Apology Messages For Her

Apology Messages For Her

Every woman (mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, aunt) deserves to feel appreciated and not taking for granted when there’s an issue or misunderstanding between both parties.

Misunderstanding is inevitable in life as no one is above making mistake or offending one another. Therefore, apologising for wrong doing does not take away anything from you or mean that you are weak rather it goes a long way to show that you are ready to make your friendship/relationship work. So look to these cute and sincere ways to say I’m sorry to your female friends, girlfriends or wife.

Best Apology Messages For Her

  1. Please forgive me for the insensitivity I showed to you and allow me a chance to prove that I’ve changed.
  2. I’ve really blown it in our relationship, darling, and just saying “sorry” doesn’t begin to cover it. Please forgive me.
  3. You’re truly a beautiful, exquisite princess. You deserve a knight in shining armor, who will always seek to love, cherish, and protect you from harm. I’m so sorry for failing in my role. From now on, I pledge to be the kind of knight you deserve!
  4. A woman as rare and special as you are is like a precious jewel. I’m so incredibly sorry for the way I’ve treated you. If you find it in your heart to forgive me, in the future I will treat you like the cherished treasure you are.
  5. Darling, you deserve far, far better than the way I’ve treated you. Please forgive me and allow me to come back into your life.
  6. Please forgive my foolish, insensitive words and actions and allow me the chance to change and grow into the kind of man you truly deserve.
  7. You’re beautiful, both inside and out. A woman as rare and amazing as you are ought to be treated with the utmost love, care, and respect. I’m so sorry I dropped the ball as your boyfriend. Please forgive me.
  8. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about all the ways I let you down. Please forgive me and give me another chance.
  9. I’m not going to make any excuses for what I’ve done or said because my words and actions are inexcusable. Instead, I want to offer my most sincere apology and express my hope that you’ll forgive me and we can get back together again so I can show you that I’ve learned from my past.
  10. I know I create unnecessary arguments between us. I promise you I will not do it again. I am sorry.
  11. I promise you that I will put more effort into our relationship so that it goes a long way. I am sorry please stay with me. I love you.
  12. I will make up for all the days I ruined. Please forgive me. I am sorry.
  13. I did not mean any of the harsh words I said earlier. I am sorry for being immature. Please forgive me.
  14. My love for you makes the ground shake, it’s strong enough to shatter the earth itself, like my heart, shattered when you left me. I know it was my fault, and I am sorry for everything I’ve done so please, come back to me. I love you.
  15. I feel so terrible about the pain I’ve caused you to feel. Please forgive me, and allow me the opportunity to help heal your wounded heart.
  16. I’ve been a complete idiot for a very long time now. I am fully aware of what I’ve done, and I regret every single thing. I wish for you to come back to my loving arms, and act like none of this ever happened. I love you and I am sorry.
  17. They say you don’t appreciate what you have until you’ve lost it. And I can now say that it is true, your absence is driving me crazy and I cannot handle it anymore. Please forgive me for everything I’ve done and come back to me. I love you.
  18. You are an amazing, strong woman. Thank you for standing up to me, showing me how wrong I was, and forcing me to take a good, hard look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t like what I saw, so I’ve made some changes. Please forgive me and give me a chance to show you how I’ve changed.
  19. I finally saw the light and realized how wrong I was in treating you the way I did. I am extremely sorry for all the pain I caused you. Will you please forgive me?
  20. We all make mistakes, some are big some are small. But I don’t think that we should let our mistakes define us. So please, remember all the good things we’ve been through, and imagine the ones we will go through in the future. And when you do that, please reconsider your decision and forgive me for all I’ve done. I love you.
  21. I know that I am a terrible person, I know I am a fool, but at least, I’m your fool. I am sorry, forgive me for what I’ve done. I love you.
  22. I just want you to know that I feel empty without you. I cannot stand waking up without you by my side. I know that what I did was idiotic, and I am fully capable of setting things straight for us, but I just want you to forgive me and give me another chance. I love you.
  23. I’m haunted day and night by thoughts of the pain my words and actions have caused you. The thought of you crying makes me feel so horrible. Please forgive me!
  24. I’ve been extremely insensitive, both with my words, and my actions. Please forgive me, darling!
  25. You are such an incredibly unique and precious lady. I’m so sorry to have taken you for granted. Will you please forgive me?
  26. The way I’ve acted lately has not been a true expression of the way I feel about you. My actions haven’t been loving. I’m so sorry!
  27. I’ve realized the foolishness and insensitivity of my actions and I want a chance to show you that I’ve really changed. Will you forgive me, please?
  28. Please forgive me for not living up to the image I tried to portray. In the future, if you forgive me, I’ll work hard to make sure my actions match my words!
  29. I am sorry that I misbehaved with you. You know how much I love you. Come back to me again.
  30. Ask me to do whatever you wish for. I will do anything for you. But please accept my apology. I am sorry.

Sorry Messages For Girlfriend – I’m Sorry For Hurting You

  1. I never, ever want to make you feel hurt like this again. I’m so, so sorry for the way I treated you. Will you please forgive me?
  2. I am so incredibly sorry that I was so thoughtless with my choice of words. What I said truly didn’t express my intention, and I’m so sorry that my insensitivity hurt you. Will you please forgive me?
  3. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I am begging for it because I miss you so much I can’t stand it. I love you and I’m so, so sorry I hurt you! Will you please forgive me?
  4. There’s nothing I want more than to see you happy again. I am so sorry for causing you to feel hurt. Will you please forgive me?
  5. I promise you that I will be a better person from now on and I will never hurt you again. I am sorry.
  6. I am sorry from the core of my heart for hurting you this bad. Please forgive me. I love you.
  7. I can never think of hurting you intentionally, whatever I did I have done mistakenly. Please forgive me, I love you.
  8. Being insecure about losing someone special like you, is obvious. I am sorry for hurting you because of my insecurities. Please forgive me.
  9. It took me much time to realize that I was wrong. Baby, I’m sorry for hurting you!
  10. The pang of sorrow and the emptiness I feel without you, overwhelm me. Please accept my deepest apology for hurting you.

