Funny Boxing Day Messages

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If you are looking for Funny Boxing Day wishes this holiday season, you’ve come to the ideal location. We have listed some samples of funny messages about boxing day that can be added to a card or sent as a text.

17 Hilarious Boxing Day Messages | Funny Boxing Day Jokes

It is a day to receive, if you have not been giving out don’t expect to receive. Happy Boxing Day!

I am eagerly waiting for your gift so that I can release mine. If you don’t have, there is no way you are getting mine. Happy Boxing Day!

Be prepared to be boxed by the needy with blessings as you part with boxes of gifts. Have a happy boxing day!

I thought I bought you a gift the other day, sorry today I have nothing for you. Happy Funny Boxing Day to you!

The 26th of December,
Is known as Boxing Day,
Because that is when British bosses,
Chose to give a Christmas Box away.

Dear colleague, I am wishing you a happy and great Boxing Day celebration full of love and happiness. I pray to the Lord to make all your dreams come true and to make you gift me back the Boxing Day gift I sent you. Happy Boxing Day!

I hope you are not pretending to have forgotten the gift you had promised me on Boxing Day. It’s Boxing Day and I am still waiting for the gift. Happy Boxing Day!

Dear friend, I send you a happy boxing day wish through this text. I also send you a beautiful surprise gift for the occasion and wait eagerly for your return gift for the traditional Boxing Day.

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Dearest colleague, wishing you a happy and a wonderful Boxing Day celebration with love and prosperity. I pray to the Lord to give you happiness and also sense in you to gift me back the Boxing Day gift I am waiting for.

The list of boxes to open is endless; don’t waste your time on unnecessary things. Invest in your time with those you love. Best wishes on Boxing Day my love.

Lovely brother, through this text I wish you a happy and lovely boxing day. I hope you remember the beautiful gift you promised me to give and I have not yet forgotten that tomorrow is Boxing Day and the day of receiving that gift from you.

Sweet sister, wishing you lots of love and a happy boxing day. I hope you are celebrating well with your friends there. Make sure you treat me and celebrate with me too as I am out for spending you money a lot this time.

I heard you are on diet? That’s why I didn’t add any chocolate to your Christmas gift. Happy Boxing day.

Let us make it happy and fun Boxing Day with our loved ones….. Let us celebrate this day with some jokes and laughter….. Happy Funny Boxing Day to you.

The list of shopping is endless so don’t waste this beautiful day in it rather invest this time in relationships….. Best wishes on Boxing Day my dear.

Dear mother, wishing you a happy boxing day and a lovely celebration. I wish you have made the beautiful cake for me as last time I could not have a piece because of my disastrous friends.

Funny Boxing Day Messages