Unusual Baby Names for Girls and Boys  

Unusual Baby Names for Girls and Boys  

Strong Unusual Boy Names, Strong Unusual Girl Names With Meanings: So no matter if you’re thinking about going for a vintage sounding name, or looking for a name that is nature-inspired or one that’s after a name of your favourite places or starts with a certain letter of the alphabet, we’ve got you covered. Listed in this post are 150 most rare names for a boy and a girl.

Aero — This name is Greek and means “of the sky.”

Alaska — This is derived from the Aleut word “alaxsxaq,” which means “the mainland.”

Ari — This Hebrew name means “lion.”

Ashlynn — This beautiful Irish name means “dream.”

Aspen — This name can be used for a girl or boy and means “quaking tree.”

Astrid — Hailing from Scandinavia, this name means “divinely beautiful.”

Azure — Meaning “sky blue,” this pretty name is pronounced AH-zhure and is of Spanish origin.

Bear — This animal-inspired name means strong and brave.

Beckett — Coming from Engish and German roots, this name means “little brook.”

Birdie — The meaning of this cute name is “bright, famous, little bird.”

Bode — Pronounced Bow-dee, this unique name means “messenger.”

Brynlee — This is an English name that means “Gift from God.”

Cadence — This name has Latin origin and means “rhythm, flow.”

Cami — Meaning “helper to the priest,” this name is a variant of the Latin name Camilla.

Case — “Bringer of peace” is what this name means.

Caspian — This name means “of the sea.”

Charlize — This South African name is a feminization of Charles and means “free man.”

Cheyenne — This name is of Native American origin and means “people of a different language.”

Cora — This Ancient Greek name means “honest.”

Crew — This is a name of Latin origin meaning “chariot.”

Cyrus — This Persian-derived name means “sun.”

Dagon — This Biblical name means “fish.”

Dahlia — This Lithuania name means “destiny.”

Damon — This name means “loyal friend” in Latin.

Daphne — “Laurel tree” is what this Greek name means.

Darra — In Hebrew this name means “wise.”

Daxton — This name means “warrior who conquers great obstacles.”

Dawson — Coming from Welsh origins, this name means “son of David.”

Dixie — With Latin roots, this name means “I have spoken.”

Duke — Hailing from a popular American surname, this name means “leader.”

Easton — This name means “toward the sunrise.”

Eden — “Paradise” is what this Hebrew name means.

Elodie — This French name means “wealthy and rich.”

Ember — Meaning “spark,” this name is of French origin

Emerson — With English roots, this name means “powerful and brave.

Enzo — If you’re Italian you’ll know this name means “winner.”

Everleigh — This pretty name is of English origin and means “woodland.”

Fable — This name means “a story with a lesson.”

Faris — In Arabic, this name means “knight.”

Faye — Derived from English origin, this name means “fairy.”

Finley — This name means “fair warrior.”

Felix — The Latin origin of this name means “happy, fortunate.”

Forest — This nature-inspired name is of French origin and means “woods.”

Fritz — This German name means “peaceful ruler.”

Galaxy — If you’re a fan of space, you’ll love this American name, which means “large system of stars.”

Gavin — Meaning “white hawk,” this name comes from the Middle Ages.

Gem — This name means “jewel” and originates from the Italian name Gemma.

Genesis — This Hebrew name can be for a girl or boy and means “beginning.”

Genevieve — This French name means “white wave.”

Graham — With English origin, this name means “gravel homestead.”

Gray — This name means “pleasant.”

Greenleigh — This American name means “green meadow.”

Greer — With Scottish origin, this name means “watchful.”

Gretel — This fairy tale name means “pearl.”

Gwendolyn — This Medieval name means “a blends of elements.”

Hadley — This Old English name means “heather meadow.”

Harlow — This unique unisex name means “army.”

Harmony — This Latin name means “unity.”

Haylen — “Fire” is what this Scottish name means. (See baby names that mean fire.)

Haven — With English origin, this name means “safe place.”

Henley — “High meadow” is what this English name means.

Hero — Meaning “demi-god,” this name is of Greek origin.

Indiana — Hailing from French origin, this name means “graceful.”

Ireland — Evolving over centuries from the Old Irish word “goddess.”

Irwin — This name means “sea lover” and has English origin.

Israel — This Biblical name is Hebrew and means “he who prevails with God.”

Jace — This name means “the Lord is salvation.”

Jaelynn — This name is of American origin and is the masculine version of Jaelyn.

Jannika — Hailing from Europe, this name means “God is gracious.”

Jinx — Meaning “spell,” this name has Latin origin.

Joelle — This name means “the Lord is willing.”

Jolie — This unique French name means “pretty.”

Justine — This French name means “righteous.”

Jylan — With Greek and American origins, this name means “calm.”

