Sinhala Boy Names With Meanings

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List of Sinhala Names for Baby Boys with Meanings

Agara ― House, dwelling place

Ajantha ― He who is creative. Also the name of a famous Buddhist cave.

Ajith ― Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable; One who cannot be defeated by anyone

Amithnal ― A loving and wise leader.

Asanka ― Fearless, one witout doubt

Ashane ― Grace, favoured, God is gracious, God has shown favour

Asiri ― Blessings

Athula ― Something that’s immeasurable, incomparable

Banduka ― He who is outstanding

Buddhika ― He who is clever and wise.

Chamara ― He who is expressive

Chaminda ― An experienced person

Champaka ― A flower

Chathura ― He who is skillful, smart and genius

Chatura ― Fosterer of genius

Chrishantha ― Social, a sociable being

Diyon ― Brave birth

Duminda ― The Bo tree or Bodhi tree

Erajh ― Morning light

Geethan ― He who gains honor through songs.

Hetuwa ― An old Sri-Lankan name with lost meaning

Inesh ― King of the kings

Insith ― A leader’s heart.

Iranga ― Expressive

Jeewana ― Life or giving life

Kalani ― Kalani name means The Heavens

Kavith ― Poet

Kevin ― Kevin means He is Born as Gentle Child

Kosala ― The name means Lion

Kovider ― Wisdom

Lashith ― A Sri Lankan name with no specific meaning

Manil ― Jewel of a Son; Gem of a Son; Precious; Gem

Manura ― Good for mankind

Mewan ― One with a good personality, supermodel material.

Muralidharan ― The bearer of the flute.

Nelith ― Personification of law.

Nethaka ― He who has the ability for legal argument.

Nishantha ― A variant of Nishant, meaning night’s end or dawn.

Oshan ― A little warm

Pamu ― Chief

Pediya ― A person who is the strong and powerful individual

Piraichudan ― A person who loves horses

Ranuga ― He who journeys with gold.

Sahan ― To forgive

Sandun ― Sandalwood

Sanhitha ― He who is good hearted.

Sanjeeva ― A form of Sanjeev. It means living or reviving

Sansuka ― Good comfort

Sasrutha ― Personification of truth

Shalinka ― He who is modest

Shanilka ― One who is determined, a confident man

Sisira ― He who is independent

Sriyani ― Light, luster, radiance, splendor

Suranga ― A divine person

Suvik ― One with a speedy health

Tavish ― Heaven

Tharindu ― Moon

Tharupiyum ― A star like lotus

Thehan ― Threefold honors

Theshana ― Gift of god

Thirana ― Permanent honor

Vidu ― Learned

Vimukhti ― A variant of Moksha, meaning emancipation.

Vinsanda ― He who enjoys with his heart

Visvadinu ― He who has won the universe.

Zev ― Wolf

Sinhala Boy Names With Meanings