French Names For Baby Girls With Meanings

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French Names For Girls: Finding the perfect name for your new baby Girl is one of the most important decisions you’ll have. A French name goes beyond things such as being cool, easy to pronounce and unique. Not only do they look and sound beautiful, but also carry special meanings.  If you are in search of a perfect French Baby Name for your new born, you are in the best site ever for French Female Names.

We have compiled a list of Modern, stylish, sophisticated, and plain beautiful French Baby Names that will make your baby stand out.  Choose the best name for your little one from the following list of Cute French Names for Baby Girls with Meanings, Cool French Girls Names and French Names for Baby Girls with Meaning Starting from A to Z.

List of French Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

There are  Whether you love those melodious sounds of the French language or wish to show your appreciation to the rich heritage, below is the list of French names to consider for your baby girl.

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With A

Aaida ― Aaida has many meaning in different languages, like in French it means the one who is helpful, in Hebrew it means Ornament or brightness

Aamber ― a Precious Jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color

Abelia ― Meaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her

Abella ― Variant of Abelia that means breath that is source of life

Abrielle ― A woman of God, or a woman from God

Acadia ― The land that have plenty, the land of plenty

Acelin ― A noble girl or a girl who born in high status home

Aceline ― A woman who is noble.

Acelynn ― A girl who is born in noble home

Adalaide ― The nobility or the sort of noble person

Adaleide ― A person’s nobility, noble person

Adalene ― An aristocrat or noble person

Adalicia ― One who is of noble nature, nobility

Adaline ― A noble or kind-hearted person

Addilynn ― Derived from Adele meaning Noble or Nobility

Adela ― A short form of adelaide

Adelaida ― Noble kind, adorned

Adelaide ― A noble hood, or a noble person

Adele ― A short form of adelaide

Adelina ― A form of Adeline

Adeline ― Noble or nobility

Adelle ― A form of Adelaide, Adeline

Adreanna ― The favour or gracefulness of sea

Adrianna ― From harida

Adyelya ― Bulgarian form of Alice, meaning of the nobility.

Aelicia ― An oath of God

Aemela ― An admiring person, workaholic

Aemele ― A hard-working and persistent person

Aeris ― An earth full of flowers

Agace ― A very sweet feminine name for a baby girl which means good in French.

Agathe ― A kind natured woman.

Aime ― beloved”

Aimee ― Dearly loved; Beloved

Aimie ― beloved

Alianora ― Pity; Variant of Eleonora; From the Old French form of the Occitan name Alienor

Alice ― Truth, gracious, reality

Alicia ― Of Noble Birth

Alison ― Of Noble Birth

Alix ― of dignified kind

Alixe ― Derives from Alex which means Defending men

Allese ― Smart and no-nonsense, one who gets the job done. Variation of English name Alison

Allison ― Of Noble Birth

Allix ― Defender of Mankind; Female Version of Alexander

Alodie ― Wealthy

Alouette ― Derived from a Songbird called lark are visionary, dignified optimistic individuals

Aloysia ― Name of an Italian saint; a strong willed person renowned in battlefield

Alvia ― “Noble war”; their sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive nature attracts people

Alycia ― A affectionate noble individual full of nobility and responsible nature

Alydia ― A little winged noble girl having a unique vision and investigative in nature

Alyssa ― Mother goddess who is rational, trustworthy, noble and provides great happiness full of sanity

Amalie ― Hard working, industrious, laborious and curious individual

Amandine ― The one who must be loved, is active and bright

Ambre ― The one who is a jewel-quality resin with a warm honey shade and is forever

Amelia ― The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile

Amelie ― A mighty hard working defender

Amelot ― Arthur’s Castle

Amie ― Derived from Amye which means beautiful and lovable

Amy ― Derived from Amee; they are beloved and nurturing one

Anais ― The one who is highly gracious, merciful and friendly

Ancelin ― French – Handmaiden; A variant name is Ancelina

Angeline ― They are the messengers as well as the angels of God sent from heaven

Annebell ― Easy to Love; A combination of Anna and Bella; A variant of Amabel

Annebelle ― Easy to Love; A combination of Anna and Bella; A variant of Amabel

Annelyse ― The one who is devoted to God and are graceful beings

Annette ― The graceful beings which is a variant of Hannah

Annie ― Variation of Hannah; a beautiful prayer; Grace

Anouk ― God is gracious, merciful one and he has answered the prayers

Antoinette ― Queen of France; beautiful flower

Apolline ― A gift sent by Apollo

Arielle ― Lioness of God

Ascelina ― Noble; one who is a little individual

Assia ― One who looks and comforts others

Auberi ― Rule of an Elf; powerful and kind hearted

Aubree ― An elf ruler

Aubri ― A girl who is ruler of elves

Audette ― Sothern French name for a bird

Audree ― A divine strength

Aunna ― They are gracious and wonderful human beings

Aurore ― Golden; they are Godness of dawn; lively

Aurorette ― A variation of the name Aurora; dawn

Ava ― A bird; a living organism of the ecosystem

Avari ― Old French – Inspired Advice; Old Peace; Of The Heavens From The Sky; A variant of name Avery

Avelaine ― A friend of the environment; nut

Avelina ― Germanic – Little Bird; Strength; Desired; A variant of name Ava

Aveline ― One who has waited for a child; hazelnut

Averyl ― Month Name; Opening Buds of Spring; Born in April; A variant of name April; A variant form of Averil

Avice ― The one who is refuge in a battle; beloved

Avignon ― Name of a place; the one who who came from France

Avriel ― To Open; Month Name; Opening Buds of Spring; Born in April; A variant of name April; A variant form of Averil

Avrill ― To Open; Month Name; Opening Buds of Spring; Born in April; A variant of name April; A variant form of Averil

Avryl ― To Open; Month Name; Opening Buds of Spring; Born in April; A variant of name April; A variant form of Averil

Avyce ― One who is refuge in a war; warlike

Aya ― design, colorful or beautiful. It also means ‘bees’ in Old German.

