Assamese Boy Names For New Born With Meanings

Nature Inspired Names For Boy/Girl Baby

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Assamese Baby Boy Names Starting With

Birinchi ― The one who over rules the fortune.

Chakradhwaj ― A mark of wheel

Harideb ― A name of the Lord Vinshu

Him ― Snow; Ice; Bright

Himabhas ― The Moon

Jahnu ― A name of the ancient wise Sage

Jeebyam ― The master of the universe.

Moidul ― The member of the communist party or a socialist who advocate communism.

Nabadip ― A new light

Nabajit ― A new winner or a new win

Nabanil ― A new, clear blue sky

Neerab ― Calm, a man of calm demeanor

Nibir ― One who is fearless

Nilmitra ― Blue

Nisan ― Sign or symbol

Niyor ― Dew drops

Poumit ― One of the names of Lord Krishna. It means collection of love.

Pradyut ― One who is like a light

Pramathesh ― He who was the First God on the World

Pranab ― The Om Sound. Can also mean the feeling of Love

Priyom ― Assamese version of Priyam, meaning beloved, or loved by all.

Promode ― One who gives meaning to things

Pronoi ― Love

Puhor ― Light

Rihon ― A creative and restless person

Ripun ― One who is skillful in everything

Rockybule ― Extreme beauty

Rubrat ― Light

Rupnath ― A boy with a beautiful face.

Rutushar ― Sprinkles of the season.

Rutuvarna ― The colorful season

Sanjib ― A variant of Sanjeev, meaning alive or long live.

Sarbananda ― Extreme joy

Sattvik ― One who is polite, honest and virtuous.

Shomnath ― Assamese variation of Somnath, meaning Lord Shiva.

Shwar ― A musical tone, musical notes, tune, a sweet voice

Sontosh ― Sontosh is the Assamese for Santosh and means content, satisfaction and gratification.

Sudem ― Breeze, smooth as a breeze

Sushanta ― Quiet or silence, a man who prefers to be quiet.

Suvansu ― Fragrance, a sweet fragrance.

Swapnadeep ― The king of dreams, dreamer

Swrang ― A musical instrument

Tanan ― Happy, a happy and cheerful soul.

Tanka ― Victorious

Tanmoijyoti ― Happy, a happy soul.

Tanmoy ― One who is completely absorbed in God.

Trishanu ― Thirsty

Ujjal ― Bright, clean, lovely

Umesh ― One of the many names of Lord Murugan. It means God of Uma.

Upangshu ― Winner, winner in all fields.

Upendra ― One of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

Upendranath ― Upendranath is a variant of Upendra and means Lord Visnhu.

Utpal ― Lotus, water lily or beginning.

Vaibhav ― One who is fortunate, prosperous and intelligent.

Vargabh ― Name of a Rishi.

Xhiva ― Assamese version of Lord Shiva. It means benign, kind, auspicious

Yugantar ― Distance between two generations, firm in the battle, or ever Lasting

Zubeen ― Something that touches the sky.

Assamese Boy Names For New Born With Meanings