Urdu Girl Names With Meanings

Names and Meanings

Looking for Urdu names for your baby Girl? Check here for comprehensive list of beautiful Urdu baby Girl names in Alphabetical order, Vintage Urdu baby Girl names, old fashioned Urdu Girl name, and Short Urdu Girl names with their meanings, Beautiful Urdu Girl Names, Common Urdu Female Names and Popular Urdu Girl Names.

Urdu Girl Names Starting With A

Aabida ― This can be the female case of name aabid, it means Worshiper, devotee, adorer

Aabroo ― Prestige

Aaseyah ― One who be apt to weak and the one who makes good console & comfort

Aasia ― Person is very hopeful and the name refers to largest continent of the Earth

Aasieyah ― This name gives you capability of organising, planning & carrying work for great success

Aasira ― Brave, strong and powerful fighter who can conquer & imprison enemies

Aayah ― Generally it means evidence or signs. In the Islam’s principal scripture, this name is used to mean Verse.

Afsa ― The name of Prophet Mohammed’s wife.

Aisa ― Another spelling of the name Aysa which means Moonlike

Aiza ― Respected, Having high place in the society

Allami ― Very Wise, Intelligent, Intellectual

Urdu Girl Names Starting With B

Basira ― Wise. Intelligent, intellectual

Basirah ― Vision; Sight, visualization

Basm ― Grin, smile,

Basma ― A Beam, Shaft of light

Basmah ― A Smile

Basmat ― A Smile

Basoos ― She was the Daughter

Bassima ― A Smile, blissful, pleasurable

Baysan ― to walk with pride

Beebee ― Wife; the settlement of Bee

Beena ― A musical instrument; a far sighted human being

Urdu Girl Names Starting With E

Emmarie ― a faithful or truthful person.

Emmary ― a person who can be believed or who has faith; a faithful person.

Eness ― queen of beauty.

Engy ― a beautiful queen.

Ersheen ― god’s beauty.

Erum ― it means heaven.

Esra ― it means more or quick.

Urdu Girl Names Starting With F

Faeezah ― A woman who is a leader of people

Farwah ― A name of the companions

Fauqiyah ― A woman of high grades

Fawha ― One who is like a breath of parfume

Fazeen ― An increasing, something that gets bigger

Feiyaz ― One who reached success

Freshta ― A variant of ‘Farsishta’, it means an angel

Fuada ― Refers to mind and argument.

Funoon ― Diversity or variation.

Furozan ― One who has a glowing radiance

Futun ― Charms or attractions.

Urdu Girl Names Starting With G

Gajal ― A poetry, a rhyming poetry

Gathbiyya ― One who is nice looking and gorgeous.

Gathbiyyah ― A gorgeous or beautiful lady

Gathibiyya ― A beautiful and gorgeous lady

Gathibiyyah ― A pretty and gorgeous lady

Ghamza ― A girl with nice gestures

Gul ― Gul means the fresh flower of red Rose

Gulaab ― Gulaab is the urdu name of beautiful rose flower.

Gulab ― Gulaab is the urdu name of beautiful rose flower.

Gulalai ― k8

Gulbadan ― Gul means rose flower and badan is an urdu word which means body. Gulbadan means a body which is beautiful and soft like roses.

Gulbahar ― Gul means rose flower and bahar means spring season. So gulbahar means spring of roses flower.

Guldeep ― Guldeep means the lamp with flowers.

Gulerana ― Gul-e-Rana means rose flower with a very sweet smell.

Gull ― Gul means the fresh flower of red Rose

Guriat ― Guriat is an unisex name of Urdu origins. The meaning of the name is Puppet.

Urdu Girl Names Starting With H

Haseen ― Beautiful, Handsome, Smart

Haujamat ― Red Rose

Hawadah ― Pleasant, enjoyable

Hawazin ― Name of an Arabic tribe

Hawiya ― Dominant, Governing

Hayed ― movement, motion

Hayud ― A mountain

Hena ― Politeness, Someone who is polite, Gracious

Humaida ― bright red colour

Hushaima ― A modest woman

Huzuz ― Women of great fortune

Urdu Girl Names Starting With J

Jahanara ― A woman who lives and flowers

Jibla ― Jibla means a natural thing without any mixture of artificial things.