Aylee ― A hazelnut tree; a bird

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With B

Babette ― One who takes God as Oath

Baileigh ― An administrator manager; a Goddess

Bailiegh ― An officer of justice and administration

Barbetta ― A variation of the name Babette

Barbie ― Derived From Barbara; traveler from a foreign land

Basilie ― Female Version of Basil; Royal; Kingly; Regal; Derived from the Same Greek Word as the Plant Name Basil

Bayleigh ― berry wood

Bayliegh ― An officer of justice

Baylye ― A law enforcer

Beatrice ― Bringer Of Joy

Beatrise ― Traveler; Blessed

Beawa ― She who has beauty

Bebe ― Wife

Beccalynn ― An intellectual, blessed individual

Begonia ― A flowering plant, named after Michel Bgon, French governor and a patron of botany

Belen ― Bethlehem; An Arrow

Belevia ― A beautiful lady

Belina ― St Belina from the 12th century was a French peasant; one who protects

Bell ― Beautiful, Fine looking, gorgeous

Bella ― Beautiful, handsome, attractive

Belle ― Beauty

Belora ― To be beautiful now

Belot ― A name of a card game

Benicia ― Blessed One

Benoite ― Blessed

Bente ― Blessed; Form of Benedict

Berenice ― Victorious

Bern ― Brave

Bernadette ― Brave As A Bear

Berne ― Bold As A Bear

Bernie ― Derived From Bernard

Berta ― Famous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or Glorious

Berthe ― Bright

Bertilda ― Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior

Bertille ― Heroine

Bertrade ― Bright Counselor

Bessy ― God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; House; God’s Promise

Bessye ― House; God’s Promise; God is My Oath

Bethea ― Maid-servant of Jehovah

Betrice ― A woman who brings happiness wherever she goes

Bette ― Consecrated To God

Bettye ― God’s Oath; Form of Elizabeth

Bev ― Beaver-stream

Beyonce ― Beyond Others

Biana ― Fair Skinned

Biata ― Blessed

Bibel ― Short from Elisabeth, meaning one who made a promise to God

Bibele ― She gave her promise to the God

Bibiane ― Lively, energetic, Active

Biccel ― A version of Rebecca, means snare

Bienna ― Good

Bijou ― Jewel

Bijoux ― Jewels

Billa ― French – Beautiful; Germanic – Will; Desire; A variant of name Billie

Billye ― Resolute Protector

Bindi ― Small Round to Wear on Forehead

Binnur ― A Thousand Lights

Birdena ― Bird like

Birdie ― Little Bird; Unusual Nature; Bright

Birdine ― Little Bird

Birgita ― To Help; The Exalted One

Blaise ― Stammerer

Blanc ― A white woman

Blanch ― Fair; White; Pale

Blanche ― White

Blathnaid ― Flower; Blossom

Blissany ― Full of Grace and Joy

Blisse ― Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness

Blondelle ― Blonde

Bly ― To Be A Tall Child

Bobby ― Short For Robert

Bobbye ― Bright Fame

Bobette ― A little one who is bright and famous

Bobinette ― A little woman who is a very bright flame

Boheme ― A person of bohemian nature

Brendana ― A prince; the heir of the king

Bridgette ― She is on her way upwards

Brie ― A place name where they produce cheese in France

Brieana ― A woman from the French chese producing region

Brieanna ― A place name. A woman from Brie

Briela ― Short from Gabriela, means God is my strenght

Briella ― From Gabriella. Means God is my strenght

Brielle ― Hunting grounds

Brierley ― An ashy woman

Brierly ― A woman of ashes

Brille ― My strength is my God

Brucey ― One who comes from the brushwood thicket

Burdette ― A girl who is like a little bird

Burnice ― A woman who brings victory

Byanca ― A white, shinning woman

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With C

Cachet ― A desirable and prestigious woman

Cadence ― A rhythmic woman, one with the beat

Caila ― A lady from the forest

Calandre ― A French name meaning Lark

Calantha ― One who is like a beautiful flower

Calanthe ― To have the beauty of the flower

Calanthia ― She is pretty like a flower

Caleigh ― A slender girl from the forest

Callalily ― One like the lily flower

Camile ― A free-born woman

Camille ― She is a virgin of pure character

Candide ― White glowing, sweet thing

Candie ― Bright glowing thing

Candrila ― She is one from the ashes

Cantarella ― A name of the deadly posion

Capucine ― A woman who wears a hood

Careen ― She is a free woman

Caress ― A very tender touch, to caress someone

Caressa ― She is of a gentle touch

Caresse ― An endearing touch

Carine ― A pure and beloved woman

Carinet ― She is a dear woman

Carole ― A strong female

Carolee ― She has a strenght of a full-grown man

Carolena ― She is a free person

Carolien ― One who is like a song of happiness

Carolin ― A happiness that the song brings

Carolinne ― A woman who is like a happy song

Catleu ― A girl who is chaste and pure

Catrinel ― She is the one who is pure and genuine

Cayenne ― A woman who is like a hot spice

Cedulie ― They are filled with surprises, sensitive and affectionate

Celestina ― A heavenly or a celestial individual

Celestine ― Based on Caelestis; a heavenly person

Celia ― The one from the heaven

Celie ― It means blind; they are the sixth one

Celina ― Derived from Caelum; heavenly

Celine ― A hammer; they are heavenly

Cerise ― Cherry red color

Cezanne ― Name of an artist seeking freedom

Chambray ― The lightest fabric

Chandell ― A candle

Chandelle ― Everlasting candle

Chandler ― A candle-maker and seller

Chanel ― Pipeline or a duct

Chanelle ― The pipeline; old wine

Chantae ― A sweet amd memorable song

Chantal ― A building stone

Chantalle ― Derived from Cantal; a small stone

Chantay ― A melodious song

Chante ― A singer

Chantel ― To sing well

Chantelle ― A large rock

Chantilly ― A name for lace; whipped cream

Chanton ― Singing together

Chardae ― A strong, free, majestic individual

Chardonnay ― Tasty Grapefruit; wine

Charee ― A darling

Charil ― A bright, lovely individual

Charilyn ― A dear and lively woman

Charlee ― Free person

Charlette ― Free individual

Charlotte ― Feminine form of Charles; freeman

Charlynne ― Variation of Charlene or Charles which means Free man

Charmain ― A charming name

Chauntel ― A singer

Chayce ― A huntsman

Chelle ― One who is like the God

Chenelle ― A channel

Cheney ― Growing from the Oak grove

Cher ― A darling baby

Chere ― Dear one; a Cherry fruit

Cheree ― Darling like a Goddess

Chereena ― A confident and analytical person

Cherelle ― An energetic person

Cheri ― Cherry; a fruit

Cherie ― A darling person

Cherilynn ― A rhyming darling

Cherine ― Dearest one

Cherly ― A darling friend

Cherree ― Great power and wealth

Cherrell ― A beloved person

Cherrelle ― A dear and beloved one

Cherrill ― A green gemstone; Cherry

Cherry ― Name derived from a fruit

Cherrylyn ― A dear person

Chesney ― Grove of Oak

Chevis ― A thick bodied Fish

Chimere ― A dreamy individual

Chlarinda ― Bright; clear; dazzling; intense

Chloe ― Fresh blooming, ripe green shoot

Chrie ― A familiar form of Cher; addressing someone with love

Chrine ― Follower of Lord Jesus, the son of God

Christabella ― A Christ follower

Christabelle ― A religious follower of Jesus Christ

Ciel ― Sky; a part of the earth’s atmosphere

Cielle ― Sky, a part of the atmosphere; derived from the French word Ciel

Cindell ― A Greek variation of the name Cindy, or Cynthia

Cinderella ― The female lead of a fairytale; belonging to the ashes

Cisse ― A name derived from the place called Cisse in Vienne

Citrine ― Type of quartz, a mineral found in metamorphic and igneous rocks

Cladine ― Branched; something that is classified into many sub-divisions

Claira ― Bright and clear; attractive; appealing

Clara ― One who is distinguished, clear and bright

Clarette ― Clear; easy to interpret; unclouded; bright

Claudean ― Something that glows or shines

Claudelle ― Derived from a saint’s name, ‘Claudius’, who lived in the 7th century

