Tibetian Boy Names With Meanings

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List of Tibetian Names for Boys and Their Meanings: If you’ve been considering giving your little Boy a Tibetian name and you are looking for unique Tibetian names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get A to Z Vintage Tibetian baby Boy names, old fashioned Tibetian Boy name and short Tibetian Boy names with their meanings.

List of Tibetian Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Cetan ― Hawk

Champo ― He who is friendly

Dachen ― Great joy

Daivika ― Related to the Gods.

Dampa ― Sacred

Dedan ― Having happiness

Denpa ― A variant of Denpo, meaning truth.

Denpo ― Truth

Manasarovar ― A place name of the Lake Manasarovar

Norbu ― Jewel

Polo ― A wanderer who is brave

Tenpa ― Buddhist doctrine

Yeshe ― Wisdom

Yonten ― Knowledge

Zenji ― Zen master

Tibetian Boy Names With Meanings