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French Male Names Starting With A

Abdou ― Great ability to focus on each work; variant of name Abdo

Abel ― Usually it means vanity or breath or tansistory

Abelino ― Means unsure pet form of Avila

Abi ― (Hebrew) Father, (Turkish) Elder Brother, French (Priest)

Achille ― Old Greek – Pain; Lipless; Variant of Achilles

Achraf ― Most Honorable One; A variant of Ashraf

Adam ― Man, earth

Adami ― My Man; Red; Earthy; Human

Adamo ― Son of Red Earth; First man to come to life

Adamson ― Son of Adam; A derivative from Adam

Adde ― Noble; Kind; Wise; Polite

Addi ― A Variant of Adde; Noble; Nobility

Adrianna ― From harida

Agathon ― A Greek name that means Good

Aicha ― Life

Aimeeloved ― Loved

Alard ― German – Noble Strength; A variant of name Abelard , Ellard

Alfric ― Elf King; A Variant of name Aelfric

Alfrid ― Wise Counselor; Old English : Elf Counsel ; A variant of name Alfred

Alger ― Old English: Elf Spear; French: Moustachioed; A variant name is Algar

Alisen ― variant form Alizon

Alma ― Soul

Almund ― Noble Protection; Defender of the Temple

Alnoth ― Noble; Bold; Daring; A variant of the name Aethelnoth

Alois ― German – Famous Warrior; A variant of name Aloys

Aloisio ― German – Fame, Loud; Fighter, Warrior; A derivative from name Aloysius , Louis

Aloys ― A famous warrior, a quick thinker and a very warm hearted individual

Aloysisus ― German – Fame and War French – Famous Warrior; Latinised form of the name Louis

Aloysius ― A strong and famous warrior with a conservative and reliable beings.

Alpine ― Latin – White; Blond; Fair One; A derivative of name Alpin

Aluin ― English: Noble, Wise Friend; A derivative of name Alwin

Alvia ― “Noble war”; their sensitive, friendly, creative and intuitive nature attracts people

Amelot ― Arthur’s Castle

Andrae ― A mighty, manly and hard working defender

Anna ― Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God

Antoine ― Latin – Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony

Apostol ― A pious and serious man

Aramis ― Name of one of the Three Musketeers; A variant name is Airamis

Archard ― French – Powerful; A variant of name Archird

Archer ― An English bowman usually a surname

Archerd ― French – Powerful; A variant of name Archird

Armand ― Army person, soldier who is very brave and powerful

Artagnan ― Name of one of the Three Musketeers; It means leader

Astin ― A strong leader who is trustworthy

Auberi ― Rule of an Elf; powerful and kind hearted

Aubertin ― French name derived from Aubert

Aubery ― A blond ruler

Aubray ― Ruler of the alves

Aubrey ― A blond and a elf ruler

Audra ― Nobility and strength in a person

Audric ― Germanic – Old and Powerful Ruler; A variant name from Aldrich

Auger ― Name derived from the French personal Alger

Aurelianus ― A golden and gilded person; shiny haired

Austin ― One who has a magic dignity; great person

Avent ― One who is born during advent

Avere ― They are the best counsel and a wise judge

Avignon ― Name of a place; the one who who came from France

Awtry ― A man of noble strength

Ayer ― The one who is the heir

Ayers ― Community name

French Male Names Starting With B

Bail ― One who has lived by the outer wall of a castle

Baines ― The son of Einws

Baltasar ― The name means ‘ Protected by God.’

Baltazar ― The name is a version of baltasar.

Balthazar ― The name is a version of baltasar.

Balzac ― It is the name of a French writer.

Banner ― A colonial origin, Banner meaning ‘Flag’

Baptiste ― Baptizer

Barbaros ― Bravo; Fierce

Bard ― Poet; Minstrel; A Singer-poet; One who Sings Ballads

Barden ― Lives Near the Boar’s Den; Boar’s Den

Bardene ― From the Boar Valley

Bardolph ― Axe-wolf

Bardon ― Minstrel; Singer-poet; Barley Valley

Bardot ― French Surname

Barhloew ― Lives on the Bare Hill

Barnabe ― Son of Prophecy

Barnett ― Leader; From the Land That was Burned; Noble Man

Barnum ― From the Nobleman’s Home

Barrak ― Flash of Lightning

Barre ― Gateway; French – Pole; one who made such objects, one who worked in Bar at a toll house

Barrick ― Grain Farm, A barley farm

Barrie ― Lives at the Barrier; Fair-haired; From the Land That was Burned; Sharp; Pointed; Bear-strength