Claudette ― The feminine form of a 7th century saint’s name

Claudie ― A female form of a 7th century saint, Claudius

Claudine ― One who is a descendent of Gods; hails from Gods

Clely ― A french version of Clelia; a Roman herione

Clemance ― Mercy; showing forgiveness; pity; grace

Clemence ― Merciful; lenient; gentle; soft-hearted

Clementine ― Mild; merciful; forgiving; tender

Cleremunda ― A clear and birght protector of men

Clodia ― One who cannot walk; lame or crippled

Clothilde ― Derived from the name of a saint, who converted her husband king to Christianityity

Clotille ― One who is well known and famous for her battle and war skills

Coelee ― A valley or a draining zone

Coeur ― The most vital organ of the human body; the heart

Colette ― One who is victorious and an achiever in all fields

Coligny ― One who hails from Cologne, the fourth largest city of Germany

Coline ― Derived from the name Nicholas, meaning the triumph of the people

Colletta ― One who is victorious, winner and achiever

Colombe ― Dove, a small stout bird that resembles pigeon

Comfort ― Strength; powerful and tough; having high durability and solidity

Constance ― Steadfast and firm of purpose; dependable and dedicated

Coralie ― A jewel that is made from coral plants, obtained from oceans

Corentine ― A violent storm, hurricane or tornado

Coretta ― An unmarried, young woman; a maiden

Corinne ― An attractive, young, unmarried woman

Cortnie ― One who works and lives at court

Cosetta ― Derived from Corsett which means A Little thing

Cosette ― Something that is small, tiny and little

Coty ― Helpful; Shield; Protective individual

Courtenay ― Literally means “From the court”; When translated into French, it refers to “Short nosed”; From Courtenay in Northern France.

Creasy ― Graceful; Pleasant; Kind

Crescence ― Growing; Increasing; Developing; French form of “Crescentia”.

Crescencia ― “To grow” in French

Crescent ― A variant of Crescens, it is now considered a nature name referring to the phase of the moon; Derived from the Latin word “Crescere”

Cressence ― One who is increasing and evergrowing

Crete ― Variant transcription of the name “Crecia” or the French form “Creste” meaning peak of a hill and hence people who resided nearby were termed as Crete

Cyndee ― A bright child

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With D

Daeja ― Already; strong person

Daija ― Already in making

Daijah ― The one in progress; remember

Daja ― Exist

Damhnait ― One who cannot be tamed

Danielle ― A Biblical name

Danique ― God Judges

Darcelle ― Dark; determined

Darcey ― Girl from Archy

Darcia ― The dark one

Darcie ― Dark one

Darcus ― Strong , dark one

Darcy ― Dark haired

Darel ― One from the Airelle; Lovely

Darell ― Word for huckleberry; beloved

Dariela ― The near and dear one

Dariell ― Open one

Darla ― Very dear one

Darleane ― Lovely person

Darleen ― One who has charming personality

Darleena ― One who is brilliant

Darlena ― Lovely individual

Darlene ― A child loved by all

Darletta ― A beloved child

Darlina ― A sweet, innocent child

Darline ― Darling baby

Darrelle ― A darling person

Davignon ― Dearly loved person

Deanne ― They are swift and beautiful

Dejah ― A fun loving person; pleasant one

Delacroix ― Who lives near the cross

Delana ― One from humid place

Delaynie ― A dark challenger from the woods

Delphine ― Place where oracle of Apollo appeared; Dolphin

Denese ― A follower of God; an amazing being

Deni ― One who born of two places; energetic

Denise ― A devoted person; God of fertility

Denisha ― A stable and fun loving person

Denisse ― One who is intelligent; a creative and excellent being

Denize ― A devoted being; who can make significant change

Dennise ― A follower; graceful being

Denyce ― A wise and majestic follower

Deor ― A beloved baby; golden one

Desiree ― Desired or Wished

Diahann ― Diana; a divine woman

Diamanta ― One who shines and is strong as Diamond

Diandra ― Goddess of hunting and childbirth

Diane ― One who is depicted as a huntress; divine

Diann ― A burning candle; Lord of wine

Dianna ― Goddess of swiftness and beauty

Didina ― One who is desire and loved by all

Dionysus ― One who is golden in color

Dior ― Golden; one who has a open heart

Dixie ― The French word for ten; southern state

Do ― A person who is independent,confident and has qualities like a leader.

Domenique ― It means someone who is unique and special

Dominique ― A special person who belongs to the God

Doraine ― A person who is loved by all

Dore ― Habitational name meaning a blonde

Doreen ― A beautiful yet moody person

Dorene ― Stady worker; blonde person

Doriane ― A young, bright and worthy individual

Dorine ― A determined individual who shows compassion towards all

Dory ― A beautiful, blonde and gracious lady

Dotty ― A person who has a gentle and sweet personality

Drienne ― One who is from Hadria; intellectual

Dyana ― They are the one who are divine and majestic

Dyann ― Roman divinity; divine being

Dyanna ― Divine beauty known for swiftness

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With E

Edelie ― Having high principles and qualities

Edonia ― Of high standards; Wealthy ruler

Eglantine ― Wild rose; Botanical name

Eglentina ― Wild rose; Botanical name of flower

Eilleen ― Bright and shining light

Eivet ― A large creek or a river

Ekisa ― One who is consecrated to God

El ― Derived from Eleanor

Elaina ― The bright and shining light

Elayna ― One who is the shining bright light

Elayne ― The ray of light entering heart

Eleanora ― Light which is shining and bright

Elena ― Greek name Helen; bright one

Eleonore ― A shining bright ray of light

Elicia ― One who speak and narrate ideas very well

Elilen ― A hazelnut; they are compassionate

Elinor ― One who is filled with sense and sensibility

Elisa ― One who is consecrated to god

Elisabelle ― One who takes God as Oath; helpful

Elise ― They take God as their oath

Elisia ― A friendly, loving and stable person

Ella ― One who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys life

Ellinor ― One who is filled with bright daylight

Ellois ― One who is famous in war

Elloise ― One who is famous in a war

Elodie ― One who is filled with riches and fortune

Eloisa ― Another form of Louise; healthy and wide individual

Eloise ― A healthy and wide individual

Elsa ― God who provides satisfaction; truth

Elvire ― this name means someone who is white or fair.

