Teutonic Boy Names With Meanings

British Names For Baby Boys With Meanings

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List of Teutonic Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Adalard ― A noble person who is brave

Aeilmar ― One who inspires awe, awesome

Aelgar ― A bright shining spear

Aelmar ― Awesome or awe-inspiring

Amery ― The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile; a workhorse

Archer ― An English bowman usually a surname

Aric ― Praiseworthy ruler, dignified leader

Ayllmer ― A noble and famous person

Aylmar ― One who has an amazing fame

Bailey ― An administrator or a manager; a Goddess

Brainard ― A bold raven; a bold person who is compared to a raven

Cavell ― A bold one

Cenred ― An old King who is a daydreamer

Crosby ― Someone who resides by the sign of the cross

Dedrick ― A gifted and popular ruler

Dedrik ― One who is a gifted and the most powerful ruler

Dellwin ― Self-respecting individual

Delwyn ― A wonderful being

Derrick ― A gifted ruler. A person with capabilities of being a gifted ruler.

Dickson ― Richard; strong ruler; a leader

Dwijaraj ― One who is a white or a blonde

Eckehart ― Strong; deer a scared one

Edolie ― Good person and a kind being

Eldon ― The Elder; one from the valley

Elgar ― One who shines like a spear

Ellard ― A brave, noble and gentle being

Ellary ― Elder tree; one who is native of the tree

Elldrich ― An aged and wise ruler; Sage

Ellgar ― One who is lik the shining spear

Elmar ― The one who is awe-aspiring

Ethmer ― a teutonic word meaning noble or friend.

Fritjof ― Refers to concord, peacetime or harmony.

Fyodor ― Skills from the most holy high God.

Garryk ― Person who is controlling with spear.

Gerbert ― The one who is overruling with spear.

Gerebert ― One who rules with a spear

Gifford ― Gifford is a male name. In English the name means Gift of Bravery, in French it is Chubby Cheeks and in Teutonic the name means Brave.

Hank ― Rules an estate, Home ruler

Harm ― warrior

Harry ― House ruler, Prince Harry

Herberto ― Bright Fighter

Heribert ― Shining fighter

Herman ― Soldier, Army Personal

Herolt ― Rules an Estate

Holden ― From a surname which started out as a place name meaning deep valley.

Howard ― He who is a defender on men

Hugo ― intelligence

Medwin ― One who is a very powerful friend

Nirnay ― Person who is convincing with the spear.

Notker ― Person who is convincing with the spear.

Onnan ― The person who serves as a sailor.

Osgood ― Holy graceful, celestial nimble.

Oswynn ― A rich and famous person

Ota ― A rich and famous person; large rice paddy

Oto ― An individual who is rich and wealthy

Otomars ― A person who has deep inner desire and is rich

Otto ― A fortunate and wealthy person; the great one

Packston ― One who belongs to the peaceful farm

Rendel ― To have the power of wisdom

Ricardo ― A King known for his might and strenght

Richmond ― A very wise and brainy portector

Rory ― A person who is a Red Ruler of people

Ross ― A mighty, noble, strong horse

Ryner ― He is the King of the Kings

Ryngware ― He who has the qualities of a King

Til ― The people, or the rule of people

Tirell ― A thunder ruler or a martial ruler

Torbert ― The glory of thor or glorious as Thor

Tyson ― Son of a German

Will ― Determined to protect

Teutonic Boy Names With Meanings