Romantic Sorry Messages for Girlfriend

  1. Cute fights that we do is for making our love much stronger. Please forgive me for being mischievous. I love you.
  2. You know that I cannot find anyone with such beautiful eyes like you. Please stay with me. I am sorry, Beautiful.
  3. Trust me, you look beautiful when your nose turns red with anger. I am sorry, Angry Bird.
  4. I want to see you so much! I want to hug you and look into your beautiful eyes! Forget all quarrels and offenses, and let us stay together forever!!!
  5. A quarrel makes people think about their feelings. It makes them understand how hard life is without their beloved ones. I feel so sad without you. I wish I never quarreled with you, my love.
  6. Forgive me for being so rude. Sorry for the pain I’ve caused to you. If you can, forgive me.
  7. Before you leave and never return, think one more time. It is better to forgive everything and be happy than lose your happiness…
  8. Forgive me, my love, for writing to you, but I repeat again and again that I love you and miss you!
  9. I will do anything you want. Come back to me as soon as you can! Come back, please! I’m begging! We will lose our love and regret it…
  10. Forgive me for all the troubles I have caused… Frankly speaking, I kiss your photo every day before I go to bed. I wish I could have a second chance.
  11. My bae, before you take offense, think one more time. It is better to smile and forgive than slam the door in front of happiness!!!
  12. Let’s learn from our mistakes. Trust me, please; I will never make this mistake again!
  13. My heart is heavy; I am silently looking out of the empty window now. Excuse me for the stupid words and actions, please do not be mad at me!
  14. The heart does not want to believe that you are far away from me now. My pain cannot be measured. I hope you will forgive me!
  15. I want to stand before you on my knees. I want to apologize. Today I realized that without your love and forgiveness, it makes no sense for me to go on living.
  16. After our quarrel, I hate myself again. Let’s meet and talk like grown-up people not to lose each other!
  17. You mean the world to me, please give me one more chance to prove my love to you. I am sorry. I love you.
  18. I can fight with the world for your love. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am sorry.
  19. Your smile makes my heart. Please allow me to be the reason for your smile. I am sorry, I will never do it again.
  20. If I atone hard for years, I cannot find someone so honest like you. Please don’t create distance between you and me. I love you.

Emotional Apology Messages For Girlfriend

  1. I promise I will destroy every reason that brings tears to your eyes. Please forgive me this time. I am sorry.
  2. I should have been careful about what I say, I did not want to make you cry. Please forgive me. I love you.
  3. I will not be able to survive without you in this cruel world. Please don’t leave me. I am sorry for everything.
  4. I confess that I am over possessive about you, that is because I don’t want to lose you. Please try to understand my insecurities. I am sorry.
  5. I am very fortunate to meet someone like you. Please don’t go away, you are my life. I am sorry for my wrong actions.

Funny Sorry Messages For Girlfriend

  1. I know you cannot stay angry with me for a long time. I am sorry my Angry Bird.
  2. I promise to keep you embraced with my arms forever. Please forget all your anger. I am sorry.
  3. Please get convinced with my apology otherwise I will tickle you very hard so that your tears come out because of laughing.
  4. Convincing you is such a tough job, but I will not give up! I will keep on saying sorry.
  5. Please don’t stop bringing the yummy delicious food that you cook. I am sorry, I will not do it again.
  6. You know well how much dependent I am on you. I will mess up everything if you leave me. Please get convinced, I am sorry.

 Sincere Apology Messages For Wife

  1. I am so cold without your love; so alone. I have caused deep pain in both our lives. The faint flicker of hope that you can forgive me is all that keeps me alive.
  2. The smell of your skin and the beauty of your form fill me with memories of our love. I am nothing without you. Please search your heart for a way to forgive me.
  3. I don’t believe God intends for our paths to divide. He put us on this journey together. Take my hand, and let’s walk side by side again. I am so sorry for making you question your destination.
  4. The value of your love is worth more to me than anything else. Please allow me to show you.
  5. I know that my actions have shaken your faith in me, but I promise to show you how I’ve changed if you will give me the opportunity. I know I can win back your trust in time because I am a new person.
  6. Each day without you, I sink a little deeper into a pit of despair. The pain of losing you overpowers me. I need the strength that your forgiveness offers.
  7. You’ve always been my better half. I’m only complete when I’m by your side. I’m sorry for letting you down.
  8. I took you for granted, and I’m sorrier than you can ever know.
  9. You were absolutely right, and I let my pride get in the way. I am sorry for the way I treated you. You didn’t deserve that.
  10. I am constantly and deeply ashamed of what I have done. I hope that you will let me show you how I have changed. I’m sorry!
  11. I promise that this mistake has taught me how to be a better person. Please give me the chance to show you.
  12.  No one is entitled to mar your beautiful soul with their disgraceful actions. I am praying that you will forgive me for mine.
  13. The memory of seeing your heart break a little more with each repulsive word that came from my mouth drowns me in shame and sorrow.
Apology Messages For Her

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