Johi ― Name of a flower called Jasmine,having unique fragrance

Jumaina ― The meaning of the name is Small

Juman ― Juman means Pearl

Urdu Girl Names Starting With K

Kabeesha ― Kabeesha means Name of a Poatess

Kabshah ― Kabshah name means She was a Companion

Kaneezah ― The name means Firm, Sturdy

Kardawaiyah ― The name means Ious Woman

Kashfiya ― The feeling of enlightenment

Kashida ― A hardworking woman

Kashooda ― Kashooda means Pretty, Attractive

Kashud ― Kashud means Blossom

Kasool ― Kasool name means a Girl That was Raised with Tender Care

Kawakib ― Kawakib means Satellites

Khasiba ― Khasiba means Fertile Woman

Khelna ― Khelna means Dolls

Khudamah ― The name means She will serve

Khudra ― Khudra means Verdancy

Khulaidah ― The name means Everlasting

Khulat ― Khulat means A friend and a Lover

Khuld ― Khuld means Eternal Paradise

Khurmi ― Khurmi means Leisure

Khuwailah ― The name means Young and Little Gazelle

Kowaisah ― The name means The Pretty Woman

Kuaybah ― A daughter of the Saad al-Asmaliyah who offered allegaence to Prophet PBUH

Urdu Girl Names Starting With L

Layina ― A resilen, tender and delicate person

Liaqat ― A capable and fit person

Liba ― The one who is the most beautiful of them all

Lubena ― A state of purity and innocence

Urdu Girl Names Starting With M

Ma ― The heights

Mahabbah ― An affectionate and loving woman

Maham ― The wife of the mughal ruler Zahir

Mahliqa ― She who has the face like a Moon

Mahneerah ― A first born twin

Mahwish ― One who is pretty like the Moon

Manahil ― A girl who is like a spring of fresh water

Maqboola ― A person who is aknoledged and accepted

Maqbula ― A preyer aknowledged and accepted by God

Marqooma ― A well-defined person, someone who is good in writing

Mashmool ― A girl that is sought after

Masoon ― A well protected girl who is alwats safeguarded

Masrurah ― A delighted and pleased woman

Mawara ― She who is superior

Mawhooba ― A woman who has great talents

Mawsoofa ― One who is worthy of being described

Mayameen ― A woman blessed with bravery

Mehrvash ― Like the sun.

Midhah ― tribute or inspiration.

Midhat ― the formal expression of praise.

Mohaddisa ― Bright, glittering and crystal shining one, giving shining brightness

Mohsana ― The person bearing the nature and sweetness of Honey, particularly, honey bee

Urdu Girl Names Starting With N

Naaz ― The person is having self respect, A charming person

Nabawia ― The person who is foretelling the events via supernatural intervention.

Nabawiya ― The person who is farsighted the events through spiritual mediation.

Nafay ― The one who is full of profitable income and turnover.

Nafia ― A person who benefits others

Nagheen ― A gem-stone, stone on the ring

Nahiza ― A raised person, at high rank

Nahleejah ― A cool-tempered person, down to earth

Nakhat ― Perfume or scent or bouquet or sweet smell.

Nashmia ― A garden of flowers

Natila ― Family member, system, sake, relative, path.

Naushaba ― Medicine or solution or tonic.

Nawla ― A gift or a grant, a present

Naz ― The pride or the delicacy

Nazaakat ― The delicacy or the tenderness

Nazafarin ― The beautiful delicacy of a girl

Nazah ― The purity of a person

Nazaha ― The person who is on right

Nazahah ― The just or fair person

Nazam ― The poetry defining a particular thing

Nazaneen ― a girl full or delicacy

Nazanin ― A charming lady with delicacy

Nazanina ― One who charm others with her delicacy

Nazer ― The eyesight, a vision of an eyesight

Nazgul ― A beautiful or a delicate flower

Nazm ― A poem in context of a particular thing or person

Nazma ― The bright and shining star of the sky

Nazmi ― Out of the context of nazm

Nazmil ― Like a beautiful poem

Nazmin ― The delicate girl, a beautiful girl

Nazmiya ― The melodious poem

Nazneem ― An exquisitely beautiful girl

Nazneen ― the most beautiful lady

Naznin ― The most charming lady

Nazpari ― The charming or beautiful as a fairy

Nazreen ― The one who is watching of the spectators

Nazuk ― A tender or a delicate person

Nazz ― The delicacy, charm or the pride

Nirmeet ― Energetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.

Nirmesh ― Honeyed and sweet smelling.

