Tongan Boy Names With Meanings

Latest Christian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

List of Tongan Names for Boys and Their Meanings: If you’ve been considering giving your little Boy a Tongan name and you are looking for unique Tongan names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get A to Z Vintage Tongan baby Boy names, old fashioned Tongan Boy name and short Tongan Boy names with their meanings.

List of Tongan Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Aasal ― Late afternoons or evenings.

Aberto ― Aberto is Tongan form of Albert and means noble.

Abich ― Noble, a noble man.

Afah ― Tongan word for hurricane.

Aisi ― Tongan word for ice.

Alefosio ― Alefosio is the Tongan form of Alphonso and means ‘eager for war’.

Alifeleti ― Alifeleti is Tongan form of Alfred. It means elf counsel.

Alipate ― Alipate is a form of Albert and means noble.

Anitelu ― Anitelu is the Tongan form of Andrew and means ‘manly’.

Anjelo ― Anjelo is Tongan form of Angelo and means angel.

Arshis ― Blessings

Atamai ― Knowing all, an intellectual man.

Atonio ― Atonio is Tongan variant of Antony, meaning worthy of praise.

Etuate ― Etuate is a form of Edward. It means rich guard.

Falakiko ― Falakiko is a form of Francis. It means Frenchman.

Fokisi ― Tongan word for fox.

Heneli ― Heneli is Tongan form of Henry. It means home ruler.

Ikenasio ― Ikenasio is a form of Ignatius. It means fiery one.

Isileli ― Strength

Kaelo ― Gift of God

Kailao ― War dance

Kainga ― Kainga means relative in Tongan language.

Kaivai ― Occupational name, meaning mariner.

Kaivao ― Wild

Kakaea ― He who is tall

Kapo ― He who is self taught

Kaukau ― A Tongan term, meaning surfer.

Kelekolio ― Kelekolio is a form of Gregory. It means watchful, alert.

Kelemete ― Kelemete is a variation of Clement. It means gentle.

Koloa ― Wealth, a wealthy man.

Komaki ― Bay

Konelio ― Konelio is a form of Cornelius. It means horn.

Laione ― Lion

Lakepi ― A rugby player

Lamani ― Tongan word for lemon.

Levenez ― Like a Raven

Maau ― Poet

Mafu ― Heart

Malohi ― Strength, a strong man.

Mamani ― The earth

Pasilio ― Pasilio is a form of Basil and means royal or kingly.

Pelenato ― Pelenato is the variant of Bernard. It means one who is brave, hardy and strong.

Penetiketo ― Penetiketo is the Tongan form of Benedict. It means blessed.

Ponavenitula ― Ponavenitula is Tongan form of Bonaventure. It means lucky.

Ptolomeo ― Ptolomeo is Tongan form of Bartholomew. It means son of Talmai.

Salesi ― Salesi is the Tongan form of Charles. It means man.

Seletute ― Seletute is a form of Gertrude. It means strong spear.

Semisi ― Semisi is a form of James. It means supplanter.

Siaosi ― Siaosi is a form of George. It means farmer.

Sione ― A Tongan form of John, meaning God is gracious

Susitino ― Susitino is a form of Justin. It means just or righteous.

Tamiano ― Tamiano is a form of Greek name Damian. It means to tame.

Tavite ― Tavite is a form of David. It means beloved.

Tokoni ― A helper, the one who always helps others.

Tominiko ― Tominiko is a form of Dominic. It means ‘of the Lord’.

Torht ― Bright

Tukupa ― Tongan word, meaning promise.

Uhila ― Lightning

Vaha ― An open sea.

Vaitafe ― Stream

Viliami ― Viliami is a form of William. It means resolute protector. 0

Tongan Boy Names With Meanings