Elyn ― this name means foreign or sun rays.

Elyse ― this name means someone who is pledged to god.

Emanuela ― the literal meaning of this name is god be with us.

Emele ― it means someone who is industrious or can be admired.

Emeraude ― French word for emerald.

Emilly ― diligent and hard working.

Emily ― a name that often signifies a hardworking, diligent and an industrious person.

Emma ― the meaning of this name is universal whole.

Emmaleah ― a powerful and strengthful person.

Emmaline ― hardwoking and striving for excellence that is universal or complete.

Emmanuelle ― French feminine word for the Messiah ultimately meaning god is with us.

Emmlyn ― someone who works really hard.

Emmy ― a laborious, hard working and industrious person.

Engeleisia ― kind like an angel.

Enjoli ― extremely pretty

Enora ― this name means honour.

Erembourc ― a French mythological character who rides shadows.

Ermine ― weasel or Armenian mouse.

Ermyne ― a French word meaning weasel or an Armenian mouse.

Esmae ― French word meaning respected.

Esmee ― a feminized word meaning esteem.

Esmerie ― a French word meaning emerald.

Esmira ― a French word meaning loved.

Essie ― a Latin word meaning star.

Estee ― a French word meaning star.

Estel ― a French word meaning stars in the sky which are bright.

Estell ― it is a French word which means bright sparkling stars.

Estelle ― illuminating bright sparkling stars in the sky.

Etiennette ― French feminized form of the word Stephen meaning crown.

Etoile ― a French feminized word meaning star.

Etty ― a Persian name meaning star.

Eulalie ― a French word meaning sweet spoken.

Euphrasie ― French word meaning good cheer.

Eva ― life or living one.

Evaleen ― a form of life.

Evangelica ― gospel or good news or tidings.

Eveleen ― life or living or lively or hazelnut.

Evette ― A little living one

Evian ― A French word for a Spa

Ezme ― She who is loved

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With F

Fabianne ― A woman who grows beans

Fabienne ― A lady of the bean farm

Fae ― A confident woman who believes in herself

Fanchon ― One with freedom

Fancy ― A free woman

Fannia ― Diminutive of Frances

Fantina ― One who acts like a child

Fatoumata ― A woman who abstains

Fauna ― A fawn, a young deer

Faunia ― A fawn-like woman

Fauve ― One wild like a wild lands

Fayette ― A petitte, little fairy woman

Felicity ― A woman with good luck and fortune

Femma ― She is the peace

Ferdinanda ― A woman on a brave journey

Fernande ― An adventurous traveler

Fifi ― One who will add. Fifi is short for Josephine

Filicia ― Good fortune and happiness

Firoza ― Turquoise, a semi-precious stone

Firoze ― An undefeatable person; Also means thegem Turquoise

Fitzadam ― Literally means “the son of Adam”

Fizan ― A flurry of wind or breeze; Can also mean eminence and popularity

Flann ― Represents the color ruddy, a healthy shade of red

Flerida ― A cheerful and high-spirited woman

Floretta ― Made of ‘Flora’; it represents a flower

Flori ― It means ‘to flower or to blossom’

Floria ― A variant of Latin ‘Florence’ which refers to ‘flowering’

Floriana ― A variation of ‘Florence’ which symbolizes ‘blossoming’

Floriane ― The stage of blooming and comes from the Latin word ‘Florence’

Floriano ― Italian variation of the name “Florian’ meaning ‘to flower or blossom’

Florida ― Essentially means a bloom or a flower; flowering Easter

Florine ― A variation of Latin name ‘Flora’, this also symbolises ‘blossoms’

Flur ― Essentially, it means a flower or a bloom

Fountain ― Literally translates to a fountain or spring; derived from French word ‘Fontane’ or Latin ‘Fontana’

Francine ― Alternant of ‘Francina’, the name means ‘from France’ or a free person

Francoise ― Feminine word for “Francois”, it refers to a woman who has French roots

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With G

Gabbie ― A nice girl of God

Gabie ― A woman of God

Gabriel ― God is my strength

Gabriell ― Heroine of God

Gabrielle ― God is my strength

Gabrijela ― A variant of Gabrielle, meaning Woman of God.

Gaby ― From the name Gabrielle

Gaelle ― Another name for Celtic people.

Gai ― Refers to merry or easy going.

Galla ― One coming from Gaul.

Garance ― Angrier or irater.

Garcelle ― Resembles a small spear or tiny spear.

Garlan ― Garland of flowers

Garlen ― Refers to bunch of flowers.

Geana ― God is most merciful and kinful.

Gemma ― Jewel; Precious Stone; Gem

Gencelina ― A queen from the heaven

Genette ― The God is kindful.

Genevie ― Woman of the society or community.

Genevieve ― Tribe woman

Genevive ― The population of female sex.

Genevra ― The person who is fair minded and charming.

Genievre ― Inflammation of the snowy waves.

Genn ― The one who is spiritually open minded.

Genny ― The one who is pure, unpolluted, polite and fair.

Gennye ― The virgin girl, pure

Georete ― A farmer who tills the soil

Georgette ― The person who works with soil, seeds and plants.

Georgine ― A planter who works in a farm.

Germain ― A male person who is a fellow member.

Germaine ― Refers to a young branch new growth.

Germana ― A person who comes from the country Germany.

Gersende ― The path or the right way

Gervaise ― Person who is working for spear.

Gilberta ― Gilberta is a female name that means Hostage. It is of French, Germanic and English origin.

Gilberte ― Gilberte is a feminine version of the name Gilbert. It is of French origin and means Bright Pledge.

Gisele ― Gisele means Pledge or Hostage.

Giselle ― Pledge or Hostage

Giulia ― The meaning of the name Giulia is Youthful

Giverny ― Giverny is a French name after the French Town Named Giverny

Gladyce ― The name Gladyce means Sword.

Gladys ― Gladys comes from a Latin word and means Sword

Grainne ― They have the ability to make the life stable, to handle people and to get the solutions of difficulties of life.

Graland ― The one with kind and peaceful heart, ready to help and guide others and to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Grece ― It comes from the Grench word “gris” which means grey, and was commonly used in medieval France and England. It has many variations; the most common are Grace or Gracey.

Guiliaine ― This name means a pleasant. The person with this name will devote his life for a pleasant thing.

Guinivere ― Guinivere means fair, white. A girl with great beauty and white color.

