Gaelic Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Gaelic Names For Girls: Finding the perfect name for your new baby Girl is one of the most important decisions you’ll have. If you are in search of a perfect Gaelic Baby Name for your new born, you are in the best site ever for Gaelic Female Names.

We have compiled a list of Modern Gaelic Baby Names only for you. Choose the best name for your little one from the following list of Cute Gaelic Names for Baby Girls with Meanings, Cool Gaelic Girls Names and Gaelic Names for Baby Girls with Meaning Starting from A to Z.

List of Gaelic Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Ailiue ― Diminutive of Ailis

Ainsley ― From Ann’s meadow

Alanna ― Form of Alana; filled with beauty and serenity

Allanagh ― A variant form of name Alana which means precious, serene; Fair Maiden; Beautiful Maiden

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with B

Blair ― Field Or Plain

Breena ― An imaginary fairy land

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with C

Ceili ― The one who is slender and a descendant of Caollaidhe

Cerie ― It’s a made up name; delicate bird’s whistle

Chay ― A fairy tale

Chevaune ― The gracious God

Ciarran ― One who is dark and dusky

Ciorstaidh ― One who is a follower of Jesus Christ

Codie ― The son of Oda, from the Oda clan

Coleen ― Female; a young woman; a lady

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with D

Dacia ― The one from South

Darra ― Wisdom; Oak tree

Darthula ― Beautiful eyes

Dayle ― Valley; an assembly

Dedra ― A steady, raging and versatile being

Deidra ― One who has delicate heart

Delanie ― Born out of Alder grove

Donalda ― They are the masters who rule many

Donia ― A person who rules everybody.

Dorene ― Stady worker; blonde person

Dymphna ― A little eligible person; little poet

Dympna ― A little person who is good natured

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with E

Ealasaid ― One who is devoted to God and humanity

Eilidh ― One who emits light

Eireann ― Ireland land; one who belongs from Ireland

Eireen ― A peace loving and humble natured being

Emer ― this means someone who has been blessed by the six gifts of womanhood.

Emeria ― it means someone who is from the north with great beauty and honour.

Erian ― someone from Ireland.

Erina ― a feminized form of erin; meaning peace and a poetic way of referring to Ireland.

Erinna ― means Ireland.

Erinne ― a word which means Ireland.

Erline ― a girl from Ireland.

Ethne ― a Gaelic word for fire.

Ethney ― a Celtic word meaning fire.

Ethnie ― a feminized word which means fire.

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with F

Fiachna ― A raven-like woman

Fineen ― A light-colored child

Fingal ― A fair Stranger who is powerful

Firas ― A lion; Highly insightful and astute

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with G

Giorsal ― Giorsal is a Gaelic name and means Having Grey Hair,

Glencora ― Glencora means Lady of the Valley or Heart of the Valley

Glynnis ― Glynnis means From the Glen and is female name

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with H

Hormat ― Honour

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with I

Isla ― From Islay or Aileach, which means Rocky Place

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with J

Jakodi ― Oda’s child

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with K

Kailla ― Kailla means Narrow

Kalan ― Kalan means Slender, Fair

Kaley ― Kaley means Delicate, Slender

Kallan ― Gaelic meaning of the name is Powerful in the Battle, Scandinavian meaning is The Water that Flows

Kamrin ― Kamrin name means Crooked Nose

Kari ― As a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic, or Nordic Free Woman. Male version of the name means Strong in French and Tremendous in Scandinavian

