Brazilian Names For Baby Girls With Meanings

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Brazilian Names For Baby Girls With Meanings: Brazilian baby girl names are beautiful and have similarities with Latin American names too. They have an exotic element that is associated with the rich heritage and culture of Brazil. It is a country where the official language is Portuguese, and it influences Brazilian names. So, if You Are In Search Of A Perfect Brazilian Baby Name For Your New Born, You Are In The Best Site Ever For Cute Brazilian Baby Names and Their Meanings.

Choose your pick from the below collection of meaningful Brazilian baby girl names.

Beautiful Brazilian Girl Names And Meanings

Adriana ― From hadria

Alanza ― Noble estate, or one who is eager.

Aline ― Noble; Nobility; Light; Lovely; Variant of Helen; Derived from the old German word Athal meaning Noble

Alipha ― A term meaning thousand in Brazilian language.

Ana ― Gracious and satisfying

Andressa ― A trong and courageous woman.

Antonia ― A beautiful human being who are praiseworthy

Canciana ― One belonging to Anzio, Italy.

Constancta ― Steadfast

Daiane ― One who is beautiful and smart

Edite ― Rich battle

Eloa ― Goddess in Brazilian language.

Emanuelly ― A variant of Emmanuella, meaning God is with us.

Fernanda ― An adventurous girl traveler

Francisca ― From france

Izabel ― Brazilian version of Isabel, meaning my God is an oath

Juliana ― it means downy bearded person or young. They are blessed with a lot of blessings and are organized type of persons. They are unique, inspire and abundant.

Kiania ― The dawn

Marcia ― A warlike woman

Marelaine ― A Brazilian name

Maria ― Variation of Mary or Miriam which means Bitter or Wished-for child

Mucamutara ― A woman born during the war.

Patricia ― Noble Woman

Pedrina ― Rock

Rosalice ― A woman noble as a rose

Rosalicia ― One with the nobility of a rose

Uiara ― The water lady

Xoana ― God is gracious

Yara ― Water lady

Yarah ― A form of Yarah, meaning water lady.

Brazilian Names For Baby Girls With Meanings