Burmese Baby Boy Names And Meanings

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Burmese Names For Boys: Burmese Naming Practices Include Giving Your New Born Baby Family Names, Traditional Burmese Name. Do You Need Help In Searching For The Perfect Name For Your Baby Boy? Then, This List Is For You! Make Your Pick From Our List Of Burmese Boy Names And Meanings For New Born Starting With A to Z.

List of Burmese Names Male And Their Meanings

Arkar ― Sky

Aung ― Success, she who is destined for a successful life.

Aye ― Cool

Cetan ― Hawk

Champo ― He who is friendly

Dachen ― Great joy

Daivika ― Related to the Gods.

Dampa ― Sacred

Dedan ― Having happiness

Denpa ― A variant of Denpo, meaning truth.

Denpo ― Truth

Hlaing ― Plenty, plentiful

Htay ― Rich and wealthy

Htet ― One who is sharp.

Htin ― Appear, appearance

Htun ― Succeed

Htut ― Apex, tip

Htway ― Youngest

Indazita ― Name of the bow and arrow wielding son of the conqueror of the king of Gods.

Kan ― Fortune

Khin ― Kindness, one who is kind

Khine ― Firm

Kumbikhanna ― One with a good temper.

Kywe ― Rich

Lwin ― Outstanding

Maung ― Brother

Myaing ― Forest

Myat ― Better

Myint ― High

Myo ― Relative

Naing ― Win

Nyan ― Wisdom

Nyein ― Quiet, calmness

Nyunt ― Blossom

Ohnmar ― Insane

Phyu ― White

Shein ― Reflection. It could refer to mirror’s reflection or reflection of either of the parent.

Shway ― Gold

Soe ― She who dominates

Thagyamin ― Change or transfer

Thant ― Clean

Thaung ― Burmese word for ten thousand

Thein ― A hundred thousand

Theingi ― Gold

Therein ― The sun

Thet ― He who is calm

Thiha ― Lion

Thura ― The Sun

Thuta ― Knowledge

Thuya ― The sun

Thuza ― Angel, angelic

Tun ― Succeed

Win ― Bright

Wunna ― Gold

Yarzar ― King

Yaza ― King

Yeshe ― Wisdom

Yonten ― Knowledge

Zaw ― Burmese word for saint or practitioner or yoga

Zenji ― Zen master

Zeya ― Success

Zeyar ― Success

Burmese Baby Boy Names And Meanings