Kassidy ― Kassidy means She is Clever, or She of a Curly Hair

Kassity ― The name means She is Full of Love

Kayleigh ― Kayleigh means The gathering where people Dance

Kaylie ― Kaylie name means Rare Beauty, Slender

Keavy ― The name means She is Precious

Keeler ― The name means She is Full of Grace and Beauty

Keeley ― The meaning of the name is Frail

Keena ― Keena means a Brave Girl or Woman

Keeva ― The name means a Gentle Beauty

Keheley ― Keheley means She is a Slender Woman

Keiara ― Keiara name means She Has Beautiful Black Hair

Keilee ― Kailee means She is a Warrior and a Fighter

Kellynn ― The name means Lean, Little

Kenadee ― The name means Armored Head, Helmet

Kenndra ― Kenndra means Understanding, Knowledge

Kennedi ― Kennedi means Helmet on the Head

Kennedy ― Kennedy means Helmeted Chief

Kennette ― Kennette Fire Born

Kenzie ― Kenzie means Fair and Handsome One

Kiandra ― Kiandra means Archaic

Kiandre ― Kiandre means Ancient, Old

Kianna ― Kianna means Something very Old

Kianne ― Kianne means Centuries Old, Ancient

Kiara ― Kiara means a Woman With Raven-Black, Dark Hair

Kirov ― Kirov means Black

Kiyle ― Kiyle means Narrows

Koree ― The name means Near a Hollow

Koribella ― Koribella is mostly used as a surname, means Holder of the Spear

Kyelle ― A narrow strait of a water

Kyleigh ― The name means She who is Triumphant

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with L

Leanna ― From Gaelic name Helen meaning beautiful, light woman

Leslee ― A holly tree found in the gardens

Lesli ― A garden where the holly tree grows

Lesly ― A religious, sacred garden

Liadain ― A lady of grey hair

Liadan ― A woman of grey hair

Liadawn ― A grey lady from Irish folklore

Loman ― A bare and empty place

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with M

Mackenna ― Celtic – Son of Cionaodh; Gaelic – Son of Coinneach; Son of Kenneth;

Maioc ― A name given to the good god

Mairghread ― Gaelic name for a pearl

Marsaili ― A dame that is as beautiful as a pearl

Marsali ― A maiden who is like a pearl

Meegan ― A soft and gentle female

Meleas ― A servant of Jesus, one who serves Jesus for lifetime

Melias ― A lady who serves Jesus as a servant

Melisus ― One who serves Jesus for blessings

Meliz ― A Jesus’ servant, always blessed by Jesus

Mikenzie ― the Child of a wise leader.

Milligan ― A Christianity ritual of shaving head

Morna ― A beloved person who is delightful to all

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with N

Neala ― Supporter, titleholder, winner, campaigner.

Neelie ― Winner, victor, overcomer, beater.

Nialla ― Supporter, supporter, winner, campaigner.

Nigella ― The name of the flower, one of the floras.

Niniane ― Ash; one who always rises up

Nola ― The one who has fair complexion.

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with O

Onora ― The person who deserves the integrity.

Oona ― In Gaelic it means Lamb. In English it means Universal one.

Orlagh ― The feelings of great warmth.

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with Q

Quinlee ― Woman of wisdom

Quinley ― She who is intelligent

Quinna ― A reasonable person

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with R

Ronelle ― A woman whose advices give power

Ronny ― One who owns the legendary lands

Rosina ― Woman who is like a little rose

Ryesen ― She who is courageous

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with S

Samaire ― The drowning Sun

Saorla ― A princess

Seath ― Wolfish

Seersha ― One who is free

Seonag ― Gaelic form of Joan, means God is merciful

Shailyn ― A girl from the fairy place

Shavon ― One who is open-minded

Shavonne ― God is gracious

Shea ― An admirable man, from the fairy fortress

Sheena ― God

Shena ― God is gracious

Sherey ― Gaelic name meaning foal

Sheridan ― A seeker

Siobhan ― God is gracious

Sullivan ― Having dark eyes

Gaelic Names for Baby Girls Starting with T

Tara ― Star

Teaghan ― Little poet

Tenille ― She who brings light

Tera ― Crag, hill

Teranika ― Victory of the Earth

Terin ― Variant of Erin, means Ireland

Torri ― A form of tori

Triona ― A pure, unpolluted, virgin

Tristin ― Tumult

Triston ― Tumult

Trystan ― A sorrowful man; A knight of the round table in Arthurian legend

Gaelic Baby Girl Names With Meanings