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With H

Hanna ― God’s given gift to me (a child)

Harriett ― Germanic – House owner; Lord of the manor; One rules her household; One rules the home; A variant spelling is Harriett

Hejsa ― A Danish surname

Helain ― Shining light, glowing, bright

Helenor ― Illumination, light

Helo ― Sun

Heloise ― famous warrior

Helysoune ― an Old French form of the Germanic name Alahsind

Hennie ― Keeper of the hearth,

Henrietta ― English version of the French Henriette, Henri

Heromin ― Keeper of the fireplace

Holly ― Plant With Red Berries

Hughette ― bright in mind and spirit

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With I

Ila ― From the island

Inaya ― Concern, Care

Ines ― One who is gentle and pure

Iosefina ― Iosefina is the Bulgarian form of Josephine and means May Jehovah add.

Iris ― Rainbow which originated from a flower’s name in Greek

Isabeau ― Variation of Isabel which means Pledged to God

Isabella ― God is perfection, or God is my oath

Isabelle ― From Elisabeth, which means My God is an oath, My God is abundance

Ivet ― Bulgarian form of Yvette, meaning archer.

Ivone ― Yew

Ivy ― Botanical name’ or ‘Name of a flower’ and also the name of a place in France

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With J

Jacalyn ― She who is a supplanter

Jacelyn ― One who will be protected by God

Jacelynn ― Yahweh may protect her

Jacintha ― She who smells like a hyacinth flower

Jacinthe ― A woman who smells lowely, like a hyacinth flower

Jackelyn ― She who believes God is her protector

Jackquelin ― May God protect her

Jaclin ― God may guard her

Jacqueleen ― She may be guarded by God

Jacquelin ― God is protecting her

Jacqueline ― God covers and protects

Jacquelyn ― Hebrew – Supplanter; May god Protect; A variant of Jacqueline; Feminine form of James and Jacob

Jacquelyne ― God takes care and protects

Jacquelynn ― She who is cared and protected by God

Jacquetta ― A little one who God may protect

Jacquette ― A little girl who might be under gods protection

Jacqui ― A girl who is a supplanter

Jacquie ― A woman who supplants

Jacquilyn ― She who takes the place of another

Jacquline ― A girl who takes other’s place

Jacqulyn ― A young woman who takes the place of another

Jade ― Hebrew – Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone; A pet form of name Jadon

Jaklena ― To seaize by the heel

Jaklyn ― She seazed Him by the hee;

Janae ― God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

Jane ― God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

Janet ― God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

Jannine ― God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

Jaquita ― A supplanter

Jaslyn ― A plant name, Jasmin

Jasmin ― A name of the flower

Jasmyn ― A name of the flower

Jeanetta ― God is full of mercy and grace.

Jeanne ― God Is Gracious; French form of Jehanne; A variant name of Jean

Jehane ― God is merciful forever.

Jehanne ― God has shown his tender mercy upon me.

Jenava ― Of the woman race

Jenesse ― A gentle or a soft lady

Jeslyn ― Blessed with wealth and beauty

Jessicaamy ― A beloved person beholden by God

Joanna ― Hebrew – Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; God has shown mercy; A variant form of Jane

Jocelyn ― Jocelyn name means Someone who is a member of a Gauts Tribe

Jodelle ― The lord is gracious, God, salvation, means last name, reliable, honest.

Joelene ― God is merciful and linient in French meaning is pretty, beauty,

Johanne ― God has favoured ,he is merciful benovolent ,kind and gracious

Joi ― Joi name means Rejoicing

Joie ― originated from the word means pretty, gorgeous and rejoicing

Joleigh ― creative and adventurous type of persons. They easily get bore and love changes. They are staright forward and easily make their life decisions.

Jolena ― it means God will increase and well established. People with this name are cheerful and flexible in nature. They easily adopt changes in life and never regret their decisions.

Joli ― countly and cheerful are the word meanings. People with this name have desire for loving companions. They tend to be leaders and are focused towards their goal.

Joliette ― Pretty

Jonatha ― they are very moody and have best skills of communication. They easily encourage and motivate others with their speaking skills.

Jonetta ― it means rejoicing and to enjoy. People are a bit unselfish but easily forgive others. However nice and poses the spark personality.

Jonnelle ― to rejoice or rejoicing. People with this name spend their lives very great and have alive spirit. They do enchant you well and keep their ambitions really high.

Joselyne ― Cheerful; Little Goths; Lord; A variant form of Jocelyn

Josephine ― The name means May God give

Joyanna ― it means rejoicing and to enjoy. People are a bit unselfish but easily forgive others. However nice and poses the spark personality.

Joycelin ― Cheerful; Little Goths; Lord; A variant form of Jocelyn

Joyelle ― to rejoice or rejoicing. People with this name spend their lives very great and have alive spirit. They do enchant you well and keep their ambitions really high.

Jule ― it means jewel. Such people are very precious and are loyal to their friends nd family. they have a very catchy spirit.

Julee ― it means Jove`s Child or feminine of Julian. Such girls are jewel and spark for their friends and family and bring laughter.

Jules ― the word means youthful. They are calm, simple and have a fun side. They are easy to understand.

Juley ― it means youthful and the feminine version of Julius. They love and seek for true friendship. They have a eternal spirit.

Julia ― Latin – Jupiter’s Child; Julia is Youthful, Downy

Juliette ― such people are enrich with every kind of knowledge and prove to be very good friends. They keep on trying to achieve their aim and life goal. They treasure their relations.

Justeen ― The meaning of Justeen is Upright

Justeene ― The name Justeene means Righteous, Upright

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With K

Kamille ― Kamille is Born Free, a Noble One

Karalina ― The name means Full-grown, Free

Kari ― As a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic, or Nordic Free Woman. Male version of the name means Strong in French and Tremenduos in Scandinavian

Karolina ― Karolina means Tiny and Feminine

Kathleen ― Means Pure, Flawless

Kathryn ― The name means Simple and True

Katriane ― The name means Plain, Clear

Kestyn ― The name means Bird Pray, Rattle

Kiki ― Double happiness

Kikky ― A new beginning or a new life

Kortney ― Old French – Short nose; Domain of Curtius; domain of the short one

Kotara ― Kotara means On the Banks of the River

Kourtnee ― Kourtnee means domain of the one who is Short

Kourtney ― The name means From Courtenay, a Town in North France

Kourtnie ― Kourtnie means Girl from the Town Courtenay in France

Kristeen ― The name means Christian

Kurtney ― The name means From French Town Courtenay

Kyrielle ― The meaning of the name is She is a Poetess

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With L

Laca ― Laca is a name that derives from a Town in Normandy

Lace ― Lace comes from a French Nobel man’s surname

Lacee ― The name comes from a Normandian Nobleman and a Town in Normandy

Lacene ― Lacene was a French Noble Surname, after the Town in Normandy

Lacey ― The name derives from French Normandian Town

Lacia ― Lacia means Tender like a Lace

Lacie ― Lacie means She is like a Lace

Laciee ― Laciee a Girl as bautiful as Lace

Lacina ― Lacina comes from French Noble Family name

Lacine ― Lacine name derives from a Famous French Noble family who came to England after the Normandic invasion