Barrymore ― Pointed Object

Barthelemy ― Farmer’s Son

Barthram ― Illustrious; Glorious Raven

Bartleah ― From Bart’s Meadow

Bartlomiej ― Son of Talmai; Farmer’s Son

Bartolome ― Ploughman; Farmer’s Son

Bartram ― Glorious Raven; Bright Raven

Barwolf ― Ax Wolf

Basilios ― Royal

Basse ― Wild boar

Bastien ― Respected, well-regarded

Baudelaire ― French surname, meaning a short sword

Baudet ― The joyful one

Baudry ― One who is bold and powerful

Bayard ― With Red-Brown Hair

Bayley ― Steward

Bear ― Courageous, brave, daring

Beatus ― Blessed; Happy

Beau ― Beautiful, Handsome

Beaudean ― A Shelter, protection, cover

Beaudouin ― French form of Baldwin meaning a brave friend

Beaumont ― Beautiful Mountain

Beauregard ― Beautiful, Handsome

Beaw ― A beautiful one

Beceere ― Lives by the Beech Tree

Bede ― Prayer; Name of a Historian

Beecher ― Lives by the Beech Tree; Place Name

Beldan ― Lives in the Beautiful Glen

Beldane ― Lives in the Beautiful Valley

Belden ― From The Fair Valley

Belial ― Wicked; Worthless

Bellamy ― Bellamy is Good Friend

Bellinor ― Beautiful and dark person

Belmont ― From a beautiful hill

Belot ― A name of a card game

Beman ― French – Lovely Hill; A variant of name Beeman

Bemelle ― Strong as a Bear

Benaiah ― Son of the Lord

Benard ― From Bernard

Benedictus ― Blessed; Happy, enjoying happiness; specifically : enjoying the bliss of heaven

Benett ― Blessed

Beni ― Plait of Hair; Blessed

Benjie ― Diminutive of Benjamin; Right-hand Son; Son of the Right Hand

Benjiman ― Son of the Right Hand

Benn ― Born of the Right Hand; Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict; Son

Benoit ― Form Of Benedict

Bensen ― Ben’s Son; Surname; Be Diligent

Beomann ― Beekeeper

Beore ― Birch Tree

Beretun ― From the Barley Farm

Berford ― From the Barley Ford

Berge ― To Help

Berkeley ― From the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches Grow

Berkley ― From the Birch Tree Meadow; Place Name; Where Birches Grow

Berle ― A water parsnip

Bernad ― Strong and Brave as a Bear

Bernal ― Strong Bear

Bernard ― Bold As A Bear

Bernardin ― Brave

Bernardino ― Brave; Brave as a Bear

Bernd ― Brave Like a Bear

Bernhardus ― Brave Like a Bear

Bernon ― Brave as a Bear

Bernt ― Hill; Mount; Brave Like a Bear

Berny ― Derived From Bernard

Berton ― From the Fortified Town; Place Name; Bright Settlement; Glorious Ruler; Bright Raven

