Domestic Abuse Complaint Letter Example

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Writing A Complaint Letter About Domestic Abuse: There is a secret that is often not acknowledged by anyone beyond their home and that is “abuse”. The effects of verbal abuse in many domestic relationships affects the entire family; where the abuser who is unseeing to their actions‚ their spouse that endures the abuse and their children. Inside these relationships‚ one person may take on the more dominant role but some use the position of power to become abusive to their spouse.

If you feel that you need support when you are making a complaint, you can ask a friend, family member, a case worker, or a lawyer to go with you to meet the police. In this post is a sample of domestic abuse complaint letter format that you can use.

Domestic Abuse Complaint Letter Example

____________________ Sender’s Name,
____________________ Sender’s ID card number,
____________________ Sender’s Address…

____________________ Date

____________________Officer’s Name,
____________________Officer’s Designation,
____________________Station’s Address,

Sub: Domestic Abuse Complaint Letter

Respected Sir,

After hesitat ing for a long time, I, ____________________ (sender’s name), write this letter in deep sorrow. Been married for __________ years (enter number of years) there hasn’t been a single day that has been without any kind of abuse  ________________________________________. (Describe details in your own words).

My husband is a regular alcoholic and often returns home fully drunk and abuses me and my children for no reason. ____________________________________________________________(Describe actual problem and situation). He has been diagnosed with been Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) (disease and addiction type). Even though we have been regularly going to the physiologist, there has not been any improvement in his behavior for the past 2 years (More/less). (Explain total situation).

My children are also facing depression and anxiety due to their father’s abusive behaviour. My husband has rejected my application of divorce and has gotten even more abusive. (describe your requirement). Please consider my request and help me in dealing with my abusive husband.

Yours Respectively,
____________________ Sender’s Name,

Domestic Abuse Complaint Letter Example