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Welsh Names for Boys: Finding the perfect name for your new baby Boy is one of the most important decisions you’ll have. If you are in search of a perfect Welsh Baby Name for your new born, you are in the best site ever for Welsh Male Names.

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Welsh Boy Names Starting With A

Aberforth ― In Gaelic, this name means “˜from the river’

Aeronwen ― The winner or victor of a battle

Aeronwy ― The battle winner

Aerowyn ― The victorious person from the battle

Afon ― A river, or a stream or water

Aled ― Welsh – A Child, Offspring; A Variant name for Girls is Aledwen

Alun ― A stony, fair and handsome being who is in sync with harmony, nobility and peace

Alwyn ― Teutonic: Loved by All; German: Friend; English: Noble,Wise Friend; A derivative of name Alwin

Andras ― Old Greek – Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name Andrea

Aneurin ― Celtic – High Minded; A variation of name is Aneirin

Anyon ― Celtic – Anvil

Ardent ― The Ardent

Arthyen ― Cornish form of the Welsh name Arthen. It means bear born.

Arvel ― Welsh – Wept Over; Arval is a variant of name Arvel

Auryn ― A powerful person; golden haired individual

Awdrie ― Everlasting inspiration

Welsh Boy Names Starting With B

Baines ― The son of Einws

Barwyn ― A white mound

Berwyn ― Welsh – White Mound; Friend of the harvest; A variant of name Berwin

Bevan ― Son Of Evan; Beavan and Beaven are variant names of Bevan

Beynon ― Son of Eynon

Blevine ― A child who is like a wolf cub

Bowen ― son of “Owen”

Brac ― free

Bran ― A raven; a black bird that resembles a crow

Breunor ― A brown man

Brynlee ― One who came from the hill

Brynmor ― One who comes from the great hill

Brynn ― A man from the hill

Brynne ― He is from the hill

Brynner ― A man who lives in the hill

Brynnlee ― One who comes from the land of the hills

Brynnley ― One from the hil lands

Welsh Boy Names Starting With C

Cadan ― A variant of Cadell and Kaden. It means battle or companion.

Cade ― To fight in a small battle

Cadel ― A great battle

Cadell ― One with the battle spirit

Cadfael ― The prince of the battle

Cadfan ― The peak of the battle

Cadmael ― The chieftain of the war

Cadmon ― A warrior, soldier in the battle

Cadoc ― He who fights the battles

Cadog ― To be in the battle

Cadogan ― To find honor in the battle

Cadwal ― The battle leader, commander

Cadwalader ― He will lead us into the battle

Cadwaladr ― A battle leader, used as a surname

Cadwallader ― He who leads to battle

Cadwgan ― The glorious one in the battle

Cadwgon ― To have glory in the battle

Cadwyn ― One who is chained

Caio ― He who brings joy

Camea ― His nose is crooked

Carantoc ― A man of many virtues

Carantorivs ― He has many virtues

Cariad ― A darling and beloved person

Caron ― One who loves to love

Caronie ― He knows to love

Caroun ― He is born to love

Caru ― A lovely person

Carwyn ― A blessed love

Carys ― A pure love

Cass ― A curly haired person

Ceiriog ― A happy-go-lucky, friendly and name of a river

Ceiro ― The loved one

Celt ― A musical and exotic name

Celtic ― An exotic name for a musical

Ceolwald ― Name of a King; they are beloved

Cerda ― Awesome hair

Ceredig ― The one who cherishes

Ceretic ― The one who cherishes

Charlie ― One having full rights

Cinon ― Head; chief; leader; king

Colwyn ― A river situated in the country of Wales

Crwys ― Another name of Cross; crucifix

Cubert ― Legendary son of Daere.

Curnow ― A variant of Curnow meaning from Cornwall.

Cynan ― A noble Chief

Cyndaf ― An independent person

Cyndeyrn ― A well- renowned Lord

Cynfael ― Chief prince

Cynfarch ― A Chief Horse

Cynfran ― The Chief Crow

Cynwal ― Defencive; to protect

Welsh Boy Names Starting With D

Daafi ― One who prevents

Daavid ― A beloved friend

Dafydd ― A beloved boy

Dai ― A shining individual

Dalldav ― A legendary son

Davy ― A cherished and precious individual

Davyn ― The dear one

Dei ― One who is a gift of God

Delwin ― Friend of the valley

Deverell ― From the river bank.