Berwyk ― From the Barley Grange

Beven ― Youthful; Son of Evan

Bevon ― Evan’s Son

Bijou ― Jewel

Bille ― Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection

Birde ― Bird

Biren ― From the place of sheds

Birkett ― Lives at the Birch Headland

Birkey ― From the Birch Tree Island

Biron ― Surname Used as a Given Name; Place Name; Barn for Cows

Birtel ― From the Bird Hill

Biuon ― One who has good fortune and good heart

Blaed ― Wealthy Glory

Blakey ― Dark Complexioned; Blond

Blanchard ― White or fair

Blanco ― Blond; Fair; White

Blanford ― From the Gray Ford; Gray Man’s Ford

Blayne ― Slender; Thin; Variant of Blaine

Bleu ― The color blue

Bogart ― One who is a strong bowman

Bon ― A good person, one who acts in a good manner

Bonamy ― She who is good firend

Boone ― A good person who is blessed

Boyce ― one who lives next to the woods

Bray ― Border, or hillside

Briek ― The elf ruler

Brissen ― A clumsy person who breaks things

Brown ― Brown; Colour Name; Russet-complected

Brunel ― A small brown person

Brycen ― A speckled man’s son

Bucge ― One with a large mouth

Buiron ― One who comes from the cottage

Bunyan ― A swelling man

Burdett ― One who is like a little bird

Burdo ― Pilgrim, carrying a pilgrim’s staff

Burgundy ― A name of the region in France. Also, a specific shade of purple

Burke ― He came from the fortress

Burket ― One who is from the birch stronghold

Burkett ― One who is from the little stronghold

Byran ― He comes from the cottage

French Male Names Starting With C

Cab ― One who makes ropes

Cabail ― A man who makes ropes

Cabot ― One who loves to sail

Cabott ― A man who is a sailor

Candido ― He glows white

Cannan ― He is an official of the Church

Cannon ― A man who is a Churches official

Canon ― An administrator of the Church

Carel ― He who is very strong

Carolos ― He is powerful, strong one

Carolus ― A strong champion

Carvel ― One who lives in the swamp

Carvell ― One who is from the swamp

Carville ― one who comes from the swampy dwelling

Cecile ― He who is blind

Celeste ― A usual name meaning a heavenly body

Celestina ― A heavenly or a celestial individual

Celestine ― Based on Caelestis; a heavenly person

Cerne ― The dark complexion one

Cezanne ― Name of an artist seeking freedom

Chance ― The one who has good fortune

Chanceller ― The one having good luck

Chancellor ― A gamble; fortunate

Chandell ― A candle

Chandelle ― Everlasting candle

Chandler ― A candle-maker and seller

Chandley ― A candle seller

Chane ― The oe having a strong Oak-heart

Chaney ― An Oak Plant

Chauncy ― Based on a name of a place in France; fortune

Chayce ― A huntsman

Cheney ― Growing from the Oak grove

Chesare ― French variation of Ceaser

Chevalier ― One who rides a horse

Chevelier ― Man riding a horse

Chevis ― A thick bodied Fish

Chevy ― A Horseman

Cheyne ― The hard, Oak hearted one

Christofor ― One who has Christ within

Christophe ― Bearing Christ, the son of God

Chuckie ― A free man; a commoner who is free of any forceful dominancy from the state

Cirroc ― Top of the summit; peak of the mountain or hill

Clair ― One who is clear, bright, shiny; one who is famous

Claudin ― Name of a French king’s son, Claudas

Clovis ― Derived from the name of a French king

Cloyd ― One who works with hammers and nails

Coeur ― The most vital organ of the human body; the heart

Colyn ― The triumph of the people; a young Boy who leads to the triumph of the people

Conuoge ― One who is an united man

Corby ― A young, new born crow, that is a few weeks old

Corbyn ― One whose hair is as black as the bird raven’s colour

Corentin ― A hurricane; a violent storm or tornado

Cornett ― Horn or horn blower; refers to the one who blows horns

Corvin ― One whose hair is like a Raven’s

Coty ― Helpful; Shield; Protective individual

Courtenay ― Literally means “From the court”; When translated into French, it refers to “Short nosed”; From Courtenay in Northern France.

Courteney ― Short nosed; Domain of Curtuis

Coyne ― Humble; Down to earth; Reticent

Creasy ― Graceful; Pleasant; Kind

Crescens ― To get bigger, Develop; Sprout

Crescent ― A variant of Crescens, it is now considered a nature name referring to the phase of the moon; Derived from the Latin word “Crescere”

Cristobal ― Derived from the name “Christ” and the French suffix “bal” meaning “to dance” which implies ‘Dance of Christ’; also implies to someone who holds Christ in their heart.

Cuss ― Harsh term

French Male Names Starting With D

Damiana ― The one who tames

Danrelle ― New and fresh

Dantin ― Name of a place; habitational

Danton ― Love from God

Darel ― One from the Airelle; Lovely

Darell ― Word for huckleberry; beloved

Dariel ― Wide open

Darl ― Beloved person

Darral ― Open one

Darrell ― A good and steady worker

Darren ― Strong as an Oak tree

Darryll ― Open minded

Dartagnan ― A created name

Darvell ― Town where Eagles live

Daryl ― One which is open

Dash ― One from Chiel

Davignon ― Dearly loved person

Dawid ― Greatest king of Israel; beloved

Dax ― Name of a town in France; water

Degare ― A lost one; stray

Dejah ― A fun loving person; pleasant one

Del ― The one who is of the valley

Delaine ― A growing individual; Alder tree

Delancey ― A creative and unique individual

Delancy ― One who grows out of Elder grove

Delane ― A tall and handsome being; Elder tree

Delaynie ― A dark challenger from the woods

Delmas ― Person who lives in isolation

Delmer ― One who resides near a sea

Delroy ― One who is born of the King

Demont ― One who is filled with desires; mountain

Denard ― Short form of Bernard; creative being

Dennes ― One who is nourishing individual

Dennet ― A loving an famous saint

Denver ― Name of a state in Colorado

Deonte ― A traveller who has a outstanding personality

Deor ― A beloved baby; golden one

Diandre ― A blend of Dion and Andre; heavenly flower

Didier ― One who has a desire or longing

Dietbold ― Bold and brave one

Dilan ― One who is near the sea; healthy

Dior ― Golden; one who has a open heart

Dmonte ― A person who is expressive, determined, diplomatic and of refined nature.

Do ― A person who is independent, confident and has qualities like a leader.

Domenique ― It means someone who is unique and special

Donatien ― Present; a beautiful gift

Douger ― A capable and mature person

Dougray ― A well behaved person

Dozier ― A willow tree; one who lives in a plantation; basket maker

Drazik ― A serious and level headed person

Dru ― Warrior; Wise; A person who is loved by all.