Lacy ― Lacy derives from different towns in France, brought to England during the Norman Conquest

Lacyann ― The name of the Trench Nobleman

Lacye ― Place name, derives from France, Normandy

Lafa ― She who is Destined for Greatness, Faith

Laraine ― A place name from the town Lorraine in France

Larique ― Crystals or Cut Glass of art nouveu style

Larraine ― A place name from the French region Lothar

Latosha ― One who is born on the day of Christmas

Laura ― Person crowned with laurels

Lavern ― A land of trees, Woodland

Laverna ― A person who is born in the spring season

Lavyrle ― A person who came into the world in the spring

Layce ― Resembling the lace material

Layci ― Something that is lace-like

Laycie ― Derived the French surname “Lacey”

Lea ― Person who brings good news

Leal ― Faithful, loyal person

Leala ― Describes someone who is faithful, loyal

Lecie ― From French nobleman surname Lacey

Lefae ― A faithful person, one who is true

Legarda ― The one who is guided or guarded

Lena ― A short of Helen, meaning a torch, or Hindu for a Tender and devoted woman

Leola ― Lionesse

Leona ― Brave Lioness

Leondra ― Feminine name Leon, Lioness

Leonela ― Young lioness, French name

Leonidem ― The one who has the qualities of a Lion

Leonie ― She who is like a Lioness

Leuuine ― The dearest or beloved friend

Lila ― She who belongs to the people

Liliane ― Symbol of innocence and beauty

Lilou ― Occitan pet form of French Liliane

Lily ― Flower lily

Lina ― Person who is tender and delicate

Line ― A brave woman warrior

Lisa ― One who is devoted to God

Lise ― Swedish form of the name Lisa

Lisette ― The one who is pledged to God

Lison ― God is perfection

Livienne ― A woman of envious personality

Livier ― A jealous and envious woman

Lize ― Lives her life by the Oath made to God

Lizeth ― She is devoted to honor an Oath made to the God

Lizette ― Her life is her Oath to God

Lois ― One who is holy

Lola ― Spanish name describing strong woman

Loraina ― A place name. A woman who comes from a French province Lorraine

Loraine ― Woman from Lorraine

Lorayne ― A name of the province in France

Loria ― A glorious woman

Lorraine ― Place name, she who is from town Lorraine

Lorrelle ― Form of name Laura, laurel tree

Lotty ― Tiny, feminine Girl

Louise ― Name describing renowed fighter

Louisiana ― French place name

Louvain ― Place name, town in Belgium

Loveta ― A woman who is like a young wolf

Lovetta ― Resembling a young wolf

Lovette ― She is like a wolf cub

Lucie ― graceful light

Lucile ― iluminous, light

Lucille ― Shining brigh light

Luna ― Moon, one of the name of the Moon Goddess

Lunet ― A little, small Moon

Lydie ― A Maiden from Lydia, Greece

Lynette ― A beautiful bird

Lynnette ― Little lion woman

Lyonelle ― She is strong and powerful as a lioness

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With M

Mabel ― Old French – Lovely; To Love; My Beautiful One; A shortening of the Spanish name María Isabel

Mabella ― Old French – Lovely; To Love; My Beautiful One; A variant of Mabel

Mabelle ― My beautiful one

Mabil ― A lovely one

Macella ― She who is warlike

Machell ― Variation of Michelle which means Which is like God

Macyn ― Old French – Mason; Stone worker; Maker; A variant of Mason

Madalene ― A woman from Magdala

Madeleine ― Hebrew – Of Magdala; Variant transcription of Magdalena

Madeline ― Hebrew – Of Magdala; High Tower; Variant transcription of Magdalena

Madie ― Tower, one who lives in a tower

Madieu ― God is mine

Madlin ― A tall tower

Mae ― A bitterness, bitter pearl

Maebel ― One who s lovely, easy to love

Maecea ― A weapon, French version of Macy

Maelie ― A princess

Maelyn ― French name meaning princess

Maelynn ― Goddess of spring growth

Maeva ― French name describing a girl who is intoxicating

Magalie ― A woman who is like a pearl

Magnolia ― From The Flower; Name of Flower

Maine ― French word for mainland

Majori ― A girl pure and pretty as a pearl

Majorie ― She is pretty like a pearl

Malarie ― The unfortunate, unlucky one

Mallery ― Old French – Unhappy; Unlucky; It is a spelling variant of Mallory

Malley ― Unhappy, unlucky one

Mallorey ― Old French – Unhappy; Unlucky; War Counselor

Maloree ― A person who doesn’t have luck

Malorie ― Old French – Unhappy; Unlucky; War Counselor

Mamaine ― An interesting person who is from the mainland

Manette ― She who is bitterful of bitterness

Manon ― Diminutive form of Marie which is a variant of Mary which means bitter

Maralynn ― Diminutive form of Marie which is a variant of Mary which means bitter

Marcela ― A woman who is strong like a hammer

Marceline ― A young warrior

Marcelle ― A woman who is a warrior at heart

Marcheline ― She is a warrior

Marchesa ― A French title, a wife of Marchese

Mardi ― French – Born on Tuesday; Aramaic – Lady

Mardie ― She who is born on Tuesday

Mardy ― One who is Tuesday-born

Maresa ― A pregnant mother

Margaux ― Old Greek – Pearl; A variation of the name Margaret

Margeaux ― French name meaning pearl

Margerie ― French name meaning daisy flower

Margery ― One who is as lovely as a pearl

Marget ― Short for Margaret meaning pearl

Margot ― Old Greek – Pearl; A variation of the name Margaret

Margrete ― French name for daisy

Marguerite ― Old Greek – Pearl; A variation of the name Margaret

Marguretta ― French name for a child of light

Maria ― Variation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for child

Mariam ― Hebrew – Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary;

Marian ― A sea of bitterness

Mariane ― French name for a bitter person

Marie ― Hebrew – Wished for child; Sea of bitterness; To Swell; A variant form of Maria; As Mary;

Marien ― A graceful star of the sea

Mariena ― A girl from the sea

Marienna ― A bitter loveliness

Mariet ― A mistress of the house

Marilda ― A famous battle maiden

Marilou ― A rebellious battle

Marilu ― A rebelliouss warrior

Marily ― A famous rebell

Marine ― Latin – Of the Sea; Variant spelling of Mariner, an occupational name for a sailor

Marion ― A sea of misery

Mariona ― A dame from the sea of misery

Marionna ― A maiden of the sea of misery

Maritess ― A sea of sadness

Marjolaine ― Means marjoram in French, which is a minty herb

Marquette ― Land Owner; A French habitational name

Marvel ― A miracle

Marvelle ― A miraculous one

Maryam ― Our lady

Mathilde ― Germanic – Mighty in battle; Mighty Battle Maiden; A variant form of Matilda

Matiese ― Matthew; one who is the gift of God

Matilyn ― A French cognate of Magdalene meaning one who is from Magdala

Maurine ― A dark skinned one, moorish

Mauve ― Violet-colored things

Maxi ― A woman who is considered the greatest

Maya ― Uncertain; Perhaps Mother or Great One; Illusion; Imaginative; Magical

Maybelle ― A woman who is easy to love

Maycee ― She was the God’s gift

Mayew ― She is the God’s gift

Maylis ― The mother of lilies

Mazarine ― A French color name, a deep blue color

Mazelina ― A variant of the name Mathilda, the battle mighty

Mearl ― A French name meaning Blackbird

Mechelle ― Who is like God?

