Unisex Sikh/Punjabi Baby Names With Meanings

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Gender Neutral Sikh/Punjabi Baby Names for both Male and Female with Their Meanings: Finding a Unique Gender Neutral Sikh/Punjabi Names, Aesthetic Sikh/Punjabi Gender Neutral Names, Strong Sikh/Punjabi Gender Neutral Names, Sikh/Punjabi Gender Neutral Names with Meaning and Modern Sikh/Punjabi Gender Neutral Names for your new born baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll have.

If you are in search of a perfect Unisex Sikh/Punjabi Baby Name for your bundle joy or a Short and Unique Sikh/Punjabi Unisex Names, Vintage Sikh/Punjabi Unisex Names, Unisex Sikh/Punjabi Names with Meaning and Magical Sikh/Punjabi Unisex Names you are in the right place. Here’s a list of A – Z Sikh/Punjabi Baby Unisex Names with Meanings.

Sikh/Punjabi Unisex Baby Names for both Male and Female

Gurleen ― Gurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru

Aad ― aad in Islams means ‘The man’ and on the other hand in Sikhs it’s a girl name meaning In the beginning

Balwant ― The name means full of might or immense strength.

Balwinder ― The name means ‘Victorious through strength.

Chadda ― The one who is born in battle

Chainpreet ― The one who is in love with the Moon

Charanjeet ― Winning the Service of Guru’s Lotus Feet; One who has won the chance of serving God’s Feet

Chitleen ― Absorbed in awareness

Dalbir ― A soldier

Dilreet ― A Lion; they are hearty traditions

Erheer ― a Punjabi word meaning diamond.

Erjot ― a new beginning.

Gaganpreet ― The one who like the sky a lot.

Gianleen ― Gianleen means One Absorbed in Devine Light. It is both male and a female name and is represented in Sikh religion. The name has Indian origins.

Hab ― Love, affiliation, friendship, hope

Jerri ― Spear ruler

Jona ― it means the God is gracious and Dove bird. Such people are most adored and admirable in the society or among family.

Jonaraja ― such people have capability to make friends and always have the fun side. They easily share their secrets and have nature like open book.

Jone ― people with this name are joyful and haven refreshing sort of personality. They love to travel and are sensitive in nature. They are attractive and have elegant appearance.

Jonesy ― people with this name are jubilant and are youthful. They focus on their physical appearance and easily forgive others.

Joni ― people with this name are trustworthy friends and love to spend time with friends. They have many impressive qualities and have joyful spirit.

Sikh ― A name of one who is a follower of Sikhism

Simran ― One who meditates

Sukhwinder ― One who brings the destiny

Unisex Sikh/Punjabi Baby Names With Meanings