Duralabh ― An enduring and compassionate person

Duran ― A firm and enduring human being

Duranjaya ― They are enduring and long lasting

Dureau ― Strong, determined and stubborn

Duval ― Who comes from the valley

French Male Names Starting With E

Ed ― A prosperous or wealthy guard and provides protection

Eddie ― One who is rich in friendship; wealthy protector

Eduard ― Guardian of riches; one who spends

Eduuard ― Prosperous guardian; a perfect companion

El ― Derived from Eleanor

Elldrich ― An aged and wise ruler; Sage

Eloi ― The one who has a restless and brave spirit

Elois ― A brave and famous warrior

Eloy ― A chosen one who is a French Saint

Emanual ― this name means lord almighty be with us.

Emanuel ― this name means god is with us.

Emeril ― a powerful leader is often denoted by this name.

Emile ― it means excellence.

Emps ― derived from the word emperor this name means a commander.

Erek ― a French word which means always mighty.

Erembourc ― a French mythological character who rides shadows.

Esmae ― French word meaning respected.

Esmay ― esteemed or to love.

Esme ― a French word for esteem.

Esperance ― hope.

Esperaunce ― to dream or to hope.

Esprit ― a French word meaning spirit.

Estienne ― a French word meaning star or crowned.

Ethan ― strong or gift of the island.

Etienne ― it means crown.

Etrit ― a bright sparkling radiant star.

Eudes ― the name of a French saint.

Eugenie ― novalty or high born individual.

French Male Names Starting With F

Faber ― An occupational name, for a person who is a smith

Fabien ― He who grows beans for a living

Fabion ― A bean growing Boy

Fabrice ― A crafty man who works with his hands

Fabyen ― A man who is a bean farmer

Faron ― One who is like a ferret

Ferdinand ― A daring and brave journey

Ferrand ― A man of grey hair

Fidele ― A faithful person

Fleur ― An old French word for ‘flower’

Florent ― It means to be ‘in a flower form’

Fontaine ― It represents a fountain or jet spring

Forest ― It literally translates to woodlands, i.e. areas thickly covered with green trees

Forester ― The name refers to a forest or woodland-ranger

Francois ― It refers to a person with French descent

French Male Names Starting With G

Gabriel ― God is my strength

Gabriell ― Heroine of God

Gais ― The one who is pleased and cheerful.

Galant ― A dashing, cheerful and courageous person

Galfrid ― The concord of God.

Garen ― French – Guardian; Guards; Son of Gary; A Spearman; A variant of Garron

Garion ― A form or similar to Garry

Garllan ― Refers to filled with flowers and floras.

Garnell ― The one who keeps a part of his surname as his name.

Garrin ― Meaning similar to Garry

Gaspard ― French from of Jasper (Rich in wealth)

Gaston ― Refers to a visitor or outsider.

Gaultier ― French – Ruler of the army; People of Power; Army of Power; Strong Ruler; A derivative name is Gault

Gauthier ― Head of the armed forces.

Gaylord ― The person who is much concerned with his dress and appearance.

Genilles ― One who is having moral and well mannered behaviours.

Geoffroy ― Refers to rest and peace that were provided by God.

Georgette ― The person who works with soil, seeds and plants.

Geraud ― Form of Gerard (spear brave and strong)

Gerrard ― One who is mighty with a spear

Gervais ― Refers to the supremacy of the spear.

Gervaise ― Person who is working for spear.

Gerwazy ― Teutonic – Warrior; Old French – Spear; A variant form of Gervaise.

Ghislain ― One who is a hostage, a pledged one

Gibbon ― Gibbon is a male name with both French and Irish origins. In French the name means Friend with a Gift.

Gifferd ― The meaning of the name Gifferd is Plump-faced. It originates from Old French and is a masculine, Boy name.

Gilberd ― Gilberd is a variation of the name Gilbert and means Bright Pledge, Shining Pledge. It is a male name of French and Germanic origin.

Gilbert ― Gilbert means Shining Pledge or Bright Pledge. It is a male name of French and Germanic origins that is also used as a surname.

Gill ― Gill is a male name of French origins. Gill means Joy, Gladness.

Gille ― Gille is a male name of French and Gaelic origins and means Youthful, Young.

Gillespie ― Gillespie is a male name. It means the Bishop’s servant and comes from Gaelic origin.

Gillis ― Gillis is a Duch verion of the French name Giles. Means Vow, Hostage.

Godelot ― a person who loves to be in peace, a peace of god

Gouen ― Gouen is a surname which is normally used in French or Scottish family.

Grainger ― They are quick and clever minded. They are low tempered and low patient personality.

Grandin ― They are independent, friendly and easily approachable. They are always happy to keep happiness for others.

Grenier ― They have independent, positive and determined personality. They love to serve humanity.

Guarin ― Guarin is a strictfull personality with impatient of rather forceful character.

Guatimozin ― Guatimozin is a variation of Cuauhtemotzin.

