Funny Antelope Jokes

Funny Antelope Joke

Hilarious Antelope jokes: Have fun with these best Antelope questions and answers Jokes that will crack your ribs.

Funny Antelope Q&A Jokes

Q: Why couldn’t the wildebeests get married?
A: Because they cantelope. (cant elope)

Q: When does a antelope go “roarrrr”?
A: When it is learning a new language!

Q: What’s more amazing than a talking antelope?

A: A spelling bee!

Q: Did you know there’s a species of antelope that can jump higher than a two story house?
A: This is mostly because the antelope has powerful hind leg muscles, and houses can’t jump.

Q: What do you call an antelope that’s really bad at being an antelope?
A: A cantelope.

Q: Why did the antelope go to her sisters house?
A: She wanted to see her nephewlope.

Q: What do you call a negative antelope?
A: A Cantelope.

Q: What do African antelope herders and dyslexic politicians have in common?
A: They’re both very worried about gnu control.

Q: What do you call a pessimistic antelope?
A: A can’telope!

Q: Why wasn’t the hunter allowed to bring his antelope and buffalo with him on the plane?
A: You’re only allowed one carrion.

Q: What do you call an antelope that is forbidden to marry?
A: Cantelope.

Q: Why don’t antelopes play poker in the African grasslands?
A: Too many cheetahs.

Q: What do you call an antelope with a carrot in each ear?
A: Anything you want as he can’t hear you!

Q: What did the grape say when the antelope stood on it?

A: Nothing, it just let out a little wine!

Q: Why did the antelope cross the road?
A: To prove to the possum that it could be done!

Q: What does a lion call an antelope?
A: Fast Food.

Q: What did they antelope say to the blade of grass?
A: Nice knawing you!

Q: Did you know that there’s a species of antelope capable of jumping higher than the average house?
A: This is due the antelopes unnaturally strong hind legs, and he fact that the average house can’t jump

The Wife
A guy brings a Antelope home , tells his wife it’s a pet.
She asks , “Where are you going to keep it?”

He repies , “In the bedroom.”
“But what about that horrible nasty smell?’ , she asks.
“I got used to you , I’m sure he will too!”

A man in a movie theater notices what looks like a Antelope sitting next to him.
“Are you a Antelope?” asked the man, surprised.

“What are you doing at the movies?”
The Antelope replied, “Well, I liked the book.”

Funny Antelope Jokes