Frisian Girl Names With Meanings

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Frisian Names for Girls: Frisian naming practices include giving your new born baby family names, religious Frisian name or Frisian Christian baby girl names, Traditional Frisian Girl Names. Do you need help in searching for the perfect name for your baby girl? Then, this list is for you! Make your pick from our list of Frisian Girl Names and Meanings for New Born Starting from A to Z.

List of Frisian Girl Names and Meanings

Afke ― Appears in Friesland

Alette ― Frisian form of Adelheid, meaning noble.

Andine ― Warrior

Anske ― Eagle

Antina ― He (God) was gracious

Antine ― A form of Antina, meaning He (God) was gracious.

Aukje ― Elf

Dieuwke ― People

Ede ― A noble and kind hearted individual

Eltje ― Of noble kind

Emma ― the meaning of this name is universal whole.

Ene ― an eagle; in Frisian it is masculine but in Estonian it is feminine.

Eva ― life or living one.

Evi ― One who breathes and lives

Famke ― Little girl

Fenja ― Peace, protection, safety

Fenne ― A form of Fenja, meaning peace and protection

Fenneke ― Peace, protection, safety

Gesa ― Spear, strength, power

Gesche ― Frisian form of Gertrude, meaning spear, strength, power

Gesina ― Frisian form of Gertrude, meaning spear, strength, power

Heilke ― Healthy and safe

Imka ― Universal

Imke ― A form of Imka, meaning Imke.

Imme ― Frisian form of Irmgard, meaning universal, or fence

Jesca ― Frisian form of Jessica, meaning He (God) beholds.

Jorina ― Frisian form of Gregoria, meaning the watchful

Julia ― Latin – Jupiter’s Child; Julia is Youthful, Downy

Mila ― A Gracious or a beautiful dear

Nienke ― Frisian form of Katherine. It means pure.

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Renske ― Advice

Sara ― Princess

Sedemaiden ― An unmarried young woman from the day of victory

Silke ― Frisian for of Cecily. It means blind.

Sophie ― She is wise and clever

Svantje ― Swan

Swantje ― Frisian form of Schwanhilde. It means swan.

Sylke ― Sylke is a form of Cecilia and means blind.

Taleja ― Of a noble kind

Tess ― Harvester

Walda ― Ruler

Wibeke ― Fight, battle or war

Wibke ― Spelling variation of Wibeke. It means fight or battle.

Yfke ― Yew

Zoe ― Life

Frisian Girl Names With Meanings