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Swedish Boy Names Starting With A

Acke ― My father is for peace

Adam ― Man, earth

Alexander ― Defender of Mankind

Ame ― German – Eagle; Scandinavian – The Eagle Rules

Andreas ― Form of Andrew; creative, outgoing and manly

Aron ― Giant, tall mountain; one who is exalted and lofty

Swedish Boy Names Starting With B

Baldhere ― It is a variation of the name Balder. It also means ‘ a bold and courageous army.’

Boje ― A man who comes from the castle

Bore ― He is like the north wind

Bosse ― Swedish – To Live

Bota ― A remedy or compensation

Botild ― He who is very commanding

Brictwen ― The bright friend or companion

Swedish Boy Names Starting With C

Caj ― A person rejoicing

Calle ― A man who is free

Caspian ― One from the Caspian Sea

Cenn ― The one with a strong head

Christer ― One who is Christianity by religion

Claes ― Derived from the name Nicholas; one who was a helpful bishop from the 14th century; another term for “victory of the people”

Swedish Boy Names Starting With D

Daavid ― A beloved friend

Didrik ― One who has the power to rule people

Dolph ― In Swedish the name Dolph means ‘Noble Wolf’

Swedish Boy Names Starting With E

Egonia ― Edge of a sword

Ehrenfried ― Peace and harmony loving being

Eidef ― A wealthy gift from the god almighty

Eilhard ― Edge of sword; hardy and loves fellow men

Einar ― The one and only warrior

Elfred ― An efficient and popular human being

Elias ― One who believes Yahweh is the Lord

Elimar ― A famous and noble personality

Elling ― One who is a descendant of a chief

Elof ― One who is always and everlasting; heir

Emil ― this means a person who is lively and eager.

Engelard ― brave and illuminating like light.

Eugen ― well born or noble.

Eyvind ― The winner of the Islands

Swedish Boy Names Starting With F

Finnick ― Became popular after usage in Hunger Games

Flor ― Literally means a flower; Could be interpreted as a charming; blossoming person

Folke ― A name which means ‘people’ or ‘humans; a chief

Swedish Boy Names Starting With G

Geat ― One who is from Gautland

Gerhard ― German, Swedish and Dutch form of Gerard (spear, brave, hardy)

Gottfrid ― God’s Peace, The one who will live in peace and give peace to others, who will love and give love to all others.

Guppa ― To catch or take something from, expresses action or a state of being Purposeful, Clever, Expressive.

Gustaff ― Staff of the Gods; Staff of the Goths

Gusten ― concurred a lot of admiration, particularly as a result of age, intelligence, or character.

Swedish Boy Names Starting With H

Haldo ― Highest in Race; Exalted Son

Halen ― Hall,

Hannus ― God is generous, God is gracious

Harald ― War chief

Hariulf ― Old Swedish Variation of Härjulf

Helmar ― Famous Protector

Hendrik ― Rules the Home

Henke ― Ruler of the house

Heorrenda ― An army shield

Hilmar ― Notorious Noble

Hugo ― intelligence

Swedish Boy Names Starting With J

Jager ― To chase or to hunt.

Joh ― God is Gracious, merciful, God has favoured, one who wants to improve the lives of others

Jurdik ― The name Jurdik means Law

Swedish Boy Names Starting With K

Klas ― Klas means Victory of People

Swedish Boy Names Starting With L

Lau ― Nordic name from a place name, Laurentum

Lennart ― Swedish name meaning Lion

Liam ― A warrior of strong will

Lias ― A promise made by God

Lindbergh ― Mountain where the lime trees grow

Linnaeus ― A Boy named after a blue flower, a twinflower

Linne ― A person named after the twinflower

Linnel ― He who is like a townflower

Lorens ― A man from Laurentum, ancient Italian city

Lucas ― One who gives light

Swedish Boy Names Starting With M

Magnar ― A Mighty leader of the army

Magne ― A magnificent fighter and leader

Marric ― He is the star of the sea

Mats ― Swedish name for a gift from God

Melker ― The Male sovereign, ruler of a kingdom.

Swedish Boy Names Starting With N

Nichlas ― The person who always holds the winning title.

Noah ― Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.

Swedish Boy Names Starting With O

Ohthere ― A true champion. One who is a champ or ahead of all.

Olander ― The one who is having a quick and penetrating intelligence.

Olaus ― Son of Prahalada

Olin ― Come to, take over to, succeed to.

Oliver ― The one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.

Olle ― The one who inherits some title or office.

Ollen ― The inheritance of a title

Olof ― Remnant, left over, vestige, artefact.

Ongentheow ― Name of a Swedish King who is mighty and powerful

Onlaf ― A relic or a historical heritage

Orpheus ― Having a dark color or gloomy color.

Oscar ― Noorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali.

Oskar ― One with the fastness of a divine spear

Swedish Boy Names Starting With P

Peik ― A troll boy; stone or rock

Pelle ― One which is the variation of Peter

Povel ― A small and humble individual

Swedish Boy Names Starting With R

Ragnar ― A strong army

Randulf ― Nordic name meaning edge of the wolf’s shield

Regitze ― A mighty and distinguished person

Reimond ― A ruler who received good advising

Reno ― The one who was reborn

Rikke ― A might and rich ruler

Rikki ― One who rules with a firm hand

Rubert ― One who has the glorious light

Runar ― A magic, secret man

Rurik ― A notable, legendary ruler

Swedish Boy Names Starting With S

Sellen ― One who lives by the stretch of smooth water

Siger ― A great victory of an army

Sigge ― He who is always victorious

Sigstein ― A stone victory, a victory written in the stone

Sigvard ― A protector who is victorious

Simme ― One with the mind of a victor

Sivert ― A peaceful victory

Sixten ― A victory firm as a stone

Stellan ― One who has a very calm personality

Sten ― To be like a stone

Stian ― One who wanders

Stieg ― One who steps forward

Stig ― To be on a path

Sven ― One who is a Boy, a chap

Swedish Boy Names Starting With T

Thobias ― God is good

Tordis ― The God who controls the thunder

Tore ― A God who is liable of thunder

Torgny ― The noise of the Thunder God

Swedish Boy Names Starting With V

Viktor ― Viktor is a form of Victor and means Victoria.

Swedish Boy Names Starting With W

William ― Will or Desire to Protect

William ― Manaia

Swedish Boy Names With Meanings