Tongan Girl Names With Meanings

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Tongan Baby Girl Name List: If you’ve been considering giving your little Girl a Tongan name and you are looking for unique Tongan names for your baby Girl? Check out here to get A to Z Vintage Tongan baby Girl names, old fashioned Tongan Girl name and short Tongan Girl names with their meanings.

List of Tongan Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

Ailine ― Bright one, shining one

Alisi ― Of noble kind

Amanaki ― Hope

Amelika ― Freedom

Amipa ― Tonga word for amber stone.

Ane ― Hebrew – God was gracious; God has shown favor; Grace; It is a variation of Anna; A variant of Ann

Avoca ― Sweet valley

Emeni ― Tonga word for Amen.

Eponi ― Ebony or black

Hahau ― Dew

Hiva ― Song

Huelo ― Ray of light

Huhulu ― The one who glows

Ilisapesi ― The blessed one.

Kahoa ― Necklace

Kalasia ― Grace, a graceful woman.

Kalasiah ― Grace

Kalauni ― Crown

Kiupita ― Cupid or love angel

Laaka ― Carefree, or the lark bird.

Langi ― Tongan word for heaven.

Lautoka ― Plains

Laveni ― Tongan word for the lavender shrub.

Lavenita ― The lavender scent.

Lekeleka ― Of the moon

Liliko ― Bird

Loa ― Storm clouds

Longo ― Quiet

Lopini ― Tongan word for the robin bird

Lose ― Tongan word for rose.

Lotu ― One who is admired.

Lovai ― She who is loved or heavy rains

Meliame ― Sea of bitterness, rebelliousness, wished-for child, to swell

Melino ― Peace

Musika ― Tongan word for music.

Oketa ― Tongan word for orchid.

Onike ― The onyx gem

Opeli ― Opal gem

Paame ― The palm tree

Panisi ― The pansy flower

Papahi ― She who is mischievously smart.

Safaia ― The sapphire stone or the color blue

Salato ― Tree

Samena ― Secret

Seini ― Yahweh is gracious, Yahweh is merciful

Sela ― Short form of selena

Siale ― A flowering bush.

Siete ― Tongan word of jet stone, or the color black.

Sikota ― The kingfisher bird.

Sikueli ― Tongan word for squirrel.

Silafi ― Tongan word for giraffe.

Silika ― She who is soft as a silk

Sinitalela ― Little one from the ashes.

Tafotila ― The daffodil flower

Tahi ― Sea water.

Taimani ― Diamonds

Takaniko ― Halo, or one who is angelic.

Takina ― To be carried away.

Talanoa ― Storyteller

Taula ― Tongan word for priestess.

Tavake ― A white sea bird with black spots.

Tiulipe ― The tulip flower

Toakase ― Woman of the sea

Uha ― Rain

Tongan Girl Names With Meanings