Special Wedding Prayer For Daughter And Son In law

Special Wedding Prayer For Daughter And Son In law

A parent’s love is divine! What more can a mother, father wish for his daughter on her wedding day? Isn’t it heavenly to witness your precious daughter walk down the aisle looking completely angelic? I can literarily feel the joy bursting in your heart. As we all know that marriages are not always the bed of roses, sometimes there might be trouble in the deepest part of the ocean. Therefore, there is a need to say a prayer or two for your daughter and son in laws on their wedding day to make them stronger by the day. Here are some special wedding prayer to ask God for blessings for your daughter and son in law.

Wedding Prayer For Daughter On Her Wedding Day

  • My darling daughter who is the bride of the day, you will be fruitful on all sides. You are a fruitful field, watered by the grace of God, you will never be barren in your spirit, in your mind and your body! This union of your love, my daughter, will increase and bring forth abundant fruits that will abide in the name of Jesus.
  • I will pray that she keeps God at the center of her heart and home. Whether things are going well or not, she will sing praises of thanks to the Lord. I ask God that she will not lean on her own understanding, but seek the wisdom and guidance of the Almighty.
  • When life challenges weigh her down, she will remember that He is always with her. May she grow in her love for God and her husband, and forgive daily as God has forgiven her. I pray her home be blessed with the love, joy and laughter of children. And I ask God to give them a long and healthy marriage remaining faithful to one another throughout all seasons of life.
  • Lord, thank you for the gift of love and marriage. Our prayers for our children never cease. Long after the wedding celebration, my prayers will continue daily for my daughter and son in law.
  • Children are not the only fruit of marriage, but they are sure one of the sweetest. Your blissful union of love will have all the fruitfulness that the Lord has proposed for you in the name of Jesus.
  • It is a new dawn and a brand-new day; my darling baby is a dashing bride today to be the wife to the husband of her youth. Thank you for filling her with your joy. Thank you for blessing me with such an invaluable gem as my daughter and for making me witness the day of her joy. I declare let the heaven resound my praise to Jehovah almighty for his mercies endures forever and his praise from generations to generations.
  • Dear Lord proper my daughter getting married today in all of her ways. As her heart finds grace to acknowledge you in all things, make her life in her husband’s home prosperous in the name of Jesus. The scripture says “So then it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy.” (Romans 9:16), I pray that you will show great mercy to my daughter and make her prosper on all sides in the name of Jesus.
  • For your sake, your husband prospers like the tree of Lebanon. As a couple, your leaves will never wither. You will bring forth fruit in all your endeavours in the name of Jesus. The Lord breaks the bounds of limitations and lack. Your life testifies of the full riches of Christ in the name of Jesus.
  • Thank you that there has been no record of evil, no casualties. You have kept in perfect peace all that concerns us. Thank you for your banner over this family is love. I declare today that over my daughter and her new family, my heart of joy and mouth of praise will never turn sour. I thank you because you have never failed my and you will stand tall on behalf of my daughter. I thank you because you will go with my daughter into marriage today. I bless you forevermore in Jesus name I have prayed, amen.
  • I declare to you my daughter that everything you lay your hands on will prosper be the power of divine life. The energy of the resurrection power of Jesus fills you will grace for exploits and excellence in the name of Jesus.
  • Heavenly father, I thank you for my daughter’s wedding today; today is a gift you have given us all, we rejoice and are glad in it. I declare your presence over this love celebration this day and I say take all the glory in the name of Jesus I have prayed.
  • Lord God Almighty, you the giver of all good things; I bless the day you gave me this precious daughter of mine. Thank you, dear God, for making today possible; I raise my hands in thanks and my heart is full of praises to you, o King of the universe. Thank you for blessing my daughter with this beautiful day that she should be lawfully wedded to the love of her life.

Prayer For Daughter And Son In law Troubled Marriage From Parent

  • Heavenly father, Today I pray for my daughter and son in law. May there be a spark that will ignite their love and passion that they once felt for one another. That it burn ever so strong, bright and high. May it never be extinguished. I believe it, declare it, claim it and receive it that God our Father will unite them as a married couple, as individuals and as a family. That they will be able to overcome and survive this crisis and that they will come out of this with an unshakable, undying, unfaltering and unwavering faith. That they worship as a couple, as individuals and as a family. That their faith be stronger than ever before and that it can never be broken. Amen and Amen..
  • I am praying that our Lord Jesus Christ opens my son and my daughter in laws eyes and their hearts and that they fall in love with each other all over again. That they are truthful, honest and open with each other. May they be faithful to one another. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ is able to perform a miracle and is able to provide love and healing in their marriage, relationship and family. Amen and Amen..
  • Dear God,  may my daughter and son in law be able to trust one another. May they be able to over come any obstacles together that they will be able to move forward. That they will be able to give testimony to God’s awesomeness and to His love. May my grand babies feel your arms tightly wrapped around them and may they feel comforted, safe and at peace knowing that you are restoring and repairing their parents marriage, relationship and their family. God hear the prayers of a mother, mother in law and grandmother. In Jesus name. I pray to you my Lord, my God. Amen and Amen.
Special Wedding Prayer For Daughter And Son In law