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List of Ukrainian Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Aleksander ― Old Greek – Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander

Andriy ― Form of Andrew; they are manly and strong

Anna ― Name of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; God

Antin ― Antin comes from the Roman clan name Antonius and means worthy of praise.

Artem ― Shorter version of Artemas; another name of Artemis

Bodashka ― God’s gift

Bohdan ― Bohdan is the masculine version of Bohdana and means given by God.

Bohdanko ― God’s gift

Borysko ― A warrior, one who is capable of fighting.

Boryslav ― One who likes fighting for fame.

Danilo ― God has been a judge

Danylets ― God is my judge

Danylko ― Judge, a person who makes good judgement.

Dymtrus ― Supplanter

Faddei ― A boy who is brave and valiant.

Fadey ― A man who is bold and very brave

Fadeyka ― A man who is brave and valiant.

Fadeyushka ― Brave and courageous

Fedir ― Gift from above

Georgiy ― Ukrainian variant of George, meaning farmer.

Glib ― Hair of God

Grygoriy ― Ukrainian variant of Gregory, meaning watchful or alert.

Hadeon ― Destroyer

Heorhiy ― Farmer, one belonging to farming occupation

Igor ― A man protected by God.

Illya ― My God is He

Ivan ― God is gracious.

Kostyantyn ― Kostyantyn is Ukrainian form of Constantine. It means constant.

Krystiyan ― Ukrainian version of Christian, meaning follower of Christ.

Kuzma ― The universe

Kyrylo ― Kyrylo name means The Lord, God

Lyaksandra ― Ukrainian form of Alexander, meaning defender of man.

Lyaksandro ― Ukrainian form of Alexandro, meaning defender of man.

Maksym ― One who is the greatest

Matviy ― Given by God.

Matviyko ― God’s gift

Maxim ― The greatest one

Mychajlo ― God like

Mykhailo ― Like God

Mykhaltso ― God like

Mykola ― Victory of people

Mykyta ― A boy who has the capability of winning in every field, a winner

Nazayia ― One who is from Nazareth

Oleksandr ― The daughter of the sovereign, the daughter of the Queen and the King.

Oleksiy ― Defender

Orest ― One who stands on the mountain.

Osip ― God shall add.

Ostap ― Steady

Panas ― He who is immortal

Petruso ― Ukrainian form of Petra, meaning stone.

Pylyp ― One who is fond of horses.

Rostyslav ― To increase glory

Ruslan ― A Russian name for one who is like a Lion

Seman ― One who is God listening

Sergiy ― Sergiy is derived from the Roman clan name Sergius. It means protector.

Symon ― He who hears

Vanko ― God’s gift

Vasyklo ― It means noble in Ukrainian language.

Vladislav ― Glorious rule or a glorious ruler.

Yeva ― Life

Yevhen ― Noble

Yevheniy ― A spelling variant of Yevhen. It means noble

Yure ― A farmer by occupation

Ukrainian Boy Names With Meanings