Smile Quotes

Smile Quotes

Best Smile Quotes to make your day joyful and beautiful. A smile is your best featured and can change your facial expression and your mood. Be encouraged by these smile quotes from famous people, let them be ones that bring a smile to your face.

Looking for the best smile quotes for him, best smile quotes for her, best smile quotes for myself and short smile quotes to share to your friends and family?  When you give a smile you usually get one back. So keep your loved ones smiling! Sharing these short and beautiful smile quotes to them.

Short Smile Quotes

  • Smile, it’s free therapy. — Douglas Horton
  • Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. –Mother Teresa
  • I love life and I love to smile … you can never smile too much. Sophie Hinch, Hinch Yourself Happy
  • A smile is the chosen vehicle of all ambiguities. — Herman Melville
  • Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. — Dr. Seuss
  • But God can only smile because only God can know what is coming next. — Desmond Tutu
  • Colors are the smiles of nature. — Leigh Hunt
  • The flower in the vase smiles, but no longer laughs. — Malcolm de Chazal
  • We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. — Mother Teresa
  • Smile. Say a kind word. Believe in the goodness of strangers. — Cyndie Spiegel
  • If you haven’t seen your wife smile at a traffic cop, you haven’t seen her smile her prettiest. –Kin Hubbard
  • Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. — John Ray
  • Look back, and smile on perils past. — Walter Scott
  • If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. — Andy Rooney
  • I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile. — Charles de Lint
  • Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God’s approval. — Thomas S. Monson
  • Tears shed in joy always reflect a smile of the soul. Donna Schmier, Unshakable Faith
  • Wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been. — Jimmy Buffett

Smile Quotes For Him

  • As happy a man as any in the world, for the whole world seems to smile upon me! — Samuel Pepys
  • The smile comes for the heart and is seen first in the eyes. Look into a man’s eyes when he smiles and you will see what is behind the smile.  — The Optimist
  • A face that cannot smile is like a bud that cannot blossom and dries up on the stalk. — Henry Ward Beecher
  • A friendly word, a pleasant smile. Help someone feel his day’s worthwhile.  — Catherine Pulsifer
  • I have witnessed the softening of the hardest of hearts by a simple smile. Goldie Hawn It is impossible to persuade a man who does not disagree, but smiles. — Muriel Spark
  • “If you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook.” – Les Giblin
  • Every time a man smiles, and much more when he laughs, it adds something to his fragment of life. — Laurence Sterne
  • I’m going to be your grandpa! I have the biggest smile. I’ve been waiting to meet you for such a long, long while.  —  Billy Crystal
  • Count your age by friends, count your life by smiles. — Unknown
  • Make each new day count by helping someone or just making someone smile. — Catherine Pulsifer
  • Jesus wept; Voltaire smiled. From that divine tear and from that human smile is derived the grace of present civilization. –Victor Hugo

Smile Quotes For Her

  • After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer. — William R. Alger
  • A good smile is magic pill that can make you feel good in every circumstances of life. M Kapoor
  • Did it ever occur to you that one of the most valuable assets in life is a smile — Unknown
  • If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you’ve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.  — Author Unknown
  • Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than to remember me and cry. — Dr. Seuss
  • She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket. — Raymond Chandler
  • “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” – Connie Stevens
  • When you smile from the heart, your eyes smile too. Deb Murarenko
  • A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. — Phyllis Diller
  • Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.  — Thich Nhat Hanh
  • What’s the use of worrying? It never was worth while, so pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag, and smile, smile, smile.  — George Asaf

Smile Quotes For Myself

  • Nobody needs a smile so much as the one who has none to give. So get used to smiling heart-warming smiles, and you will spread sunshine in a sometimes dreary world. — Lawrence G. Lovasik
  • “The greatest self is a peaceful smile, that always sees the world smiling back.” – Bryant H. McGill
  • “I was smiling yesterday, I am smiling today and I will smile tomorrow. Simply because life is too short to cry for anything.” ― Santosh Kalwar
  • I have yet to meet a wise person who doesn’t know how to find some joy even in the midst of what is hard, and to smile and laugh easily, including at oneself.  —  Krista Tippett, Becoming Wise

Smile Quotes That Will Keep Friends Smiling

  • Smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. If you have a good sense of humor and a good approach to life, that’s beautiful. — Rashida Jones
  • If you want the universe to smile at you, you must first smile at the universe. — Colette Garside
  • The one who extends warm wishes, or a smile whenever you meet them are the ones that always make us feel welcome.  — Byron Pulsifer
  • To smile at the jest which plants a thorn in another’s breast is to become a principal in the mischief. — Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  • Laughter is day, and sobriety is night; a smile is the twilight that hovers gently between both, more bewitching than either. — Henry Ward Beecher
  • Graduation is a time to nod at the past and smile at the future. And we’d better smile at it because it’s quite a bit bigger than us.”  — Noah MacDonald
  • Welcome every morning with a smile. Look on the new day as another special gift from your Creator, Another golden opportunity to complete what you were unable to finish yesterday.  —  Og Mandino
  • Smiling is a wonderful way to get a boost of happiness. The next time life presents you with a challenging situation, take a deep breath and smile.  — Morris Pratt
  • I will smile at friend and foe alike and make every effort to find, in him or her, a quality to praise, now that I realize the deepest yearning of human nature is the craving to be appreciated.  — Og Mandino
  • I’m really exciting. I smile a lot, I win a lot, and I’m really sexy. Serena Williams I never smile unless I mean it. Donny Osmond If the world’s a veil of tears, Smile till rainbows span it. — Lucy Larcom
  • Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. — Leo Buscaglia
  • I’ll smile for today. I won’t cry over yesterday’s mistakes and I won’t fret over the uncertainty of tomorrow. I’ll smile because I’ve made it this far. Will you smile with me?  — Jem Downing & Jacob Moneaux
  • Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A word of optimism and hope. And you can do it when things are tough.  — Richard M. DeVos
  • If you want to encourage others to approach and interact with you, the first thing you need to practice is to smile.  — Antony Richard Pearson
  • Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’ when things are tough. — Richard M. DeVos
  • Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.– Lord Byron
  • The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worth while, that costs the least, and does the most, is just a pleasant smile.  — W.D. Nesbit
  • Make it your goal to make someone smile on this Thursday, you could change a person’s life in a way you may not even realize.  — Catherine Pulsifer
  • Your smile can take my moods away, And help me to see it another way. It reminds me not to take things so hard, And so seriously every day.  — Julie Hebert
  • Get out of bed forcing a smile. You may not smile because you are cheerful; but if you will force yourself to smile you’ll . . . be cheerful because you smile.  — Kenneth Goode
  • The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions – the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • A smile costs nothing in money, time, or effort but it is literally true that it can be of supreme importance in one’s life.  — Emmet Fox
  • Remember—when you smile for no apparent reason, people wonder what you’re up to.  — Maggie Davis-Jelly LCSW
Smile Quotes