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List of Bosnian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Ajna ― Real or original

Aleza ― Joy or daughter of Ali

Almedina ― One who is devoted to faith or one who is civilized.

Amela ― Work or effort.

Andela ― Messenger

Asja ― A form of Anastasia, meaning resurrection.

Berina ― Best, highest

Besima ― One who is always smiling, and happy

Elizabeta ― Dedicated to God

Elmedina ― A variant of Almedina, meaning one who is devoted to faith or civilized

Emela ― Hope or inspiration.

Emina ― a trustworthy person.

Enas ― One with a friendly and jovial demeanor.

Enisa ― Friend or companion

Fahreta ― Fame, greatness, brilliance.

Fikreta ― Thought

Galiba ― Winner

Hasnija ― Beauty

Ifeta ― Innocent, virtuous

Ilda ― Heroine in the battle.

Ilhana ― Melody, inspiration or composition

Irma ― Bosnian form of Emma, meaning universal or complete.

Irmela ― One who is gorgeous, shiny, and radiant.

Ismeta ― Innocent, saved from sin.

Izeta ― Power, influence

Jasminka ― Bosnian term for Jasmine.

Lajla ― Beauty of the night or dark haired beauty.

Lamija ― One with a shining, glowing personality.

Lejla ― A dark-haired beautiful woman who is born in night

Meliha ― A beautiful and pretty woman.

Merima ― Bosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea’.

Merjem ― A form of Mary, meaning bitterness.

Merjema ― Bosnian form of Mary, meaning star of the sea’.

Mersada ― Watchtower or supervision

Mineta ― One who is merciful and generous.

Mirzeta ― Princess

Mubera ― She who is innocent and respected.

Muniba ― One who is devoted to God.

Munira ― Glowing, illuminated

Murisa ― One who leaves inheritance

Nastasja ― Risen by baptism to new life

Nejra ― Sparkle or shine

Nermana ― Hero

Nermina ― A variant of Nermana, meaning hero.

Nihada ― Character, temper

Nijaza ― Wish or need

Nisveta ― Bosnian term for woman.

Nusreta ― Victory or help

Ornela ― Black ash tree

Razija ― She who is satisfied, content with her life.

Refija ― She who is tall and pretty.

Refika ― Friend or companion.

Rejhana ― Rejhana is a Bosnian version of Rihanna and means basil plant.

Sadeta ― Felicity, fortune, joy

Safeta ― Clean or pure

Safija ― Bosnian form of Safiya, meaning clean and pure.

Sajra ― A form of Sara, meaning princess.

Sakiba ― One who is sharp-minded.

Samija ― Elevated, high

Samra ― One who is dark or dark skinned.

Selveta ― Comfort, consolation

Senadina ― Glow of faith

Subhija ― Dawn or early bird.

Tevhida ― Belief in God’s oneness

Umihana ― Mother of Hani

Vahida ― Single or one.

Vildana ― Children

Wasifah ― One who describes.

Wejah ― She who practices Purdah.

Yaroslava ― Spring glory

Zahida ― She who is restrained, devoted to God

Zehra ― Bright, luminous

Zineta ― Jewelry, decoration

Bosnian Female Names And Meanings