Strong German Girl Names With Meanings

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Strong German Female Names: Looking for a name and meaning rooted in strength and courage. Here’s some German female names that signifies strength.

Strong German Girl Names With Their Meanings

Adalwolfa — Means “she —wolf”

Albertyne — Means “intelligent”

Alfonsine — Means “eager to battle”

Bathilda — Means “warrior woman”

Berdine — Means “glorious”

Bernadine — Means “courage of a bear”

Carla — Means “strong”

Emery — Unisex name meaning “brave”

Erika — Means “eternal ruler”

Evonne — Means “archer”

Geraldine — Means “rules by spear”

Gerda — Means “enclosure or stronghold”

Gerhardina — Means “mighty with a spear”

Gertrude — Means “spear of strength”

Griselde — Means “gray battle maiden”

Gunnel — Means “battle maiden”

Halfrid — Means “peaceful heroine”

Helga — Means “prosperous and successful”

Henrietta — Means “keeper of the hearth”

Hilde — Means “battle maiden”

Hilma — Means “resolute protector”

Irmina — Means “war goddess”

Isa — Means “strong —willed”

Isolde — Means “ice ruler”

Kikka — Means “mistress of all”

Lorita — Means “honor or victory”

Ursula — Means “little female bear”

Strong German Girl Names With Meanings