Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names With Meanings

Bretons Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Looking for Sikh/Punjabi names for your baby Girl? Check here for a comprehensive list of beautiful Sikh/Punjabi baby Girl names in Alphabetical order, Vintage Sikh/Punjabi baby Girl names, old fashioned Sikh/Punjabi Girl name, Short Sikh/Punjabi Girl names with their meanings, Cute Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names, Common Sikh/Punjabi Female Names, Popular Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names and Sikh/Punjabi Era Girl Names

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With A

Aad ― aad in Islam means ‘The man’ and on the other hand in Sikhs it’s a girl name meaning In the beginning

Aadh ― aadh as a word means Half

Aagya (आज्ञा) ― consent or formal permission to do a job

Aasa ― the act of staying or remaining in expectation

Ab ― now

Akaljeet ― Timeless and Eternal victory. Also means Triumph of God

Akhiljeet ― All victorious

Arshpreet ― Love for sky

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With B

Baisakhi ― Name of a very auspicious day in Punjab

Balwant ― The name means full of might or immense strength.

Balwinder ― The name means ‘Victorious through strength.

Banee ― Guru’S Word

Barminder ― Gods Given Beauty

Bhagwantjot ― Light Of God

Bhao ― Fear

Bhavishyajot ― Light Of Future

Bijul ― Lightning Flash

Binajit ― Na

Birgitta ― Powerful, strong

Birva ― Leaf

Bisanpreet ― Love Of God

Bishan ― God Who Is Immaculate

Blaine ― Thin, lean, slight

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With C

Chadda ― The one who is born in battle

Chainpreet ― The one who is in love with the Moon

Charanjeet ― Winning the Service of Guru’s Lotus Feet; One who has won the chance of serving God’s Feet

Charanpal ― The one who is under protection of God

Charanpreet ― Fostered under Lord’s feet

Chitleen ― Absorbed in awareness

Chuni ― A scarf that is tied on the head

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With D

Dalbir ― A soldier

Dilreet ― A Lion; they are hearty traditions

Divjot ― A beautiful and bright light; divine light

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With E

Ekampooj ― One who worships the supreme being

Ekamroop ― One who has embodied oneness

Ekantika ― One who is singly focused

Ekkam ― The one who is united

Erheer ― a Punjabi word meaning diamond.

Erjot ― a new beginning.

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With G

Gaganpreet ― The one who like the sky a lot.

Gianleen ― Gianleen means One Absorbed in Devine Light. It is both male and a female name and is represented in Sikh religion. The name has Indian origins.

Gianpreet ― A female name meaning One who Loves the Divine Knowledge. The name has Indian, Sikh origin and is represented in Sikh religion.

Gregoria ― They are very competent, practical and powerful. The have very strong business mind and achieve all goal.

Gresilda ― They are creative and life enjoying people. They involved in different activities at a time.

Gretchen ― They have abilities of leadership. They have great power and wealth and very focused.

Gretchine ― They have abilities of leadership. They have great power and wealth and very focused.

Gretel ― They are very passionate, romantic and have magnetic personalities.

Gretha ― They are very quick, verstile. They have clever mind to solve all issues.

Grethe ― They love music, arts and drama. They love to do activities all the time.

Grette ― The Pearl, The beautiful one or the precious one that will be pious and generous.

Greysi ― Greysi name is derived from the word grace, which means decency with a special beauty.

Grhini ― Grihini means a house wife who do house hold tasks and take care of her house whole dya.

Gurkiran ― The Ray of Guru’s Light; Radiance and brightness of Guru

Gurleen ― Gurleen collaborated with two words guru and leen. Guru means master or lord and leen means absorbed. So gurleen means person who is absorbed in the guru

Gurneet ― They are physically strong personalities but can never be fully satisfied with anyone.

