Unisex Sanskrit Names With Meanings

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Sanskrit Unisex Baby Names for both Male and Female

Ajira ― not slow, which means quick, rapid. Ajira was another name for Durga.

Akhanda ― Nonstop; without part; whole or indestructible

Asvini ― A swift person with great wealth

Chamroeun ― Prosperity and success

Chankrisna ― A sweet-smelling tree

Chanthou ― A flower found in Cambodia.

Chanvatey ― A scholar or educated person.

Dola ― Swing , Oscillating; one who is eager for knowledge

Erjot ― a new beginning.

Etapatra ― dappled leaves.

Etasa ― shining dappled horse or one who desires.

Hiras ― One who is like a diamond

Jaye ― In English a type of a bird, Jay bird, In Sanskrit success.

Jina ― they are born investigator with the leadership skills. They like to keep themselves moving and have curiosity to learn and gain knowledge.

Kevalya ― The name means Aloneness

Kravann ― A tiny golden brown flower.

Manasi ― A person whose mind is sound

Marici ― One who is a beam of light

Medhavi ― A person who is wise and intelligent

Mitaksh ― The eye of the dear friend, or the friend of the eye

Morara ― A beautiful bird peacock

Nakesha ― The monarch or ruler of blue havens.

Namasya ― The person who deserves the worthy of honour and praise.

Narang ― Orange color, as Orange is the color of Hindu. Hindu clan Aroras

Nayanmani ― the Gem of the eyes

Neeladree ― The top of the mountain reflects blue color.

Nirahankara ― The person who does not have the inflated feeling of pride in their superiority.

Nirakula ― The one who is without nervousness, tension and distress.

Pranjul ― A person who is truthful and dignified

Punyaloka ― A name meaning Sita and Druapadi

Purya ― A person who deserves to be fulfilled

Reasmey ― Sunshine

Samphy ― Hardworking or busy

Sokha ― One who is peaceful and content with his or her life.

Tahj ― One who is crowned

Zaw ― Burmese word for saint or practitioner or yoga

Unisex Sanskrit Names With Meanings