Wedding Vows For Bride From The Heart

Touching Weeding Vows for her

Ladies take vows seriously especially when it is coming from the person that they want to spend the rest of their life together. Vows are an incredibly meaningful—personal— and part of a wedding ceremony.

In the past,  ‘I take thee to be my husband/wife to hand and to hold from this day forward’ was the usual traditional wedding vows but lately modern couples are choosing to personalise their vows to make their special moment unique to them. Therefore, the bride and groom may choose to write down their own vows on a piece of paper or card before their wedding day.

Here are some good samples of refreshing wedding vows for her when it is time to write your vows to your spouse. Feel free to personalise the vow, add in any humour if you see fit and and make it a day to remember..

Short Wedding Vows for Her

  • Your love gives me hope. Your smile gives me joy. You make me a better man.
  • Although it is until death do us part, I know that we will never truly part because our souls are made for each other.
  • As I have spent my whole life looking for my other half, I knew it was you from the moment we met.
  • As your wife, I am yours, I pledge my heart and soul to you and you alone.
  • From today onward, you and I will be one in heart, body and mind.
  • Give me your hand, and I will give you forever.
  • I am yours. You can have it all.
  • I choose you. I’ll choose you over and over and over, without pause, without doubt, I’ll keep choosing you.
  • I love that I get a kiss from you every time we stop at a red light.
  • I love that you always push my hair back when it’s in my face.
  • I love that you’re open to trying new things.
  • I love the way you dance to make me laugh.
  • I love to hold you in my arms each night. You are the best thing about me.
  • I love you without fear, without hesitation, and promise to support you, encourage you, and cherish you as your wife.
  • I never knew that life could be a dream until I met you.
  • I promise to be a nurturing wife, compassionate companion, and to always be on your side, always.
  • I promise to be your honest, faithful, and loving wife for the rest of my days.
  • I promise to give you all the love and support that I give Ella.
  • I promise to grow alongside you, but also to never grow up.
  • I promise to laugh with you every day, to dance with you in the kitchen and to not rub it in when I beat you in horse.
  • I promise to make sure I’m not just hungry when I get upset.
  • I promise to never stop holding your hand.
  • I promise to stand by your side while you face the world. Listen to you when you speak.
  • I vow patience, honesty and adoring love as long as we both shall live.
  • I vow to cherish you, devote my life to you and always be true.
  • I vow to express my love for you as often as I breathe each breath.
  • Live with me, laugh with me, love with me, and I will be your devoted wife forevermore.
  • Nothing will divide us because I know that with your love, I will always have strength.
  • Take my heart, love me forever and I will never leave your side. You and I are one.
  • Today you will be my wife, but we will be soulmates forever.
  • Today, I want to make promises to you that I will always keep.
  • Without you, my life has no meaning. I vow to always remember to treasure you.
  • You are my every dream come true, and I can’t wait for the reality we get to build together.
  • You are my person, my inspiration, my love and my everything. I cannot wait to spend a lifetime loving you.
  • You are the person I want to spend forever with.
  • You make me laugh, you make me think, and above all, you make me happy.
  • You will never want for anything in this life as long as you love me as I will love you.

Romantic Wedding Vows For Her

  • “There is no remedy for love” says Thoreau, “but to love more”. Today and forever I will follow his advice and seek my remedy in your arms.
  • I love you with my whole heart with a passion that can’t be expressed in words, only in kisses, glances, and years of adventure by your side.
  • I promise that each kiss will be filled with more love than the last and that our days together will grow in love and devotion.
  • I promise to be your guiding light in the darkness, a warming comfort in the cold, and shoulder to lean on when life is too much to bare on your own.
  • I promise to be your navigator, best friend, and wife. I promise to honor, love, and cherish you through all life’s adventures. Wherever we go, we’ll go together.
  • I promise to join your laughter with my own and when you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark.
  • I promise to love, respect, protect and trust you, and give you the best of myself, for I know that together we will build a life far better than either of us could imagine alone.
  • I promise to share my food with you, never go to bed angry and always honor your passion for the Red Sox… but NOT your passion for the wave.
  • I used to never truly enjoy moments because I was always waiting for what’s next. The next thing to happen. Kind of living life in fast forward. Now that I have you, I enjoy the moment. Every moment.
  • I vow to always protect you from harm, to stand with you against your troubles and to look to you when I need protection.
  • I vow to need you – to say goodnight, to kiss me on the eyelids, to have and adore even when you feel down. At any time, in any place I want only to be by your side.
  • Let us build a home, a life and a family from our bonds of true love and our vows to stick together through all life’s challenges.
  • Marriage bridges two shores, binding us together as one unbroken path, on which I vow never to deviate, never to falter, and to always be by your side.
  • May the ring I give you today remind you all our days of this wonderful moment – and the love we feel for each other that will last all time.
  • Our love withstands our flaws, our imperfections and our shortcomings because our love always cherishes and loves the good in each other.
  • To promise to love you in sickness and in health, in good and in bad is the easiest promise I’ve ever made, because vowing to love you was something I decided when I first met you.
  • Today I say, “I do” but to me that means, “I will”. I will take your hand and stand by your side in the good and the bad. I dedicate myself to your happiness, success, and smile. I will love you forever.
  • Today seems like it’s the start of a new journey, but I already belong to you. Falling for you wasn’t falling at all—it was walking into a house and knowing you’re home. I love you.”
  • Wherever our journey leads us, I promise to walk with you arm in arm, hand in hand, to hold you as your wife and to learn from you, love you, and surprise you, forever.
  • You are my love, and my guide, a true partner, a man that I will love, hold close, honor, kiss, and cry with for all the days of my life.

Heartfelt Wedding Vows For Her From Him

  • I vow to always protect you from harm
    To stand with you against your troubles
    And to look to you when I need protection.
  • I never would have imagined that out of all the people in this world, I would find someone as special as you.
    You are my best friend and my one true love.
    I cannot believe I am the lucky man who gets to marry you today.
    I promise I will never forget this privilege, no matter how many years of our lives go by.
    I love you, now and forever.
  • This ring is a promise that you will never have to face the world alone.
  • In your arms, I have found home
    In your eyes, I have found compassion
    In your heart, I have found love
    In your soul, I have found a kindred spirit
    You are my everything
Wedding Vows For Bride From The Heart