Gurpreet ― Gurpreet collaborated with two words guru and preet. Guru means master or lord and preet means love. So gurupreet means the love of lord or master

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With H

Hab ― Love, affiliation, friendship, hope

Hadiyyah ― Gift, reward, souvenir, donation, prize

Haemgisl ― a Girl or woman from your own neighbourhood

Haep ― A happy woman

Haesel ― A kind of a nut

Haf ― Summer, the warmest season

Hafa ― mild rain, moderate rain,

Hafeeza ― Guardian, protector, Amulet

Haffafa ― glittering, sparkling, shining, slim

Hananiah ― Grace; Mercy; Gift of the Lord

Harlee ― An altrnate to harley

Harleen ― Feminine of harley

Harpreet ― One who loves the God

Harshida ― Giver of joy

Hartleigh ― Variant of Hartley

Harva ― A warrior of the army

Harveen ― Loving each

Hedia ― Pleasant

Heromin ― Keeper of the fireplace

Heryeth ― Girl name in British

Hespera ― Daughter of Cebren, Evening Star

Hurriya ― A feeling of liberation and freedom

Husaina ― A beautiful woman

Husanah ― A very beautiful, gorgeous girl

Husewyf ― The wife of a householder

Husewyua ― One who looks the household chores

Hushaima ― A modest woman

Husn ― A beauty, grace

Husna ― The most beautiful girl

Husnara ― A grooming beauty of woman

Husnia ― A girl who is beautiful

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With J

Jackquelin ― May God protect her

Jaganmohini ― The name of Goddess Durga

Janaia ― God has heard

Janalee ― God is gracious

Janaliz ― A wood used for making bows

Janavika ― One who gathers knoledge

Janaye ― God has heard and gave an answer

Janberk ― One who likes to explore, creative and full of youth

Jancey ― One from the glen

Janea ― God is gracious

Janeah ― God is merciful

Janean ― God is gracious

Janeane ― Variation of Jane meaning God is gracious

Janee ― God has shown favor

Janeesa ― God is merciful

Jarn ― Indian name for girls

Jeffie ― The one who is fair minded and charming.

Jenava ― Of the woman race

Jenaya ― God is gracious

Jenea ― God’s grace endures forever.

Jenean ― God’s mercy sustains forever.

Jenee ― God endows his mercy upon mankind.

Jeneefer ― The white colored girl

Jeneen ― God bestows his grace upon me.

Jenefer ― Bright, tender, kind and gentle.

Jeneil ― The winner of all hard waves.

Jenene ― The person who is impartial in her spirits.

Jenianna ― A graceful or favourable lady

Jenica ― God is kind and compassionate.

Jenice ― God is mild and gentle.

Jenicka ― God has shown his kindness towards me.

Jenie ― God has shown his mercy towards me.

Jeniece ― God has poured his grace upon me.

Jenifar ― The fairer of all

Jeniffer ― One who is fair, a beautiful girl

Jenifry ― Refers to justice of peace.

Jenilee ― Blend of Jenny(God is merciful) and Lee (green field).

Jenilyn ― A benevolent and merciful

Jenina ― Grace of God.

Jerri ― Spear ruler

Jheel ― Lake that is so calm and quiet

Johne ― The modern feminine of the name John or Jon,person having a need to analyze the world

Johnelle ― The person having a deep desire to express himself,feminine of John

Johnetta ― The modern feminine of the name John or Jon,person having a need to analyze the world

Jolinn ― such people have high patience and independent. They fight for their right and posses the leadership quality.

Jollene ― such people are powerful and are focused towards their aim. They attain good wealth in their life. If they will implement their ideas, they will surely be successful.

Jomarie ― people with this name are radiant in their personality and impressive. They always share the knowledge and eager to learn new things.

Jona ― it means the God is gracious and Dove bird. Such people are most adored and admirable in the society or among family.

Jonakhi ― people with this name are honest and easily impress other people with their sense of honesty and outlook. They have a greed for knowledge.

Jonaraja ― such people have capability to make friends and always have the fun side. They easily share their secrets and have nature like open book.

Jone ― people with this name are joyful and haven refreshing sort of personality. They love to travel and are sensitive in nature. They are attractive and have elegant appearance.

Jonell ― it means to rejoice. Such people have a fun side and yearn for their innermost desires. They are hardworking and can do almost anything to achieve their goals.

