Bosnian Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

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List of Bosnian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Adelais ― Noble

Adem ― Virtuous, fair, pure, moral.

Ademir ― Noble protector

Ajdin ― He who is bright, happy and lucky.

Ajnur ― Moonlight, glow of the oon.

Alija ― Bosnian form of Ali. It means highly regarded.

Azem ― Big or large

Bahrudin ― Glow of faith

Basic ― Head or headman

Basich ― Head or headman. A form of Basic.

Beg ― A title of respect

Behrem ― Mars planet

Berberich ― Bosnian surname meaning barber.

Besim ― A happy soul.

Borya ― Battle or war.

Daut ― A variant of David, meaning beloved.

Davud ― A variant of David, meaning beloved.

Dedic ― Bosnian term, meaning grandfather.

Edhem ― Dark-skinned, black

Ejub ― Bosnian version of the name Ayub. It means returning to God, repenting.

Ekrem ― He who is most noble or most respected.

Elvedin ― Benevolence of faith or gift.

Enes ― He who is sociable.

Enis ― One who is friendly.

Esad ― One who is very lucky.

Fahrudin ― Pride of faith

Feriz ― One who is lucky or fortunate.

Fikret ― Thought

Ganib ― Blessed by rich loot or winnings

Hamdija ― The praised one.

Husnija ― Bosnian form of Husain, meaning handsome.

Imad ― Pillar, support or mainstay

Ismet ― Innocent, saved from sin.

Izet ― Greatness, glory

Izudin ― Power, glory of faith

Jusuf ― God increases (in strength, power)

Kauzlarich ― Screeching owl

Ljiljan ― Lily flower

Mehmed ― Praised

Mensur ― Victorious

Mesich ― Turkish form of Mohammed. It means praise or praiseworthy.

Muharem ― Sacred, forbidden, holy

Muris ― He who leaves inheritance

Nebojsa ― Without fear

Nijaz ― Wish, need, or want

Nurija ― Light

Nusret ― Victory or help

Ozanich ― Bard

Preben ― First in battle

Reihan ― Variant of Rejhan, meaning basil plant.

Rejhan ― Basil plant

Remzija ― Allegoric, symbolic speech

Reuf ― Very merciful

Rijad ― Desert gardens

Sabghta ― Color given by Allah, true faith,

Safan ― He who is brave, bold, and courageous,

Safet ― Best part or pure

Sead ― Fortunate, happy

Sejad ― Fortunate, happy

Selver ― Lord, chief

Senadin ― Glow of faith, majesty of faith

Slava ― Person of fame

Stas ― Becoming famous

Suada ― Conviction

Sulejman ― Variant of Solomon, meaning peace.

Sulio ― A charming and graceful man.

Suljo ― Peace

Svante ― Celebrating people

Svyatopolk ― Celebrating people

Tarik ― Day star

Teufik ― To be successful, or have good fortune.

Un-Nefer ― God of the dead.

Uzeir ― He who helps.

Vadim ― Ruler

Vahid ― Single or one

Vedad ― Affection or love

Velid ― Newborn

Volodya ― Ruler of the world

Vova ― Ruler of the world

Waaiz ― Preacher, or advisor

Warqah ― Name of a dignitary in the Quran.

Wuhaib ― A gift or present.

Yaromir ― Man of peace

Zenaida ― The life of Zeus

Zerin ― Golden

Zijad ― Light of faith

Zulfikar ― Name of the legendary sword of Ali

Zunich ― Woodpecker

Bosnian Names For Baby Boys With Meanings