Nirvikar ― Bight and powerful nimble.

Nohreen ― One who is glittering brightly

Noshaba ― Energetic water which is highly necessary to live in this world.

Nosheen ― Honeyed and sweet smelling.

Nowa ― Bight and powerful nimble.

Urdu Girl Names Starting With Q

Qabila ― A woman who is smart and able

Urdu Girl Names Starting With R

Rauhah ― A happy and content individual

Rawhiyah ― A highly spiritual person

Rawza ― A woman who is like the garden

Rayann ― The heaven’s door that opens in the month of ramadhan

Raytah ― A daughter of the small farmer

Rizqin ― One who has good fortune

Roheen ― An Iron-strong woman

Rozinah ― One day’s wage

Rudainah ― A very old Arabic name for a girl

Rufayah ― Hadith’s early student

Ruhiya ― A woman of great spirits, a spritual one

Ruhma ― A woman of kind and merciful nature

Rukhailah ― A name of the Sahabi who fought in the battle of Badr. Also means an ewe

Rumaithah ― A name of Sahabiyah

Rumeha ― A girl who is a beautful stone

Rumman ― She who is one of the people of the Rummana

Rummana ― A plum purple colour

Urdu Girl Names Starting With S

Sadeeqa ― A woman who is both a friend and a companion

Sadida ― The right thing

Saghira ― Small, tender and slender woman

Saghirali ― A tender and slim woman

Sahab ― The clouds in the sky

Sajila ― A person who is determined

Sajoon ― A loved woman

Sajuwa ― The feeling of inner peace

Sakeeza ― A nice smell, a fragrance

Sakhiya ― A generous person with a liberal mind

Sameeah ― A percieving, hearing person

Samrina ― A woman who is sweet like a flower or a fruit

Sanaubur ― Tree that you can see everyday

Saniyah ― Pearl or Radiant or Brilliant

Shabina ― To be in the eye of the storm

Shadhiyah ― An aromatic smell

Shadmani ― A feeling of joy

Shafaq ― A virtuous woman on integrity

Shaffan ― A woman cool as a morning breeze

Shahada ― She who is a witess

Shahamat ― A woman of great bravery and valour

Shaherbano ― SHe who is like a princess

Shahnoor ― A woman with a royal glow around her

Shahra ― One who is gift

Shaizen ― A beautiful or preety girl

Shajeea ― A bold and brave woman with no fears

Shameemah ― A breeze of fragrances

Shamoodah ― SHe is precious like a diamond

Shamsia ― She is beautiful like a shinig star

Shanum ― One who is blessed by Allah. Also, a dignified woman

Shanza ― A woman who is diginied

Sharia ― A girl who is just like a Princess

Sharleez ― A lady who is beaitiful

Shazana ― Urdu name meaning princess

Shazfa ― A successful girl

Shazmah ― Rare like the Moon

Shehrbano ― A name for a princess

Shezan ― A beautiful girl

Shihaam ― An intelligent girl

Shimaz ― A deeply beloved girl

Shiza ― She is a preset, a gift

Shujana ― A strong woman who has no fear

Shumaila ― The name means soorat

Shuqra ― A woman of blonde hair and fair skin

Siddra ― One who is like a star

Subayah ― A name of the narrator of Hadith

Subaytah ― A woman who is of brave nature

Sumamah ― A name of the plant millet

Suml ― She is an early distinguisher

Summiya ― She is a woman of proper name

Sunat ― A woman who has a way with things, one with good methods

Sunbula ― A corn’s ear

Suntaha ― Waiting

Urdu Girl Names Starting With T

Taasees ― Beginning of something new, a foundation

Tabeedah ― Emotionally significant idea

Talbashah ― A narrator of Hadith

Tanjia ― She who brings salvation

Taqadus ― A faith or divinity

Taraab ― Urdu name meaning joy and sorrow

Tarifa ― She who is rare or unique

Tariqah ― One who is always victorious

Tasmeekh ― Living in fragrance

Tasweeb ― One who speaks the truth

Tawfiqa ― One who has good luck

Tazkia ― A girl who is specian

Tazmeen ― One with great habits and nature

Thubaytah ― Name of the daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah

Thufailah ― A woman who has respect for the elders

Tufaylah ― The name of the unbound slave of Al-waleed bin Abdulla.

Turfa ― Refers to unique or exclusive.

Urdu Girl Names With Meanings