Dilan ― One who is near the sea; healthy

Dillan ― A loyal person; one who has calmness and patience

Dinas ― A fort in a small city; tall

Dodd ― It is used to denote a lumpish person

Drystan ― Full of Sorrow

Dryw ― Wise; one who understands and learns fast

Duane ― A beautiful song; black haired

Dyddgu ― A gentle and mild individual

Dylann ― The vast sea; humble and nice

Dylon ― One who is a loyal Lion

Welsh Boy Names Starting With E

Ecgwynn ― Blessed and fair being; self assertive person

Edern ― The legendary son of Nudd

Ednowain ― A well born person (brought up)

Ednyfed ― Name of a warrior

Eilwyn ― An old friend with a white brow

Einion ― Anvil; they are very generous

Elgan ― One who is high minded and full of compassion

Elian ― A passionate and loving human being

Eliot ― An old Welshman

Elwy ― this nam means gain or benefit.

Elwyn ― this name means a wise old friend.

Elwynn ― this name means a wise friend or magical fair white being

Emlen ― someone who is eager or industrious.

Emlyn ― one who is eager for excellence or highly industrious.

Emrys ― immortal.

Emyr ― a worthy ruler.

Eneas ― it means praise.

Erbin ― legendary son of Cushtenhin.

Erchambaut ― a British word meaning loved by all.

Euddogwy ― a famous saint pilgrim of ancient times.

Eudeat ― used to refer to a very ancient saint pilgrim.

Eudel ― from the yew tree valley.

Eudelme ― a grove of yew trees.

Eutigirn ― a Welsh name meaning fond of his king.

Evan ― god has been gracious or stone or right hander or youth.

Evans ― god is good.

Everwyn ― He who is a friend of the sea

Ffion ― A welsh name meaning Foxglove

Welsh Boy Names Starting With G

Gaerwn ― The fortress which reflects in white color.

Ganora ― A swelling white wave

Gareth ― Uncertain

Garmon ― Overcomer or winner.

Garrath ― Welsh meaning is kind person, In German it means the one who can handle the spear strongly.

Gavin ― A little white falcon

Gavyn ― White falcon

Gawain ― Fair enemy in the battle field.

Gawin ― Resembles as a falcon which is white in color.

George ― A derivative of Greek word Georgos meaning Farmer; A Tiller of the Soil; Earth Worker

Geraint ― One of the names of the rulers.

Gereint ― An old spear holder

Gerens ― The one who is boldly fighting with spear.

Gerren ― Gerren is the Cornish equivalent of Geraint. It means old.

Gerwyn ― Impartial love neutral love.

Gethin ― The person who has black or gloomy skin.

Gethrude ― A dusky or dark skinned person

Gethwine ― A dusky friend or a dark skinned friend

Gleinguid ― Gleinguid means The One who comes from the Valley

Glyndwr ― The neame means Valley Water.

Glywys ― The name Glywys means The King from the Valley

Gower ― A person who is pure, wise and holly as Reflections on Guru’s Words in the literature of Sikh

Griff ― Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

Griffen ― Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

Griffin ― Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

Griffith ― Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

Griffri ― Lord who have a very strong grip on everything which is around him.

Grifin ― In welsh grifin means the strong faith in God. In Irish and americans this name is used as the surname.

Gruff ― Lord, Prince, People who have deep leadership abilites and ready to fous on large and importat issues.

Gruffudd ― Lord, Prince, People who have deep leadership abilites and ready to fous on large and importat issues.

Gruffydd ― Lord, Prince, People who have deep leadership abilites and ready to fous on large and importat issues.

Grummore ― The one with sixth sense, high energy level, senstiveness and possess a high sense of awareness.

Gryffen ― Strong Lord, People who have deep leadership abilites and ready to fous on large and importat issues.

Gryffyn ― A Cornish form of the Welsh name Griffith. It means lord.

Gryffyth ― People with this name have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge and experience, or creative and artistic ability.

Gryphon ― Fighting Chief, Fierceful, The furious Griffin of Greek mythology and medieval legend was an animal with foreparts of a falcon and rump of a lion.

Grzegorz ― Confident, unique state of mind with respect to their scholarly abilities. Obviously cheerful, informative and perky, they don’t care to discuss themselves and enviously protect their mystery garden.

Guabeith ― Guabeith by and large leads and direct others and likes to builds up their individual character.

Guto ― A strong chief or a person who have ability to lead a group with management.

Gwalather ― The name is derived from Welsh word gwaladr, which means leader.

Gwayn ― Gwayn name importance is Hawk utilized as a part of fight, see Gavin

Gwern ― They have strong will power, determination, imagination and disciplinced.

Gwerydd ― They are independent, friendly and easily approachable. They are always happy to keep happiness for others.

Gwidol ― They have clever mind and good decision making power.They will be a good business.

Gwilym ― Strong-willed Warrior, To one who will protect the family, nation or public. Who is ready to sacrifice for the nation.

Gwinne ― Protection, To one who will protect the family, nation or public. Who is ready to sacrifice for the nation.

Gwion ― Fair, Blessed, a person who is devoted or blessed to God or a religious reason; consecrated. Same as his master.

