Burmese Girl Names With Meanings

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Cool Burmese Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Aung ― Success, she who is destined for a successful life.

Aye ― Cool

Bennu ― Eagle

Chesa ― Greatness

Chewa ― She who is great or powerful.

Chime ― Everlasting or immortal

Chit ― Love, she who is lovable

Chodren ― Lamb of the Dharma

Chomden ― She who overcomes the negative.

Eindra ― A name of Lord Indra

Garma ― Goddess of dance

Gawa ― Joy and happiness

Gewa ― Positive karma

Hayma ― Forest

Haymar ― A variant of Hayma, meaning forest.

Hla ― She who is beautiful

Hlaing ― Plenty, plentiful

Htay ― Rich and wealthy

Htet ― One who is sharp.

Htin ― Appear, appearance

Htun ― Succeed

Htut ― Apex, tip

Htway ― Youngest

Inzali ― Prayer, offerings

Khin ― Kindness, one who is kind

Khine ― Firm

Kyaw ― Famous, fame

Kyi ― Clear

Kyine ― She who smells sweet

Kywe ― Rich

Lwin ― Outstanding

Maiah ― One who is precious like an Emerald

Marlar ― Garland

Mima ― Burmese word for women

Myaing ― Forest

Myat ― Better

Myia ― Emerald

Myine ― Forest

Myitzu ― She who is charming

Myo ― Relative

Naing ― Win

Nandar ― Rejoice or happiness

Nilar ― Sapphire

Nu ― Affectionate and caring girl.

Nyein ― Quiet, calmness

Nyunt ― Blossom

Ohma ― Linseed flower

Opame ― Infinite light

Pemala ― Respect of the lotus

Penden ― Lotus throne

Phone ― Glory

San ― Moon

Sandar ― Moon

Shein ― Reflection. It could refer to mirror’s reflection or reflection of either of the parent.

Shenden ― She who tries to benefit others.

Shway ― Gold

Soe ― She who dominates

Than ― A million

Thandar ― Burmese word for coral

Thant ― Clean

Thawda ― Moon

Thawka ― Pali word for amherstia flower.

Thein ― A hundred thousand

Theingi ― Gold

Therein ― The sun

Thida ― A name of Goddess Sita

Thiri ― Splendor, she who is good looking

Thura ― The Sun

Thuya ― The sun

Thuza ― Angel, angelic

Thuzar ― Angel, a girl as beautiful and virtuous as an angel

Tun ― Succeed

Win ― Bright

Yadana ― A form of Yadanar. It means gem

Yadanar ― Gem or gemstone

Yuzana ― Orange jasmine

Zar ― Lace

Zarni ― One who is blessed with beauty, both inner and outer.

Zaw ― Burmese word for saint or practitioner or yoga

Zenji ― Zen master

Zeya ― Success

Zeyar ― Success

Burmese Girl Names With Meanings