Cornish Boy Names And Meanings

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Cornish Boy Names And Their Meanings

Alfie ― Alfie is Counselor

Arthek ― An old Cornish name derived from the Celtic word arto, which means bear.

Arthyen ― Cornish form of the Welsh name Arthen. It means bear born.

Austol ― The name of a Breton saint who came to Cornwall. It’s also a Cornish place name.

Benesek ― Cornish form of Benedict, derived from Latin word benedictus, which means blessed.

Brae ― A hill

Branok ― Cornish name derived from Celtic word brano, which means raven, crow.

Breock ― A famous and mighty prince

Bryok ― A shortened form of Briafael, meaning mighty prince.

Cadan ― A variant of Cadell and Kaden. It means battle or companion.

Cadwur ― Warrior or soldier.

Carantok ― The name is derived from the Celtic word karant, which means friend.

Carlyon ― From the slate earthworks.

Casek ― A form of Cadok, meaning battle.

Casworan ― One who is powerful in battle.

Casworon ― An old Cornish name meaning battle hero.

Charlie ― One having full rights

Clemo ― The Cornish diminutive of Clement or Clemence. It means mild or merciful

Clesek ― An old Cornish name derived from the word clos, which means fame.

Corentyn ― The Cornish form of the name Corentin, meaning hero.

Costentyn ― The Cornish form of Constantin. It means constant or steady.

Cubert ― Legendary son of Daere.

Cumow ― From Cornwall.

Curnow ― A variant of Curnow meaning from Cornwall.

Enyon ― The name is derived from Latin name Annianus. It means belonging to the gens of Annius.

Gerren ― Gerren is the Cornish equivalent of Geraint. It means old.

Goron ― The name derives from the Celtic word kawaro and means hero.

Gryffyn ― A Cornish form of the Welsh name Griffith. It means lord.

Gwalather ― The name is derived from Welsh word gwaladr, which means leader.

Harry ― House ruler, Pr ince Harry

Hedrek ― The name is derived from the Celtic word hedr, which means bold.

Jack ― One who thinks that the God is gracious

Jacob ― Hebrew – Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; Derived from the Yaakov or Yakubel in Hebrew

Jennie ― White wave

Jowan ― Hebrew – Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful; A variant of name Jovan and John

Kenal ― The name is derived from the ancient British word Cunosaglas, which means generous chief.

Keneder ― The name is derived from ancient British name Cunosetros, which means bold chief.

Kensa ― Kensa means First

Kenver ― Kenver means A Great Leader

Kitto ― Cornish diminutive of Christopher, meaning bearer of Christ.

Leo ― Latin word meaning lion

Locryn ― Cornish form of Locrinus. It’s the name of a region in southeastern Britain.

Logan ― Man from the hollow

Lowen ― Cornish vocabulary name meaning joyful.

Madern ― One who is lucky and fortunate

Margh ― Margh is Cornish form of Mark and means consecrated to the god Mars.

Massen ― Cornish form of Maximus, meaning greatest.

Meryasek ― Cornish form of Meriadoc. It means sea lord.

Minver ― A fair skinned person. Name of a famous Cornish Saint

Oliver ― The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.

Opie ― One who is like a God Almighty

Oscar ― Noorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali.

Pascoe ― Passover; one who is related to Easter

Pascow ― A variant of Pascal, meaning Easter.

Peran ― Little dark one.

Samuel ― It was told by the God

Sienna ― Reddish brown

Tehan ― Name of a place in Sicily.

Treeve ― Literally, the name means farmstead or one dwelling in town and village.

Tremaine ― Rock settlement

Tremayne ― Rock settlement

Trethowan ― One residing in the farm.

Trevik ― Belongs to the big farm or big estate

Cornish Boy Names And Meanings