Jones ― it means rejoicing. Such people have absolute personality and follow their mind instead of their heart. They have desires and work hard to fulfill their dreams.

Jonesy ― people with this name are jubilant and are youthful. They focus on their physical appearance and easily forgive others.

Jonet ― the name means rejoicing, people with this name love to travel and are involved in many social activities. They are active and fast.

Jonette ― it means happiness, jubilation and to rejoice. These people are blessed with many things and advantages. They are born elegant and natural.

Joni ― people with this name are trustworthy friends and love to spend time with friends. They have many impressive qualities and have joyful spirit.

Jonila ― the word means rejoicing. People with this name have prominent part in their career and have capability to make others happy.

Jonina ― it means cheerful or joyful. People with this name are charming, youthful and natural in personality. They are truthful and easily captivate others.

Jonita ― people with this name are filled with energy and noble. They easily adapt the changes and bring joy.

Jonix ― the name means cheerful or merry. They are flexible in nature and easily adapt new changes in life. They enjoy their life and love everlasting.

Jonna ― it means cheerful and joy. They keep you and others happy. You will surly enjoy their company.

Juliann ― it means young and youthful. They have a spark and ignite the light in every event and occasion. They are lively and filled with energy.

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With K

Kaidee ― Kaidee name means Pure, Virgin

Kaidence ― The name means With Musical Rthytm

Kajallata ― Kajallata means Iron Vessel

Kajari ― The name Kajari means Bird

Kajjala ― Kajjala name means Kohl or Eye Liner

Kajjali ― Kajjali means Black Eye Liner

Kajla ― The name Kajla means Chain Golden Chain

Kajol ― Kajal means Eye Liner

Kalai ― Kalai name means Cripping of Birds

Kassi ― Kassi name means Shining upon a Man

Kathanika ― The name means Wording

Katherine ― Katherine is a Greek name and means Pure

Katheryne ― The name means Neat, Simple

Kathia ― Kathia means Pure, Natural

Kathian ― The name means True, Plain

Kathie ― Kathie means Pure, Unadulterated

Kathika ― Kathika means Bestower of Courage

Kathlyn ― The name means Pure and Simple

Katilynn ― The name means Clear, Transparent

Katina ― Katina means Pure

Katinka ― Katinka means Transparent, Clear, Pure

Katiya ― Katiya means Perfect, Pure

Katja ― Katja means Neat, Natural, Pure

Katlyn ― Katlyn means Unsullied, Clean

Katniss ― Katniss is a plant name, Sagittaria Genus

Katoka ― Katoka means Pure

Katrena ― The name means Clear, Pure

Katresa ― A graceful person, a pure grace

Katri ― Katri means Pure

Katrianna ― The name means Pure, Neat

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With L

Lavindeep ― A person with bright and prosperous future

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With P

Prabhjot ― The Light Of God; Brilliance, Radiance and Brightness of Light of God

Preet ― Love; Affection; Compassion;

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With R

Ramnik ― She who is beautiful

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With S

Sikh ― A name of one who is a follower of Sikhism

Simarleen ― One who is completely absorbed in remembrance

Simran ― One who meditates

Simrat ― One who remembers through meditation

Siriom ― The sound of the great infinity

Smrita ― A woman who meditates

Stallionjit ― An victorious wild horse

Sukhdeep ― A light that the peace brings

Sukhjot ― The light that the peace gives

Sukhleen ― One who is absorbed in God’s love and joy

Sukhmani ― She who is a peace bringer

Sukhminder ― A peacful place for prayers, a temple of peace

Sukhwinder ― One who brings the destiny

Sukrajan ― An individual of peaceful nature

Surinder ― She who is the Queen of all the gods

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names That Starts With T

Tatleen ― One who is absorbed in the ultimate truth

Tavleen ― Captivated by God

Teijinderjeet ― One who wins God of greatness

Teijinderjit ― She who won God of grandeur

Tejinderpreet ― One who loves the mighty God

Sikh/Punjabi Girl Names With Meanings