Kaleb — This Hebrew name means “whole heart.”

Karina — This name comes from the Greek name Katherine and means “pure.”

Keegan — This name has Irish origins and means “fiery.”

Kellan — With German and Irish origins, this name means “bright-headed.”

Kingston — This English name simply means “King’s town.”

Kinsley — “Proud” is what this English name means.

Kit — This Greek name means “carrier of Christ.”

Kirk — This Scottish name means “church.”

Konrad — “Bold advisor” is what this German name means.

Knox — This is a Scottish surname that means “from the hills.”

Kristoff — This name may be taken by a Disney character, but it also has Scandinavian and Greek origins and means “bearing Christ.”

Kyler — This Dutch name means “archer.”

Landon — This English name means “from the long hill.”

Landry — This name is of English origin and means “ruler.”

Leighton — “From the town by the meadow” is what this English name means.

Lex — This is a Greek name that means “man’s defender.”

Lincoln — This English name means “lake.”

Lucca — “Giver of light” is what this Italian name means.

Marlowe — “Storyteller” is what this English name means.

Milo — A form of the name Miles, this Greek name means “destroyer.”

Myles — This English name means “merciful.”

Neil — “Bright shining ones” is the meaning behind this Old English name.

Nelson — This Irish name means “son of a champion.”

Niall — Meaning “passionate,” this name has Scottish descent.

Nina — With its Spanish origin, this name means “little girl.”

Noell — Translated, this French name means “Christmas Day.”

Nori — “Belief” is what this inspiring Japanese name means.

Oakley — This Old English name refers to the tree of the same name.

Ocean — “The father of waters” is what this Celtic name means.

Odette — This lovely French name means “wealth.”

Oliver — This German name means “elf army.”

Ollie — “Olive tree” is the meaning behind this Latin name.

Owen — A name derived from Eugene, this Welsh name means “noble-born.”

Pacey — “A form of pace” is what this French name means.

Parker — “Gamekeeper” is what this once occupational surname means.

Peyton — This is an English name that means “warrior’s village.”

Pax — This unique name has Latin roots and means “peace.”

Phoenix — This name has mythological roots and means “dark red.”

Piper — Once a surname is given to a person who played the pipe (flute), this name is of English descent.

Posie — “A bouquet of flowers” is what this girl name means.

Poppy — This English name means “red flower.”

Queency — This Old French name means “estate of the fifth son.”

Quest — This Latin name means “long search.”

Quinn — This name means “wise” in Celtic.

Radley — This English name means “from or near the red meadow.”

Raine — The English variant of the French word “reine,” meaning, “queen.”

Ralph — With the meaning “wolf counsel,” this old name has Scandinavian and Germanic elements.

Raydon — This name is French and means “counselor.

Reagan — In Gaelic, this name means “little king.”

Reese — This name is English and means “enthusiastic.”

Remy — This name has French origins and means “oarsmen.”

Rhett — Meaning “advice,” this name has an English origin.

River — “Stream of water that flows to the sea” is what this English-rooted name means.

Ryden — This Scandinavian name means “horseman.”

Sage — This English name is derived from the sage plant.

Sasha — This Greek name means “protector.”

Sawyer — An English occupational name means “woodcutter.”

Shaine — As a variant of the English name Shane, it means “God is gracious.”

Shay — This beautiful Gaelic name means “admirable.”

Shiloh — “His gift” is the meaning behind this Hebrew name.

Shyla — This English name means “white dove.”

Sienna — This name is of English origin and means “orange-red.”

Skyler — Meaning “fugitive,” this name has Danish origin.

Sloane — This Irish name means “raider.”

Sutton — “From the southern homestead,” is what this English name means.

Stormi — With an Old English origin, this name stems from the word “storm.”

Suri — This is a Yiddish variant of the name Sarah and means “princess.”

Tatum — Meaning “cheerful and full of life,” this name hails from the British Isles.

Teagan — An Irish name that means “little poet.”

Trent — In Latin, this name means “swift.”

True — This English name means “genuine and real.”

Tyra — This name is Swedish, Danish and Norwegian and means “thunder warrior.”

Uriah — This Hebrew name means “God is my light.”

Utah — With French roots this name means “of the city.”

Valentine — This name is a variant of the Latin word Valentinus and means “strong.”

Winnie — This Welsh name means “happiness.”

Winter — This seasonal name comes from Old English and is a European surname.

Wyatt — “Brave in battle” is the meaning behind this English name.

Xu — This Chinese name means “established by Yahweh.”

Yale — With Welsh and Old English roots, this name means “heights.”

Zane — This is the Hebrew version of the name John and means “God is gracious.”

Zealand — This name means “from the sea-land.”

Ziggy — A variant of the German name Sigmund, it means “victory protector.”

Unusual Baby Names for Girls and Boys