Medeleine ― A woman from Magdala, or one from the high tower

Meleagrant ― The supplied grant or help, or the grant that is supplied

Meliagrant ― The supply of help, a huge or great supply

Melisande ― Germanic – Hard Worker; Greek – Honey; Bee; Strong Work; Industrious; Highborn Power; Variant of Melissa

Melusina ― A person who is naturally having skin of a dusky or dark color.

Mendie ― Hebrew – Sea of Bitterness; Rebelliousness; Wished for child; To swell; A variant form of Mendi

Merel ― Old French – Blackbird; Celtic – Sea-bright; Hebrew – Sea of Bitterness

Merille ― A bright shiny sea, Sea that is bright

Merl ― A dark birdie, a black colored bird

Merle ― The stronghold which is on the top of the peak of the sea.

Merri ― The shining of the sea.

Mia ― The person who is dearly to everyone.

Michella ― the precious talent from the most high place.

Michon ― the precious talent for the most high God.

Miciah ― the priceless gift from God.

Mielle ― Honey, sweet as honey, sugary

Mietta ― minor and sugary.

Miette ― French – Small and Sweet

Mignon ― Delicate, Graceful; French – Dainty

Mila ― A Gracious or a beautiful dear

Mimi ― Germanic – Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection; Faithful Guard; A variant form of Mary; A diminutive of Miriam

Minette ― A faithful guard, the one who defends

Minjonet ― French – Resembling the small blue flower; Petite Blue Flower

Mireille ― Hebrew – God Has Spoken; To admire; Wonderful; A variant of Mira

Mirela ― An admired person, most admirable

Mirella ― Hebrew – God Has Spoken; To admire; Wonderful; A variant of Mira

Mirette ― Hebrew – God Has Spoken; To admire; Wonderful; A variant of Mira

Miria ― The Holy virgin mother Mary

Mishavonna ― A Young archangel, a young messenger of God

Mistique ― A person full of mystery, a mystery person

Modeste ― Mehula is referred to the Rain. It is derived from Sanskrit word “Meh”.

Moi ― Having skin rich in melanin pigments.

Monalisa ― Art; Mona Lisa is a famous portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci

Monet ― A protector’s descendant

Mortimer ― A still water, motion-less water

Myrl ― Variation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the Sea

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With N

Nadeleine ― A ray of Hope

Nadelle ― Something that arise a hope within

Nadelyn ― A belief that something wanted can happen

Nadene ― The complete confidence in a person.

Nadi ― The one who is manifesting hope.

Nadine ― A trustful relationship.

Naeva ― The person who was born during sunset or dawn.

Naevia ― The person is full of life and spirit.

Narrion ― One who is a sea of sorrow; bitterness

Natacha ― The day of birth

Natalie ― The child born on Christmas day.

Natalii ― The child born on the 25th day of last month of the year.

Nathalee ― The same birthday of Christ.

Nathalie ― The date of birth of Christ.

Natividad ― Christmas day child.

Nelley ― The person who knows about the reality.

Nerilly ― Lilies of the spirit of seas

Nichole ― Vanquisher of the nation.

Nicholl ― A triumphant person

Nicolaus ― The triumphant winner

Nicolay ― The people who always win

Nicole ― The winning people.

Nicoletta ― The champions of the warriors

Nicolette ― The champ of the people.

Nicolle ― The one who is fighting for the multitude.

Nina ― The precious talent from the most high God.

Ninette ― The valuable talent from God.

Nineve ― The God’s beloved angel

Nini ― Momentary and excellent industry.

Ninon ― The one who has to be worshipped.

Niquole ― The brightness of the light.

Nirendranath ― One of the provinces in France.

Noe ― Relaxation or harmony or concord.

Noela ― Happy Christmas season.

Noella ― Happy or full of joy Christmas season.

Noelle ― Birthday of Christ Jesus.

Noemie ― Agreeableness or satisfaction.

Noleen ― Christ was born on Christmas day.

Normandy ― One of the provinces in France.

Nour ― The person who has superfluous in whole things.

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With O

Oceane ― Charm of the God. A person with a high intellectual skills.

Oceanne ― The female version of the Mohit that means infatuated person.

Octavia ― Female variant of Mohsin that means a gentle lady who help others.

Odette ― A lion in a form of human. A person who possess the furious powers of a lion

Odila ― The right path that a person should follow. Also the name of Lord Vishnu

Odile ― A person who follows the right path according to the beliefs and humanity.

Olevia ― An olive branch who represents peace

Olivia ― The one who is closer to olive tree.

Oralia ― Precious, priceless, golden jewel.

Oralie ― The light of the sun

Orane ― The sun rising up every day, light or sunlit.

Orenge ― The fruit or the color

Orlean ― Broken part of the field.

Orva ― Asset as a gold or valued as golden treasure.

Orvalee ― A person treasurable as gold

Ottaline ― One who can prosper in warfield

Outacite ― Another name for a man-killer

Ozanna ― A person who shows authority and potential

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With P

Pancha ― A free and independent person

Pansy ― A beautiful flower; the language of flower

Parrish ― A habitational name; a guardian and loyal person

Patrice ― A noble patrician being; clear sighted

Patricia ― Noble Woman

Pauie ― One who is the little one and younger being

Paule ― A humble natured person; variant of Paul

Pauline ― A variant of Paulus; a younger being

Pawla ― A compassionate and complex individual

Payne ― Rustic villager; A variation of the name Payen

Perenelle ― Feminine form of name Petronille

Peridot ― Birthstone; Yellow Green Gem; Precious Stone

Perle ― English – Pearl; Precious; A Gem Of The Sea; A variant form of Pearl

Perrine ― Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A variant of Petra; A diminutive of Perrin

