Yoruba Girl Names With Meanings

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Yoruba Girl Names Starting With A

Abebi ― We asked for a girl child.

Abidemi ― A girl born during father’s absence.

Abiona ― One who is born during a journey

Adankwo ― One born on fourth day.

Adaoma ― A good and virtuous lady.

Adaora ― Daughter of all

Adefolake ― Your wealth supports us.

Aderiyike ― The pampered crown.

Adesina ― She opens the way

Adunni ― A daughter of the sweet person

Aega ― A palm bird, tiny bird

Aina ― Beautiful Eyed Woman

Ajayi ― Born face-down

Amoke ― Loving stroke or to pet her

Atinuke ― One who has been taken care of right from the conception.

Ayobami ― Wealth meet me, one asking for wealth.

Ayokunumi ― I am overwhelmed with wealth.

Ayomide ― Yoruba – Joy has returned ; A variant of name Ayotunde

Ayomisioluwakonitan ― The Joy of the lord will never diminish in my life.

Ayoola ― The joy of wealth

Ayotola ― Joy is enough wealth.

Ayotoluwafunmi ― The joy that the lord has given me.

Ayotunde ― Yoruba – Joy has returned; A variant of name Ayomide

Ayotundun ― A Yoruba term, meaning joy is sweet.

Ayowonuola ― A Yoruba term, meaning joy enters wealth.

Ayowunmi ― A girl who loves joy.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With B

Bandele ― Born Away From Home

Bere ― First daughter of the family.

Bidemi ― Born awaiting me.

Bimpe ― One who is gorgeous and beautiful.

Bisi ― She who is a first-born daughter in the family

Bmidele ― A Yoruba term meaning follow me home.

Bodunde ― Came with Christmas or one who was born during Christmas.

Bolanle ― One who finds wealth at home.

Bolatito ― A Yoruba term meaning how joy sanctifies me.

Boluwaji ― Rise up with Lord.

Boluwatife ― As God wishes, one who follows the will of God.

Bosede ― A daughter that came to world on a Sunday

Bunmi ― To be my gift

Busayo ― Add to the joy.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With D

Dideoluwakusidede ― The coming of the Lord is at hand.

Diekololaoluwa ― God’s blessing isn’t small.

Diekololaoluwalayemi ― The wealth of God in my life cannot be measured.

Doyinsola ― My wealth is sweet.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With E

Ebunoluwa ― The God’s gift

Emilohi ― Only God is great.

Emiola ― The honorable one, or an honorable man.

Eniafe ― A beloved man.

Eniiyi ― A person of integrity.

Enitan ― Person of the story or person with a history.

Eriifeoluwa ― The evidence of God’s love.

Eromidola ― My thought has become wealth.

Eyitope ― This is worthy for praise.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With F

Fadekunmi ― Add crown to me or add crown for me.

Fehintola ― Yoruba term, meaning rest the back on wealth.

Feyisayo ― Use this as joy.

Feyisetan ― A Yoruba term meaning use this as history.

Feyisola ― A girl who always has the blessing of her parents on her, my blessing.

Fiayosemi ― The one who has molded her parents with joy.

Fibikemi ― Yoruba term meaning bless me with your birth.

Fisayo ― God has added me to my joy.

Folade ― The honor arrives.

Folake ― One who is taken care with wealth.

Folaoluwashade ― The wealth of God is my crown.

Folasade ― Yoruba term meaning honor confers a crown.

Folusho ― God cares, one who is always under God’s protection.

Fowoke ― A girl who is pampered with money.

Foyinsola ― Yoruba term meaning add honey to the wealth.

Funmilayo ― Gift of God or God has brought me joy.

Fyiynfoluwa ― Give praise to God. A person who never forgets to praise God for everything.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With G

Gbemisola ― Yoruba term meaning carry me into wealth.

Gbohunmi ― God has heard my cry.

Gbolahun ― Show the wealth.