Gwladus ― This is the name of success and cooperation. It is a very fortunate name, which will give you an unfair share of advantage against competition.

Gwrddogwy ― They are idealistic, impressive, expressive and inspirational but they cannot take the burden of responsibilities.

Gwrddylig ― They are idealistic, impressive, expressive and inspirational. Ready to inspire others.

Gwrgant ― They are of strong, individual, determined, strong-willed persons.

Gwrgenau ― They are calm, stable, responsible and business minded. They get the success in business.

Gwrgeneu ― They are calm, stable, responsible and business minded. They get the success in business.

Gwrgon ― Humanitarian by nature, with a natural desire to help others

Gwrhydvawr ― Of a helping nature, one who is always ready to help others

Gwriad ― Ability to attain power, highly skilled man.

Gwronwy ― Ability to attain power, hard working man.

Gwrthefyr ― Systematic by nature, ability to organize qualities and turning dreams into reality.

Gwrwystl ― Man of his words, Man of solid pledge, Committed by nature.

Gwyddien ― Determined, adventurous, independent.

Gwyddnerth ― Ability to inspire others.

Gwydion ― Born of trees

Gwyn ― Blessed, fair, white.

Gwynedd ― Blessed, happiness, white

Gwynfael ― Optimistic, enthusiastic.

Welsh Boy Names Starting With H

Harby ― Son of Owen, variant of Harbin

Harry ― House ruler, Prince Harry

Haydn ― fire

Heddwyn ― Welsh – Peaceful; Fair Peace

Heilyn ― wine bearer, wine carrier, wine transporter

Helyan ― Hard working Eccentric Light-Hearted Young Adept Nice

Hethin ― dark-skinned, swarthy

Hillierd ― From the Yard on a Hill

Hillock ― From the Small Hill

Hillocke ― From the Tiny Hill

Hillyerd ― From the Yard on a Hill

Hlink ― From the Bank

Hlithtun ― From the Hillside Town

Hywel ― Welsh – Eminent, Conspicuous; A variant transcription of the name Howell

Welsh Boy Names Starting With I

Idris ― Lord of Studious

Welsh Boy Names Starting With J

Jabrion ― One who has a bow made of yew wood

Jack ― One who thinks that the God is gracious

Jacob ― Hebrew – Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; Derived from the Yaakov or Yakubel in Hebrew

Jareth ― A gentle one

Jenny ― White wave

Jeston ― A just and upright person

Welsh Boy Names Starting With K

Kai ― The Scottish and American meaning is Fire, The Hawaiian is The Sea, Welsh meaning is Keeper of the keys

Kenn ― Kenn means The water is clear

Kennan ― The name means Little Ken, The Clear Water

Kenwrec ― A Royal leader of a clan or a group

Kieve ― Kieve is a mythical name

Kimble ― Kimble means Warrior Chief

Kimblyn ― Kimblyn means Royal Warrior

Kraig ― The name means Rock

Welsh Boy Names Starting With L

Lavaughan ― The small or the little of something

Leo ― Latin word meaning lion

Lewallyn ― a leader, one who leads others

Llewellyn ― An image of the leader

Llewelydd ― A leader with the bravery like a lion’s

Lloyd ― A gray man

Llwyd ― A gray-haired man

Llygad ― A person with graying hair

Llyr ― He came from the sea

Llywarch ― A leader of the horses

Llywelyn ― A person who projects a leader-like image

Llywernog ― A place name from a town Llywernog in Wales

Locryn ― Cornish form of Locrinus. It’s the name of a region in southeastern Britain.

Logan ― Man from the hollow

Luellyn ― One who is a Lion like leader

Lugh ― The shinning one

Lughaidh ― A shining warrior

Lyn ― A lion-like leader

Welsh Boy Names Starting With M

Macsen ― The greatest one

Madern ― One who is lucky and fortunate

Madog ― Welsh – Fortunate; Good; Beneficent; Son of Madoc; A variant of Maddox

Mael ― Celtic – Disciple; Chief, Prince

Maelgwn ― A protector of battle

Main ― He who is slender and thin

Manawyd ― Welsh word for shoe marker’s awl

Maredudd ― The great lord

Marlais ― Welsh name for blue color

Marmaduke ― Celtic – Follower of Maedoc; Welsh – Fortunate; Good;

Marven ― A sea friend

Marvyn ― One who lives in the sea fortess

Medraut ― An uncertain person, an unsure man

Meilyr ― The highest authority person in the country, the one who is going to rule the country after the King

Meredith ― The one who protects the Ocean.

Merefin ― Who belongs from the Mervin, or the sea fortress

Merehwit ― An Anglo-Saxon bishop of Wells

Meridith ― The caretaker of the deep ocean.

Merrick ― The state or quality of being widely honored.

Merrion ― The person is from Merion, Wales.

