Urhobo Boy Names With Meanings

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Urhobo Boy Names Starting With A

Achojah ― Rise up to challenge

Agbarha ― Born in Agbarha

Ahwinahwi ― A really black or dark individual

Akpenvwoghene ― Praise God

Akpobome ― My own life

Akpofure ― Life is now peaceful

Akporovwovwo ― Good life in later years

Anaborhi ― The one who is born with good destiny

Aruegodore ― We have come home

Ataikiru ― Talk or plan before taking action

Avwunudiogba ― Those who profess strength with mere talk

Urhobo Boy Names Starting With E

Edaferierhi ― The rich have good destiny

Edafetanure ― The wealthy have spoken

Edemirukaye ― The day I did them a favor

Edewor ― Sacred day of worship in traditional religion

Edosio ― Rainy day

Efemena ― Here is my wealth

Efemuaye ― Those intoxicated with riches

Efetobo ― Wealth is achieved

Efetobore ― Wealth has now been achieved

Egbo ― Forest

Eghwrudjakpor ― I have come to stay

Eguono ― Love

Ejaife ― Let them be rich

Ejaita ― Let them say

Ejiroghene ― Praise God

Ejokparoghene ― Let’s trust in God

Ejomafuvwe ― Let peace reign in my life

Ejoyovwi ― Let it be good

Emarejedje ― The elderly also run for life

Emerho ― A special type of catfish

Emetitiri ― Mine is famous

Emudiaga ― Let’s stand firmly

Emuobosa ― Your own thing is precious

Emuvoke ― Everything has time

Enakpodia ― The way life should to be

Enitekiru ― Think before you act

Enivwenaye ― Compare my success with those of my enemies

Erhiaganoma ― Guardian spirit overpowers the body

Erhimeyoma ― My guardian spirit (God) is good

Erhinyoja ― God hears our prayers

Erhinyuse ― God answers our prayers

Erhiroghene ― The spirit of God

Erhue ― A special breed of cow used for traditional ceremonies

Erhuvwun ― Beauty

Erukainure ― We have helped them

Eseoghene ― God’s gift

Eserovwe ― God’s grace

Etaidaferua ― Words of the wealthy are more acceptable

Etanomare ― Freed from blame or despair

Etaredafe ― Words of the wealthy

Urhobo Boy Names Starting With I

Igberaharha ― The poor take the blame

Ighomuedafe ― Money intoxicates the wealthy

Ighovavwerhe ― There is joy in riches

Irikefe ― First to become wealthy

Urhobo Boy Names Starting With M

Miriodere ― I now have a name

Mitaire ― I have achieved their match

Urhobo Boy Names Starting With N

Norioghene ― Look at God’s judgment

Urhobo Boy Names Starting With O

Oboganriemu ― Be strong to survive

Odafe ― Rich individual

Odavwaro ― I am contented

Ogbamremu ― The brave meets a lot of challenges

Oghenebrume ― God decided in my favor

Oghenechovwe ― God aided me

Oghenefejiro ― God is praiseworthy

Oghenegaren ― God is great

Oghenekevwe ― God gave me

Ogheneme ― My God

Oghenemine ― I look up to God

Oghenerioborue ― Great novel Triumph, prove superior of the contest

Oghenerukevwe ― God did this for me

Ogheneruno ― God has done so much

Oghenetega ― God is worship worthy

Oghenochuko ― God provides my support

Oghomena ― Here is my respect

Oghonoro ― Respect is greater than money

Ogoro ― Frog

Ohwahwa ― Cold season

Ohwofasa ― A person’s status should be defined by his achievement

Ohwonigho ― A person is greater than riches

Ojakorotu ― This is a group challenge

Ojanomare ― I have met the challenge

Okagbare ― I have all styles and skills

Okoro ― Man

Okpara ― One who is born in Okpara

Okpogoro ― A big toad

Omonigho ― Child is greater than money

Omonoro ― Child is greater than gold

Onajite ― This is sufficient

Onanojah ― This is a challenge

Onogaganmue ― One who is intoxicated with power

Onoharhese ― Who blames good deeds?

Onoharhigho ― Who blames riches?

Orodena ― The great one

Ovie ― King

Oyibonanarhoro ― A white skinned individual

Oyiborhoro ― He who is fair or white skinned

Oyiborode ― A big and fair person

Oyovwikerhi ― May my guardian spirit be blessed

Urhobo Boy Names Starting With S

Sapele ― A boy who is born in Sapele

Urhobo Boy Names Starting With U

Udumebraye ― My presence gives them heartache

Uhwokori ― The one who is born in Uhwokori

Uloho ― Iroko tree

Umukoro ― Young man

Urhie ― River

Uvo ― Dry or sunny season

Urhobo Boy Names With Meanings