Gudval ― They love to systamized things like science,math and computer.They love eating and feeling pleasuer in traveling.

Gui ― Gomati are self-centered and dominated persons. They are blunt and preffered to work and live alone.

Guillaume ― A fearless defender who can do anything to protect his beloved.

Guillelmus ― A fearless defender who can do anything to protect his beloved.

Guillem ― A fearless defender who can do anything to protect his beloved.

Gustav ― Gustav means the royal staff or the servants of king,

Gustave ― Gustave means the royal staff or the servants of king,

Gustavo ― Gustavo means the royal staff or the servants of king,

Gustavus ― Gustavus means the royal staff or the servants of king,

Gustaw ― Gustaw means the royal staff or the servants of king,

Gusztav ― Gusztav means the royal staff or the servants of king,

Guthlac ― Guthlic was the name of an ancient saint of Christianity.

Guzman ― Guz means god and man means a person o man, Guzman means the man of god.

French Male Names Starting With H

Harbin ― Celebrated soldier, Glorious warrior

Harcourt ― From the fortified farm, One of the King’s party (Shakespearean)

Harland ― Meadow of the hares

Harlequin ― Mute Pantomime Clown

Harvey ― Warrior, soldier

Haye ― hedge

Henri ― Ruler of an enclosure

Heresa ― Catch or take something; to harvest

Hmidou ― A French male name of lost meaning

Holly ― Plant With Red Berries

Hugo ― intelligence

Hugues ― Germanic – Heart; Mind; Spirit; A variant of name Hugh

French Male Names Starting With J

Jacinth ― One who grows hyacinth flowers

Jacque ― He might be under God’s protection

Jade ― Hebrew – Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone; A pet form of name Jadon

Janvier ― One who is born in January

Jean-baptiste ― John the Baptist

Jean-charles ― God is merciful; God is Gracious

Jean-luc ― Person comes from Lucania or God is full of mercy.

Jean-pierre ― God is merciful; God is Gracious

Jerome ― Old Greek – Sacred Name; One who bears a holy name

Jesper ― Jasperstone a nourishing, warm and protective stone

Jonatha ― they are very moody and have best skills of communication. They easily encourage and motivate others with their speaking skills.

Joseph ― Hebrew – Yahweh will add; God will Multiply; Derived from the element ‘yacaph’ meaning to add, to increase

Josse ― Lord

Jourdaine ― They are inventive, creative and reflective people. Such people maintain the balance in their life.

Jourdon ― Jourdon are courageous, honest, creative, innovative and brilliant persons. They have leadership qualities.

Journee ― Journee are benevolent and creative. They are always looking for the opportunities to show their abilities.

Journey ― Journey are benevolent and creative. They are always looking for the opportunities to show their abilities.

Jovan ― They are sensitive, refined and intelligent persons. They enjoy their life and keep happy others.

Juibert ― A variation of the name “Joubert”.

Jules ― the word means youthful. They are calm, simple and have a fun side. They are easy to understand.

Juneau ― Juneau means Young in French

Jupiter ― Light; Deity; Father; The name was borne in Roman mythology by Jupiter, the supreme god

French Male Names Starting With K

Kaarle ― Kaarle means Strong

Kaarlo ― The name means The Strong One

Kalle ― Kalle name means Strong and Manly

Kalman ― Kalman means Strong and Masculine

Karcsi ― Karcsi means Strong and Masculine Man

Karel ― Karel name means Strong, Manly, Masculine

Kari ― As a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic, or Nordic Free Woman. Male version of the name means Strong in French and Tremendous in Scandinavian

