Brazilian Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

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Brazilian Names For Baby Boys And Meanings

Abrahan ― Brazilian version of Abraham, meaning father of multitudes.

Adriana ― From hadria

Alanyo ― His parents are apart.

Aleixo ― Aleixo is the Brazilian version of Alexander and means defender of mankind.

Ankoma ― A name used for the last born child.

Antonio ― Saint Anthony; worthy of praise

Bartolmeu ― The son of Talmai.

Batte ― A Brazilian tribe name, meaning totem is an elephant.

Breno ― Brazilian word for king.

Carlos ― A mainly man

Ermenegildo ― Immense tribute

Estevo ― crown or garland.

Fethee ― Judgement

Francisca ― From france

Francisco ― A variant of Latin name ‘Franciscus’ it refers to a Frenchman or a free man

Goncalo ― A man who is a genius in battles.

Hermenegildo ― A tribute of gold

Idogbe ― One who is born after twins.

Inacio ― Internal fire

Joao ― Joao is a Portuguese male name that means Jehovah was been gracious, has shown favor.

Jose ― Hebrew – Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of Joseph

Kadonkechi ― A bitter soup.

Lucas ― One who gives light

Luiz ― A warrior of fame

Manoel ― Manoel is the Brazilian version of Manuel, meaning God is with us.

Marcos ― The Roman fertility god Mars for whom March was named.

Musaazi ― A man who likes joking with others.

Nicolau ― Brazilian variant of Nicholas, meaning victory of people.

Oalo ― Small

Olavo ― Elf army

Onyait ― Born on the grassland.

Oson ― Summer

Pascoal ― A variant of Pascal, meaning child of Easter.

Paulo ― One who belongs to the people

Pedro ― Old Greek – Rock; Stone; A form of Peter

Quim ― Established by God.

Raymundo ― A smart protector of people

Rejinaldo ― One who rules with the counsel

Rwakaikara ― God of the Banyoro people

Tacito ― Silent

Tadeu ― Given by God.

Tristao ― A variant of Tristan, meaning tumult or outcry.

Ulisses ― Angry or to hate

Umoja ― Unity or harmony

Valentim ― Brazilian variant of Valentine, meaning strong and healthy.

Xurxo ― Farmer

Zeferino ― West wind

Brazilian Names For Baby Boys With Meanings