Gboyega ― Carry the glory high.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With I

Ibidolapo ― A term used for a child whose birth brought the wealth together.

Ibidun ― The birth was sweet.

Ibilola ― A girl who is born in riches.

Ibironke ― The family will love this child.

Ibukun ― Blessings

Ibukunade ― The blessings have come to me.

Ibukunoluwa ― The blessings of God.

Idowu ― A daughter who is born after twins.

Ifedayo ― Love has turned to joy.

Ifede ― Love is here.

Ifedolaoluwa ― God has blessed our love.

Ifedolapo ― Wealth has been mixed with love.

Ifejesukristi ― The love of Jesus Christ.

Ifelayo ― Love is peace.

Ifeoluwadolapo ― God’s love has brought us wealth.

Ifesowapo ― Love has joined us together.

Ifetundun ― Love is sweet.

Ifeya ― Love, a lovable woman.

Ige ― Born feet first

Ikeoluwa ― One who is under the constant care of God.

Ileara ― A healthy child.

Ilerioluwa ― The promise of God.

Iretomiwa ― Blessing has come to me, a girl who has brought blessings to her family.

Isoken ― One who is contented with her destiny.

Iyawa ― Ability or skill. A skillful woman.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With J

Jadesola ― Come out into wealth.

Jadesolaoluwa ― One who has come out to the wealth of God.

Jaiyeola ― One who is enjoying a wealthy life.

Jaiyesimi ― One who believes in enjoying the life.

Jesulayotimoni ― Jesus is the joy I have.

Jibola ― A child born with wealth.

Jolasun ― Let the wealth come forth.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With K

Kayin ― Kayin means The Child that has been Long Awaited

Kehinde ― Came second or the second born child.

Keyshia ― A girl who is favorite of everyone.

Kikelomo ― A child whom everyone loves pampering.

Kinfeosioluwa ― Yoruba term meaning that I may love you more, my Lord.

Kokumo ― Th is one will not die.

Kolapo ― Wealth is in abundance.

Kolawole ― Yoruba term meaning wealth has entered.

Korede ― A girl who has brought joy to the family.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With L

Lanre ― My wealth is the future.

Latorunwa ― One who has descended from heaven.

Lolade ― God is with you.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With M

Modupeore ― Thank you God for this gift.

Mofoluwakemi ― Given for the Lord’s blessing.

Monife ― The one who has been loved

Monjolaoluwa ― Enjoying the wealth of God.

Morenikeji ― This child resembles me.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With N

Niyilolawa ― The wealth is here.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With O

Olajuwan ― The exaltation of the triumph.

Olamide ― Divinity of triumph, being supernatural of success.

Olaniyi ― The son of victorious people, son of the success crowd.

Olayinka ― Wealth surrounds me

Olorunyomi ― God has saved me

Oluchi ― The work of god.

Olumoroti ― I stand with God

Olusola ― God has blessed me

Oluwabusola ― God adds to my wealth.

Oluwafunbi ― God gave this to me.

Oluwagbenga ― God has lifted me up.

Oluwatoke ― God is worthy to be adored.

Omolade ― Child of the crown.

Omorinsola ― The child who walks into wealth.

Orisa ― An angelic manifestation.

Oyinlola ― Nigerian term, meaning wealth is sweet.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With R

Ronke ― A person who has someone to pamper

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With S

Shola ― A blessed one

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With T

Tambara ― A girl who is at ease.

Tejumola ― One who looks forward to better days.

Tiaraoluwa ― From the body of God, Lord’s wonder

Timilehin ― God is with you.

Titilayo ― One who is joyful for ever, ever happy

Tiwa ― One who owns the crown or kingship

Tokunbo ― One who is from across the seas

Toluwalashe ― Gods will be done

Tujuka ― Cheerful

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With Y

Yejide ― One who looks like her mother.

Yoruba Girl Names Starting With Z

Zoputan ― The protector

Yoruba Girl Names With Meanings