Vintage Gujarati baby Boy names, old fashioned Gujarati Boy name, and Short Gujarati Boy names with their meanings, Beautiful Gujarati Boy Names, Common Gujarati Male Names, Popular Gujarati Boy Names and Gujarati Era Boy Names

List of Gujarati Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Dhaval ― The fair one, a fair child

Haanish ― Delighted, pleased, happy

Henish ― God of wheather

Herik ― Ruler of an enclosure home

Jigar ― Jigar means heart. In simple words jigar means the beloved one.

Jiger ― Jigar means heart. In simple words jigar means the beloved one.

Jigishu ― Jigiishu means strifes of triumph. A sign of victory.

Jigisu ― Jigisu means strifes of triumph. A sign of victory.

Jignesh ― an intllectual Boy who is always curious for everything and want to discover whole world.

Joshil ― The meaning of Joshil is Powerful

Mukund ― A name of Lord Vishnu. It means freedom giver.

Munjal ― King of Gujarat

Muralidhar ― A name of Lord Krishna. It means the one who bears the flute

Nanku ― Harmless or innocent.

Narshimha ― Lion among men

Neesh ― The one who is quiet and calm.

Nippu ― Producing in abundance.

Oresh ― Expression of religion or writer.

Prakat ― A manifested, demonstrated, revealed person

Prakhyat ― A famous individual

Pramukh ― One with the qualities of a chief or leader

Prana ― He who is full of spirit

Pranad ― Another name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma

Pratul ― One who owns plenty

Pravan ― A modest person

Praveen ― A person who is an expert in something

Prayadarshi ― A person that everybody likes

Preetesh ― The God of Love

Prerit ― A person who is deeply inspired by something

Prinit ― A very pleased and gratified person

Pritul ― He who can’t be compared to others

Privrata ― Satarupa’s son

Priyadarshi ― A person that is liked by everyone

Pujesh ― A worshiped object

Pulakesh ― A joyous, happy, cheerful person

Purab ― Eastern, oriental person

Purnanada ― A god-like individual

Radheyshyam ― A name of Lord Krishna

Raghubeer ― A name of Lord Rama

Ravinandan ― One who is the child of the Sun

Romil ― One who is renowned in the lands

Romila ― A heartfelt woman

Sanam ― Beloved

Vedang ― Part of the sacred knowledge

Vishva ― Earth, universe

Yaksh ― Representative of God, a demi God

Yakshit ― Who is made forever, permanent, God

Yansh ― God name

Yauva ― Young or youth

Yug ― Age or generation

Yuvan ― Youthful

Gujarati Boy Names And Meanings