Karlens ― Karlens means Strong and Masculine

Karlis ― Karlis means Strong and Masculine

Korbin ― Korbin means Bird Raven

Korbyn ― Korbyn name means Raven

Kota ― Kota means River Bank

French Male Names Starting With L

Lac ― Lac comes from a town name in Normandy

Lafayette ― Lafayette means Faith

Lamar ― Belonging to the sea

Lamarr ― From the French word “la mer” that means the Sea

Lancelin ― The one who serves, servant

Landaine ― A long hill or a ridge, refers to London

Landis ― People from the green plains

Landrey ― He who is a powerful ruler

Landy ― Ruler with great power

Lanfranc ― A speaker, who speaks wisely

Langley ― Englishman, man who comes from England

Lanier ― Occupational name, whool worker

Lannie ― Legendary Lands, the name is an abbreviation of the French Hero Roland

Lanny ― The Lands that are Legendary and Famous

Laron ― The one who steals, a thief

Larue ― One with a flaming-red hair

Lasalle ― A large entrance hall, a foayer

Lasonne ― A place name from La Sonne in France

Laurent ― From the place with laurel trees

Laurentin ― Place where laurels grow

Laurtne ― He who came from the place with Laurel trees

Laver ― An action of cleaning, washing something

Lavern ― A land of trees, Woodland

Leandre ― The one than is like a Lion

Leavold ― Songs of the Vire Valley

Lebeau ― The handsome one, beautiful Boy

Leeroy ― French name meaning The King

Lemar ― From French word meaning the Sea

Lemarr ― He who belongs to The Sea

Lenard ― He who has the Blood of the Lion

Lennard ― Bold like a lion

Leo ― Latin word meaning lion

Leocadie ― French version of the name Leonard, means lion

Leodegrance ― French version of the name meaning lion

Leonce ― French name meaning Lion

Leonidem ― The one who has the qualities of a Lion

Leroi ― He who is a ruler of people, a King

Leron ― To go in circle, to go around and around

Leroy ― A royal, monarchial one who rules others

Lestat ― Estate, status, a name of the character in a novel Vampire Chronicles

Leuit ― French name for place holder

Lever ― French name for hare

Leverett ― Little young rabbit

Lewes ― Famous warrior, the one who has fame in the battle

Liam ― A worrior of strong will

Lional ― Little,young lion

Lionet ― Young or small lion

Lisle ― One who is from the island

Loan ― A light that is goos

Loic ― Warrior of great fame

Lonell ― A lion cub

Lothair ― The one who fights, fame in battle

Lothaire ― Famous army

Lou ― French name for famous soldier, good warrior

Louie ― From French name Louis meaning Knight, warrior

Louis ― French name meaning Great knight, brave warrior

Louvain ― Place name, town in Belgium

Lovel ― One who is like a young wolf

Lovell ― A wolf cub

Lovett ― A person who has the qualities of a young wolf

Luc ― From Lucania, a region in South Italy

Lucas ― One who gives light

Lucho ― Warrior of great fame

Ludovic ― Famous warrior

Lueis ― A renowned fighter

Luno ― One who stares at the Moon

Lusian ― Bretons form of Lucian, meaning light

Lyale ― Name from French word for island

Lyonell ― One who is compared to a lion

French Male Names Starting With M

Macee ― French name describing a weapon

Maelle ― A chief or a prince

Maine ― French word for mainland

Maines ― One from the new land

Maisan ― Old French – Mason; Stoneworker; A variant of Maison

Maisun ― Old French – Mason; Stoneworker; A variant of Maison

Mallon ― One who is very pleasant

Mallorie ― Old French – Unhappy; Unlucky; It is a spelling variant of Mallory

Mallot ― It is a variant of Mallot; noble and simple

Malory ― Old French – Unhappy; Unlucky; It is a spelling variant of Mallory

Mansel ― From the Manse; Habitational name from France; Inhabitant of Le Mans

Mansell ― From the Manse; Habitational name from France; Inhabitant of Le Mans

Marcel ― A person who is strong as a hammer

Marcelino ― A Boy warrior

Marchello ― He is like a warrior

Margo ― Pearl; Nice Girl with Big Eyes; Diminutive of Margaret

Margor ― A French name for pearl

Marlon ― A small falcon

Marque ― He who is like Mars the God of the War

Marquel ― A warlike person, one who is like the Mars

Marquette ― Land Owner; A French habitational name

Marquis ― A nobleman title

Marschall ― One who takes care of the horses

Marshal ― A steward, a man who takes care of the horses

Marshall ― A person who is a horse caretaker or a steward

Marshel ― A servant who takes care of the horses

Maslyn ― A petite, little twin

Massey ― A variant of Massa; A Burden; Prophecy; A French habitational Place name

Massin ― He works with the stone

Masson ― He is a stone worker

Masyn ― A person who is mason, a stone worker

Matheu ― A gift of God

Matiese ― Matthew; one who is the gift of God

Matthieu ― French name for gift of God

Mattieu ― French name for gift of God

Mauger ― A spear

Maurice ― French name describing something dark

Maurin ― One who has dark hair

Mayhew ― A Boy who was the Gif of God

Maysen ― A French occupational name, stone worker

Meledisant ― A saint who serves Jesus, a servant Saint

Mercier ― Merchandise, a merchant, a trader who deals in textile

Meryle ― Old French – Black Bird; Combination of Mary and Louise; a variant of the name Merle

Michel ― Messenger of God.

Michon ― the precious talent for the most high God.

Milot ― A boastful soldier, a proud one

Mississippi ― A great river, A huge river, the father of water

Moise ― A person who is naturally having skin of a dusky or dark color.

Montague ― The pointed end of the mountain

Montel ― Little mountain; Royal Mountain; A variant of Montreal

Montgomerie ― Gomeric’s Hill; Hill of the powerful one; From the Mount of the Rich Man; A variant of name Montgomery

Montreal ― Imperial mountain; Royal Mountain; Hill; Little Mountain; A variant form is Montel

Mort ― A variant form of Morton; From the Town Near the Moor; Dead Sea

Morte ― French word for dead.

