Unisex Welsh Baby Names And Meanings

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Welsh Unisex Baby Names for both Male and Female

Charlie ― One having full rights

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Afon ― A river, or a stream or water

Auryn ― A powerful person; golden haired individual

Blevine ― A child who is like a wolf cub

Cariad ― A darling and beloved person

Caru ― A lovely person

Celt ― A musical and exotic name

Celtic ― An exotic name for a musical

Crwys ― Another name of Cross; crucifix

Dodd ― It is used to denote a lumpish person

Ecgwynn ― Blessed and fair being; self assertive person

Elian ― A passionate and loving human being

Gareth ― Uncertain

Gavin ― A little white falcon

Gavyn ― White falcon

Gethwine ― A dusky friend or a dark skinned friend

Gwynedd ― Blessed, happiness, white

Idris ― Lord of Studious

Jenny ― White wave

Kieve ― Kieve is a mythical name

Lavaughan ― The small or the little of something

Merthyr ― A martyr, one who sacrifices his,her life

Morgann ― A person who lives near the sea

Morgen ― One who circles around the sea to defends it

Morgian ― One who takes care of the bright sea

Myrl ― Variation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the Sea

Pembroke ― One who lives in headland

Teagan ― Little poet or Fair

Tegan ― Beautiful

Trevor ― From the large village

Unisex Welsh Baby Names And Meanings