Sindhi Boy Names With Meanings

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Looking for Sindhi names for your baby Boy? Check out here to get the modern, unique and latest Sindhi Boy name with their meanings from our list of Sindhi Names for Boys and Their Meanings.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With A

Abdul Mubdee ― Slave of the originator

Abdul Noor ― Slave of the one who Is light.

Abdul-Adheem ― Servant of the greatest.

Abdul-Baaqi ― Servant of the everlasting

Abdul-Hafeedh ― Servant of the preserver

Abdul-Mueid ― Servant of the restorer

Abdul-Mutaalee ― Servant of the most exalted

Abdul-Qaiyoum ― Servant of the self-sustaining

Abdur-Raqeeb ― Servant of the watchful

Abdur-Rauf ― Servant of the most kind, Allah. Slave of the compassionate

Abdus-Sabour ― Servant of the patient and kind.

Abdus-Sameei ― Servant of the all-hearing

Abdus-Shaheed ― Servant of the witness

Abdus-Shakur ― Servant of the appreciative

Abdus-Smad ― Slave of the eternal

Abyad ― The narrator of Hadith

Adawi ― Name of Sayyidina Umer’s grandson.

Adbul-Qawi ― Servant of the most powerful

Aduz Zahir ― Slave of the manifest.

Afdal ― Better than others, excellent

Aidh ― Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran

Ajlah ― Bald or hairless. It’s the name of a narrator of Hadith.

Akbani ― more common as last name or surname

Anas ― A group of people, affection, love, pleasant companionship

Anasah ― The freed slave of the Prophet had this name.

Arshaq ― Handsome, and well proportioned.

Asbagh ― Colored animal, huge flood or dyer.

Aseed ― Name of a narrator of Hadeeth.

Azraq ― The color blue. Also the name of a companion of Prophet Muhammad.

Azraqi ― Azraqi was a person of high authority in the history and geography of Makkah.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With B

Baghawi ― Residents of Bagh Or Bagshur in Khurasan.

Bahhath ― Examiner

Bahlawan ― One who is excellent in acrobatics, an acrobat.

Bajala ― One who is honored or venerated.

Bakhtari ― A narrator of Hadith had this name.

Bakkar ― A reciter of Quran had this name.

Baleel ― Moisture

Barraq ― Shining or glowing

Bazam ― It was the name of the Tabiee

Bulhut ― Bulhut is the name of narrator of Hadith.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With D

Daamin ― Guarantee and surety.

Dabbah ― Latch or door Lock.

Daghfal ― Name of the first Islamic geologist.

Dakhil ― Foreigner, or stranger.

Dameer ― Heart or conscience.

Damurah ― Sparkle of light, or fire.

Dawlah ― Riches, splendor and happiness.

Devakumar ― The son of God.

Devidas ― Servant of a Goddess

Dhiya ― Light and splendour.

Dhul ― Name of Prophet Muhammad’s sword.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With F

Faeq ― One who has the ability to surpass anyone, Excellent.

Fakeeh ― A boy with a cheerful disposition.

Faqeeh ― Jurist, or scholar of religious laws.

Faqih ― An Islamic legal expert.

Farafisa ― Name of Prophet’s companion.

Fujai ― Name of Prophet’s companion.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With G

Gulabrai ― Gulabrai means the rose flower. It is the mesculine of gulaab name.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With H

Hassam ― Sword

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With I

Inayat ― Concern or attention

Inderlal ― Son of the Supreme lord, Inder.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With M

Mukesh ― A name of Lord Shiva. It means cupid

Muzaffar ― Victorious or triumphant in a deed or endeavor

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With N

Nadhir ― The one who gives cautions to others.

Nafasat ― The one who is always improving something or someone.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With S

Shah Nawaz ― Brave or prince

Somdutt ― Variant of ‘Som’

Sonu ― Beloved or familiar with gold.

Suneel ― Dark blue or sapphire

Susheel ― A good natured and well behaved man.

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With U

Umar ― Umar is a variant of ‘Omar’ and means flourishing.

Usman ― Usman is a variant of ‘Uthman’ and means servant of God

Sindhi Boy Names Starting With V

Vasudev ― Name of Krishna’s father.

Sindhi Boy Names With Meanings