Urhobo Girl Names With Meanings

Bretons Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Urhobo Names for Girls: Finding the perfect name for your new baby Girl is one of the most important decisions you’ll have. If you are in search of a perfect Urhobo Baby Name for your new born, you are in the best site ever for Urhobo Female Names.

We have compiled a list of Modern Urhobo Baby Names only for you. Choose the best name for your little one from the following list of Cute Urhobo Names for Baby Girls with Meanings, Beautiful Urhobo Girls Names, Urhobo Female Names and Their Meanings, Urhobo Female Names Alphabetical, Urhobo Boy Names and Meanings, Cool Urhobo Women’s Names and Urhobo Names for Baby Girls with Meaning Starting from A to Z.

Urhobo Girl Names Starting With A

Akpenvwoghene ― Praise God

Akpobome ― My own life

Akporovwovwo ― Good life in later years

Anaborhi ― The one who is born with good destiny

Asaroyoma ― Comfort zones

Avwunudiogba ― Those who profess strength with mere talk

Urhobo Girl Names Starting With E

Efemena ― Here is my wealth

Efetobo ― Wealth is achieved

Eghwrudjakpor ― I have come to stay

Eguono ― Love

Ejaita ― Let them say

Ejiroghene ― Praise God

Ejokparoghene ― Let’s trust in God

Ejomafuvwe ― Let peace reign in my life

Ejoyovwi ― Let it be good

Emarejedje ― The elderly also run for life

Emetemedia ― I will always remain a lady

Emeterhire ― Girls have arrived

Emuobosa ― Your own thing is precious

Emuvoke ― Everything has time

Enajemete ― These are also girls

Enivwenaye ― Compare my success with those of my enemies

Enohor ― Blessing

Erhimeyoma ― My guardian spirit (God) is good

Erhinyoja ― God hears our prayers

Erhinyuse ― God answers our prayers

Erhiroghene ― The spirit of God

Erhuvwun ― Beauty

Erukainure ― We have helped them

Eseoghene ― God’s gift

Eserovwe ― God’s grace

Urhobo Girl Names Starting With M

Miriodere ― I now have a name

Mitaire ― I have achieved their match

Urhobo Girl Names Starting With N

Norioghene ― Look at God’s judgment

Urhobo Girl Names Starting With O

Odavwaro ― I am contented

Oghenebrume ― God decided in my favor

Oghenechovwe ― God aided me

Oghenefejiro ― God is praiseworthy

Oghenegaren ― God is great

Oghenekevwe ― God gave me

Ogheneme ― My God

Oghenemine ― I look up to God

Oghenerukevwe ― God did this for me

Ogheneruno ― God has done so much

Oghenetega ― God is worship worthy

Oghenochuko ― God provides my support

Oghomena ― Here is my respect

Oghonoro ― Respect is greater than money

Ojanomare ― I have met the challenge

Ometeko ― Girl born in Lagos

Omonigho ― Child is greater than money

Omonoro ― Child is greater than gold

Omotejohwo ― A girl is also a human being

Omotekoro ― A girl is like gold

Omotore ― Girl’s birth brings festivity

Omotughele ― Girl from Ughelli

Omotukane ― Girl born in diaspora

Onajite ― This is sufficient

Onoharhese ― Who blames good deeds?

Oviereya ― Queen

Oyovwikerhi ― May my guardian spirit be blessed

Urhobo Girl Names Starting With U

Umukoko ― Young woman

Umuto ― Woman

Urhobo Girl Names With Meanings