Mortimer ― A still water, motion-less water

Morty ― A variant form of Morton; From the Town Near the Moor; Dead Sea

Mory ― Mory is derived from the French word for mulberry tree.

Myrl ― Variation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the Sea

French Male Names Starting With N

Natale ― Who was born on Jesus Christ’s birthday.

Nathley ― The birth-day of Jesus

Navarre ― The land of plains, a plain-land

Nellee ― The ultimate fact, extraordinary.

Nichol ― The one who holds the winner title on behalf of his people.

Niles ― The one who is very much attractive in talking.

Nirish ― A warden or custodian.

Nirmaljeev ― Living in the town which is situated in the northern part.

Nirmaljot ― Town that is situated in the north range.

Nirvikara ― Child was delivered on Christmas period.

Noe ― Relaxation or harmony or concord.

Noel ― The festival season of the year, Christmas.

Nohl ― Christmas eve, celebration of Christmas

Norris ― A warden or custodian.

Norval ― Living in the town which is situated in the northern part.

Norville ― Town that is situated in the north range.

Nowel ― Child was delivered on Christmas period.

French Male Names Starting With O

Oates ― Combination of words “Mohan” and “Meet” that together means the charming love or charming friend.

Octave ― Gentleman, one who helps or aids others, humanitarian

Odil ― The man who is always on the right path.

Olever ― The olive tree of the branch of olive represent peace

Olivier ― Olive tree caretaker.

Ordric ― An aged or wise ruler

Orleans ― Make wrinkled or creased.

Ormondo ― The brightness of the light.

Orrie ― Addressing from the angle.

Orry ― The cub of the bear.

Orval ― A town of Gold

Orvale ― A own full of gold

Orvel ― The golden shining person

Orville ― The town or city which is filled by golden treasuries.

Otave ― A person who is born on the eighth

Othon ― A fortunate as well as wealthy personality

Ottewell ― The prosperous son of Otewel

Outacite ― Another name for a man-killer

French Male Names Starting With P

Pace ― One who has a peaceful nature

Packard ― French – From Picardy, France; A variant of Picard

Padgett ― One who attends a noble person’s house

Paget ― A person who is like an attendant; is appreciated

Paladin ― A heroic champion; they are like knight

Paris ― Handsome prince from Troy

Parke ― Old French – Park Keeper; Of the Forest;

Parnell ― One who is appreciated and lovable

Parrish ― A habitational name; a guardian and loyal person

Parsifal ― Pierce the Valley; A variant of Percival

Pascale ― One who is born on pass over

Paschal ― One who is born on the day of Easter

Paschall ― It is the variant of Pascal

Paskal ― A variant of Pascal, meaning one born during Easter.

Pasquale ― Variant of French name Pascal; Derived from the Latin Paschalis meaning relating to Easter; Born on Passover Day

Patraic ― Aristocrat; name given to a saint

Patrice ― A noble patrician being; clear sighted

Patricio ― Name given to a patrician and a nobleman

Patrik ― A noble patrician; who is sensitive

Paulesh ― A variant of Paul; energetic and humble

Paulette ― The one with idealistic nature; helping nature

Pepin ― One who is awe inspiring; to tremble

Percard ― It is a historical area of France

Percival ― Name of a Knight; from the valley

Percivale ― The one who pierces the valley

Percy ― One who pierces the valley

Perkin ― Name given to the son of Perkin

Perkins ― One who is the son of Perkin

Perkinson ― The name given to son of Perkin

Perkyn ― Name for little Peter or a little stone

Perren ― One who relies on the personal experience

Perrin ― One who likes to travel; a rock

Philibert ― A friend and a passionate lover

Philip ― A great person who is the lover of horses

Philipa ― A horse’s friend and a lover

Philippa ― A lover and friend of horses

Philippe ― One who is the lover and friend of horses

Phillbert ― A very bright and famous friend

Phillipe ― One who is fond of horses

Piercy ― A variant of Percy; tough as a soldier

Pierse ― One who is very strong; a rock

Pierson ― Another form of Peter; a friendly and compassionate person

Pilot ― French – An excellent Man; A derivative of the name Pillion

Platt ― One who comes from the flat lands

Porter ― One who guards the gates

Prewitt ― The brave and courageous little one

Pryor ― One who is the head of the priory

Purdy ― Recluse; A nickname for someone who made frequent use of the oath

Purves ― Occupational name for one who obtains supplies for a monastery or manor house