Petit ― Name for a small person

Petronille ― One who is like a rock

Peyson ― Little Rock; A feminine form of Peter

Phillips ― A lover of horses; to love from the heart

Philomene ― A person who is loved and nurtured

Pierrette ― One who is similar to a rock or stone

Platt ― One who comes from the flat lands

Pleasance ― One who brings pleasure

Primeveire ― French – Primrose; Spanish – Springtime and in Latin it means born at the beginning of Spring

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With Q

Quelina ― French name for girls

Questa ― One who seeks

Quincy ― Estate of the fifth son

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With Q

Rachela ― From Hebrew name Rachel meaning ewe

Rachelle ― A lamb

Raina ― Peaceful, Queen; Strong; A derivative name from the word Rai which means Paradise

Raissa ― A thinker, she who thinks

Ranae ― One who is reborn or resurrected

Raphaelle ― She who has been healed

Raymonde ― A woman whose advices protect people

Reine ― She who is the Queen

Reinette ― One who is like a little queen

Rema ― A deeply loving and sensitive person

Remie ― A woman who is an oarsman

Remy ― A person who is an oarsman. Can also mean a remedy, cure

Renada ― A reborn woman

Renae ― A woman who is born again

Riva ― French – Shore; Bound, Riverbank; A short form of the name Rebecca

Rivera ― Habitational name for someone who lives near the River

Robbyn ― A flame that burns brightly

Rochel ― She is a rock-like woman

Rochelle ― A woman who is like a rock

Rochilda ― A beautiful stone

Roesia ― A woman who is like a rose

Romaana ― A woman who is from a Rome

Romaine ― A woman who is from Rome

Romane ― A name of the Roman woman

Romy ― A person from Rome, or can also mean Rosemary

Rosalee ― She who lives in a rose garden

Rosaleen ― She is a garden full of roses

Rosali ― Latin – Rose; A variant form of name Rosalia

Rosalie ― Latin – Rose; A variant form of name Rosalia

Rosalind ― Latin – Rose; A variant form of name Rosalia

Rosalyn ― Latin – Rose; A variant form of name Rosalia

Rosamonde ― A variation of the name Rose. It means rose.

Rose ― A beautiful flower

Roselet ― One who reselmbles a rose

Roselin ― A woman whose hair is as red as a rose

Rosella ― She who has all the beauty of a rose

Roselle ― She who posseses the roses beauty

Roselyn ― Woman with rose-red hair

Roselyne ― A woman with cheeks and lips of a rose

Rosemond ― A pure rose of protection

Roux ― A colour red, a colour of blood

Roxane ― She who shines like a dawn

Roxann ― A brightness of the dawn

Roxanna ― She who glows like a dawn

Roxanne ― A woman who shines like a dawn

Rozella ― A rose from the rose garden

Rubaline ― A gemstone of deep red colour

Rubie ― A woman who is like a ruby

Ruby ― A precious red jewel

Rusti ― A variation of Rusty, means a person with a red head

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With S

Sacha ― The defender an helper of men

Salome ― She who gives peace

Sara ― Princess

Sarah ― Princess

Sasha ― A helper and defender of mankind

Satine ― One who is smooth and shiny

Saverine ― She who is stern

Savon ― Soap maker

Selena ― Moon goddess

Seychelle ― The beautiful shells of the sea

Shanelle ― Channel

Shannel ― One who lives near a channel

Shannelle ― One who comes from the channel

Shantal ― A woman made of stone

Shante ― Stony place

Shantel ― Stony place

Shantell ― Stony place

Shantelle ― A woman who is like a stone

Shanton ― A woman who sings

Sharalyn ― A very dear woman

Sharita ― A dear person who is beloved by all

Sherece ― French name meaning cherry

Sheree ― She who is very dear, darling

Shereena ― A dear woman

Sherelle ― A beloved woman

Sheril ― Darling woman

Sherita ― One who is the dearest

Sherrey ― A darling girl

Sherrica ― French name meaning cherry

Sheryl ― Dear one

Shonda ― A woman who is like a stone

Shontelle ― She who builds with stones

Silvie ― Variation of Sylvia which means From the forest

Simone ― One who is heard. A French and English girl name, while its used as a male name in Italy

Simonne ― One who listens well

Sinclaire ― A name of a prayer, one who prays

Sindhi ― One who is like a little cinders

Soazig ― One who comes from France

Sofia ― Means wisdom in Greek. A wise woman

Sojourner ― One who stays for a while

Solange ― She who is a religious woman

Soleine ― A woman with solemnity

Solene ― With Solemnity

Soleste ― A woman who is heavenly

Sollemnia ― One who is very religious

Sophia ― She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom

Sophie ― She is wise and clever

Spencer ― Dispenser of provisions

Stella ― Star of the sea

Susette ― One who is like lily or a rose

Suzane ― She who is like a flower, a lily or a rose

Suzanne ― Derived from the Hebrew Soshana means lily, a water plant

Suzette ― One who is like a little rose or a little lily

Suzonne ― A lady who is like a rose

Sydnea ― A person from a wide island

Sylvana ― A lady of the woods

Sylvanna ― A damsel of the woods

Sylvie ― A lady of the forest

Sylvina ― A dame of the forest

Symone ― She who is listening

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With T

Tailer ― A form of Taylor

Taiya ― A gift from the river

Taliana ― Goddess of beauty

Tallis ― Woodland

Talyse ― She who is a forest woman

Tatienne ― French variation of the name Tatiana, means fairy queen

Tayelor ― An occupational name for a tailor

Taylor ― Tailor or To cut

Taylyr ― A cutter; occupational name for a tailor

Tempeste ― One who is turbulent

Therese ― Harvester

Thurrieua ― She who loves thunder

Tierce ― Third or one who owned a third part, a falcon

Tilda ― the strength or power in battle

Toulouse ― One who belongs to the city Tolosa

Tracia ― Who has come from the land of Thracius

Traice ― One who is from thracia

Trais ― The numeric Three

Travis ― To cross over

Trayce ― One who is from the Thricius

Tre ― The third-born child

Triamour ― One who loves three times

Trinette ― A very little innocent child

Trinique ― A pure or unique person

Troy ― Son of a foot-soldier

Tulip ― Resembles as tulip floret.

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With V

Valentin ― Strength or Health

Valerie ― A woman who is brave and valiant.

Valery ― Strength or Health

Vanity ― Inflated in pride

Victoria ― Victory, conquer

Vivienne ― Life

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With W

Wallace ― A Welshman or A Celt

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With Y

Yasmine ― Jasmine flower

Yolanthe ― Strong

Yvette ― A skilled archer

Yvonne ― Feminine of Ives, meaning archer’s bow.

French Girl Names And Meanings Starting With Z

Zara ― Princess or To Blossom

Zoe ― Life

Zola ― Earth or Ball of Earth

Zuri ― Good or Beautiful

French Names For Baby Girls With Meanings