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Cambodian Names For Boys And Meanings

Anchaly ― Cambodian word for hand.

Atith ― Sunny day or Sunday

Boran ― Ancient

Borey ― Country or great city

Bourey ― Country or great city. A variant of the name Borey.

Bunroeun ― Country

Chamroeun ― Prosperity and success

Chan ― The gracious God

Chankrisna ― A sweet-smelling tree

Chanthou ― A flower found in Cambodia.

Chanvatey ― A scholar or educated person.

Charya ― A man of good character.

Chea ― To be well and healthy.

Chhay ― An attractive and charming man.

Dara ― One with many talents

Darany ― Star

Davuth ― Cambodian word for money.

Kakada ― July

Khean ― A type of flute, panpipe.

Khemera ― One from Cambodia.

Kiry ― Kiry means Mountain

Kong-Kea ― The big water.

Kosal ― Clever or magical.

Kravann ― A tiny golden brown flower.

Leap ― Good fortune, success.

Meaker ― Greatest

Mittapheap ― Friendship between the nations.

Montha ― A charming man.

Munny ― A smart man.

Narith ― Manly or masculine.

Nemo ― From the dale or valley.

Nhean ― Instinctive

Nimith ― Transformation


Nimol ― Flawless

Nisay ― Loved from afar.

Noreaksey ― Great power.

Oudom ― Supreme or magnificent.

Phala ― Prosperous

Pheakdei ― Loyalty and honesty

Phirum ― Peacefulness, serenity

Phirun ― Drizzle

Pich ― Diamond

Piseth ― Rare in power or quality.

Pisey ― Little darling or beloved

Poeu ― The youngest one.

Ponleak ― Strength and endurance

Ponleu ― Light or illumination

Ponlok ― Darling or dear

Prak ― Silver

Pros ― Boy or man

Puthyrith ― Merciful power

Rainsey ― Rays of the sun

Raksmei ― Ray of light

Rangsey ― Seven colors

Rathana ― Precious stones, jewels

Rathanak ― Precious stones, jewels

Reasmey ― Sunshine

Rith ― Strength and courage.

Rithipol ― Mystical powers

Rithisak ― Powerful

Rithy ― Powerful strength

Rothanak ― Precious stones, jewels

Sakngea ― Greatness

Samang ― Lucky or fortunate

Sambath ― Great wealth or fortune

Samlain ― Cambodian word for friend.

Samnang ― Good fortune

Samphy ― Hardworking or busy

Sangha ― Handsome

Sann ― Quiet and comfortable

Sathea ― Compassion

Sokha ― One who is peaceful and content with his or her life.

Sokhem ― Hope

Sokhom ― Sokhom is a variant of Sokhem and means hope.

Sokun ― Good smelling.

Somnang ― Lucky, fortunate

Sonith ― One who has good conduct or manners.

Sopath ― One with soft and gentle demeanor.

Sophaep ― Intelligence or wisdom

Sopheak ― Gentle face

Sopheaktra ― One with a gentle face.

Sopheap ― One who is proper and gentle.

Sopheara ― A man who is handsome and attractive.

Sorya ― Sun

Sothea ― Compassion and purity

Sothy ― Scholar or an intelligent person.

Sourkeat ― Heaven

Sov ― A child born on Saturday.

Sovann ― He who is golden

Sovannar ― One who is like gold.

Sovannarith ― A golden boy.

Sovay ― He is like a gold

Sros ― He who is charmingly beautiful.

Vanna ― Golden

Vannak ― He who has class.

Veasna ― The one who is lucky and fortunate.

Veha ― Cambodian word for sky.

Vibol ― In abundance

Vichear ― Knowledge or education

Vireak ― The absence of desire.

Vireakboth ― A brave and noble son.

Visal ― Large or big

Viseth ― Superb or excellent.

Visna ― Faith or destiny

Visoth ― Heavenly and pure

Visothirith ― Heavenly and pure.

Vithara ― Something that is spacious and expansive.

Vithu ― A wise and intelligent man.

Cambodian Baby Boy Names With Meanings