Purvis ― One who obtains supplies for the manor house or the monastery

Purviss ― One who provides food for the manastery or the house

French Male Names Starting With Q

Quincy ― Estate of the fifth son

Quint ― Surname meaning fifth

Quintrell ― French surname, means fifth

French Male Names Starting With R

Rabbie ― A bright flame

Ragener ― Ward of the forest

Rahoul ― A wolf counsel

Raimond ― One who guards wisely

Raimundo ― A smart guide

Ranger ― Guardian of the forest

Ranier ― A mighty advice giver

Rao ― One who is auspicious

Raphael ― God is a healer

Raydell ― One who behaves kingly

Raymund ― One who is a wise protector of men

Raynell ― One who is a strong counselor

Reimundo ― A right hand of the ruler, his advisor

Rema ― A deeply loving and sensitive person

Remi ― Person who is an oarsman, a rower

Remy ― A person who is an oarsman. Can also mean a remedy, cure

Renaud ― One who rules with advice

Renault ― A very wise man who advices the ruler

Rene ― A reborn person

Renee ― Latin – Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name Rene

Renell ― A Boy who was born again

Renne ― One who rises again

Rennie ― One who will rise again

Reve ― A man who is like a dream

Reynard ― A powerful counselor

Reynaud ― A ruling counselor

Rhone ― Habitational name for someone from Rhonne in Savoy

Richer ― A man of great power and wealth

Rimiggiu ― Sicilian form of Remy, meaning oarsman.

Rivera ― Habitational name for someone who lives near the River

Roche ― One who is like a rock

Rochildis ― A pretty rock

Rodel ― A legendary, acclaimed King

Rodolph ― One who is known as a famous wolf

Roi ― He who is a King

Romain ― A Roman man

Romy ― A person from Rome, or can also mean Rosemary

Rosaire ― A rosary, a garden of roses

Rossignol ― One who is like a nightingale

Rousel ― Little red one

Rousseau ― A man of red hair

Ruff ― A French red haired man

Ruffin ― A man of red hair and skin

Rule ― French – Famous Wolf; A variant of the name Ruelle.

Rusti ― A variation of Rusty, means a person with a red head

French Male Names Starting With S

Saber ― French word for sword

Sacha ― The defender an helper of men

Sacheverell ― A place name, mostly used as a surname

Salazar ― Surname, meaning old hall

Salinger ― A saint leger

Sarjant ― A military attendant

Sasha ― A helper and defender of mankind

Satin ― Real

Savon ― Soap maker

Savoy ― Kingdom in France

Searle ― Armor

Searlus ― Manly

Seignour ― Lord of the manor

Sennet ― Wise and sagacious man.

Shante ― Stony place

Shantel ― Stony place

Shantell ― Stony place

Sherrill ― A dear man

Sheryl ― Dear one

Silvain ― He who is from the forest

Simone ― One who is heard. A French and English girl name, while its used as a male name in Italy

Sinclair ― One who works very hard

Sinclaire ― A name of a prayer, one who prays

Soleil ― Sun

Somervile ― One who is from the summer estate

Sorrell ― A man of reddish-brown hair

Spencer ― Dispenser of provisions

Spurgeon ― A medical plant, used for healing

Stella ― Star of the sea

Sydnea ― A person from a wide island

Sylar ― One who is a hard-working man

Sylvain ― He who is a man of the forest

Sylvestre ― A person of the forest

French Male Names Starting With T

Taillefer ― One who carves or cuts iron

Tanguy ― A warrior of fire

Tayelor ― An occupational name for a tailor

Tayleur ― French variation of the name Taylor, a tailor

Taylor ― Tailor or To cut

Taylyr ― A cutter; occupational name for a tailor

Teddie ― A fortunate protector

Telesphore ― A man who brings fulfillment

Terryl ― One who pulls

Thanchere ― A desirable and people pleasing person

Thayer ― French form of Taylor, a tailor

Thebault ― A bold man

Therese ― Harvester

Therry ― Ruler of the people

Thibault ― Fearless people

Thierry ― Ruler of the people

Thiery ― Leader of men

Thoreau ― French literary name

Toulouse ― One who belongs to the city Tolosa

Toussaint ― Who was born on the All Saints’ Day

Trae ― A form of trey

Trais ― The numeric Three

Traver ― One who is from the crossings

Travers ― The passing trough something

Travis ― To cross over

Tre ― The third-born child

Trevais ― Variation of Travis which means Tollgate keeper An occupational name

Trey ― Three, third

Triage ― The picking or sorting of injured people

Trone ― The machine that is used to weigh

Trosta ― A tumult or an outcry; Knight

Troy ― Son of a foot-soldier

Turquoise ― Dark shady stone which reflects in blue color.

Tyce ― The one who is firm in inner self.

Tyeson ― Passionate or blazing.

French Male Names Starting With V

Vachel ― French – Calf; Small Cow; A variant transcription is Vache

Valentin ― Strength or Health

Valery ― Strength or Health

Varden ― A green slope.

French Male Names Starting With W

Wallace ― A Welshman or A Celt

Warren ― Park-keeper

Wyatt ― The little warrior

French Male Names Starting With Y

Yves ― Yew Wood

French Male Names Starting With Z

Zuri ― Good or Beautiful

French Boy Names And Meanings