Merthyr ― A martyr, one who sacrifices his, her life

Mervan ― The person who is very closer to the Ocean

Mervyn ― The oceanic mountain.

Merwin ― The one who likes the water of the sea.

Mihangel ― who is like the creator of the world

Morcan ― One who resides around the sea

Morcar ― Welsh – Dwells Near the Sea

Morfarch ― A sea-horse or a walrus

Morfran ― Welsh – Great Crow; Celtic – Mythical Ugly Demon

Morgan ― One who hails from the sea or around the sea

Morgann ― A person who lives near the sea

Morgen ― One who circles around the sea to defends it

Morgian ― One who takes care of the bright sea

Myrl ― Variation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the Sea

Welsh Boy Names Starting With N

Neirin ― Pleasurable and well known.

Ninian ― Name of a very famous Saint

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Nye ― The power of a mother

Welsh Boy Names Starting With O

Ofydd ― The person always filled with the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments.

Oliver ― The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.

Owain ― A youthful individual who has a charismatic personality; Eugene

Owaine ― A young person who is noble-born

Owein ― A noble- born young individual who is like a Wolf

Owen ― A well born, young warrior; noble birth

Oweyn ― A noble and well born warrior

Welsh Boy Names Starting With P

Pedr ― A solitary and thoughtful natured person

Pembroke ― One who lives in headland

Perceval ― One of the Knights; a hero

Peredur ― One who is the legendary son of Evrawg

Pice ― The one who is son of Rhys; enthusiastic person

Powel ― A son of Howell, which means the Sun

Powle ― A descendant of the Sun

Price ― Old Welsh – Son of the ardent one; A variant of the name Pryce

Prvce ― One who is filled with enthusiasm; son of Rhys

Pryce ― Old Welsh – Son of the ardent one; A variant of the name Price

Pryderi ― Welsh – Caretaker; Variant forms of Pryderi include the names Pryderea, Pryderee, Pryderey, Pryderie, and Prydery.

Pwyll ― A male name from the Welsh Mythology, King Pwyll

Welsh Boy Names Starting With R

Reece ― A man full of enthusiasm, a fiery one

Rees ― A Boy with a fiery personality

Rhain ― Welsh – A spear

Rheinallt ― A ruling advice

Rhiagad ― A great, respected King

Rhiryd ― A repulsive, repelling ruler

Rhiwallon ― The one who is the most kingly of them all

Rhun ― Welsh – Grand; Legendary Son of Beli

Rhydderch ― One who is of the reddish brown colour

Rhydian ― The crimson, reddish colour

Rhyhawd ― A person of crimson colour

Rhys ― A reckless, careless person

Rhywallon ― One who is the ruler and a king of people

Riguallaun ― The most kingly among all men

Robers ― A renown and glowing man

Romney ― Old Welsh – Curving River; From the broad river

Rooney ― A Boy with red, ginger hair

Ryn ― A person who is a Ruler

Welsh Boy Names Starting With S

Sayre ― Occupational name, carpenter

Seisill ― He who is born sixth

Seith ― Welsh name meaning seven

Selwynne ― One who is fair

Sion ― One who is gracious like God

Sulwyn ― One fair as the Sun

Welsh Boy Names Starting With T

Taffryn ― He who comes from a very tall hill

Talfryn ― High hill

Taliesin ― Means shining brow; Name of the 6th century poet and bard which later on portrayed as a companion of king Arthur

Tallwch ― Name from legends

Tarant ― Old Welsh name meaning thunder

Tarian ― One who carries a shield

Tarrant ― Welsh name meaning thunder

Tarren ― He who is from the ridge

Tasciovanus ― Name of a historical king

Tchad ― One who is a defender and a protector

Teagan ― Little poet or Fair

Tegan ― Beautiful

Teilo ― A man who is saint

Teyrn ― One who is obsolete

Theo ― Theo is the short form for Theodore and means god given,

Tomos ― One of the twin Boy

Torthred ― The red haired baker or tart

Trahaearn ― Something very much like iron

Trahern ― As strong as the iron, incredibly strong

Tramaine ― A person who is from a large town

Trayvon ― A small or little person as strong as iron

Trefor ― A large village with good person

Tremain ― One who is from a big town

Tremarli ― One who is from a big town near the woods

Trente ― A swift person, one who dwells near the swift stream

Trev ― A large village or a goodly town

Trevian ― One who is from the town of good people

Trevor ― From the large village

Trevyn ― One who is from the fair town

Tristram ― To make noise or to clatter

Trynt ― Speed running water in a lake.

Tryver ― Large; name for a settlement; a large village

Tudor ― Spiritual gift or divine talent.

Tudwal ― The monarch who rules the nation.

Welsh Boy Names Starting With U

Urien ― Privileged birth.

Welsh Boy Names With Meanings